The Best Controls & Settings for Brawlhalla (2023)

Four pack steam gamesprime gaming steam BRAWLHALLA steam Now controls in brawlhalla are interesting because really theres three main options that youre going to be seeing people use those would be controller mouse and keyboard and keyboard and personally I use keyboard just alone but with that being said that doesnt necessarily make it the best option I think a lot of people are under the assumption that keyboard is just flat out the best thing you can use and albeit I think keyboards like the Apex Pro uh tkl which is what I have theres software that you can use with the program the steelseries GG app which you can basically make the actuation of the key more responsive so theres like less delay between the time you press the key and when it actually registers the input which can be extremely helpful but before we get into my specific controls theres a couple settings youre going to want to focus in on I think the very first thing you should automatically take off is the pickup with quick attack it doesnt make a lot of sense and when you get to a higher level or if youre trying to do a lot of like like unarmed into I guess weapon pickup hits it doesnt really work well because when you go to do the light attack with an arm youre just going to end up picking up with um with the quick attack and instead of getting like an unarmed Delight into you know weapon pickup then do a Sig which isnt very good uh players like Lil capped in the past have seen insane success with still having this feature enabled but even now you know caft is retired from the game or so he says and uh he also has this features disabled Im pretty sure I would have to say the next feature that I personally remove some of you might like this but I kind of consider it to be more of a noob friendly option which isnt a bad thing sometimes those sorts of features can stay throughout your whole time playing brawlhalla even at the highest level but for me personally disabling this feature is good because say I thought I had another jump left right I didnt count my options right and I went to press jump well if I normally didnt have this feature enabled like I do here then what would happen is Id be like oh okay I dont have any jumps left so let me press my recovery key but for whatever reason if I didnt keep track of it and I pressed this while this option is enabled my recovery would come out from my jump and that could really ruin an off stage scenario in particular like thats where I see this setting being just kind of bad and also imagine if you do know your options and you just accidentally tap your jump key well next thing you know now you accidentally used a recovery it just I dont know I feel like like I said it is a very Noob friendly option and as someone who is playing the game at a high level and already is comfortable with controls and you know can see their options a lot I just find this to be something that a lot of people should probably stay away from so prioritize neutral over side is probably the one that is most I guess customizable you can play with it or you can play without it I think it all comes down to preference and maybe even it depends on the legend you play personally ever since I turned this on when I weigh way back when I was like first starting to play the game it instantly helped me clean up my inputs and I was getting the Nares when I wanted to because I used to have a really bad issue of not being able to input nairs I think it was on like blasters in particular when I was doing like enlightened to chase Dodge and air um it would just do cider every time because I would be pressing like the right or left Arrow key and it would just completely ruin the input but with having to prioritize neutral on it it made it so much easier with that being said I know there are Pros that do use this at the end of the day this is a setting I think you should use depending on how you play and how you just feel about it in general so getting into my controls there is one more what I would call like Noob kinda option um jump and aim up on the same key there are players like this Im pretty sure Sandstorm even uses this like he has a jump and aim up key and then he also has a separate aim up key like its really weird to me I mean I think for certain inputs the logic there is that it makes it easier uh for me Ive never found that to be the case again its just like to prioritize neutral over side to where Im just like okay well why would I not have this enabled or in this case why would I not have this disabled and just split my inputs but if you find success with it and you like having it on then I mean by all means use it but for me it helps clean up inputs and Ive never looked back on this since now Im planning on changing my keys actually because like I talked about if you remember I talked about the steel series GG app where the software for the Apex Pro which is the keyboard that a lot of brawlhalla players are using if they are on keyboard basically with this setup that I have right now the actuation of the arrow keys I cant actually change so theyre basically stuck on a much higher actuation setting than the rest of the keyboard thats just how its built um and I wish in the future that maybe they changed that but for the time being it is how it is so Ive been thinking about before bcx actually changing these two keys on my keyboard so what that would do is now I would have basically faster inputs for my movement which would be huge I think theres some cases where this actually does affect me and I dont even know it but obviously you know changing controls can always be a very weird thing and the best way to get used to them is just to play on it and try your best not to get frustrated but ignoring that for the time being like I said and for most of my career Ive played with the arrow keys as my movement options no jump and aim up and then uh default controls like I am I guess an example of someone who has found success by using the default controls I think rawhalla actually has pretty good controls I dont I mean I understand some people like to move with wasd I get it but for me personally I always liked moving with the arrow keys it was very nice and just having zxcv Dodge heavy light and then weapon throw its always felt good Ive never had any sort of hand soreness or wrist soreness or any issues with it whatsoever aside from what I guess I mentioned where oh I might change my controls okay now as far as the other options the ones that I dont use right controller and mouse and keyboard mouse and keyboard personally I just dont like the idea of using Mouse with this if I remember correctly I know that Stingray uses this maybe he swapped it just keyboard but for the last I knew um guy was also using Mouse and that would probably make him the best performing mouse and keyboard player in the game currently and I mean you know it just goes to show you can find success with that sort of um control setup and for me the logic is its just taking away an input device it makes inputs less likely to be messed up but again there are people like Stingray I know isidrew was hes an older brohalla player he was someone who used mouse and keyboard before but then he ended up swapping over the keyboard it just makes it a little easier just being able to focus on one input device and then as far as controller people have gone back and forth on whether controller is better or worse than keyboard um if anything holds true I will say it seems like controller players end up going through the controllers much quicker than keyboard players go through keyboards you know unless you smash your keyboard or something um and thats just due to build really and just the wear and tear like using the stakes so much or the d-pad even I mean I know crocky that guy Cycles through controllers like crazy and even other people that Ive talked to they just go through controls like none other so there are people at the highest level performing with controller Im pretty sure act no a Godly Luna um theres plenty of others but those are just some examples of guys that are at the highest level of the game and I mean theyre still able to play on what they like which is controller you know they dont feel forced to go to keyboard albeit I will say I think Godly is on keyboard now but with that being said at the end of the day when it comes to controls in brawlhalla it really all depends on what is comfortable to you there are some tweaks that you can made with the settings that I talked about in the video but at the end of it if you like controller dont feel forced to go to keyboard unless you feel like its maybe you know money-wise its a better investment just because you dont want to be breaking a controller every four or five months or something but thats all I got guys I hope you enjoyed I hope it helped you and uh big content coming on the way with the brawl lock if you guys dont know what that is its going to be streamed on my twitch and also I did make a community community post sorry on YouTube there and on my Twitter um kind of explaining the rule set and stuff so it would be super cool but yeah also for Holland gotta get that rank but I hope you guys enjoyed like I said Ill see in the next one peace out can t log into steam play what feels the best but turn off quick attack weapon pick up plzMY COACHING ► WATCH ME LIVE! ► Twitter ► ​​ Discord ►​ #brawlhalla #controls #phazon steam refresh on dryer how to play steam games on macbook scariest game on steam 2017 best steam games that can run on a laptop steam stats games