Brawlhalla game play

Good free games on steam 2022scariest games steam BRAWLHALLA game yeah yeah just ranked should we do random maybe maybe maybe maybe i dont know i dont know what im feeling um do i have the same character i probably dont have them yeah i didnt have them its fine lets play some races okay random moniker will get and number of course i messed that combo up i cant hit anything oh i thought he felt well of course thats first round okay three two one wrong uh hey so first round fetch spammer its fine ah you got me with that thats thats nice oh my god do you know okay i mean i cant be talking ive been spamming a little bit myself oh imagine i got that read off i thought he would jump out of it ive already done it so many times that was kind of obvious hey whats up bro hey you dont have to spell out my whole name just know this you can call me clay oh wait its george uh im so stupid george whats up george this is my gameplay i am the one with very pointy ears ow you play this game ah i said whats up already im the ember if you know if you play brawlhalla you know that is sometimes okay i can make a custom game room you can join me for sure for sure i won lets go why is he laughing at me hey Music frilo um lets make a custom game room private yeah lobby how do i i dont know here john i let me reinstall the game oh you dont play it anymore oh you just deleted it okay well while i wait for you just tell me when you uh reinstalled it because i dont continue 1v1 i think im gonna choose ember again ember uh im kind of feeling number today just for today of course um Applause okay sidra three two one wrong so okay okay good so far ah i should be safe hopefully oh that was a good string i like that oh you hit me oh got me fighting that what the  __  no there goes the 17 elo it kind of sucks well embers not bad i just lost to a very skilled player because he was flat for some time ah hello hey if you have this game i can after this match um i can make a custom game and you can join me and we can play a few games like 2v2s three you know anything anythings fine just put some suggestions suggestions if you didnt join i if you didnt join fast enough im the ember currently fighting hold up give me a sec so i can read that whole thing because im currently trying not to die ah uh george only on weekends because uh mother doesnt allow me to play any other time yeah yeah i read that i read that okay yeah i got you thanks okay hey stock taken give me this back ah i cant hit this guy this is kind of embarrassing ah i cant hit him this cannons fairly hard to hit oh it cancels me out it just keeps on getting little hits on me every now and then that much damage on a little a little bit of defense hurts a lot i thought that would catch him oh true combo yeah and some and if my brother lets me i can play on fridays because this is his room and he usually plays all time friday after school because apparently fridays considered a weekend nope not falling for that again i might be spamming a little bit maybe probably i dont know oh he left sucks yeah but i got you ill join you okay but thank you george i cant hit this guy oh i dont want to get close thats why im going to hit me im going to do a lot of damage oh no no he caught me oh i didnt think that would hit lets go ah stressful i dont know the games like weird it looks to put me against plots okay buddy whats the game code okay two five eight one nine nine hey whats up brother i feel like playing some ember that rhymed you want to get what you say would you say in my chat i forgot i said you wanted i cant scroll up so youre gonna have to read what do you mean you never understood the point of the game the point of the game is to win like every other game well basically yeah but i got you ill help you out um basically the point of the game george is just knock them off and make sure they dont have enough recoveries to get back so thats basically it forgot that and ranked so you can hit each other i dont want to hit you nice ah no im getting really annoying yes theyre away from each other maybe amber wasnt the best choice oh nice gravity cancel actually i got you i got your back im trying my best not to hit you its taking a little bit oh theres a weapon ah hes targeting me no he got me im dead you thought you actually thought you could camp me brother ive gotten i put too much rank to fall for those moves oh thats one down i cant hit him leave my mans alone ah yeah this is that amber definitely wasnt the best to play oh sorry sorry about that i didnt mean it im spamming a little bit myself its good when youre not around so i can get a lot of hits and do a lot of damage its not the best strategies but it works dont worry about it oh im not dead no its fine so i arrived for a little bit brother im coming i cant do true combos because thats gonna happen Applause i bet no sorry brother im sorry i tried my best oh he left that sucks wow maybe i should have played a scythe character oh there you are you didnt leave you just accidentally left okay im playing mordex why not uh lets do blue why not yeah more decks more control over what im hitting and i will hit people more because i used to use um almost like a lot you might see that im missing a lot against cpus dont worry about that these cpus are weird i cant fight cpus oh i feel so bad ooh two people playing together george you want to type how much longer its going to take for that for holo to install im going for the weapon i was not going to get close i light a little bit im afraid im gonna hit you you got him right im going after the vector i cant hit the vector i havent played 2v2s quite a bit so no i havent used scythe today ah i feel like garbage give me this ah ragnar go away well thats just unfair no im sorry oh thats so embarrassing i was doing so good in ranked 1v1 that im getting my bum kicked and ranked 2v2 uh are george even in probably not well i got him once uh im sorry im trying my best the skill you saw unranked 1v1 was just me 1v1 people im good at 1v1 its not 2v2s im sorry i tried my best ah no oh wait maybe no definitely not one stock versus four stocks thats not gonna look thats gonna look nice unless i get into a streak like this and they start hitting themselves a lot more maybe then take rid of the spammer i got touched ground told you kind of gauntlets yeah but yeah ill make a make a custom game room and ill uh if you can see uh uh ill show you guys the code right now im trying to clutch up a 2v2 oh that was stupid that was really dumb did i just try to get emotive hey thats not very nice run into that thats fine i didnt have a chance anyway sorry bro i tried my best some bronze too okay well im gonna make a custom game room pirate room and if you guys can see that you can join a players ill tell you the code slowly if you can if you cant see it so the code is five one three zero one two sadly no im not watching my own stream on another device because my brother took my only means of watching my own stream on my tablet so yeah uh wasnt there like another guy yeah hey bro you want to join me the codes right up there because im about to get a new character really quick i just cant find them speed run okay strange games oh youre playing just notice that scythe youre going all out on me already damn bro calm down well im gonna go random because i dont know how you play im small brave and uh dont let me guess im gonna get my butt whooped uh its gonna be embarrassing for me mostly ive only fought like a few plots like once i fought like ive only fought two diamonds ever since i started playing this game so i dont know what to expect really yeah scythe too let me guess your reader ah yes i knew it oof i i dodged below that how did i know oh you just tried to clip me thats not very nice i get my butt whoop i hate to see it oh its dumb i thought that hit oof hey try to clip me again oh not very nice can i get a weapon please like youre better than me ill like at least have a weapon pretty please pretty please i asked very politely ah i feel like garbage playing against you not saying anything to offend you i hope no i didnt mean to do that i feel so weird oh im just i just want my gauntlets next time i die dont pick up i should pick turned off gadgets i hate gadgets they annoy me i dont like getting on staying on side with you you scary that was a dumb decision i dont know why i charged i did not mean to do that probably but for the better anyway i dont know what im doing i dont want to stay on the side with you oh thats that was sucky i dont like yourself youre so scary oh that hit somehow ah youre insanely hard hard to fight my guy take that as a compliment i hope you know probably because im a gold and youre freaking flat if youre if you do join me you should subscribe i know i sound like a dumb youtuber be quiet be quiet oh reed i see i picked up the worst weapon for this oh im surprised you didnt kill me no not that one combo sorry if im singing a lot and its very annoying i dont know how to play blasters thats only no only way i know how to do damage oh i dont know how i did that i did i won anyway its fine uh sorry about all my freaking talking probably annoyed you i was way too close for comfort you should subscribe you you definitely should subscribe oh no not another slide what i dont know what it is i dont know should i mess match iced with scythe probably not thats probably a stupid idea im gonna do it anyway i i know one thing though dont stay on the side definitely not with you youre gonna get my ass i  __  get clipped probably wouldnt get clipped three two attempt to clip me twice already on the first round oh you picked that up i was literally hitting you thats dumb sorry i boost a little bit too much okay perfect dodge that thats fine too ah no not going on there i told you that already oh you read that ground pound ah that was a dumb idea how do you know whats gonna fast fall thats what i do thats what i want now oh my god that worked that worked somehow you grab that oh i cant play this weapon i thought i could i thought i could i cant its very obvious the blatantly obvious oh im going to get my ass with the weapon i have in my hand Applause got kicked in the face hey what plant level are you like low mid gold like high mid low like what ah after this round you can enter that oh so live hey not very nice i think hes getting tired of my boosting around hey dont juggle on me thats not very nice youre gonna beat me either way i would like at least have a weapon hey can you can you be dead serious with me though are you taking me seriously probably not no reason i won that i cant hit anything that wasnt even the right way that was stupid anybody else want to join give you a few oh look somebodys in here somebody else is in here is that my friend thats my friend why should i tell him that im streaming today should i i dont know maybe im gonna go random again anybody anybody join yep what do you mean yeah yo you mind telling me like what what like what plot you are like high mid low hello diego why do you guys have your full name you should change that for sure hello diego you should definitely join me if you can random well while we wait for people to join im going to start the game tomorrow even like normal strange games yes i see you diego im answering im answering you i reach plot twice e this season oh so youre like so youre low okay low do you think i have any chance of getting plot be honest with me what do you mean what oh its scaring me stop doing that i dont know how to do that really thanks i dont know how people do that what am i doing ah give me this oh thats a little stupid combo i figured out im dead im dead for sure no thats not hitting me neither of those oh this is this is hard oh i cant hit you i cant hit you that was dumb i dont know why i didnt dodge that of course you dodged that thats like the weirdest thats the like the easiest combo to pull off with gauntlets okay okay freaking freaking or master over here no i didnt mean to do that i dont know what im doing i just noticed you still have three stocks stop doing that that hurts is that true combo i dont know i havent dodged that that combo yet no my first chance of killing oh nevermind yeah yeah dont get too close bro i know what youre trying to do come just get a weapon please please just get a weapon thank you i want to feel like i got just i like it when people kill me when theyre unarmed okay it hurts my feelings ah stop no you heard that now youre trying to do it no stop thats not very nice man no ah really come on man that wasnt very nice i thought i had a recovery i killed myself Applause i thought i had to jump in a recovery but i didnt apparently i literally spammed those two buttons gg that was dumb no no no this is worse i dont even use barbarossa why you barely used to are you if you because like elo i think he has at least a thousand thousand i dont know maybe like 900 i dont i dont know thanks for the weapon man i cant use blasters especially in ranked oh this is already annoying i dont like that recovery it scares me also my book my remote kind of glitches out sometimes where it doesnt it doesnt let me go to the right sometimes which is weird that was the worst thing i could have done at the moment oh oh too close for comfort i think last year is my best weapon for now i dont know what that dash jump was i just dash jump was stupid okay okay scythe master over here i think ill stay away from the sides thank you i need to stay in here a little bit more never mind dont stay in the air you got the air as well oh yeah so giros your main basically theres a combo that ive been trying to learn with axe no perfect dodge is that what that did did not hit me apparently im stuttering im so scared oh i wasnt heading distance for sure oh imagine i hit you that would be kind of funny are you the only one in my stream probably i dont know how much how long im streaming for ive been streaming for like half an hour already wow that wasnt very nice you gotta hear yourself oh that hit can i have my blasters oh you can have that i dont its fine okay sig right off the bat okay apparently you didnt know what to do after that oh yeah yeah no im not i just killed myself oh im so stupid what did i just do i literally could have jumped but i didnt like a dumbass yes oh you guys are here its just saying you guys it just shows people that just joined something well if you guys do have ps4 you should definitely join me or become my friend nope i think im not gonna fall for that again i cant hate you i dont know that true combo i missed i cant hit that was stupid no go away stay for my blasters disappeared deadpool 21 hello would you like to join buddy if you have this game of course oh jesus thats two friends hello friends why cant i not go up there hello there should get oh oh no oh no oh no thats already too many safe players i think im uh i think im a pass you guys can fight each other oh no thats even worse ow my stomach my tummy hurts im broadcasting comments oh you are you im sorry i should have uh let you join i just i was reading comments how friendly is everybody lets see thats this is a social experiment hey oh thats not very nice Music everybodys very friendly thats nice i think ill stay away from everybody you guys all have scythes and im not im kind of brain dead when it comes to fighting sight i cant lie yeah i can fight each other its gonna sit here ill give the win to you guys i dont really care whoever wins this ill give you the one i want to come and interfere with your site gameplay so im just going to sit here and email dont mind me ow i didnt want it anyway i dont find my weapon anyway should i get them at a party guys yes or no should i get them in a party so they know whats going on and i can invite them to the stream as well hey three people three more people are watching Music jesus so many says this that looks painful to fight i cant lie i like it really hurts me because no what am i saying really hurts me like thats emotional im blabbering back and forth what im trying to say is i cant fight i get red way too often i am very predictable out oh why you hit me i i told you ill give you the win if you win ill give anybody the one i just dont want to fight you guys guys look ill try hurt id probably lose anyway ah an axe bro what do you want me to do well im running you can deal with that by yourself it landed perfectly oh dang combo wait arent those like the combos you see all over youtube oh god that scared me here take the weapon i aint stopping you you guys have your way with each other dont bring me into it jesus christ that looks painful id probably get hit by every single narenderencer that you guys do and recovery because thats probably one of them as well so let me see if i can remember the when youre when you get in the air there it would site there well with any weapon in the air there is there dare and nair okay so for the ground i think its delight side light and neutral light right am i wrong i dont know i dont remember bringing ninjas no that sounded inappropriate im sorry i said ninjas referencing to like shadow clones and stuff like that no im not in the same weibo i promise that sounded bad jesus that looks super painful to what to fight on god what was that i need to learn how to do that i think ive done that like a few times already only a few of course you can take any weapon i am not stopping any of you if i do youre probably gonna kill me anyway uh should i get to one stock yeah one stop yo i started a private uh no dont worry just join join this one because i have maximum player of eight im maximum players of eight so you can join hear me george you can join me its not gonna its nothing nothing bad whats the code uh after this match ill ill show you the code probably like i could try a different game like see like warframe you know guys know that one yeah you can join uh just after this match you can see im giving the one to anybody who wins because im definitely not winning against psych players because i im brain dead when it comes to second players i get read too much see like that i would have gotten hit by all those attacks he just threw out like i cant fight it i really cant anybody else thats fine spammers i dont really care no i cant fight that id lose immediately well you won nice job i tried the amount hold up hey okay theres a code everybody you can join if you want to were gonna wait for some people lets see if i can get these oh wait no only microphone being what oh no oh no not another site okay fine somebody whos not using site that would be thats thats nice i dont have koji i have a minimal amount of players see i dont have kj i should start locking characters hey hello i cant see your name its way too small is it im not trying to pronounce that okay anybody else going to join im pretty sure theres other people hey if you could help out you guys could put the code into the chat so everybody else can read it more easily thatd be nice this is uh my stream is doing a lot better than my first stream theres like lots of people in here got 36 comments you guys know how good it is well i dont even know how good that is so thats me oh yeah okay okay uh uh wheres his name uh whats his name george george george you can join the codes up there if anybody would be as so polite to put the code into the the whats it called hey there he is i think oh lightning left oh well okay im going to choose random again because why not george thats you right maybe george strange crew battle uh yeah youre in okay you wanna play crew metal okay livestream okay oh no this this is seems very unfair yeah okay uh this seems very unfair oh i dont know what to do im putting like i uh know maybe you you i dont know ill give us a bite i dont  __  know you what you won last round so hey rage i didnt know you joined wait i didnt change the block it has to be uh wait rage can you join were were missing a player no were definitely not using chosen chosens like way too hard even for me wait were waiting for a friend of mine his name is rage rage come on man join there he is just so you know all these people are very very good with scythe so if theyre using sites bummer here let me get rage in this im gonna make a party who are you yo what there you go were starting to were starting the game who are huh oh who are who am i im the first player im random im going random i hate here of course you do your core just know that uh my friend though named rajo uh three two one i i dont know  __  george take it easy on my friend george please he hasnt played in like a while he doesnt know what hes doing come on george you got this oh god oh for george you got this george come on george fine come on george you got this use your use your orb on them give them a chance man man hasnt played in a while wait wheres diego youre in here right oof hello lets see how you play oh god yep for who deadpool was again freak man i told him to try and take it easy on you bro i know you havent played in a bit still like you got your  __  so thats why you installed these people are very very good theyre better than my im not very theyre better than me they make me feel trash hey i got 47 comments you know like i dont know how good that is myself but i think thats pretty good its a lot better than what i had i actually cant tell so can anybody tell me how many views im getting right now i would like to know okay like i said i didnt know it was gonna be this unfair race you dont you have to play how you feel then ben i dont think diego has the game installed i dont remember can i put it oh shoot i didnt know it was my turn i can im at my house my cousins house okay wish though i forgot who is i forgot who deadpool is oh wait deadpool is probably uh diego right or something i cant play this damn oh i said bad word i dont know if thats bad it probably is yeah knew it and i said hey thats not very nice oh wait hes not even in here rage your turn you can play now rage after this you you should accept my party request that i asked like there you go theres george bro hes not very good calm down let him at least get a weapon george come on george let him get a weapon man man hasnt played this game he just reinstalled it he finally landed a hit stop come on george get a hit on him come on george come on george we got this get him george get him george do a face reveal i dont even know how to i think i need like a camera for that oh that wasnt very nice do a face reveal i dont i dont know how to ps4 cam i dont i dont think i want to click on that i think ill leave it do that for later nah i think i think ill pass hey everybody here should definitely subscribe everybody here should subscribe if you are playing so you guys have permission to be here that that sounds dumb you should subscribe with what im saying after this match all you hear should subscribe because it is my second video and im trying my best because i thought i wanted to do streaming for a long time and also while i was thinking im trying to figure out base for a long time im trying to figure out how to even start streaming until i figured i saw the broadcast button it took a little bit of it took a little bit of time to figure out how to do it but hey im here now this second video and the console moms ps4 so like yeah whos ben ben ben ben who is ben i hate this you literally asked to play i dont want to hear it rage join the party i literally made for menia so you can speak to everybody you said you hate because they can hear you uh-oh im eating myself give me a sec false alarm im back baby among us diego why hello hello rage everybody everybody can hear you speak speak your mind by the way deadpool is a deadpool person is my friend from school uh george and thats also a friend from school i think theres another buddy another person in here let me check you guys cant see the game sorry i dont know how to even look hey you think i should send my other friend the guy im fighting right now is my friend as well youre in the stream as well oh no stop doing that i cant hit him oh this is stressful rage please help me i dont know how to fight this guy his blushes are too good for me oh never mind i got him i got him lets go oh hey george hey george hey george come on man you got this george come on come on man come on come on bro i cant attack you for not attacking me aha yeah man man just reinstalled it by the way someone just made a party with me so im gonna invite you to that party do you have what i cant even read that because oculus oh isnt that that one vr headset kind of thing no i dont have an oculus because im poor but guess what next weekend for getting good grades im gonna get a 50 buck a 50 buck um playstation card that i can use to buy stuff okay well i can tell you guys what other games i have other than brawlhalla because someone uh an an early stream asks who uh if i if im gonna play any other games in the future i i will i can but it might be game theyre probably going to be games you cant join on ah okay well real quick ima blur out everything you can guys cant see because i cant do anything about it im going to join another friend as fast as i can hello guess what i am streaming you should definitely join you hear me friend my mics muted my bed uh you should join guess what because i am im streaming for a second time i found that out um was it on playstation i saw him through my friends and youre broadcasting so i was like okay sure uh are you in here already or no me in the stream yeah oh yeah well which guy is you oh no i dont have an account i just wasnt good i just decided to join okay thats nice uh the friend i have another friend in here his name is rage hes also playing with us yo whats up its me you might want to switch the team this team is yikes this teams unfair yes i didnt know it was like the first like the first time experience so after this i think im going to switch up teams for sure oh no everybody else can hear you as well so nice oh yeah you just have to be a little bit loud everybody else also your blasters are very very hard to fight because having to personally fight them myself i really didnt think i had a chance until you let your guard down and i punched you straight in the face im not yeah okay switching up the team for sure sure for shh i dont know what to do how do i switch this up how do i make this team fair oh someone left george yeah george would probably leave hell is this good bad maybe who knows i guess its trade i guess sure okay im going random my boy got a level 55 mornings okay but im gonna play coachee though so im playing random i dont think i can fight anybody here even if i tried why am i going first lets go champ the best player oh sucks i tried to 1v1 this guy personally he is a jiro meme and also i got my butt kicked twice i killed him i think once its your minus yes why did i get this character that gave me this character you got to be joking i cant play sword properly i feel dumb when i use it i can use i use hammer a little bit but just a little bit oh that was the dumbest thing ive ever done there you go okay hes going hes going in hes going in no we got scythe im dead for sure see what i mean i get i get i get i i can get red very easily i dont know how to stop it but you almost got him though you had a cig or something bunk that worked dang that killed well that works i see i see i see oh i already dont like how this matchup is going i dont know why to my weapon i dont know my dumb self thought it was going to hit i had at least i literally freaking at the worst range possible i uh was it called i dash jumped and threw it like its like that was gonna hit he was literally like almost right next to me i dont know why i did that i have a habit of doing that and its something i cant get rid of oh dude this is like the worst thing im playing sword sword sword he says sword he says pulls out another bow sword thats definitely a sword a sword with strings i probably should have stuck this oh my god lets probably even kill that man hey hes low plat he told me what are you what are you what are you rage or me you high gold uh high gold yeah i think im like im mid gold im like severely high gold like i think im like three to two games away rage doesnt play uh ranked he actually only plays free-for-all every time i see him playing this game interesting noise okay now what theres really not to do because i need to get i need this dude to get another stock off itd be great dont go too hard on rachels track his best oh no somebody left dc man i got bored he probably left streaming too or something its fine hey can you can you tell me something rage or or i dont even know how to say your name whats your name ex-off or rage can you please tell me how many views im getting oh you have a three three oh yes not me included because like my brother took my tablet oh my goodness i didnt even notice i was like huh i think the first the first guy that joined me was uh whats his name he hasnt commented in a while so i dont really remember his name i think it was something like uh strange something i dont know i dont remember i think his name is uh whats where is he where is he his name strange games yeah something to do strange no way that kid i thought this would be fair kind of unfair wait somebody left it should be fair actually yeah you could you guys probably could clutch it you guys are both very very good with the characters youre using so who is your main me yes yeah i played koji because i usually play koji for like for like this where like its like doubles and stuff oh yay its my turn oh yay no weapon bomb that im not going to use because i hate i hate gadgets i forgot to turn them off i dont know what im doing hes a psych player you think im a gimpa site player i must be crazy i must be crazy all you have to do is recover your recovery offstage and hopefully you give thats the only way you think yes i do think Applause bunk i cant hit him dont want this thing give me this that was stupid no im still alive no im not okay i should be easy pickings oh i know this person is still here yes no its a bug its a bot its a buy for sure no because when i went to hub and everything the name shows its still there how do you go to hub i forgot what the batteries its like the big giant button in the middle oh it shows like the names and everything oh that one yeah yeah i know that one yeah i know big giant button in the middle its called a thumb pad there you go i think our finger pad one of the two get him rage hes in red dont do it hey wow that barely hit that barely hit that was probably like a freaking note spike okay all i have to do is just clutch up lets go im not touching im not clutching perfect dodge do you think i should stream more often thats really ill probably join if i if im free or something yeah but dont know this stream has gone like this streams like this streams like been a lot better than any other stream you know that ive only done one stream this is my second im surprised its doing this well nice sorry im sorry if im blabbering a lot i have a habit of speaking a little bit too much and now what are you going to do no give me this no can i have this yes i didnt grab it he literally dashed past it no bonk bonkers bonk all i have to do is glitch bonk bonk Music i need this no theres actual potential ladies and gentlemen i have a skyforge bow im kind of good-ish with bow kind of not really a good ish has sky footage with though okay yeah good-ish all i have to do is just try not its not do that im afraid just gonna kill you with all those things hes throwing out i know actually oh that was a little bit too close buddy actually i got this believe in yourself die thanks for the hope he says no im so close he got you too freaking red almost so close oh i hate this already two okay i think i actually have to start trying a little bit just a little bit of course oh this is gonna go terrible im probably still gonna get  __  on i gotta i gotta get the can i go first reach pretty please lets see how much damage i can oh you can just leave entirely thats fine as well leave me with a 1v2 leave me with a 1v2 yes sorry theres no way youre playing terrorists i was going to switch to terrace i was just like im not going to play terrorist players oh my god level 60 burrazza albert youre insane in the head dude youre actually insane its blazing for fun has like probably like top 100 with braza like what oh im screwed i dont know my weapon can i have this thanks oh dean yo lets see if hes ish decent as he says um im screwed oh my god yes due to it with brazza this is one of the highest levels here it says due to with brazil i was literally looking at chat while i did that chill okay okay its actually decently even yeah decently even oh yeah now its actually really easy okay no i dont have a recovery i thought i had a recovery i didnt i did too he can hear you then also hes in red just ask very politely and you hell maybe give you a weapon ask very politely rage oh dank thats tough yeah that was an intentional ground found just like i see you i saw what you try to do there thats what you try to do there get over it get over here rage is probably thinking his mind put me down okay i gotta get the ultimate weapon thats all you ever say in game two if im like comboing him with scythe somehow hes like put me down also also if i use my lance on him hes like put me down strange gamer uh ima go but ill i liked i liked and subscribed thank you he subscribed you should subscribe as well oh shoot whats paying attention oh can i have that one yes it is thank you ev okay so our land and this warmer lands exceeds beyond expectation no youre supposed to dodge in full whyd you dodging die i saved you im so bad call yourself bad immediately ground caught me and i died wow okay lets see how it is okay finish me off then mate he tried to do for a third he tried to go for a third actually did Applause you hear him what okay this games bad you have to subscribe you definitely have to subscribe my first my my first subscriber was out of pity from rage isnt that right rage hes the first one i shared my uh youtube channel with once he has a million then youll be the first youll be iconic yes yes yes i will have million probably maybe probably not maybe give it to the career it would be nice even just to get a hundred subscribers at the moment the last time i checked i had seven subscribers so real goal real goal is to just play the game and have fun see what that leads Laughter he really likes things by the way i forgot to mention all that but now hes dead are you sure about that dude im actually gonna read dont do it okay okay my muscle memory just triggered muscle memory just triggered flights my muscle memory is just the emote on commands i im lagging holy been destroyed by about me how you feel about this dude nice okay this is this is this is right yeah let me just focus real quick hold up nevermind no college moment im dead yeah are you sure about that its the confidence boost i need but die dont do it im dead okay rage you can do it you got this man thats every champ you got this every time every time artemis every time he sees artemis he always thinks of king star because king star really really he does kickstart spams a lot so i see its fine though its fine though because uh kingstar has gone a lot better i see you dont like to spam me he doesnt i see this is why artemis is busted i have ortimus okay blink terrorists for if im one be doing im playing you know i would try i would try to complete the cycle but i dont have terribles oh man im sad okay i guess ill just use it in this im playing mika wait hey rage oh i dont have zero little  __  i thought i had him i thought i had him apparently i dont yeah i dont have them oh shoot well i guess ill just do this guy first screw it who is okay whos good in this situation core actually you know what no meta to defense leonardo lets get it lets go champ we win this this this is winnable voice oh never mind its not winnable no here i got you let me let me join you with that two defense my my boy okay let me join you with that two defense i literally thought you only had two defenses okay uh im going im changing carry im not just not doing two defense im good i think ill stay out of two defense here let me go first let me get first please thank you okay actually this is a nightmare bro especially the dude has little 36 tarots yikes uh how long have you been playing this game for bro who rage wait hold up what the what ring are you great he doesnt play ranked dang he only played straight for all did you even did your poor brain but has just literally just been molded into free for all days literally how many 30s and how many 40s you have is just impeccable its crazy okay so uh so is this where dc yeah sorry this is this wasnt it chief this was not the character this was not the character what was it i thought youd jump over there bro i actually started trying for a second i was getting tired of being beaten okay im sorry i didnt like getting beat too much honestly i see this your first stock was funny though you said is this where do you say yeah theres rdc so you see this wasnt for fun i see this was competition i was getting tired of getting like freaking three stocks bro im gonna tell you i kept on getting killed over and over i just wanted to kill bro i Music dont do it whats up for the consequences no huh yeah i got like a lot more you should join my stream so you can make it more oh how rude my brother just said i dont want to join your stream you know how mean that is not really that mean because its your brother what do you expect dang okay im not using i try to use this guy who i cant see artemis i see okay orion oh yeah my blade just i saw this face and i was just like oh artemis okay you mean orion right yeah i know but my brain just went to artemis for some reason no no funny dude bro how have you not switched to game mode and you have that many 30s dude do you like do you even play like friendly tweets or experimental no he doesnt he only played friendly 2v2 with me and my brother are playing with him i would lose my mental literally my goodness best part is i have to get two stocks how would they you i thought i dodged that but okay thats fine too maybe i should have used guitars im kind of good with guitars i i just love nerium thats the best i have a habit Applause oh yeah its just all right i see you like to do how about youtube on my first one ive seen it too im just not entering okay dude okay ill probably go with this match okay bye-bye and soon yeah soon stop fourth hour i gave you okay i see cant play pogo no you could play dead though i think i dont think i want to oh okay but the problem is no im not dead i am dead okay later bye hes give me a sec ill be right back hello you know you already know okay yeah thank you a lot random guess what i got super super old man huh i should have gotten guitars or something i cant hit anything today i feel dumb i dont know what happened but i died to the standing raj can i not be a part of your ground pound thank you i got a little bit too close on hitting me there buddy i dont like this ah im dying okay oh my bad mirage keeps on spamming me i dont know why its not to get platforms getting my way though i feel like im getting targeted from mirage oh they really like stealing kills dang im on negative one i suck at this i hello how are you doing its nice that youre firing at me i dont know i think i want to use guitars i find someone that has guitars that im good with lets see caspian he has gauntlets lets use caspian all those colors look awful i i havent even played caspian surprisingly the only reason i stopped playing caspian is because i didnt have the ability i didnt know how to play guitars but now im like fairly good so ah i suck never mind oh hey how do you do so hey weve got kills team combo so he killed himself and i didnt get this kill so no keep combo you gotta get kill off you cant get a kill off of you what i assume anyway my bad i would like to stay alive thank you im alive bozo nevermind why is he emoting thats weird uh i forgot you played too much free-for-all no wonder youre winning Applause i should have color for caspian for sure i think i failed that combo so bad bro my stream was going so well but like a lot of people left like a lot of people but theres nobody left oh wait thats you i got a weapon i cant help you just got a free kill dang the ember combo works on caspian too ah jesus christ im not i got killed by more ducks i will i cant if youre jumping around are getting team combos like what the  __  yeah im live bozos never mind that i thought i would land i killed myself isd i lost three points in the process three very valuable points oh that mordex really likes his cigs like oh god oh my god help me im getting freaking sick back and forth yes thank you thank you reach the instant regret combo you die already thank you oh im eating give me a sick okay okay that goes through you ha bro not for real how does god lets go through you its getting weird yeah think you think i should stop stream oh wait theres somebody in here hello okay i think im gonna turn off stream now well play a different game or we could play this game ah oh no why character you dont play oh i touched you saw that thing i got him in yes dude i guess dude this is mine let me get that sucker for you im dead you got this rage yes ah oh im dead wait actually maybe not yeah im live surprisingly and im getting targeted ill just see it love to see it when youre getting targeted when you dont have a weapon dont you shell love to see it apparently im dead i lagged out uh i lagged at the worst possible time im still lagging no oh youre losing this for sure im kidding you can do this rage i believe in you i meant nothing okay im ending stream goodbye steaming tamales time does uninstalling steam games free up space how to share games across steam accounts best fighting game on steam how to trick steam to get free games steam cool games