Rank #1 Val Global | Brawlhalla 1v1

Buy bulk steam gamesbroccoli steamed BRAWLHALLA gameplay appreciate it i dont i dont go to the gym guys i do calisthenes are you broken main guinea or deficit so theres a thing called just like um i dont know how exactly it is its like a small boat like well you just work out and eat like just slightly more calories like for not maintaining maintaining your weight thats what im doing i dont really count the calories but thats what i feel like im doing plus maintaining my weight is really nice because i like my weight right now alone i dont want to be too bulky i dont want to be too skinny as well all right hes saying that hes fat but works out that is definitely not what i said i can tell you oh my god what is that first bro oh he sucks hes fine what use a bar yeah i can do a few muscle ups i used to look good at i started learning front lever but i stopped and he just okay rematch all right you didnt know my max muscles are nine or ten also i need to start my extra dark but today i did like five or six yeah but its fine sometimes my form is very short when i do stuff like that too but its okay i have to look in shape for the next land that is my uh goal to look in shape and to not move around with a  __  uh 200 kilogram belly stomach that is that is definitely not my goal um whats happening push-ups going to do without stopping i think its more than 50. i dont know exactly how much i dont do those count stuff i do variation is it dead now i feel weak he just left yo corrupt nice to see you again and hi take a one brand day break my bad dude my bad that i was thinking about myself for one day jesus how how could i do such a thing whats going on im so dumb i cant imagine how dumb i am bro wait its a bot or something im dead okay where is he going oh hes alive he turns what the heck what was that oi what was happening bro im 20. 20 men oh bro now this guy just has a  __  fetish for sd bro whats going on you watch your messy in two seconds youre gonna do some more stuff and you see there there you go there it goes right here right here his eyes here he just has hid he did it that was close to recovery whyd you go there Music oh yeah that killed me what the  __  are you covering fine guys im not sick why do you think im safe what the  __  who spread the false rumors bro im not sick im sick of you guys thats what i dont understand how about that im sorry im sorry im not gonna say it ever again that was a joke i promise i love yall youre cuties i cant hang up im shorting easy okay bro feels good to the bag amazing a brain gamer we have a brain gamer in the rank you look at him hes popping off hes about to kill me lets go lets  __  get it bro and sigma please what the  __  bro that move needs to get removed from the game it doesnt need to exist its busted again oh my dead okay what am i aiming for whos him bro how does that hit me i know wait this guys touching like a weirdo out of here hes ps4 i can see hes a demon joe or no im dead im fine okay go i dont know what youre saying bro i think youre talking about russia being a great country or some  __  but i think thats what it is im not rushing by the way that was about oh  __  man oh am i singing right some green gameplay over here lets go okay alrighty yes oh youre missing a lot of ciders what about that okay another one oh that was another side that im high now what okay youre missing again you didnt miss that one this is really im dead oh hello hes passing out yep hes passing out help okay dead yep didnt kill him Music wow was that an end light is this going to be a side there wait wait wait oh oh is it going to be a side there wait wait wait there it is a weapon drawn three two one whats happening bro im dead thats whats happening all right lets kill him now enough im bulgarian what the  __  is going on all right lets go to there because hes acting up a bit too much we cant handle this happen out of here all right nice oh rematch dude rematch lets go min absolute pog im into this color its even more  __  now this guy cannot land bro oh were now dodge oh oh i didnt hit him oh but no oh but no no no oh hes gonna oh damn unlucky unlucky that was it bro that was the image you wanted im lucky i know happens sometimes are you gonna hit me once you did thats crazy thats how youre gonna hit no more than that i know you can die bye bye see i know he was there guys dont get me wrong i just had to overcome it dash here drop okay okay we remember those we changed it dodger and that was kind of up what kind of knot up at the same time jump nope hes dead anyway right nope nice game im dead he got me im dead im dead what do you think i dont know why i did that i just felt like it was gonna work and it worked damn that was a nice dodge you have to treat me like 78 more times though to equalize the stocks yeah lets go okay nice keep it going okay again keep kidding me now a cylinder can kill me what do you think what is that nc that is not an answer what do you think bro i know he doesnt he dies i lied so how do i survive this shes just gonna let him survive i guess i dont know whats going on wicked hes alive bro i dont watch this play what is nah bro and the game in the game you should have killed me like 70 times all right there we go now that was the kill lets go im doing the germantown oh my god mamma mia damn bro holy  __  hes popping hes dead oh my god its razox bro i havent seen razors for like years now man he disappeared hes back at it again in the rank queue lets go resox i dont know who reiss is i think hes a ps4 player i think oh resox no no see thats why he was gone for so long now i see Applause bro whats going on man racer stop all right what do you think that was a close one but look at this one yeah look at this one oh  __  man you expected it youre crazy jump Music oh i knew it but im bad whos either dead bye-bye that didnt kill him that didnt hit him what is see he thinks im dead here side stick right here oh hes just dancing around what is going on oh my god is that the  __  cosmics forward thats back thats rolled us back theres others back there holy  __  jesus hes popping off i know that move im dead yo yo im sorry youre gonna hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me i think youre gonna go get the weapon now great weapon bro okay biggest rollback in history yes what is going on razors listen bro we cant be having this what are you doing we need to talk about this sidelight me i mean i got smacked i got smacked again all right bye whats happening man how long is this game three minutes it was like 78 minutes razor calm down bro damn that was a nice near oh my god another nice in there keep it going lets keep watching what do i have a weapon all right now hes gonna jump i told you definitely hes gonna go for it here mento nice dog nice again kind of hard doors thats on this map sometime oh imagine that that was kind of risky going for there whoa hes alive what damn damn thats crazy but youre dead dash dash dash oh my goodness he popped off that cute wow okay there was a rematch razaks holy  __  im putting it through hell what do you mean bro what happened to my voice what the heck uh razox is putting it through a hill also i still havent started my exit live i have quite a bit of thing im like 50 something right now razor stop this madness bro i understand youre a lens player but like let me go back on the stage now okay no okay lets see you just kill yourself i just killed myself okay im dead bro dont let me die just let me die im not gonna pop off mothers come back this is where i shut the  __  up and concentrate though Music we lost oh recovery youre gonna get okay by another answer nice dodge is thank you in two seconds right here no im dead thats just crazy like when you use it like that even if you expect it it just hits okay now that was terrible rest in peace that was a kind of a lucky game because of the downer then dungeon oh i knew it as well were fine hes alive hes going through it here and so no there it is im alive oh yes we got the perfect angle oh yes again again and thats where you die oh no dude you messed up grandpa again Music no bro you can god lets pop off whats happening theres no way that hits me okay oh nice battle control i dont know how that works im dead you messed up im dead oh that was a good rip theres a new crap game i dont know i saw dont worry guys lets try what a mess whats happening bro Music you cool games steam ⚫: Discord ➜ 🟣: Twitch ➜ 🔵: Twitter ➜ CHECK OUT MY TWITCH!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUU!!!^^ Rank #1 Val Global | Brawlhalla 1v1. Truly Astonishing VAL 1v1 gameplay by PavelskiBH! :O val and rank #1 is in the thumbnail and brawlhalla is the game! Oh, I play ranked 1v1 in this one! Also, I am rank #1 with val global. I think so at least! Im not sure you guys can Let me know! 🔴: 🔴SECOND CHANNEL ❗❗❗ 🟠: Editor and thumbnail maker: ♫Music By♫ (Outro music) ●AYDO - Broken (prod. AYDO8) ●Song - #pavelski #val #brawlhalla #rank1 #1v1 steam chivalry 2 how to find hidden games in your steam library miles morales game steam steam not detecting installed game reddit can steam deck play gog games