Do NOT Play This Brawlhalla Character

Free co op games pc steamnvidia steam games BRAWLHALLA game as you have seen from the title I highly suggest you dont play this brohalla character and now Im gonna explain to you why you guys should not play ogram Its not that this character is bad or something like that and thats why I shouldnt play him no no no no no its because ugram is absolutely broken okay listen guys so ugram is um very very broken especially in 2v2 in one once you know hes hes too good but in 2v2 that is where ogram shines because in 2v2 you can do the most crazy stuff with Lance now Im gonna just Zeus that this guy real quick because uh you know I have to prove you guys that this guy is absolutely busted bro I hate Lancers though I feel like brojo never gonna like put Lance into a state where I actually enjoy playing it or playing versus as a like normal weapon that is actually punishable and not unpunishable like it is right now like look at this all right bye-bye by the way did you just subscribe to the channel by the chance you didnt oh well what are you waiting for you could do that subscription right now for me do you have three seconds one two three four just like you have four seconds thank you for subscribing thank you all right now we can keep playing the game but we know uh lets go to oh wow so its interesting yeah I was saying also the signatures are quite crazy as well on uh extra better yeah an actor better for sure but Im dead thats what yeah the land signatures are not bad theyre theyre theyre good theyre good as well but uh both sick kids are good on over and most looking players are going to be using this signature over here oh my God oh my God what did you guys just see how that sent him he said the whole dimension bro what is that thing when it spikes like that is just crazy this thing is so good it has so much for us oh my gosh there you go only one of those swings here when he still died I hate this character bro I oh my God I hate going in ranked and just facing an ubering player oh oh oh oh oh go up yes yes perfect perfect now keep going up and Ill come over here I have something to check over here over here over here all right again all right you come over here again again all right bye-bye were going for our image right now to all the organ players watching this video I know you know youre giggling right now I know youre giggling because Im playing this apps with the broken character that is your main I know youre laughing because all you do is go in ranked and ruin peoples days thats it that is what you do and meanwhile I am ruining peoples days an experimental you know why because it cant be asked to go ranked but yeah anyways Im still running someones data so thats not any better yo what is that ugly skin bro oh is that a battle pass pressure skin all right lets see he goes down okay move oh its time time oh no oh no oh no Im dead theres nothing I can do oh okay maybe theres something in the way thats it it doesnt work Im dead Im dead Im gone one bet does not matter because Im gonna size sing him right okay I didnt say anything but wait wait Im gonna sizing him right now wait what right now all right well first try okay okay okay what do you think youre doing what do you think youre doing I love this guy I swear its so good okay bro please I hate that move why am I doing this to this guy bro oh my God whats going on no this is actually not okay anymore this is not okay it was not okay a second ago now its even more not okay what on the nevermind now its fine all right watch this bump kill that Im about to pull off welcome to this just welcome this what walk into it bro listen up walk into thank you thank you thank you were playing versus Mario player oh okay well you know its fine its fine were gonna be gaming on the on the lens give me lands I beg you dont give me as first weapon please oh my God I just want lands why oh oh that was Jim mistake hes gonna jump here oh no oh oh oh and just like that hes oh my God foreign okay go there yes yes perfect perfect perfect guys Im popping off what Ill go for it coming youre going for a single Shrine are you because Im going for any signature just like watch this is gonna walk into this again okay so that hit but okay oh my God he just got hit by that what rematch come on if he goes okay yeah you subscribe to the channel right now put Arcadia right there put our kitty on the screen real quick editor per Arcadia all right click that subscription why is he playing Macho Man why is he copying me hello Im playing the Buster character you cant play the  __  character as well that is the  __  not fair um okay oh my God wait please please please tell my life oh I know Im alive what what is what is happening its gonna wipe inside me okay this is not good okay this is actually might be good yeah man Im taking it back didnt work okay bro what are you doing man what are you doing what is he alright guys you know Im alive from this right theres nowhere there from such a thing no no no oh no okay I have successfully won the game you are not winning this one okay all right guys that was the sightseeing okay lets try it again watch the side say okay third time boom all right Im dead Im fine Im not on ghosts today what how did that work what okay man okay another Mako player I mean another great repair all right give me Lance all right its over here this fish are over time to keep up no no no no no stop playing stop playing its time to give up bro you understand its over the game is over okay now what oh oh oh okay recover oh and hes dead just like that and lets keep going tall lets keep going Im about to lose my mind but I am alive look I can even remove my hands from the keyboard I was testing my name is I was there anyway cycle cursed all right lets just get this coupon from real quick and then uh and then and then oh we have to try something over here okay let me just hit you with this please please I just want to bounce you see like that thats what all I wanted that was she that was so fun wasnt it okay this is about to come in here hes here hes taken if he thinks Im dead here he is mistaken but he was almost right almost not right but it was almost right oh no no go for it um guys listen up Im fine Im actually fine theres no way there is nowhere down here please stop relax oh my God chill where am I answering Im answering in a ghost what all right so now guys were equal were equal but reality were actually not equal because I have lots in my hands oh my God what the hell the bomb literally spawn as soon as I send them towards it Im so pissed he really thinks hes the one controlling the match back using what the heck bro oh my God whatever hes on Lucia now okay lucians actually a super fun character I think Im gonna start playing Lucian a bit more all right give me the answer right with us we have access over who need lands we need lands for this we need lands for this and not only for this but for every match well accident was kind of broken so what oh Im fine right okay yeah Im fine can you come over here real quick he thinks that does something this has not done that has no Force oh no no no no no no no no no no no please stop please stop please no thank you please bro I actually destroy this guy Im Im alive thats a losing difference right there thats the bait boom and then one more boom Oh it missed it missed wow Lance missed wow for the first time ever that move missed okay launch recovery exhaust recovery missed um what the what is he is the best player in the world give him some epic music come on give me give me some epic Gaming music lets destroy this guy okay okay keep doing that yes oh yes Mark I want more of those yes Im having so much fun yes yes bro more yes please yes bro okay Im okay Im going to lose my mind Im actually about to lose my mind hopeless all right now watch this were actually gonna win this were winning this game I promise I promise that hit me thats fine thats all fine hes gonna go for okay through his glasses perfect stop throwing stuff at me please Im dead its totally fine losing its okay calm down first combo its just a game its just interesting images all right mental reset if we dont restock him I am depressed we better treat songs this guy right now Im gonna switch from my life like no joke I am sweating for more Im not even gonna attack Im gonna play like every organ player ah there we go all right bro what is going on huh whats happening whats happening huh what the what now oh I see I see yeah you won last game but no no youre not gonna win this one where are you going bro where are you going you think youre gonna get the weapon well yes you are okay okay boom boom boom one draw up bomb throw up pick up the bomb again throw it up again pick up the bomb again throw it up again toss him to the bomb pick up the bumps just catch the bomb at this point  __  its  __  just catch the bomb all right so one more stock one more stock all right were speed running I told you guys this is restocked its gonna be an easy tree stock Im losing my mind if he answers me here okay okay listen what he messed up the dinner recovery he messed it up theres no way hed accuse me here oh all right Im about playing soccer okay were gonna clip this guy now if I if I bro what the No No I dont want to play versus this guy hes literally the best Im gonna see Im gonna let him damage me a bit on my last talk hes too good at this game this guy wait dont do that just damage me dont kill me what are you doing I have to handicap myself please I have to win on red held red held Im gonna win on record all right all right one more attack all right there we go all right now I can win all right boom boom boom boom boom boom oh okay allowance gaming you cant do anything oh okay stop throwing stuff I beg you Im dead bye-bye oh Im fine someone help me okay what what help someone someone in the comments help me please pass him here pass him here pass him back at me all right hes dead finally holy that was close all right guys its gonna be the One-Stop game Yes you heard it right the one sock game and you know why because its fun its fun just doing one stop game thats why and uh let me just destroy this guy real quick a Swift one suck and you know were gonna take the victory out whoever gets the first talk wins everything thats how it works in brawler its not three stocks its one sock oh my God that was actually crazy died through the wall they need to fix that hidden through the wires for a ride boom boom I missed lets try something lets try something down there into Downer into something else okay again please that was almost crazy almost I catch this and Im dead okay please dont kill me please please Northern Coastline not even close to wait I was joking I was joking please okay just like that all right guys itll broke hard for today if you enjoyed todays video make sure to subscribe to the channel and Ill see you the next one bye bye everyone how 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