1v1s With YOU GUYS! • Brawlhalla Gameplay

How to take a screenshot on a steam gamesteam how to see your hidden games BRAWLHALLA gameplay okay guys this is like the third time Im trying to record this video because it keeps disconnecting but this is Lucia so were gonna be doing some 1v1 with the sword cord people viewers basically if you want to join the sword cord link is in the description and my controller keeps disconnecting Im no lie my headset just became unplug so one second there we go okay going against rain who I dont know if hes good anymore because he doesnt really play bruh holla much but at one point he was literally a god and would probably close to three stock me most games so well see how this goes hope you guys are having a fantastic day be sure to LIKE this video if you enjoy it Music get off of my stage rainbow by the way guys if you dont know rain hes also a streamer yeah whatever even it up that was a little lucky and precise timing at the same time finally he got me with that punch man he was trying to unarmed punch me for so long GG dude GG five-minute fight theyre wasting all my video time rain just kidding dude just get it and lets try somebody else GG dude GG Im gonna go ahead and do random Im gonna do Miami dome because it looks fun ooh got the new ADA skin nice this will be nice lets go Music Music whoo that was a nice read whoo nice neutral state dude I love scarlet cigs whoo dude this ADA is so intimidating looking Music GG dude GG get a little bit of an egg crap there GG ooh Seraphim demonic this will be fun nice emblem nice avatar woo Yumiko versus Missouri with eight decks okay well see how this goes oh my gosh that speed sword versus hammer is such a bad matchup Music get off bro youre gonna destroy me to my first stock I have to at least have a comeback bye-bye whoo the other thing that could save me with you me is my bow he was waiting for me to do that and I did it anyway just to see if I can try to I dont know do something but oh come on dude youre not even good let me get the weapon man gg gg gg gg Tour turtle that wasnt cheap this is when you get kicked now Im just joking oh I got Bryn and versus costi Jala oh my gosh I actually saved him I literally saved him huh that was a cheap shot Ill let him take one on me Music gggg Music alright guys play one or two more demonic we can spar another time that theres ooh nice writing your skin ooh black queen nine versus gray molten Regnier I forget what its called its definitely not ashen one Music you messin with Queen I on the edge boy you gonna get bit get it by the snake ah nice weapon throw dude no God I reckon youre scared looks so good dude whoo GG dude GG that pogo stick action hell circe dark alright guys this will be my last one for today last one ooh Caspian thats pretty cool because I know Ive had a few people requesting I play Caspian as well oh my gosh sir Stark that was brutal Music whoo the reach on that Im trying to do a downswing oh that down cig worked oh I didnt even realize I was tied with them Im actually down a stop down Oh just Dicor so much defense the deep the freaking neutral stick dude OPA f o P and yeah alright guys since were having fun Ill do one more last one last one blazer oh you did playchoice what my controller disconnected come on back out mmm all right whatever thats gonna be it if you enjoyed this video please give it a like otherwise guys be sure to subscribe no dont otherwise do both this is Lucias sword I will see you the next video take it easy guys screenshot steam games FAQ:- I Play with an Xbox One controller via USB to my desktop. - I record with xSplit or OBS. - Microphone: Blue Yeti - Headphones: Razer Kraken - Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma - Mouse: Razer Mamba Hyperflux Computer: Intel Core i7 4ghz 16gb ram SSD+HDDs Nvidia GTX 1070 STEAM GROUP INFO: ~ SwordCord Discord Server ~ Please feel welcome to join my Discord server, the SwordCord. Its a free chatting app for gamers. It is the best way to communicate with me! Here is the link! Come join! There are rooms for Brawlhalla mentorship, other game chat, and you get a direct line of communication with me and others! :) Follow my Twitter: About Brawlhalla Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting game brawler for PC where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in past and future history battle each other in an eternal tournament of champions—for bragging rights, infinite mead, and the pure pleasure of delivering a beat down. It features simpler controls and one-button special moves, similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawlhalla is free to play and is currently available on the PS4 and PC/Steam. Thanks for watching guys! Brawlhalla swag shop!!! play steam games offline without logging in star wars battlefront 2004 video game steam kingdom hearts coming to steam breaking bad game steam steamed dumplings vs fried