RANKED 1v1 with VOLKOV!! Scythe + Axe OP? • Brawlhalla Gameplay

Must buy games on steamgreat steam games under 10 BRAWLHALLA gameplay hows it going everyone lucian sword here playing some more brawlhalla today and today were gonna start our ranked 1v1 journey in season 23 to diamond so as you can see i have not even played a single game yet the season is still pretty new i mean it it just started like within the last week i think and uh yeah we are going to start it today and im feeling like playing some volkov i dont know if its uh the scythe or the axe but volkov has both of those weapons and honestly i think his axe is uh the best part of this kit the scythe is pretty good too i like having it but the axe i think is just great and then look at his stats you know hes got really good stats hes got five strength i usually do the strength uh stance because dexterity hes already got eight by default so seven dexterity is quite a bit and then of course six defense which i need because defense is good speed i would like to have a little bit less decks and a little bit more speed but other than that volkov is got some good stats got some good weapons and hopefully i can get some uh some wins here in ranked 1v1 wish me luck all right we got our first game against the cross i actually love seeing cross uh but for some reason i usually lose against the cross because cross cigs are so strong on gauntlets especially all right well see if he has honor we let him get a weapon and he is letting us get okay nevermind i thought he was right away hes getting us with some good gauntlet strings here but were doing pretty good on our own size strings ooh see what i mean about those six those things hit really hard i dont think i could take another one of those side zigs like that get out of here boy youre not getting back on this stage nah hes dead first stock lets go do i want the scythe or do i want the axe i guess were going with scythe im not hitting a lot but im hitting it enough oh no cross he made a critical mistake there that may have cost him the game if we can get some more damage here on his final sock especially put down the mine sir oh my gosh im still alive see what i mean about that defense coming in handy oh i even read the jump and oh that side sig is so strong okay well we got a really big lead here so this should be should be a win still right the best part about gauntlets versus sight is i should have more range uh oh thats game gg he should have been a little more patient he could have got a neutral layer on me uh but gg dude gg well played first game in season 23 is a win and honestly should i be using my ranked like avatar let me show you guys i got this one diamond tier 21 its so beautiful i love it its like a tree uh i guess we can use it since were playing ranked 1v1 all right im gonna keep going with volkov guys just because like i said ive been in the mood to play volkov um i guess we can do blood moon i kind of wish i had gold forged for vulcan but lets do coat of limes that looks really good wait what are the weapons nah lets change up these weapons no lets use the axe with the eyes thats so cool i think thats from bram assist the rayman skin and then for the scythe know what that ones pretty cool the constellation carver it kind of goes with the galactic battle pass thats coming out speaking of uh sights and battle pass did you guys see the new fate skin that they just showed if not ill ill try to put it on the screen right here if i remember uh its pretty cool it kind of reminds me of the space race cassidy all right so were going against a macho man this is a olgrim uh epic crossover so we just have to remember olgrim olgrim has lance and axe so this should be a good good match for us Music got that dodge reed Music ouchy ouchy Music and whos got the patience Music oh baby he actually had us on the ropes there and we still got the first stock feels good so far so good guys on this stock oh i shouldnt have done that one its a good move but it leaves you wide open for a punish and he did punish us good Music oh get out of here oh grim Music oh that weapon throw saved his life boom got that reed lets go so we are on his final stock Music if we can do a bunch of damage here on him that would be beautiful hold that no oh nice ground pound but thats okay we did get the damage so were in a position of power thats all that we needed oh man we made him jump thats game lets go gg gg what played nappy Music that was a really good old grim honestly good fight good fight i gotta say though olgram is a very hard legend to fight against uh he just has really good weapons really good sigs really good stats but so does volkov and as we just proved uh volkov can get that win all right lets do rocker volkov this is actually valentines day skin i think no no no back to school i think its a back to school skin and then red romance is the valentines thats right theyre kind of similar looking and to be honest uh but lets do rocker volkov and lets do different color you dont normally see like soul fire this is a color from season one battle pass and then for the axe um which would look good in soulfire colors oh lets do the royal crescent i actually love this axe its from the last battle pass but i dont care i still love it um and then for the scythe hmm lets do something that would fit the rocker volkov i think ooh the harp lead looks really cool actually i dont know searing blade looks more like a heavy metal type of scythe all right lets do it all right this time were going against an orion oh man spear and lance are tough orion is a tough legend hes got black colors kabuto skin lets get it lets see if he has on her looks like he does oh man are you there all right hes there he is on her we both got the weapon all right dont know why i threw my weapon away that was probably dumb but so far hes playing very uh like hes not really being very aggressive put down the cannon sir that that neutral sig cannon we should have his first stock here yep hes hes not playing very aggressive which is kind of surprising me i kind of expected it from an orion player but we will weapon starve you if we must got you with that sig it goes so far oh get some more damage off on him force the dodge and then punish oh i interrupted that im sorry oh that one hurt oh my goodness what a ground pound that was insane all right we got a good lead here now so as long as they dont mess it up we should be good nice weapon dodge oh got him at the uppercut if we get rid of this stock then its gonna be a much easier going after this he should be dead oh my goodness from a side light at that all right final stock orion what you got hold those weapons for me i appreciate it its starting to get a lot more aggressive i notice which is great it makes the match more fun anyway Music he could have probably punished me Music oh we got him on that punish oh he brought it to my final stock all right well hes in red this deep red his final right this is this is in our hands gonna kill him with another sidelight maybe whatever i gotta do you know what i mean boom he did a spear side light and missed and that left him wide open but otherwise well play dude well played all right got another win i think well do one more game guys last game and this time i will do red romance volkov with the um should i just do the love struck colors i do have black that looks pretty cool but i feel like since were doing the romance skin we gotta do love struck colors i do have the axe and we just do default weapons they have the hearts on them i guess so i guess we could do default colors why not were gonna kill them with love look at this axe is so pink all right were going against edward docks ive actually played this guy before i think the name sounds very familiar hes playing diana this could be tough three two um but either way like honestly we won what three games in a row so even if i lose this were gonna have a definite positive for the video so do Music okay hes edge guarding us unarmed hes a madman Music oh if i would have hit that it would have killed hes getting close there it is finally got him off stage man he is slippery off stage i gotta be careful Music were getting some good axe damage off here oh yeah he punished me there if i would have hit him with that grab though it would have been devastating but he saw it coming oh man i just want to hit that neutral stick so bad i gotta be careful here unarmed but boom ooh that down air he did a little bit early and i punished good all right eduardo vital stock what you got try and get me with that whip boy Music hes a madman fighting a scythe off edge yes i finally hit the neutral thing dude gg oh he was higher he loaded us so we just gained quite a bit ah sorry bro last fight of the match of the video otherwise i would rematch probably would be good for us if i did ill probably win again but gg dudes um so that was volkov let me know uh which legend you think i should use in the next video because im open to using any legend theres eight different scythe legends i thought about using all scythe legends but itd just be way too long of a video so i just did volkov today but anyways guys this resolution sword hope to see you in the next episode take it easy friends you start steam game on second monitor Today we kick off our Ranked 1v1 climb to diamond in Brawlhalla Season 23!! 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