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Astroneer crossplay steam xboxjourney the game steam BRAWLHALLA game hows it going guys this is Lucien sword playing some overhaul a few guys as always and today Im going to especially dedicate this video to gauntlets why because a lot of people just want me to play gauntlet legends different hey thats actually a game gauntlet legends do you guys know that game if you do youre awesome cuz that game was part of my childhood anyways so Im gonna just kind of cycle throughout the different gauntlet legends Im gonna go ahead and start it off with woo song not the first gauntlet legend but my favorite one so Im gonna actually do yeah lets do ran over song why not some you know I think people are still voting on which weapon theyd like me to do in the next combos and strings video that I make but I saw that gauntlet also had a strong showing there so this will kind of I dont know hit two birds with one stone but basically so Im gonna be doing gauntlet legends and also you can kind of learn some gauntlet strings just by watching me so Wow not sure how that down air actually got me so easily down down tear down light whatever its called whatever its called but he got me well done Gigi Music youre not the only one that could do some combos and strings my friend I know a few for my days in Nam Jiji Saturday GG well played a good a good fun match for for my first gauntlet match lets go ahead and switch it up to snowman core cuz tis the season right dudes and Im not actually gonna go ahead and do default colors because it looks the best with him got the the mittens and the snow plow know it what is it called snow plows just be called snow shovel huh its not a flower to shovel it was the difference dmg all right going against crabs in the bucket hope you guys are having a fantastic day by the way Ive been playing a ton of Super Smash Brothers like I dont know how I can go back and forth and not get like a headache because they are so different in the way they control but I have the muscle memory my friends have it sorry sorry sorry I got a little too antsy hit me hit me hit me baby one more time okay got you alright alright thank you thank you no more snowman turn into the rock yeah baby get those bear claws away from me man animal cruelty these my gloves are only made from snow hold my mittens uh is he dead yes probably never mind actually no I didnt do any recovery that whole time are you kidding me to be on bit about the BMG dont be in a haste to get back to the stage rookie mistake somebody that has a black color should not make impatience BAM baby smash that pumpkin face GG dude wrong holiday man wrong holiday what is this Christmas versus Halloween all right that sceptic should be it cool to be - all right so lets go down the list I did the two the first two gauntlet legends now were doing the valve do I have a ha I dont I dont have Nutcracker Val guys its the only Christmas actually its the only holiday themed skin in the game period that I dont have I think its Nutcracker Val however I do have winter holiday colors so Ill at least do that and I I definitely will be getting Nutcracker bow if they re release it which Im assuming they will they usually do those skins are probably coming on Wednesday this week or next week and thats also the start of the new rain season toys so if you havent got your peak glory or élow whatever youre trying to do you got a couple days left to do it and if you dont get it guys dont worry about it dont salt too hard because theres always next season it doesnt run its not like all your training goes out the window youre still gonna remember everything you know youre just gonna build on your success thats all work build on your fail area either way youre building a sike yo this is ER he is actually really good well usually its really good I fought inspector before Im pretty sure oh what a beautiful ground pound was not expecting that level of accuracy nice attempt I like that careful dude its always risky fighting gauntlets unarmed its definitely risky fighting gauntlets unarmed off the edge but I like his tenacity well played well played oh love you too dude got nothing for love for everybody in this game thank you all right so three gauntlet legends three wins so far can we keep the streak alive lets kill it lets go wit lets go it with Krampus crawls look at all these bombs dude aisle 10 going against aisle 10 in the Q&A clan look at this base Mirage skin dude are you a new Mirage or you just like to pretend that you are oh okay you dont want me to let you get a weapon then I wont do that sorry Music oh man see like right now Id be letting him get this weapon but now he doesnt want that he doesnt want his he doesnt want any handouts hes an adult Music oh okay all right what do you wait why are you killing yourself is it because my eyes look like demons you dont have to do this come on man okay all right that does a cow were going in his cross again no wonder I wasnt using winter holiday colors man I wonder what made him give in just couldnt handle it anymore he doesnt like handouts or freebies or free weapons Stoke it Minnie good against marshmallow the the level 1,000 god tier even co lets do it Im not scared why because because hes hes actually just a big marshmallow teddy bear on the inside see what I mean big teddy bear he wouldnt harm a fly Applause oh I keep forgetting who he is because Im not used to that skin Im like is he Dianna is he yubico ooh what a quick one what a quick one dont be so mean marshmallow you know that youre not gonna kill me like this you know you wouldnt do that to be pysch come on come on compound I knew it I do it oh god dont ground pound twice dont do it twice though - twice psych Music oh that was crazy dude nice one slide off like that dude you had us all fooled I thought you were just gonna be an easy pushover man just kidding just kidding look at that thats a tier nine no way I dont know whats here that is but very nice diamond emblem avatar by the way lets check out my my diamond demo uh there it is tier what is that tier 8 what is it what a lame excuse the highest right now is tier 9 I missed one season but I did get it on ps4 that season but since theres no across account linking whatever I guess I guess I dont hey wait this is the one that he had tier 5 looks kind of cooler to be honest actually lets do winter time here we go lets do snowman about enter more Dex man how many you guys have the enter more Dex avatar that was free when more Dex came out they gave us special avatar just for playing the game when more Dex came out talk about preferential treatment to specific legends alright guys hell do one more two game lets see cross board X and Caspian I havent done those two so maybe a couple of my games this might be a longer video but I dont think you guys wont mind that will you you could give me right usually people complain my videos too short lately so Im gonna make this on a longer video for you gauntlet games out there and true Im not using gauntlets the entire time you know gonna use both weapons that are available to me but there are garner gauntlet main gauntlets on these legends okay Im just gonna talk to going against low damage doesnt mean okay no its not that was toasty oh my gosh I went right into that and he even taunted me twice about thrice how about for ice wait thats right thats right youre getting the top right back at you whose taunting thrice now but Music he was so happy when he got that kill he was the happiest dragon of all and he did not kill me again after that bad bad bad karma early taunting equals bad karma well-played dude I think youre a mean and thats like thats a compliment all right lets see any other gauntlet legends oh yes Caspian how could I forget Caspian and Zarya my favorite all right lets do it lets do Caspian do I have a winter holiday one I guess not really thats all right lets do plague doctor plague night has the best big moves so thats why I use it you get the little green poisons just blast clouds which are awesome by the way guys if you enjoy the video please go ahead and drop a like it really helps me out and it also helps the game grow because yeah more people find in bar Hollett videos makes them happy makes them play bruh holla I dont know lets go it makes fam bear Music oh right the face mortis right in the face ooh what a beautiful gravity castles down light read I like that one more decks that makes me feel like you love me and deep down we just all want to be loved careful with the six band though you might end up actually killing me either that or youre gonna leave yourself wide open and then youll die yeah its a trade-off come on more ducks finish me finish me Im right here Im right here okay keep it you definitely finish me dont taunt the wolf Music ooh right across the edge there dude if I would have hit the stage and bounced I would have had a great chance to live but he got me well played well played i taunt at him a little too much lets go ahead and do last but not lease REO my best gauntlet legend this is a legend I basically perfected gauntlet I wouldnt say I learned gauntlets on this one but Ive perfected well as much as I can well I dont like Saint perfected because Im always getting better there is no perfect but I basically mastered them to the point where I can use them a bit at a diamond level I feel you know you dont think I can to come fight me come fight us area Music Music Comfort mazar-e oh and you will see I have beaten people who are 23 2400 ello multiple times with sorry oh why some would say his cigs are broken I would say theyre fantastic dont get too close I could literally just beat him on SIGs alone but that would make him very salty I wont but I will use mostly things oh there we go see anybody who fights sorry Ill get salty right away on the steaks but theyre just part of the character man if Zardo was that good dont you think Samsung would be using a meth ECX dont you think who me would be using him and actually sorry oh is that good but people dont use them anyway its a shame boomys tearless sorry ol is like 30 yeah and I agree anyways this is gonna be it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed I will definitely be making some some more videos on Super Smash Bros ultimate so be on the lookout for that as well alright guys well this is Lucian sword Ill take you I will see you in the next video guys take it easy how to upload a game to steam for free *not including my boi Rayman. 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