Call of Duty: Black Ops: Video Review

Steam paid games for freemagic game steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS Call of Duty has come a long way since its World War two days what was once a single-player focused PC only shooter is now one of the biggest franchises in entertainment history and one of the most popular online games while ever this year Treyarch the developers behind call of duty world at war take the reins once again for black ops Treyarch made some interesting decisions with this game so lets now cut through the hype and see how it all turned out talking to you as expected of a co d game the presentation is fenomena the single-player campaign looks good plays smoothly and has great sound design especially when it comes to the fantastic voice acting of Sam Worthington Ed Harris and Gary Oldman however the real surprise has to do with the story without giving away too much you start the game as Alex Mason a captured soldier whos being interrogated for information he cant remember throughout the interrogation you play flashback sequences that span a number of different time periods and characters our very way of life is at risk its a very unique premise and in my opinion its the best storyline of the series however not everything is as polished as it could be although pre rare I did encounter one game ending bug and some graphical glitches on the plus side black ops knew theater mode is great much like in Halo you can save multiplayer replays mess with the camera angles and share them with your friends it has a very nice interface and is a solid addition to the game theres a ton of content in blackops so lets start with the single player I already mentioned that the story is very innovative but when it comes to gameplay and not so much this is the same Call of Duty that you know and love and thats starting to become a bit of a problem both enemies and comrades are still pretty dumb they dont really react to situations well and often just stand around when their friends are getting capped however the biggest problem is that this game feels like a Michael Bay movie on steroids or season 6 at 24 you know people are yelling and screaming at you continuously things constantly explode and it just becomes a little numbing after a while I love crazy destruction as much as the next guy but non-stop action can be a little tedious when its constantly being slammed into your head of course a lot of color Duty fans dont care about the single-player at all they go straight to the multiplayer black ops multiplayer is just as robust as past games there are a ton of modes it looks great in the maps are varied and fun the new kill streaks are also good even if the RC car is a bit too powerful however theres also a big change that people either love or hate cod points in modern warfare players unlocked weapons equipment perks and modes by gaining levels gaining levels in black ops still unlocks different modes but all the other stuff must be bought with those points this changes the game drastically leveling is no longer as important as before and you have to be much more careful with the equipment you buy there are no refunds once you get something you are committed to it thankfully youre in cod points in a few different ways any level you gain gives you points and theres a new contract system that awards points for completing certain goals however if you want a ton of points wager matches are where its at do well and get a massive amount of points do poorly and you may lose a ton well this is very fun and there are a lot of different gambling options they could have expanded this even more moving on combat training is another new mode where you can play multiplayer modes offline with computer-controlled BOTS its nice that they added this even though I wish you could customize the tendencies for each individual bot last but certainly not least theres zombie mode fun four player co-op mode that you can play online or split-screen its pretty much what youd expect you defend a location from a horde of zombies however there are a few twists in one mode you try to defend the Pentagon as famous historical figures like JFK and Fidel Castro and its absolutely hilarious his temporary bride is forever call of duty black ops is a massive game however for all the content it has the game also feels a little too familiar for its own good black ops story is great but the pacing is exhausting the multiplayer does some awesome new things but overall its very similar to past games nonetheless even if it doesnt push the series forward all that much there is still a ton of fun to be happy Hope Duty fans should definitely take a look for more on black ops shoot on over to IGN calm copy steam game from one computer to another Black Ops is here! 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