Redlight, Greenlight | Call of duty : Black Ops Cold War (2020) Gameplay | HD

Genshin steam deckmost played games in steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS Im not picking up any extra chatter youre in the clear wood copy that part stay on comms keep Mason and Adler on standby lets go the base is just over the next Ridge get in learn what you can and get out  __  Clark I plan to stay a while see the gulag look at that monster Reds could be hiding anything inside snap a picture off someone to see this right time to get our hands dirty Im seeing guards choose your target On Your Mark Bell damn Maps Music by the way into the main building Ill Trail and disable the perimeter alarm Patrol is approaching my position and Ill find a way in Ill follow around  __  foreign for now but I still know where she wants stay the coast and hiding Music Music youre welcome you lost something Music Park Bell found his way inside but we dont got a lot of time no arguments here Music guards down below Ill move to the lower deck and engage in your mark foreign be ready be a thousand Reds on the other side of this door cover me Music not a  __  word Bell what the hell is this place Applause made to look like  __  any Town USA oh  __  theyre starting  __  lets move they want a live fire drill lets hook these  __  up defense Music thank you foreign there they are contact on the rooftops foreign foreign see that control tower head that direction that elevator leads straight to the control tower grenade it looks like a handful sir keep the pressure on you foreign places crawling with breads were still looking for Intel bloody hell Im putting Mason and Adler on standby for extract sounds mad does she sound mad Music looks like a command center come on jackpot Computer Central lets see what the reds are really up to thatll hop on that terminal start poking around welcome to the Soviet peoples Warfare analysis operation Greenlight restricted access what the  __  is Operation green light Bell can you hack into that of course theres a password look around these Reds aint that smart maybe theres something on the desk nice we confronted nuke smuggled out of Berlin is a green light asset Im grabbing a copy this doesnt make any sense Percys infiltrated a CIA nuke program codename operation green light run by Hudson is American the nuts and  __   __  news  __  time I cant  __  believe it Park come in park Hudson lied to us  __  lied to us what Im talking about Green Light thats what Perseus is after and Hudson has his fingerprints all over it once youre breaking up get out of that thank you up ahead lets go grenade foreign gotta reach that exit faster to block in the exit were gonna have to punch through them foreign foreign nice work Val ve give me some  __  cover foreign gear shift all right lets roll thank you for an exit would have killed him to put it some goddamn street signs oh hell yeah gather everyone Park the whole team Hudson has got a  __  ton of explaining to do sticky rice steamer pot and basket Thanks for watching the video vicks personal steamer cal steam vrising steam charts steam punk costume ideas control game on steam