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Steam game of thronesnight runners game steam BRAWLHALLA gameplay hows the gun guys Lucian sword here play some more for all of you today as always were gonna be playing with power today so much muscle today were gonna be going Zoll and were going with 10 strength zu 10 straight were gonna win on sheer force alone nothing else hopefully itll only take a few hits and we should be able to get a KO hope you guys are having a fantastic day by the way where ever you guys might be its a beautiful day here in Florida Im just chillin play isaburo holla got some muscle and were gonna use it lets go against Caspian papi papi chilean kiss of death lets go Ill let you get a weapon Ill let you get a its on all right never spot dodge against guitars note to self whoo oh what a play though this turn strength is backfiring how could I have ever done this I cant believe this is happening all right we will get we will win why because I want to win thats why got him oh how is he not dead ten force hes still alive there it is there it is all right I barely got touched on my second stock lets go Oh No Caspian oh my goodness got him yeah boy am i charged every now and then so you best be ready for that I didnt touch the ball oh my gosh all right final stocks lets go power vs finesse also guys this is training for my cannons because as you guys know I dont play cannon legends very often and I thought it would be fun to do cannons and soul with all I almost got him I forgot about that boov got him boys all you gotta do that layup that bear trap Gigi did Yugi oh man 10 strength the zoo undefeated it wasnt pretty but it was good all right were gonna do at least one game with amethyst here right we got - Im not dedicating the video - amethyst but I am dedicating the video to Seoul and the power he has those actually not the only ten strange legend I could use scarlet I dont remember theres another one there might be a third Im learning that you can just literally do down airs in two side lights like for an endless combo almost all right going against ji soo ah the black Artemis Music bro Im all for going Forsyth gimps but you got to make sure you dont die but I did I dont even need strength to beat you youre literally beating yourself oh how the tables have turned Artemis okay then that was a very unconventional game you know you pretty much wanted to play the entire game off edge not on the stage must be practicing is edgeguarding oh come on brah holla there we go GG dude GG three suck all right sorry amethyst but no more all right were going footballs Oh green and black lets go ten straight undefeated going against Tom J age 15 I actually fought this guy recently and hes not not bad at all not bad at all probably the best opponent that we fought yet yeah Ill let you come back on the stage - dont worry about it oh I must bank that tiger whatever you are cheetah boy whoa I dont know how I did not get hit by that but I didnt so there you go I got to learn what better can in combos you know Im in oh my goodness what a side stick right to my face good thing I was wearing a football helmet you know that would block the spear damage boy totally meant to do that Nutrilite the other direction but Nash will you please die thank you Im I like amethyst SIGs better Im not gonna lie Oh get destroyed oh that was so close so close Nash what you gonna do gets ten strengths boy nothing thats what five I did GG cannon its too strong that and soul is too strong both alright lets do a couple more here actually lets do one game of two V two got throw on a friendly TV two in there were gonna go commander soul this time home team colors lets go all right I got woosh on my team and were going against Azoth and Sidra lets do it baby two stars by the way on YouTube Im gonna have to check that out for round especially for you in yeah get bully days on Oh a saw Oh shouldve thrown by a cannon straight down syndras running got her with the mayor maybe aids off you - come on oh my goodness well we both sides bye-bye Sidra oh man citrus you just took a lot of damage there oh no not like this no the weapons Fe alright were actually losing we have to take out a zon oh my Oh eggs up with the execution I am out Music come on Bhushan you can do it bro I believe we should dont stand in the middle of them there you go there you go oh how is she alive all right lets get that one big one no so close so close I got absolutely destroyed wow I did the most damage and I died first of course typical Zoll all right were not going into 1 into 2 b2 anymore lets go stick with what rewards those better theyre actually I think Zola is better at TV - Im just really bad with him oh this is like my favorite skin for Seoul but lets do the dragon cannon the torch bringer and the flash fire I love this one this skin with these colours is like my favorite so yeah I should do a gravity cancel side light right there the cannon strings are not really hard you just have to memorize like just like anything just like gauntlets or sight you have to memorize like this basic strings that typically will get people unless they dodge out of it but then once you master that the basics drink you can start to master like the dodge reeds as well Music Music yo Music Music boom baby 10 strength thats all I need one opening okay apparently thats all she needs as well this guys really good though if I could even get close to winning with Zoll one of my worst legends that we know the ten string theory is alive and well that was sick i bided cannon is so good when was cannon all sudsy good Music ah there it is again dude she gets that town lights I dare kill move every time dude Music Music boom Music oh my goodness what a read come on pie youre being really passive come and fight me off edge dont be such a baby oh my gosh well GG dude GG imma look up what his ego was cuz he was really good even though he was really passive let me see see hi he is okay 25/8 did and I almost beat it was all oh my god dude that is amazing I cant believe I got that close to beating a 2500 ehlo person using sole oh my goodness Im not saying that Zola is bad but for me like I almost never fight as well so that is really good that means Im making progress alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this 10 strengths episode Im gonna continue practicing cannon even though I havent really been practicing that much I am I am today I made this video so I am making a little bit of progress hope you guys enjoyed take it easy I hope to see you in the next one this is Ellucian sword see you later guys you veridian steam inhaler Become a Member and get access to custom avatars that level up as your membership ages, custom Emoji to use during live streams and premieres, a special role in my Discord server (link below), and access to an exclusive viewer lobby for Sponsors Only!Click to Join: FAQ: - 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