1 HOUR BEST OF PAVELSKI (Brawlhalla Highlights)

How to add origin games to steam decksteam users search BRAWLHALLA I think pavelski is one of the few lucians this is like the character that he is most known for like when he first burst on the scene one of his biggest Hallmarks which is not something you should be proud of is that he would he would lose a stock to get a stock like he would burn everything he can just to make sure that he can finish off his opponent shell say coming out pavelskis not in the right spot stop thats too many dire situation right here yep you dont want to catch yourself up there what and uh into a pickup recovery from pavelski I was worried there because his main way of getting back down when blues got the Bojangles is a weapon tossed out and he was unarmed but thankfully a weapon spawned in the sky for him for that one oh my goodness guitar players being in place you cannot stop him oh God those movement positioning off on the edge just trying to find the perfect place to throw out that side air its so good oh dude oh yes he did the heavy there with the gravity cancel that was good that was really good the neutral stick to take it out but man stocks are tied up but the damage is in the favor of acno by far damage is nuts now neither one of them will be eliminated from this game theyve already fought oh my okay yeah buddy okay freaking combo that was so awesome dont take too much damage finishing that stock up so hes got a little bit more Health to play around with as hes gonna need a lot of it but the Reeds from Wallace The Gauntlet place oh my goodness and he just keeps it going too platform pavelski just using these gauntlets in ways that Im so not familiar with and its just amazing to see but hes still going to struggle to get that finishing blow off a blue just kidding apparently not we have to see what happens to this bracket because right now act no is down a stock against pavelski what a play I was like this is like hold on this time he was this time he was in the right position to do it because he was in the lead yes and he was very damaged already wins heres the downer goes for the down sync I want to see some more of those earlier maybe hell continue that in this game but pavelski finds a beautiful punish with just a little bit of bleed oh pavelski finally gets the read nice this first stock is doing like everything that his previous stocks wanted to do he wanted to find the Qatar read and he wanted to find the guitar down so he kicked on both of the Net stock watch something beautiful leave here continuing three hits now two nairs into recovery swapping over to the blasters cool this is looking like a whole different match pavowski is looking so good and Viper is looking like a deer caught in the headlights hes just so lost right now running up against pavelski Bells coming in with the shmoopment goes over to the weapon spawn swaps back to guitars Ki is moving a lot just kind of messing with five percent you might go in oh no Im backing up Im coming forward Im backing up dashing up oh no back up now I throw on my attack just kind of mixing everything up he could Viper on his toes oh my gosh well this top four match is getting on the way here pavelski versus heisen both of these players capable of beating each other that was insane and this is suddenly swung in pavelski what what last time he did that he did a weapon toss into a side air this time he mixes it up goes for a GC side light finisher and pavelski is stealing stocks from simple all those moves coming out pavelski has a ton of pressure onto symbol right now definitely overwhelming him with all of the moves that hes throwing out theres three and the weapon toss theres two piece reverse two piece lets get trying to rack the damage back up yikes holy and this is what were talking about folks but belsi doesnt stop if you get yourself caught anywhere near his hit zones hes gonna make sure he does a quick work of you gotta be careful too he needs to not let that upset him oh man pavelski is just racking up with his guns right now and he swaps weapons and still keeps going like right so its lucky different SWAT weapons its like the guns turned into guitars 2DS youre trying to find an answer right now I know I said slow down but 2D is actually just running into these hits right now Judys struggling right now oh what is going on bam Im just one two three four five six hit combos its going for the kill closely dude he did a smart idea fast foul but it doesnt matter because babelsk is throwing the slaps Jesus Ive noticed that blue almost I feel like he just knows what pavelski wants most of the time and right there oh my gosh that was actually Applause guitarist moment there yeah that was a pavelski guitars moment except on blasters and unarmed you dont see much of it too much in 2020 but you got it right here nice plays coming out from pavelski the falling neutral layer and 720 poly shot gonna flag himself away didnt even try to contest didnt like reach for a weapon or went for a hit for a chase Dodge said he was like all right Im out maybe pavelski will Goof it up oh this games in The Bag Man yeah I I dont know if hes sding I think hes just like what is he doing that thats not yeah thats definitely not bot movement pavelski hes gonna take this one yeah nothing 720 probably shot can do here hello oh watch this Im gonna show you one more thing if it works come on oh my God weve got two blasters characters they have an amazing vertical knockout option in that down light Dash jump recovery oh my gosh pavelski following him up off the top perfect punish onto that recovery you know thats gotta sting even if its not that much damage finally taking down the first stock but pavelskis already in the red pavelski hes feeling some sort of way youre seeing the way hes emoting towards simple right now yeah I mean I Id be feeling it too I cant blame him oh here we go Johnny cant touch all right sure Ill take that trade a d light into the recovery wasnt gonna kill but would have been good damage but now its set up for this Edge guard scenario oh spent the Dodge just at the right moment he got the recovery you saw those Sparks come out that means Viper tried to do his recovery attack but got beat out during its startup so great here I might as well just keep doing it oh wait he would walk down like oh hes dancing on the way pavelski hold on do you understand what position youre in youre down to O2 do not taunt taunting and fine okay okay the acre still gets the chase Dodge because he got the hit even if it wasnt the final blast well to pick up the spawn weapons but hes clearly slowing it down against the likes of Machete and blue like hes not going straight for oh snap oh snap this is what were talking about pavelski Turn It Up Man start from early game turn up go on those Advantage do those crazy things you always do because theyre not expecting it beautiful I was saying hes slowing it down he was just waiting for the opportunity to go a hundred miles per hour all over machete and that is a nice lead for pavelski that will slow anybody down I dont care how well youve been playing in all matches all day something like that can demoralize you can slow you down to make you second Quest then oh my goodness if were gonna have a repeat run it back no you almost went for it oh right down here on the reverse bro do you see this look at this confident out of here oh not enough for the kill pavelski is back guys he is now confident hes turning it up thats all he needs a little motivation I think not enough to kill hes gonna put him off stage actually surprised we dont see more of those agno is in Ko range here if you get the Dodge oh man just to jump out and thats what I was talking about theres a lot of scenarios where you cant jump out of that sideline finisher but a scenario like that is one where you can and thats why you would see other players go for that enlight finisher just for that one scenario pavelski keeps the stocks evened up oh and the anti-in airs are coming through pavelski uses great sword and air like Cannon there I feel like even even the gosh weapon through hits oh he went for the downer I thought he was gonna pivot the downstairs again get the aerial properties maybe oh Zach no knew if this highlight finisher hit he was dumb but the recovery hits one more recovery from pavelski or even side lights um he chart he turns around charges a neutral success Agnew flag on the top of house key is ahead 2-0 foreign things that can hit you as well as the fact that hammer is great for getting that additional hit of Damages just a lot of extra damage for a quick hit oh Hazens in trouble though two ground pounds connect and pavelski is gonna finish off the stock a little bit of farm betting there but pavowski able to pick up the clean raid sword and again back into it you see the way hes able to just completely Dash pivot turn around keep canceling and keeping this pressure going goes in unarmed onto a hammer hes insane The Madman oh just flip that table back into his favor as he just gets a stock up at Pavel doing a good job and getting a lot of damage out of blue trying to force him to that red zone so much ziggs will do the work for him and now the recovery off the top not quite gonna do it the second one though getting him down six right where you can grab people like yellow and kill them it also might be the blue team maybe one possible to stop going back being able to reconnect and now its gonna be one daylight recovery starting with a nice little combo puts out the narrow doesnt push the recovery blue playing it smart but theres the side seeing it takes the stock where else keeps it up all right now this is insane okay okay oh the turnaround though red and butters are the most guaranteed kill options that the sword has especially as its changed throughout the years uh definitely has had some of the power shifted do you like tear used to be your homeboy but now its all about that e-light recovery always a fantastic option recovery almost off the top the double is gonna find it and thats pavelski oh no no no oh oh no no no no no Music hes still keeping it going another one what that was that was uh that was Allah the ninja 729 I gotta tell you this is just thin angle down throw yeah yeah just shaving another huge no my goodness pavelski playing this cautiously get the damage in dont get hit every little bit oh oh what a huge read oh another one walked away with a dub in that game one hes the one whos currently in the lead right now in this game too hes playing extraordinarily wealth I mean look at him go oh these guitars man its almost looking like the classic 2016 brohalla guitar Loop something that not a lot of people know about as time has progressed phone number no not what was that belskys Blaster strings looked absolutely crazy its not like any other blasters players that you ever see he joins together these attacks that usually are just Enders hes finding all sorts of connections here even hits a Nair at the top of that one neutral signature connects onto simple solid lead for pavelski still looking for the recovery and for the sides sake weapon starved unfortunately he just charges in with a Haymaker thats insane but belski might actually bring this back so close that could have been it hes got the gauntlet its gonna be a neutral stick to finish it up there are so few guitar players in the current top scene so having him just kind of bring that back oh my gosh yo how did he sneak through that cider had momentum for most of game number one pavelski just barely able to take that game but so far oh holy cow oh white team up by two stocks with a nice damage margin too theyre barely an orange this is great for the white team and a nice little team combo from pavelski and daiku he had the downlight down air off stage neutral covers it oh you got the wall touch that side air has so much priority he fought his way to that wall oh and what a genius play who does that that was brilliant pavowski goes blow on the uh Cannon punish hey gravity cancel the unarmed uppercut thats ridiculous he knew he had to touch the wall and he was going to lock himself into active frames going into it he really called out what the ninja was gonna do to recover back to the stage oh man white team really taking this one handedly Qs oh quite a few Kos with that scoop more than I guess most conventional Hammer players oh no thats thats Thats a pavelski classic right there the definition of worth Ive got more lives than you lets just keep ticking them down towards zero when you said the pavelski I was like yeah thats the pavelski at this point the number of times this tournament he has gone off stage and just thrown a stock to get a stock but its always worth when pavelski does it its abs absolutely crazy man even just these Double Down airs that he keeps getting at such weird angles on the Blaster he just always makes it work man and he is such a damage lead wow I dont know how simple avoided that down signature but props to him he barely managed to avoid it but hes down to his final sock again on tournament stocks but pavelski with such a huge lead here in game number four velski wants to be done with this one hes like I need to get into the grand finals right now you play both Lance and Hammer more than me how do you feel about the Lance and Hammer matchup do you think you know whoevers playing better really wins that or is it uh she just won if uh if the last player keeping his ground and making sure everythings going his way he should be able to pass out hammers Bluffs in the air especially with Lord vraxs then Sig as an option and as were seeing here hes going to run straight over and pick while side of the stage and then hit him with another set to close the stock off hes in the straight stand oh yeah youre right youre right down light goes for the down air follow-up second Downer again the Double Down air is from pavelski hes hitting that more than anyone Ive ever seen this is the recovery and he didnt even oh my God oh holy ridiculous guitars so I really like him playing gauntlets here the orb its a lot of these free-form stringing weapons and you see it right off the bat taking blaze up into the sky up into the orange phenomenal start I mean thats exactly the way you want to start you want to get that damage off in the very beginning you want to get the uh the weapon and that map control right at the start so you can get that very early lead and pavelski extending that lead exponentially look at this right now weapon throw oh my God recovery you are God yeah I mean those those blasters downlight recoveries are definitely killing a little bit earlier because of the low defense of the Ember but at the same time like lose signature usage with this Amber okay the ground pound usage almost enough no no no no no no thats it you pick Miami Dome uh with that point that youre making about recovering underneath the stage it feels like that actually worked out really well in uh Implement his favorite last game but it looks like Mammoth Fortress is just a little bit more of a comfort pick over Miami Dome as we go in the game number four of this festifier oh M from any fast falling away from that side air definitely saved his life all but options dwindling whoa I cant understand how they oh my gosh just shy of the corner but he just queued just buffered the recovery immediately after oh to the KO pavelski takes the first sack the Spitfire man all right so right now this is a true statement that the lowest speed is beating the highest seed in the in this series right now that is a fact the Double Down light from pavelski hes just getting his damage built up onto Viper they need as much of an advantage as possible though because on the red team theyve got blue and simple two of the strongest current European players the ground oh Viper whoa oh my goodness good thing Viper was able to make it back up there that would have been detrimental gravity cancels the side signature Viper starting to look for the kill off turn onto pavelski but pavelski recovery hes getting so many oh there we go we got him so afterwards we couldnt find that Grandpa but Hermiston already dominating pavelsk at the beginning wow great four-piece string off of that down air you can already tell favelsis got a huge lock on what Hermiston wants to do and how he behaves out of certain moves oh this could be oh that was a nice weapon throw my harvest in the covers cover his recovery up wow okay okay Dash forward neutrals it catches Hermiston jumping man that double side like like to read yeah he was fastballing that was such a hard read like anybody that gets hit by a double gun sidelight like that is just like oh no he got me so Hermiston okay brings himself into the deep orange guitars just starts going at it sideline again no download in the span of just a few seconds hes already tied up the damage that Hermiston has on him and at this point he is a full stock in the lead and pavelski is really honest once again another perfect downlight Dash trip recovery and again my goodness pavelsi has got such a lock on Hermiston wow he is dominating harvesting right now pavelski is doing something that I dont see a lot of other blasters players do so like theres not too many right but boomi will do downlight into recovery add something to kill but pavelski is doing it early enough to where like Emerson will get killed afterwards he chased on just directly up instead of using a jump dude okay you just get a second one right oh its ridiculous one the ground pound to the down airplane Ive never seen a down light into a ground pounds hes still going yeah the weapons goes up he tried to catch the guitars again Dodges that sair point he looks like hes in such control ski oh my goodness three stock I guess I do not think this game is over until its actually over thats gonna send him over on the edge the web toss hes in Orange see if ninja and turn this into a favorable situation side light side air from pavelski that turns him red oh the neutral signature thats crazy man theyre playing with such uh Precision I mean every single move they make has been calculated two seconds beforehand these guys are playing an insane game of mental chess so we have pavelski with the guitars here who just knocked out and he messed with a with a hammer uh neutral it really seems like the the ax needs to be the finishing weapon for pavelski I really enjoy him racking up damage with these guitars here but I say that he already has anime stick in the right he picks up that ax the finishing weapon is in hand will he throws some signatures no he spaces out with that neutral light very well played as animus over side of the stage Addie Mystic versus Dodge touch the stage but went back to the top square of Sword is dead foreign wait oh my God just get him out this guy just got destroyed bro melski has to put more damage on blue blue with this bow right now with this much control of the center stage is where he lives I think pavelski needs those blasters he threw away his weapon he has blasters it goes recovery kill cant put him out will he goes key though again bounce off the stage because hes still surviving great chase Dodge back onto stage thats down there denying the wall touch yep the belts now pavelski here with a solid lead he is about in knockout damage oh running out more pressure on the 720 poly shot velskis already up two games in his best of five sitting in a very solid spot one or two more hits and thats going to be a red or 720 polish on neutral signature from the ground not gonna be enough to knock out theres still not enough force on that one oh does find the weapon toss almost put pavelski off screen trying to reach with the downlight 720 polish shot wants to finish this one but pavelski finds a downlight recovery that hides defense of the Onyx Gonna Keep 720 polyshot alive only for a moment okay to get him out of the game right now one is around another baby thats that rank ladder belski is not afraid of that at all Econo oh my goodness starting to bring out the combos man hes taking him out to lunch right now quick movement heck no answering back with the tech Chase thats weapons switch over to the ax oh Im you know I was wondering what acne was doing I was like man hit him right then and there because oh my goodness the bells keeps flash talk because doe brain has been looking stronger and stronger as the sets gone on that recovery not enough crazy what is that you oh I think we found another another crossover man you know it goes on our and hits a neutral air and then picks his ax back up pavelski go positive oh bill you really called it out and he took a huge amount of punishment for it thats big for pavelski heavy oh oh man heisen went for it that second down there might have just finished off pavelski pavelski is just outside of the range of it alive oh hes getting downers and Chase dots just waiting another down air down that recovery hes definitely gonna do it thats it that he never misses that one there it is right off the top and getting things started in game number two oh geez dashing forward with the Haymaker dashing forward with the down signature pabelski just keeps moving forward and wait Im playing listen something oh watch this one oh yeah the white teeth but oh man simple as barely even been touched this man Im chasing him all the way hes beat out the Dodge too absolutely brilliant from pavelski here Ill go for this Edge guard it doesnt seem so and the ninja are doing a lot of work with this cannon oh my gosh this game is so back and forth Im very excited to see how the Sonic is going to play out not to mention the pavelski obviously has those experiences on the gauntlets but he didnt want them he tossed him right away deny the ninja from a weapon and prime the next Cannon which he could pick up if he wants but silent cider recovery he went for the neutral stick for the finisher the ninja has yet to be he finally grabs a cannon gets side aired as he picks it up at the side thing is that gonna be the stock has to fastball but eat the weapon throw pavelskis just opened up swinging in game number one another Cannon picked up I mean to me its one of those side things to get at the edge that might be the stock oh one side light and oh my gosh bounces off his head with the second neutral not the stock but it goes so far off stage and with the laser guided toss to bring this to a last stock situation yeah amazing Edge guarding um from Papa ski and now the neutral light for M for mini taxon a little bit extra damage last time we were in this situation did take the win two downloads in a row can he continue the string silent no down air reset gets poked away but the neutral light side light goes back and there it is oh but he dodged the wrong way oh and for many uses the Dodge no Dodge comes through but you guys go for the downer and he gets stared away Dodges through gets the weapon throw or gets the recovery and the downl just wasnt High Enough there it is second times the charm Powell ski into recovery no brain is getting pavelski and The Knockout percentage and uh hes playing very safe he did have oh too bad ground pound from pavelski on those guitars very good what is a monster game this is a monster game what is a monster game is the oh I see yeah exactly and there goes his one so do you guys think for watching my stream um out of here thank you yeah are we just getting started almost as a stop right there very very very close to hitting that side sick too but belski with renewed fervor is chasing after Addie Mystic and has huge damage to the ground pound mid-air says Adams took almost till the Kill Zone adding a message throwing out signatures of his own but gets punished by a side sick from babelski he cant avoid this fire got to grab your hands pummels hes looking hes trying to scoop him there we go one scoop Pummel the head looking for more art doesnt go for another new player hes still hes no thats the thing right against someone like simple whos rocking that wushong uh you know that kind of a sphere and the gauntlets with those guns you have the option of just kind of zoning them out a little bit kind of preemptively guessing where hes gonna go youre gonna jump up through those down airs and try to read a jump or youre gonna throw out the either the d light or the neutral light if you think its gonna approach from the ground sovowski doing a good job just boxing simple out simple has been yet to find anything really substantial beautiful from pavelski kind of really been in his favor ooh ninja going for the Delight insect doesnt find it pavelski had the Dodge oh goes immediately for a ground pound after hes getting juggled up and he goes for it again see if he goes forward a third time and if pavelski can punish it now I wonder if maybe the neutral yeah sure will be The Knockout option he finds it again man hes killing consistently with that back a little bit Yeah they werent too aggressive on it especially Hazen he had to be careful just like that the side air is going to take him out Im surprised EXO didnt try to push it a little bit try to set up for Hazen uh but it is gonna be a little bit behind EXO gets caught by the neutral signature doesnt have the jumps and pavelski guarantees it by going for that ground pound all the way through like his weapon tosses were giving him even more rage all pabelski with the turnaround dodging through the signature punishing with a ground pound he needs big plays like that yeah man I almost got it almost actually finished him off with wow look at the downstairs right there oh wow good snipe and I think that could be yeah thats definitely gonna be it the ground pound was not able to grab that wall in time oh dude look at this look at this this is the best gentlemen player but watch this watch this look at this one second okay I have jumping Dodge inside the weapon throw that was actually nasty look at it look at it heres the thingy as well oh no well oh and the first down save we try to see with the big guitar strings who are we having to spend the recovery late wow his way around pavelski can he make it back just saved his jumps long enough by putting my stamp on it never plays Hammer yeah I dont know its an interesting argument because uh on the other end theres like Cassidy with eight dexterity yeah so that that definitely benefits Hammer as one of the slower weapons but a fantastic follow-up from pavelski the Tactical advantage that he has by being offset just doing those weapons up and just you have to make a decision is finding himself in trouble but pavelski may have gotten this he has Im very sorry to throw that weapon in town instead of maybe going for the air down just for like out ready to brawl unless youre able to put some uh oh okay hes trying to get out of there but unfortunately gets that uh that recovery kind of stuffed with the with the recovery of Petra actually somehow ninja Dodges away from that Im trying to get sneaky with it hes getting kind of scooped up right now by this picture though I mean it says get his adjustments to the fact that hes playing against gauntlets right now but the gauntlets are now gone warm out okay nice oh its also nice aim for babelski yeah he forced that Dodge off for sure signature Paige and Gopher Broke with more damage havelski needing to make Monumental shifts in order to bring this back okay almost enough and wow I love that gravity cancel on this time yeah most certainly be enough from pavelski answering back the fire ignited in his soul he got destroyed oh my God starting to answer back nice up and toss misses I can know it gets back to the stage the velski back on guns we know the word he can do with these walls hes just waiting for it he has taken all those hits to the face waiting for the opportunity to go for the reversal of that side well hes gonna need something big here otherwise hes gonna get reset on hes a full stock behind pavelski right now yeah he definitely needs to pull out those magic tricks and sources but he let him have the blasters this might be it this is pavelskis love he loves this small stage he has perfect spacing on it great spot Dodge into the recovery no follow up follow up SpongeBob reset unarmed 2V1 compounds oh snap wow a little bit of a misstep there but the damage was still done yeah for sure and and it locked up both red team members with it so thats just fantastic damage yeah one group you have one more game to join if you dont get lucky unfortunately for you what should happen Im bad Im actually High and he did um option selects in in you know off of like a combo so oh my God Everythings changed now lets get just shut us up dude that was like that was a really really nice combo but look there he is thats what Im talking about right hes going for like these really hard reads when he actually does have the time to react out of the gauntlet side light yeah pavoskis game plan seem to be act as quickly as possible dont give his opponents time to think about what hes doing yeah yeah it sometimes it pays off like that recovery it begins Im not gonna throw these glasses away too early just yet but hes still at the damage deficit actually gets disarmed by the neutral air from Blue oh no Music because if you miss oh my God this is not good with a bow okay if you miss that that blast zone is so close youre already halfway there wow and its just working miles from here as he has a full stop lead on without ski hes gonna go for a downline recovery uh to download recovery do more damage than Sarah on flossers yeah yeah it does so he yeah so hes still opting to go down my recovery just for the damage instead of going for uh earlier I mean youre so bad okay I picked up my weapon you still it up foreign Music and theres the weapon acne foreign oh my God survive actually man let the man warm his hands up oh no he does not stop bro what the Reeves is like he he has this calculated free downloaded this man those kids oh my God hes not slowing down yet hes showing why he was able to become the second place finisher in Autumn Championship but hes got to be careful here recovery is still not enough that was so low on that left side platform okay thatd be in a position where its 1-1 against Addie Mystic down air on a gravity cancel into a down air reversed its close God is that gonna do it its gonna kill yeah that started off a major ground pound from bses and put pavelski into that zone to be able to finish that up and clean it up foreign signature kind of swings up and down its not like a constant moving hitbox and I think thats one of the reasons why Hazen was able to avoid that so Hazen was the first to fall and hes also the most damaged in the game on his respective stock a little bit of bullying and hes on his final stock hes gonna put him down stock nice ground pound from pavelski and EXOs gone you get like that Miracle gravity capsule neutral light Reed off of like a gauntlets highlight whiffing once Scott lets get in youre basically its its basically a lost cause uh its a very difficult match to play again so lets see if Heist is able to be well highly volatile so far I mean theyre both building up the damage theyre in The Knockout Zone I oh that down air is gonna seal the deal by the sheer motion of this match this year a feeling of the momentum I hate I I dont see it happening to me unarmed oh wait thats a start okay wouldnt quite find it now pavelski is hitting back because I like Fisher tickets recovery what what gets the stock with a well placed down here thats it I dont look like hes gonna do even more than that already getting some damage off of pavelski already getting even more than that charging up the neutral fig and sends it hes back he loves the boat control on these stages right now hes playing very mechanical oh my gosh this is not good for blue oh my God you want blue to win gotta push from because right now its anybodys game even though pavelski is like down a little bit when it comes to percentage anybodys game you know how fast he can rack up this damage with these guitars easy slap weapon toss oh my God he doesnt hit the top end wait a minute still touching oh that was scary he should have went for the I think the ground pound would have sealed it right there and it may be enough blue might have this match in the bag right now hes weaponless though the velski is going to stop him with a weapon has happened does have the blasters and get it down light goes to your recovery holy crap all right pavelski looking for the neutral air getting a nice gravity canceled down light oh look at that oh my gosh pavelski there was no Escape he almost had plays right off the top those recoveries so devastating especially that heightened the recovery as well that Petra move just really paying off right now showing off his play time with that level three battle pass again as well recovery oh my gosh a lot of movement options coming up next on the way to get back Hazen you saw him rotating deep maybe trying to hope for the save but he wasnt able to find it hes gonna fall EXO stuck in the 1v2 one stock to four against some very tanky Barraza and a very tanky thorn just going in on him so hes trying to fight trying to get stuck by the gravity cancel neutral signature will all but seal no they give him a chase Dodge EXO able to make it back safely but still hes going up against the four stocks of this blue team hes just trying to get something on his way out the door Im a toss going high hes going to play the game I dont think it wasnt even good at the game back then why is that wait notice at the last second he didnt and then tried to get a quick touch but it made the ground pound that much easier for agno Grande pavowski still has a huge lead here against the Sayer another one this is recovery you missed the recovery Acton gets the downer punished shut that neutral stick gets it and act no goes down 0-3 to pavelski or just too little too late yeah Im feeling like he might have I dont know he might have missed his flight man just a little little I dont know man hes flying Viper all around the stage here qatars just zooming up oh okay okay papowski dashing in with the side light you might be onto something here twk as Viper has taken quite a bit of damage in the past few seconds here and pavelski showing no signs currently of stopping oh again that signature just enough that was such an efficient kill look at the right direction and you know what happens when youre off the top of the stage against Great Sirens like fighting against plasters youre gone and that recovery hits lets see if else is able to leave it up real quickly because agno did it just what did the exact same thing with elski as but lets get to him in game number one uh okay and you can set it up Im gonna get out of there oh yeah like thats the issue man the one whiff and then that great sword is coming through on the John Legend youre getting lifted once again oh man like oh everything she picks up he must want the uh The Blasters which is wild to me because like everyone has been talking about how good the bow is to this but yeah hes just not finding another uh bow right now which means hes already cycled out that bow Maurice is unarmed having to land against pavoskis Grace or pavoski just covers the skies oh oh my gosh this could be it into the ground pound oh that would have finished it its over pavowski wins try to use the momentum from The Cider to punish him for many on the way back but information he was ready for and the grappler comes to what Bob fowski with no resources left goes for the unarmed crap pound hits it gets the chase Dodge activate off of the return back to the stage and somehow is not two stocks down it might be a stock up if hes able to continue with these guitar strings hes been getting so many of these chain Dodges where he Dodges to the right and straight down follows up the down there and then gets a ton of near change on The Blasters the action just never stops between these two all right now guarding that weapon guarding the corner anti-airing swapping Over The Blasters getting down light recovery not yet enough to knock out but pavelskis still hunting him down thatll do it we welcome this phone gone he gone that pavelski needs this win to stay in the game and to stay in the tournament and after getting such a nasty zero to death like that still losing the game yeah its true its like no amount of elite like act no last stop acting no is a different player it doesnt matter how much of a lead whos gonna die anyways oh hello whos something now huh whos something now yeah thats what I thought thats what I thought see thats what happened thats what happens with another relax foreign oh my God what oh my God bro this guy got deleted Jesus foreign oh my God bro what happened jumps or something bobelski plays for the Highlight Reel thats true oh okay but I mean both of them even in a position whoa never mind what talk about third eye how did he know s how did he know so far ahead of time that that would ever work what a crazy thing to do pavelskis a Madman you can see it in his movement we were talking about that earlier yeah I could tell pavelskis mad well yeah I like that he does that Dash back and forth we saw it work out for him earlier where it confuses you as to when hes going to jump off with that ground oh no no no no thats a heartbreaker dude and in but he backed up like he hit the downer and he didnt go for the following Nair and just Chase and said hes backing up hes waiting for agno to bring too much what an exciting match so far but again pavelski isnt kill percentage right now has to be careful what am I talking about carefuls not in this mans name at all he doesnt understand that word no hes an overdrive man his his movement is so good with these guns right now oh oh boy another record no weapon he has guns what are you gonna do buddy another recovery looking for the weapon spawn its me on the soft platform balski well punish the pickup and utilizing the soft platform for the ends they get a higher height this is the side Sig oh no rest in peace he gets a very small punish off of it oh oh but like the way he was playing neutralize with the ax and his uh winners finals match now oh my God yo pavelski though how many dive kicks does it take to get to the center of a simple uh the lot apparently yeah its two and youre done thats it theres one with each foot tap tap oh my gosh are you kidding me look at the damage how did he just close that damage Gap and take the lead in like two seconds it seems like pavelski just needs to get a and then he wakes up and is into the game suddenly has all these insane reads on stage against his opponent man oh man I would think that were playing like a card game here for a moment just because youve got Summoning Sickness every time that you come back from pavelski yo but all of that is just enough to get this to even pavelski still needs to kill percent by the neutral signature simple lets talk away from taking this to game number three pavowski starting to turn on the blender though took him a little while to plug it in starting to get these hits because he just smacked him off that stage so many times oh the Dodge read Thats gotta be it with a weapon toss what was that dude definitely in recent memory symbol is a very technical player his executions are tight and I think he has a real chance even though he did just fall there oh that time pavilski went for the read outwards oh what okay that was gross a lot of movement for the weapon tosses and simple with the off stage hes crazy what was that hes insane why why isnt a little bit more in the lead wiggle in there denying weapons from machete machete gets a little kick in finally picks up a weapon that hes trying to get these grabs in but this is pavelskys map you realize he loves to he loves the graph canceling the recovery killing his mouth the blast zone is very close its a small stage this is where he dominates with uh with with blasters there he goes not quite good enough chase Dodge up Im surprised he can go for an attack out of that one doesnt need to downlight into the recovery I I pick up uh popularity guitars its also interesting yeah hes on Sentinel thats thats interesting I mean its whatever guitars he can get oh my goodness what a powerful start for pavelski 22nd KO one of these guitar down here Landings would stop the musky finally slides in there it is there we go oh man once pavelski gets in its so incredible how he can extend those guitar combos so long man oh usually the guitar combos are done in two hits robelski just keeps getting reads in the middle of it takes down hes still got a bit of a deficit to come back from here but starting to catch up and I really want to emphasize how how well he has to be reading his opponent when it comes to his guitar strings considered that you could Dodge in eight different ways and all those ways have been covered in a slightly different way than before it is more than eight options because then you then you have you have uh jumps you have attacking out of you got gravity cancels out of here yeah fast following it yeah look at this that was a little oopsie there I dont think he meant to attack in that direction didnt even Dodge out of that he didnt want to give pavelski the opportunity to read his Dodge its like he would rather take three hits than get hit by a Dodge read and potentially get gimmed pavelski is is so good at getting one two three Dodge reads within the same combo and just carrying them forever tying up the damage big hit coming out from pavelski now with the Edgard opportunity using that down signature I like that ones got the dunk potential is he gonna go for it again three times a charm no not quite attack number to make it back through pavelski yeah a little bit oh my goodness oh it was a big plays here from the guitars coming out now with the blasters what just what he needed the perfect timing there so hes still getting like perfect kill efficiency when he has whos that dont kill at one fifth oh snap off the soft platform look at that movement look at that footwork but thats doing a great job of playing around the greater range that Viper has playing sword into guitars and thats just thats pure movement coming out he just has such a good read on the movement of Viper uh-oh is gonna stop the recovery Viper doesnt touch and pavowski gets another one hes gonna follow himself hes like I threw away that police stock oh whoa is me but still has two more stocks against the one of Viper pavelski One stock between him and a Winners final finish the downside gravity canceled midnight and the slide charge side heavy leads to pavelski getting a swift 3-0 but Im one of you guys watching right now have both already lost to act now in a boat okay okay okay I see what youre saying Yeah so basically determined what are you doing oh my God the killer second stop Lewis actually going high high energy right now pavelski making him pay for it a little bit here and there though yeah what else is getting some blasters damage built up now yep Some solid plays theres definitely pavelskis like love right now blasters on this stage doing a really good job trying to rack up the damage blue definitely has a guitarist hes gonna have to stay inside of pavelski vivekis positioning too good there is okay hes not happy with this one off hes like you cant highlight oh no he signed his own fate right there there oh that falling stare perfect oh my goodness pavelski is having a lot of trouble against simple Hammer he hasnt even used the orb yet okay I dont know if he can get back oh with those blasters that dunlight in the recovery killing so quick okay going in it looks like he is turning up high octane the belski is definitely throwing out a lot more attacks than hes done before one early ground pound losing trouble blue recovers pavelskis in trouble its going back and forth but pavelski is crazy he doesnt care hell stay on it oh my goodness this is crazy Bells been feeling himself hes definitely bad guys here it is so cool so good now okay baby lets go and its looking to see if we carry that into the victory here I like the way pavowski is playing this yeah you got you can play around the neutral against Great Sword quite a bit bait them into d light and youre gonna have a good time and for verses gum on the right side of the stage wished over to his own great sword neutral Sig catch him at the end of the three-piece string and another neutral stick that type just enough to take off the top ICS this is why you dont trust what happens on stage because he does not care he may be great on screen but man if you make one mistake hell make you pay for it machete off man I dont I dont think hes happy with that at all I know I wouldnt be didnt get the answer your percentage is there hes on Petra all he needs is a wow that was close wheres the teleport a big punish dude the punish was so big still not enough still on the stage and hes making him feel it oh no oh my God you guys see what should happen to him yo he got buddied I would have been to the left so he goes for a different play I dont think the way that he had that was true but no man pavelski with these Dodge reads almost every time all right simple finally finding an escape just got out scathed by two attacks pavelski really likes to do that Loop off the downlight goes for the uh the internal down air like back towards the center of the stage yeah oh my gosh all out again just going for these huge Dodgers oh thats gonna do it on the uppercut um what are you doing foreign Laughter just now Jesus Judy I dont know what to say I I just Judy needs to find a sword pavelskis just not giving up oh my God what is going on right now zabelskis starting to slow down himself oh man the slap the weapon toss does Miss Haymaker Applause let me give you a fast trip out this Blast Zone real quick all right man thank you you have to fight back from that keep the mentor strong oh my gosh gonna guarantee it no backs away side Sig like you said starting off rough for simple in the weapon toss pavelski its still in pavelskis favor wheres the weapon spot gonna come in right there but belski has been so blessed by these weapon spawns RNG Gods bless RNG downlight into a g c n Sig from pavelski one more recovery and pavowski The Nair and pavowski is going to be the European Valhalla world champion he did it this is a historic day for pavelski and all those who have believed in him along the way he did it the absolute madman pavelski the winner for most improved player in Europe give it up for prabowski everybody Applause does steam have android games Pavelskis Insane Highlights, Gimps & Combos, Zero to Deaths, and Clips!!!!!!!!!!! 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