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How to see when you bought a steam gamesteam gift card wallet BRAWLHALLA gameplay hows it going ladies and gentlemen its solutions so were back again today with some more brolic content for you guys as always its been a its been a really busy week for me guys Ive been really last week I was sick with the flu and I wasnt able to do anything let alone upload a video so I apologize for that Im still kind of getting over that and Ive just been really busy lately but finally got some free time to record a video and I really wanted to make a video out of this chest because look at this we have serif Artemis looking so cool thats thats one of my favorites kids and then emperor Koji which looks pretty dang cool as well and the Corinthian so yeah three amazing new skins I dont know what the weapon skins look like on these because they dont show them for some stupid reason till you actually open the chest which is kind of stupid but theres only two other skins I dont have but both of them are skins that I wouldnt mind having and keep in mind opening the chest is a good deal even if you dont get the skin exactly that you want because for only 100 mammoth coins you can open the chest whereas those skins separately like heres the this all one is 140 and The Sitter one also yeah 140 so Im gonna save about 80 coins on buying those just because Im getting them from the chest anyways without further ado lets get lets get it lets open it oh it looks so cool - first kid ever coach look at that oh my gosh the rising glory looks so good and the golden sword actually looks really really cool too I like that a lot lets do another one oh we got core all that hammer is so awesome it looks like it has a huge diamond in it I love that the gauntlets are all right but they ever is awesome nothing nothing like getting hit by a giant diamond hammer and demon ogres ol alright alright not bad oh god I only have enough for one more opening oh I got at least its a dress I cant afford I did not think thats what the ROO guys oh my gosh Im gonna have to buy some some more coins really quick and thats how you get 1600 mammoth coins alright now I could oh my gosh sorry about that guys and of course Seraph artemis ooh that Lance does look pretty awesome and so does this site alright guys now we got cork og and Artemis to do some some strike out lets see we could do the celestial strike how in fact we actually could do we could do Regnier as well because he has a celestial skin right there celestial Wagner and I believe theres more than just Ragnar as well was it ember that had a celestial I dont remember somebody else I want to say also had one I dont but oh well lets do the three from the chest first what does the other one know yet koji lets do the three from the chest I unfortunately dont have black with these but oh well ooh he really doesnt look that great okay home team it is the colors didnt look that good on like any anything else you guys will have to forgive me Im not the best that gauntlets are it really any of these legends but if if I do really good just take back everything I just said oh man hope you guys are having a fantastic day wherever you guys might be I definitely am work work has work but you know Im here now so everything was good oh I like that little Regnier avatar that hes got alright lets do it we are wolf she I think I played this guy before hes good ouch runway Im up here Im up here bye-bye bye-bye cuspid oh that was a calculated throw Hey Oh guys I got some new taunts oh thats not it Music but by amber set sail on that course whoa cor Opie see I mean guys Im still sick oh man that was that was a brutal beatdown man good game though lets just go ahead and do a Artemis Kochi and then core final I dont know what got into me guys Im not Im good with godless maybe I just got really lucky I dont know man well well chalk it up to I got lucky there Im not I dont know if this Artemis skin is really look see thats why I wish you could do the default skin colors in strikeout why cant you you know oh the new level the de level with the new music oh god its so amazing Music oh god this is my favorite song ever got him so bad so bad with sight please please put me out of my mercy I cannot handle sight Music Oh gotcha Music oh oh Im dead Im so dead ramen oh my gosh just music guys I cant even I cant even right now this music is just so good Music come on Hatori bye-bye oh my gosh guys that stage was so cool thank you BMG for making the coolest age ever to exist also the coolest song alright guys I think I pretty much played every single celestial and legend lets go ahead and I want to actually use the colors that they are so lets do a free-for-all oh wait oh that looks so cool and Artemis look at the home team on those now I kind of want to look at the other ones see the classic colors look so good and Koji as well I mean core not Koji wait a minute yeah I was on Koji oh I lose should youre so stupid okay never bad guys Im just gonna go ahead and use a core this time and instead of pretty for all lets do experimental and I just want to use default colors on one of these guys Artemis Im just so not I dont know man I dont know about hard to miss right now Im gonna do Skyforge core right here celestial Corinthian see how I do at this point in my bralla career guys I just love playing for fun like Ive been Ive been through the whole competitive scene getting the diamond platinum gold all of them multiple seasons like Im tier six diamond guys like once youve been diamond six times in a row its just it kind of gets boring so now I just like to play for fun and I will say that I am still having a ton of fun in this game though foodists lets do it Music Music oh I messed up I messed up good beauty cut my booties Music but bah oh ho the unarmed with the and the hammer hmm Music oh come on Cassidy Music yeah come on Cassidy you got to play a little more aggressive man I like the punch Music oh that was a beautiful side there push mmm Pootie Buddhist you cant do this to me there Music get off of my stager put it I dont know what was happening maybe he was lagging GG though GG anything in chat hey Im a big fan oh thanks for this Im recording hope you dont mind man what shes gonna be like actually I do mind oh thank you mad thank you so much Brutus for being a good sport you know what guys Celeste youll strike out with celestial dragon dear everybody forgot Regnier except your boy lucian sword i would never forget back there although i did forget the other celeste religion i know theres more than just regular you guys help me out theres Im pretty sure there was another celestial legend maybe even two other than the ones that came out in the chest the other day and other than Ragnar I just cant remember what they are I have so many skins I just forget that we work for a booty to do me booty to be booty DVD where are you we got some bras to do there Music Music Music nice space-age Music oh hes good almost too good to be alive on the horse hey hey dooby dooby doo where are you scooby dooby doo Music ouchies come on man neutral six should be illegal Im pretty sure they are at our Geneva amen get off of my stage you cant be doing these side combos to me Music Oh J Kabir Jimmy Music hey Dukey or is it do me okay si I dont like what youre doing to me as their logins for hollow raping Music Music Music hey come here dipper you cant do this like me you cannot you cannot beat this unless your raggedy GG do me GG again hey whats up hi to everybody and you too Im your friend thank you youre being recorded by the way seriously you know you might be on the interweb hello mom GGs guys this gonna do it for me I hope you enjoyed this lovely addition of bruh holla and be sure to give this video a like if you enjoyed thank you BMG Oh guys bonus bonus check it out I have enough money Im going to buy it oh yeah black Lucy it mm-hmm now all you people that get my name dont call me Lucy and sword instead of lucian sword well I have black Lucy and so its gonna make it even worse probably thats by Oh black Lucy I dont know how I got black Lucy because I feel like I never even play him lets look at how many blacks I got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 black legends do you guys got me beat 16 black legends here hmm been playing this game a long time I only have five white dont ask me why actually okay Ill tell you why because white has no good accent color gray is not count look at that white and gray boring look at this white and red crimson beautiful come on BMG give white a better accent color hashtag better accent color alright guys okay really quick I just have to I have to look at what Lucy looks like black lets see it oh he looks so good SpecOps everything looks better when its pitch black you guys notice how like the black on this is super black but then the black on this is not its more like a gray come on BMG make up your mind ooh that looks good Oh horseman loosen look its so good black oh man hmm all of them awesome alright guys look for that random 2 diamond video coming up in the future got 60 blacks now so it should it be too hard I will see you next episode this is Lucius or take it easy how to remove game activity from steam Some strikeout and experimental 1v1s for your pleasureLIVE STREAMS ON TWITCH Be sure to Follow! 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