Vr porn game on steamsteam stopping downloads BRAWLHALLA game Okay, good night, guys, come back with me on Rizky Bramantyos channel, so this time were going to play another game called Brown Hall. Im a bit confused here, the choice is play pranket, its been released and all kinds of things. Just try it, its ranked, maybe yes, then whats up, one vs one PS2 PS2 and so on, lets just try this one, which is ranked, okay, here we tell you to choose a character like that. Music There are buckets There are a lot of character images from the first one Music Is Conform okay Music Music Music Just for practice maybe Music How come there are only two of us Oh yeah Music Ouch Music is more exciting than mobile Legends Music Music Music Lets die Music then right click left click this for this so he can now music for this music k nice Music Music We have weapons first Music wow Music Music Music For those of you who want to download this game, yeah, guys, its on Steam, I downloaded it from Steam, its free, because its Free Game, coy Music For those of you who want to play, you can just play this game right away, but its a PC game, guys. If you want to try playing it, just download it on Steam, its not big, how come its so small Music We won the first game, but we already won, guys. OK, Im OK. Can you please comment? Lets try these two PS2s, guys. Music Leonatus is safe, cool. Wolves are cool. Music We are fighting. Is he the Sultan and he is using paid characters Music Music Ouch, I cant survive Music Hi, the gun case, coy Music ouch Music Hey youre cheating dude, just give me a breath first Music no Music Music this gear fits Music from mobile Legends, OK, guys Music Music something else I want to try this, yeah, this Music is optional basic also doesnt exist, yes, yes, its peoples fault that this has good characters, but these are both robots Music we can have Music What is that Music I dont order it, yes Music I can use it leg Music he can shoot dude Music Music Music what are you going to do boss ouch Music Music Music he can shoot like that dude Music thats really cute, guys, yeah, were really not okay, we Try ranking again, guys, but well try that one for vs. We havent used this one yet, its called Petra Petra Music Im squirting guys Music Ah, it cant be the two of us coy Music Brovel, cant you do that earlier? he has to have this multiplayer right Music Music Its already starting to not have this huh its crazy dude Music Whats the name Music Music Music Music It turns out that one of these Music is really good, bro Music Music Music Wrong again Music Lets try again Lets try it again But this one isnt that fun. Music Yes Music There are other modes. Lets try this one. Lets try Freeport first. We havent used this one, guys. Music So its like Robinhood, OK? hes using canvass isnt he still reviewing first guys Music thats great Yes, the four of you are immediately confused or not Im right there on the bottom right, OK Music Music Music Music All of them, guys, are they similar, the two of them? for us here Music I feel out of the way Wow, were going crazy, guys, yeah Music Music Music wear What is anjir, the wolves come out ah, three, yea, come here, bucket, here Music we have to master mid ya Music die coy Music dangerous ya Music Music Music We have more, right? Oh, thats music, whats interesting, lets try again, guys, the 4 PS4, we already understand, we already understand how to do the calculations, so if you miss it, you get one point, if you lose or lose, you will be minus one, yeah, guys, lets try this, guys, right Music Were in the form of a drill robot, yeah, were a drill robot. Music We got 2 guys 2 points coy this Music Ouch, the vector huh Music Music Music What are we doing like that? we won in this game but its strange, whats it called Music whats the name of this one, OK? the type is axe, axe Music I think well take Music Wow ce we got an ax right away eh main weapon Music Music Ouch we went straight Music Music Ah, we cant do that, coy we minus 2 cuy Music Music two Music Music Music nice Music Music Music Is it because the enemy is there? Yes, hes a short distance Music We cant do anything guys Music We havent used these two yet. young old man this will fight as much as possible Music Music but the main weapon is an axe Music the axe Music Music Music Music Music Music click Music this old brother though Music he has an old stature but he has muscles, wires, bones, bones, very strong. When it hits, it seems like its bouncing off. 2 OK Music Lets try this last, OK, finally Citra Citra Citra OK Music Ill be honest Havent seen all of that before, why arent there basic heroes? Music Music Ouch Music Music Wow, he took this out. die Music Music Music Music Music Music please please please please please were giving ASI already Music ouch Music were last guys Music Okay were a bit difficult Yes, lets just try ranked or PS1, guys. The photo I like the most is this is it. Yes, we play racket until we win anyway, guys, maybe at first Music Yes, basically our swords are the same Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Thats it Music Music Its really hard for us. Music Music Ouch its over Music How come Bangka Music i Music Im the one who cant swear Musi k and thats it Music Music Yes, he is our swords, swords and spears. Eh, lets shoot. Music What are you going to do Music Ouch, its dead Music Music Music here you come you guys Music Music won the game Music Music to Music ouch Music we still lost guys, that means were still going to go random and just soak here Music there is Music and as a drill robot Yes, we have to win this game Music Music Music Music Music Music Wow, this really hurts, OK? War Music Use arrows, OK ? lets level up guys Music were going to have another one next Music Music Do we have the name Cross wow he uses it and keeps shooting our fists with spears, yeah guys Music Music Music Music Okay, thats how we play Music, we have to use the Music technique Music if were excited Music Okay, lets go one more time. My bill, Coy, lets continue with the yellows. Theres one more, well carry on, guys. Music Lets just randomly Music Ill use it. Who Music Music is full of weapons and has full defense. Music Music Music Music Yes, youre welcome, take it first. Music Both mistakes are a bit weird. We already have weapons. Music Where are you going, Boss? Music Where are you going, Boss, to win? Epic closing. which is very beautiful Music Okay, were full, what happens when the yellows are full, we get level 4, oh, we got this, okay, the new characters, yes, we are ranked, then the yellows are full, right? And we get the characters guys Music here, no open it too so where is the shark character and it turns out we cant get the character right here Music lets try to pull it up guys Music Well look for it later, guys, okay, thats it for now, weve played long enough, thats all for the gameplay from browhala games from I do, for those of you who want to play this game, you can just go to Steam and this game is free, guys, thank you for watching, if you like it, you can subscribe to the diskette, OK, guys, thank you and see you again unhiding games on steam Terima kasih buat yang sudah mampir, dan yang sudah like, share, dan subscribe!yuk follow ig aku : @rizqybramantyo how to put steam games on usb link gog game to steam steam preschool academy how to see game stats on steam how to get steam overlay on non steam games