Five EASY Ways to GET BETTER at Brawlhalla

How to allocate more ram to a game on steamturn based games steam BRAWLHALLA game hows it going guys solution sword here and today Im gonna give you guys five easy ways to improve Umbra holla I say these are easy ways because anybody can learn to do these things no matter if youre bronze or diamond already these are five things that you should do or should be trying to do to get better at bruh holla and if you do these things and youre not diamond already Im pretty sure you will get diamond if you master these five tips that Im about to give you guys and seeing as its only five tips obviously Im not going to cover everything that there is to cover and how to get better in bur holla I dont want to give you information overload so to speak so this is more like a chapter in the book on how to get better at ROI holla however this would be chapter one in my opinion okay at number one we have learned how to do dodge reads and also just how to be better at dodging in general when youre playing defense now when I say dodge reads Im talking about when youre on offense okay like people are generally predictable you know the better the opponent the more unpredictable they will be and well talk about that when we get to defense but when youre on offense if youre playing somebody every now and then you just have to try to go for a Dodge read so Dodge read is like if you have sight for example and you hit somebody with a sight neutral light a lot of times people will dodge down or whatever the case if they dodge down remember that and then a little bit later on in the game if you hit a site neutral light you just have to assume that theyre going to dodge down again because people are predictable and they tend to do the same things and even though you can dodge in eight different directions in this game if youre in the air a lot of people will dodge the same way so after you hit that site neutral light the second time youre ready and youre gonna hit them with a string or a cig that will just you know do a lot more damage and you you basically are a step ahead okay thats thats what good players are always trying to do is theyre trying to read what youre gonna do next okay you dont want to be trying to do nod reads constantly because it can leave you open and if they think that thats what youre doing theyll try to do the opposite and theyll read your dodge read but you know every now and then you do want to try to do a Dodge read and on defense you want to try to be unpredictable as possible when youre dodging you want to try to dodge different direction especially when they hit you with light attacks especially for playing against a very good player okay now obviously you dont want to dodge into a position where youre going to get punished or anything because certain light attacks you you really want to only dodge certain ways but generally any no matter what youre hit with you dodge it weigh in at least a few different directions safely so you just want to change up which direction youre safely dodging away each time number two learn the basic strings for the weapons and use them often just use them all the time for examples on sword a basic bread-and-butter string would be like down light side air just do it all the time if you can down light side air down like Saturday or down light recovery those are just thats just a basic bread-and-butter string on orb side light side air side by side air with sight neutral light neutral air you know every weapon basically has some basic bread and calm bread and butter combos Im not going to go over what they all are you guys can look that up yourself or figure it out but every weapon has basic strings and you need to be able to do them and do them often okay number three learn the startup animations for every signature attack for every legend for every weapon I know that sounds like a lot because it is bruh challah has 49 legends in the game so if youre just starting thats a lot to learn just that step right there is a lot to learn but its it is something that you will learn even if youre not even really trying to you just will just by playing the game but if youre focusing on learning it youll learn it faster the reason you want to learn the startup animations for every signature for every weapon is because that way youll be able to know exactly where the hitbox is and the timing and how and when to punish those signatures this is basically how you beat sig spammers okay number four learn how to move fast by dashing dodge jumping platform dashing etc and use it all the time always be trying to move quickly okay okay I will say that it is okay to stand still every time every now and then just to throw your opponent off but for the most part you want to be moving quickly because youre going to be harder to hit and if you are just moving a lot faster than your opponent is its just going to be easier for you to punish their attacks punish their signatures right or even their light attacks okay well in the lower ranks I I see this a lot where people are not moving fast am I say moving fast I mean dashing you want to be dodge dashing constantly you want to be dodge jumping a lot platform dashing a lot if you dont know how to do this well go into training and practice practice practice until you can do it without even thinking okay this alone will help you a lot in this game and at number five I have be able to look at a loss or a win and learn from it Ive been saying learn a lot in this video learn basic strings learn startup animations learn dodging learn learn learn be open to learning if you see someone do something cool try to learn what they did you dont have to ask them just watch the replay in slow motion see what they did you can do it if somebody else did it you can do it too obviously some things are harder to do than others depending on your skill level but if somebody else can do it so could you you just have to practice it okay all Im doing that all the time if I watch a pro player do something cool like sandstorm do a cool scythe string or a cool sights read I want to do that to Im trying to learn from it obviously I may not pull it off as consistently or whatever because the pros practice all the time but thats the thing the more you practice the more you learn the better you will get at this game always be trying to learn blaming the opponent for their play style or their legend or their weapon when you lose is not going to help you get better I know that its okay when we get emotional in this game its a fighting game its a its a competitive game we all get emotional I get emotional when I win and when I lose both and you have to try to harness that emotion and turn it into determination to get better turn that emotion into determination to get to learn and get better dont turn the emotions of losing and turn it into negativity and start insulting the opponent the if you lost you got outplayed period you got outplayed if you lost unless of course there was leg you know thats the only legitimate excuse really if you lost is if there was leg all right just to sort of recap everything we went over again I didnt want to make this into a huge book on how to get better in bruh holla I just wanted to make it kind of a bite-sized information so that you know if youre a newer player just focus on these five things and I promise you will get way way better and if youre already an established player we are always trying to do these five things Ive have 2600 hours in this game Ive gotten diamond 14 times and Im still always trying to get better at these five things some of them Ive pretty much mastered like the signature start ups I know all of those I still jump into signatures every now then but you know the basic strings for the weapons the dodge reads on offense and on defense learn how to move quickly by dashing and dodge jumping platform dashing and be able to look at a loss or a win and learn from it at the beginning of every match you start out completely equal with the opponent whatever they did and whatever you did determines the winner but always be trying to learn thats basically the motto of this vid and thats gonna be it guys I hope you enjoyed this if you did please drop a like it really helps me out on that YouTube algorithm be sure to subscribe for more bro holic content Im always putting it out there and as always guys this is lucious sword I hope to see you in the next one take it easy guys Music Oh Music backup steam game saves Become a sponsor today and get a SWORD avatar next to your name in chat that levels up as your membership ages, PLUS my own custom chat Emoji to use during live streams and premieres, a special ROLE in my Discord server (link below), and more!!! 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