This is BLACK OPS 4 in 2022.. (4 Years Later)

Why isn t my steam game downloadingsteam seam 2 CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS now that you clicked on todays video you have two things to complete one you better drop a like on todays video if you dont youre getting five years of bad luck i dont make the rules number two make sure to subscribe to more right away my second channel you can find the link at the top of the description im gonna be posting videos very frequently over there whats going on guys right away here and today men we are actually back on call of duty black ops 4 that might be one of the greatest gestures of our entire existence recently i just made a video going back to blackout on this game and uh yeah that was honestly a lot of fun so it kind of inspired me to go back on black ops 4 multiplayer and see how it is in 2022. this game definitely has a special place in my heart because you know i reach level 1000 i unlock dark matter i reset my stats and then unlock dark matter again ive done countless videos on this game and im sure a lot of you guys found my channel through black ops 4. this was honestly a very very special game a very special time for me i was a huge fan of like a lot of the content that they actually added into this game man so many iconic weapons that they added over time i feel like black ops 4 multiplayer is like the last traditional call of duty multiplayer were ever gonna get it was just a very traditional level up and prestige system there wasnt seasonal prestiges you went from you know first prestige to master prestige and then you went on to level 1000 and then you kept your level throughout the whole entire game now with call of duty games uh there are seasonal levels and your level gets reset every season and its its kind of boring in my opinion also we have a quick word from todays sponsor whats going on guys so todays video is sponsored by hellofresh hellofresh is the easiest way to get mouth-watering recipes and fresh pre-measured ingredients delivered right to your 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favorites and that is the peacekeeper so i wanted to do a lot of these challenges in todays video to unlock the dark matter camo that reactive dark matter camo i only have a few headshot challenges done with this thing so i have to get 100 headshots i have 24 right now so were gonna have to go on like a little bit of a headshot grind if you guys know me you guys know i always love grinding for dark matter in call of duty games subscribe and drop a like if you guys have ever played black ops 4 and if you guys enjoy black ops 4 let me know in the comment section im curious to see you know what your guyss opinions are about this call of duty game all right with that being said lets jump into uh grinding some camos for the peacekeeper the amount of low levels in this game still is ridiculous it always feels so weird going back to older call of duty games you know after playing warzone basically like every single day because the fov is just so so weird right now dude across the way there we go lovely yeah im definitely curious to know your guyss opinions when it comes to uh black ops for multiplayer what do you guys think of this game i actually really liked black ops 4 multiplayer love the introduction to 150 health and then also had like stim shot where you had to self heal it was it was very very different from like a lot of the past multiplayer experiences weve actually had and i think the manual healing and the 150 health it kind of added a skill cap man like you really needed to hit your shots and you know you needed to focus on healing and everything like that so it kind of made you think more within the gameplay and i kind of like that aspect a little bit i feel like a lot of the times you know call of duty games uh you know theyre very very cheesy and they are kind of catered to the noobs but when they add something like self-healing where you have to kind of keep track of your health in-game it makes people think it makes people really really think about whats going on and uh i kind of like that like a little bit better man okay i always loved this map no one loved uh this map right here but i did im so surprised i just got that but im gonna throw up the snipers nest we got the snipers nest these keepers just literally hit so hard bro we have the oh we have reaper are they gonna keep spawning down here though i have no idea got him as well okay perfect hello i have scythe and i barely even got to use it bro and i die from behind that is so sick i that really just happened yeah that really just happened oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you im gonna merciless oh my god i gotta heal i gotta heal wait this one behind us got him oh my god oh my god keep coming through keep coming through oh no no no no no hes got a specialist hes got specials he got specialist thank you wait im on a 20 im out of 20 im out of 20. thank you no hes got the vmp oh thats a head shot i actually need head shots i forgot were grinding dark matter so i definitely need some head shots that shot there we go thats a camo right there gg yep head shot there we go head shot there we go maybe a free head shot okay okay thats a headshot is that a headshot oh it was lets go baby yup headshot there we go another camo lets go baby can you stun someone easy head shot lets go and another headshot to finish off the game hello hello what was that i think i got a head shot in that headshot somehow actually jesus Music oh there we go bangle camo i think thats actually 50 headshots if im if i remember correctly oh they have this that and then you come down here they have this and that and someones camping behind it they barricaded the whole building bro get me out get me out of this game get me out of this game that was ridiculous oh massacre camo thats 75 headshots lets go baby headshot oh that guy had 200 health too damn i hate the damn dog bro i hate what the why were you just sitting there with the micro mg bro head shot there we go yup here we go headshot oh my god i dont know how i even did that im so dead oh another headshot another headshot uh there we go an eyeliner shut down and a headshot headshot perfect there we go oh were done with all the headshots lets go baby so we have the technical challenges uh left for the peacekeeper we need ten long shots which thats probably gonna be a doozy im gonna have to go into hardcore need 50 kills with the peacekeeper without any attachments equipped and then we need 50 kills with an optic and five attachments equipped which i remember those and we just need five double kills and then i just need four more bloodthirsties and then we are done with the peacekeeper oh theres penthouse camo i think thats all the double kills if i remember oh my god there was a dog oh thats a blood thirsty i think i need some blood thirsty so thats fine ill take it thats another bloodthirsty i need these bloodthirsties right now i need these blood thirsties right now shes just literally in the corner because hes afraid of the snipers nest there we go all right were done with all the bloodthirsties now i think i need kills with uh attachments and also uh long shots and i think were done 50. no life signs oh purple hex all right were done with the 50 kills with an optic and five attachments my lord so now we just need 10 long shots thats a long shot oh oh my gosh yes please keep spawning here that was literally a quad feed oh my god i think i need four more long shots with the uh peacekeeper and then we have dark matter for it so hopefully this game please im begging yup long shot there we go three more three more yep there we go two more lets go oh one more come on baby come on baby one more Music come on come on just come right here oh oh my god youre really gonna play games with me youre really gonna play games with me my kill just got stolen im gonna im gonna lose my kill got stolen again there it is there it is baby dark matter has been unlocked in black ops 4 in 2022 lets go baby oh thats such a good feeling bro ive been grinding like all day literally all day man oh all right so this is the dark matter camo that they added in black ops 4. its kind of like this red jelly looking camo its pretty bad but as you get kills you guys know that dark matter in this game as well as diamond and gold were reactive camo so as you got kills and as you did things uh while having the camo on it would actually change it would turn into a different form thats something that i really really loved about black ops 4 man uh this game it kind of just revolutionized call of duty by adding you know those reactive camos man it really did change everything there we go oh we have this one i actually really liked this camo its just like dark matter but like orange or red and it has like spikes coming out i always thought that one was really really cool here we go oh now it changed okay and now its like fire as all hell basically camo is like literally insane right now it is so crazy but i love it bro i really really do now its like this like lava fiery dark matter oh its so bright brighter than my future bruh its brighter than my damn future and there is the og dark matter let me know in the comment section do you guys like that the mastery camo in black ops 4 was you know reactive like it changed as you got kills i just think with the spikes and everything bro this camo is beautiful man hey i love coming back to black ops 4 man i wanted to see how it was in 2022 hopefully theres no like hackers or anything like that compared to like black ops 3 so that is really really awesome if you guys want to see some more black ops 4 content here on the channel uh drop a like subscribe i still have a ton of more like dlc weapons and just weapons in general that i dont have dark matter on so if you guys would want to see that let me know in the comment section thank you all so much for watching have a great rest your day and i will see you next time n gauge steam locomotives Go to and use code 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