1800 steamersteam tug CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS Hello people, how are you and welcome to a totally different map from a window in transit, but you wont even imagine the area where they were inspired to take this little map, eh? Because it is based on the part where the paka Punch is located but in a totally Random window and I put it in round 5 because I want a real challenge, look, I mean, the pacapochi would be, I think Im not located on that side or on this side right now And then it occurred to him, look here what we have, what a wonder, no and the Paca Punch I dont know crazy I found the idea very creative and I said I have to record something about it now I put a single round because it is true that at the beginning it is very slow I mean it was so easy that I said I cant with this I want a care that Ill kill myself with that, be careful, be careful, you can see it on the paper And by the way, I was looking because you told me I would never have found out that in Michael Zombie they took a map out of a window, please tell me if it is Its cool, its worth recording it or Nelson Mandela and remember to watch the full video pop that button and activate the bell please if you already follow me on Twitter and Instagram I imagine I dont have it on Facebook too but its true that its a little abandoned Today I will tell you a little story, not an anecdote, it just made me laugh, a person wrote to me After finishing the Twitch live broadcast and told me, Hey Gaming, this two streamers are saying that you are not humble because you do not want to collaborate with it, he told me that It was on Facebook I just commented with my Facebook account and come on gay because it says Im not humble and then no one believed it was me its serious Because I have two thousand followers on my Facebook account they discriminate against me its clear but I dont understand O Its because if those people say that Im not humble Well, I want to play with them because they dont tell me directly Well, it will be that they send people or that they dont take it personally guys me I ve simply done it many times, theyre my job, which I adore. I love it, but obviously I dont watch direct zombie shows, that is, I try to do other things, not entertain myself with other types of games, and well, if Im honest, I dont see many at the moment Directly from games but Im watching series for example like I have my stage not until a year ago I was a rat to watch FIFA but every day but not anymore as I already overcame my addiction Oh no I showed you here the I mean it s very facherito now but a little weird no He only put these four is that who by the way Im in plutonium because it was Because I bought picola No go go no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no dont tell me the lawyer is coming guys But if the lawyer comes how do I do if there is no Melee here I cant believe it but I already think that the creator did not think it through very well no so that the box gives you the Bowie Ok calm calm calm But then, well, it could be that the lawyer is also left out of the whole game, too, remove it, lets see, at least I would like to get a 20. I think it would be cool, remove it, and there is a map of this pack that I will leave in the description, not so that they can install this in plutonium there is one that is good because it is in the area where the Paca Punch is but they give you challenges to unlock it and the shield, that is, it entertains you at least I do not think it is a good detail, the zombies know I am noticing that they do bug a Its just that theyre not used to coming in, yes, they usually leave this place here, no, where are you, lawyer, you dont scare me, OK, let me get a pempateration in the face, eh, I hope the Jet will come out, please, please Music lets spend all the Partner and Well, this same Mods also came from the one that I got to play, which was an I dont know if you remember it, it was the trance bus, well, but I later sent you an area for you to buy Pérez and such that map Its also very full, very cool, its more people. I think Ive changed my plan because its true that it was very easy for me. I m going to show you both this version and the mode version in this video. What do you think? Why does Olympia come out? Im going to change now to the Dead modes good And now we come to the highlight of the video which is this survival version of moceder in the paka Punch part and well I dont know if you knew this but yesterday I wanted to get a survival map of this portion of the map but I dont know why they discarded it now I dont think I would have had Electric Cherry flopper I mean all the pyres look here this time complete shield and Delgado challenges I mean I loved that lets buy jugger at once Ok I started in round 5 for add a little spice to the matter, not that it be aggressive in the first rounds But well, I did nt think about it very well This is not Oh, of course, and since Im in a private game, oh, what a good list here, the one with the clutch I cant have anymore After an after What a shame Eh yes because to be able to play this type of different map it has to be private if you want to play online no it doesnt work at least for me it didnt work for me Ah well who activated the easy mode Who was it Hey but one Thing, how is this activated? Well, I give it a square and it does nothing or it pulls the box. Surprise me, crazy box. I think you will see survival mode work here, thanks. Its a pity mode because I remember that Londelle at the time when the one from an interview came out chronically and said that the reason why he didnt return is because he couldnt find a way to make it funny, that is, he didnt say that Godós was bad not but to bring him back and that his return would be fun who knows Ah look here are the challenges to see ok Uh headshots fine but we dont have time or anything Uh Look its ok no Lets see its simple obviously or but it is something to focus on the facts that look how they realize I am not much I shoot more to the nail no And how about this prodew camouflage if you want to have weapons as epic as this with cool camouflage remember to play in plutonium where the The sky is the limit, its true, that is, you can do whatever you want here, modify everything. Although I know the truth, I know the paka Punchs camouflage already looks ugly, no. change it change what there is meng no no there will be no limit here I dont know if its done dakery well I ran out of bullets help Ah In fact here is a scope but Hold on hold on Im going to buy flopper and were going to have Mustang and Sally yes of course guys This but that moves the explosion Ok he is explaining to me what flopper does Thanks Ah I think that anyone who installs this mod knows what it does no good they will see if who knows calm calm calm give it to you We continue I want to check I dont know why Granada wants a grenade Oh this when it turned on this one says round 7 Thomas youre going here Ah you cant activate multiple challenges at the same time Hey we were able to get everything here Hello best survival map ever no because that town but second I think that this my God in fact will even say that for direct it looks wonderful not to vary a little from mooc I mean not only does it always do the same Oh but Im not complaining guys huh I am very grateful with what that you allow me not that zombies are my my very happy job because you will think that I burn as a zombie for nothing I am I am different men I am cut by a different scissors eh I continue playing zombies the only one that I play outside Ive already said its this one live But because I love it Well actually today I didnt play it I feel bad for that tomorrow Im going to have to farm for about three hours So theres no way whats wrong with you Im wrong lando with the headshots no just in case there is a limit of perx Speed ​​ Cola and here it is all hidden all around No what ondis No I dont think I put it right I dont think so Good Crazy what grage Please complete the challenge I want the shield I want it I want to, I think that is how they realize it is a piece of the shield, no, of course there will be three challenges to get the three pieces No, what a nightmare, men. we will arrive with only one life that already Goodbye cement bye good glasses look take care that Barret is going to come out Very well excellent the best sniper in history is horrible stapler I think that for the zombie team it must have been frustrating when they realized that all these weapons were terrible no Or well I guess in the end its what they decided how much damage to do But you cant see them Puma look at that collateral what level Maribel is supposed to be I can pick it up yes Ok then good my theory forget it then here let me do it is already complete one very well started the challenge of tomahawk kills Ah ok brute it comes out when you activate the challenge that eye to see Ah well its going to be a festival of brutes here no you wont be able to finish me off lets grab this dcr with Mira de hierro Milky is here I dont think so Im waiting for Puma how he busts him crazy Im scared anyway I feel like theyre going to thunder me theyre coming out a lot it already scared me no no no but this cant be done If they come out ready, fine, fix it, its that I was already panicking, come over here, there s nothing if I dont have it, I already have it And that can be done until round 15, lets see guys, Milky is right over here, you have to buy it 4000 one day I will be able to improve the initial pistol It will be possible I will be able to achieve it if he is going to keep the small pistol and the dsr for sentimed apart pro and in the miniature be careful it will look super cool with laughter take look look look shoot the head please hit Tokyo there what do you think will be the one on 15 That was actually Holis Well who took it I love how totally different icons No thats because I have modified them I dont think its from the map I dont think I know suppose that the spiritual yugger is from Infinity Warfare There is Mustang and Sally lets see whats up what excites me that it works here crazy of course and with this camouflage that also must be said I have changed everything ok Here we are guys I just improved the from serri with an iron sight I dont usually use this sniper much but I know that it is emblematic in Black Ops 2 zombies especially in small town no Well I think people are this aggressive suddenly for the crazy miniature Wait wait where do I take it here I want it to be seen There it is or Here Which will be the best place to take a photo of it crazy It is that I would have put others to see that it was appreciated not that it blooms kind of sad there no There it is smile more or less s well see what ended up putting the thumbnail lets go one more round and well be able to do the challenge to unlock the one that well the blonder should take out not taking advantage of the book please not again Ok the fix Mark 2 was not the blonder but its something eh its signed well outside eh Bye bye Mustang I think I wont even show it much in the video I dont use them almost What a pity it cant be anymore Ah look Ok I spent all the money and just said the blonder has been added to the box Mysterious Thank you challenge Lets see who they send me to do here Music I have to fill souls no no no no no no no no no no no guys please And this is what level Maribel for Gods sake is that I think its very epic Because everyone here in plutonium we are not talking about a custom map of Black Ops 3 where perhaps there if it would not be so epic how wonderful Why hasnt it done this in other maps very cool to see obviously in origin you will not be able to do this but in itself eh you could divide r portions of burin with ministerex no one would complain no one now this will eat 40 million souls no Hey Brutus the first time he comes out after the challenge dont bother you blocking the box hey take he doesnt know anything the truth Cherry is hitting me hard here there is Its okay to say it, we continue, we continue, I have to go to blonder, thats clear. Goodbye, sniper. Bye, to increase the chances, theres no way we have to keep changing the two hermitages, guys, its not possible any other way. Now I also think that maybe there is a way to improve shots because I heard right now the sound also when it improves lets go with Alexa No in fact Okay fine the other one would be over there or calm down calm down calm down so I confirm go here we have another tank Oh oh oh anesthesia scared the shield didnt thunder away not at all because the blonder is not going to come out No but no way else The one here no no no no no no no no no Thank you Ah well well well well well wait wait wait Ah of course But wait, look at this too Hello No the paper RPG no no no no no no no no No yes Suddenly its not as impressive as I thought no whats horrible Cherry eh God if the Cherrys really despair me how they are realizing Im spending there, the Partner is spending everything until he got the lace, hes not happy. reload and now what do I do Im going to lose and I couldnt fill everything I cant grab cabum Its that I wanted to throw away the caboose or grab it with Tomás sorry but I couldnt I looked very stupid there the truth what happened what happened what proceeds I lost the Magno ok No nothing happens calm down That would have to advance a little round because since I dont have quick everything is going to end very badly Ah no guys they already knocked down my shield also it does not take away three days to recharge the same eh but three days God out Come on come on no lets lose faith keep faith with a devil my spirit Thank you Come here its a little good I imagine its not long Ah well who activated the easy mode Who was it now yes we are going to make it of course Dont worry Nothing anymore nothing ready ready and calm calm calm calm calm calm Whats up What a laugh How did everyone come out please eh ready converting and now we have officially completed all the content of the map and with that it is defined good very solid survival map when you guys Ask why on the Mob map they put phd in the distance as a troll, well Im going to explain the reason more than a troll, its like its understood no no no no no care look at this I have a flopper with acid gad This is not normal look This is very broken you are invincible in a corner the map so you see Im looking the other way right now not incredible thats why they didnt put it guys This has been the epic survival map ence of the packaponche bridge you can have a good time here if you play cooperatively also why not with friends no I hope you liked it pop that likes button activate the bell subscribe and until a next video of Black or custom well see bye websites to download steam games for free El mod que uso es este: ►TWITTER: Mi canal secundario pá: Mi instagram: ►Facebook: ►Lista de reproducción con otros custom maps: ►ORIGINS REMASTERIZADO EASTER EGG SOLO | BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES CHRONICLES DLC 5: ►MOON | GUÍA CÓMO HACER EL EASTER EGG EN SOLO TUTORIAL | BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES CHRONICLES DLC 5: ►ZOMBIES CHRONICLES | SHANGRI-LA EASTER EGG COMPLETADO | BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES DLC 5: ►SUPER MARIO 64 CUSTOM ZOMBIES EL ATAQUE DE LOS BOWSERS: ►Especificaciones de la PC: I9 9900k RTX 2080 SUPER 32 de RAM *¿Cual es tu arma favorita de todo zombies? 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