I returned to the LAST GOOD CALL OF DUTY..

Torture games steamlowes steam cleaners CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS so today in 2023 I am back on the greatest Call of Duty ever in my opinion or at the very least the last good Call of Duty that weve had Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Music yeah yeah this game literally had everything of course it has Nuketown it also which was quite controversial at the time had Specialists which I actually really enjoyed but the most important thing in my opinion is it had the best camels ever just look at these of course it had the base camels it had the technical camels but then it had the beautiful Mastery camels we had gold we had Diamond Wish by the way let me just mention I was the first in the world to get on Black Ops 4 the first ever had to remind you guys of that real quick and of course it had the Dark Matter Cavo by the way if this video gets 1 000 likes then Ill go back to this game and unlock the dark master camo again if you want to see that drop a like in the video lets get to a thousand and Ill do it the craziest thing about these camels is that they were reactive so the Mastery gold camera was reactive you guys can see how it changes right there crazy of course Diamond changes through all these different stages of kills that you get and eventually gets to the race rainbow diamond combo can we all just agree this is the greatest camo ever I also was the first in the world to discover the rainbow camo let me just throw that out there again and then of course Dark Matter had all of these different stages eventually getting to the original Black Ops 3 Dark Matter camo and it doesnt even end there it even has reactive camels that you got out of the black market look at these these are all crazy and these are camos that you could get in the store out of supply drops all of that look how beautiful all of these things are bear in mind theyre all reactive this game is Just Elite literally miles ahead of any other ecology when it comes to Cosmetics Man by far this was the first Call of Duty to add the battle pass into the game of course stealing it from fortnite but you could get anything in here like DLC weapons you know gestures new operator skins all of that let me know in the comments what your favorite thing is from this game because theres so much I probably missed out a bunch now you see this is beautiful right here let me pick Kumar picking Reaper oh my goodness this feels so weird what the hell is that get off me bro and you gotta heal yourself wait whats going on the health on this game is so high so you know under recent games the time to kill has been really really fast this game I think was the longest time to kill in any Call of Duty so I just got killed by a hail storm yeah I believe this was the longest time to kill in any Call of Duty so I need to get used to that oh yeah this is uh this is different for sure kill action oh my shot is terrible now its so sad because I used to be so great at this game boys I used to be so good at this game I remember assists used to count as kills before I heal myself my bad are you AV Im actually really proud of that bro Im light and strong so this is dark matter right here which was very very nice one thing Treyarch always does perfectly is the camels the camels in this game were in my opinion the best ever like the camels were so so good foreign Music guys you know what this game was great and I could tell because I was getting back into it I wonder whos been playing this game since that year clearly oh that level 1000 joined the game maybe hes been playing it since this game came out I dont know but its funny because I know a lot of you guys will have subscribed to me from this game because this game was very popular man and this is when I started to get a lot of traction on the channel this game means a lot to me for sure oh yeah you stay in the same Lobby what yeah this is the greatest Call of Duty ever for sure after this Call of Duty for some reason what they started doing is disbanding the lobbies afterwards so if you found a great Lobby in this game you would stay in that Lobby unless everyone backed out I feel like the Treyarch games are a little bit more arcadey whereas the Infinity Ward games such as Modern Warfare and stuff like that they focus a little bit more on being realistic so these two sides depend little which one you guys would prefer but I dont know I kind of like this arcady style it just adds more color to the game you know I feel like it can get quite boring just looking at realistic Bland stuff hey shes hitting that diet youre gonna lie let me try the let me try and do a little something oh you can have a dance battle in the lobby this is not normal bro Black Ops 4 is Elite hey one thing we need to start doing boys is appreciating what we have at the time because Im sure I remember a bunch of hate from this game and now look at us we wish we could go back to these times everything is just so simple this game had theater mode it had blackout it had everything bro like come on no skill based matchmaking as well like what more could you ask for yeah thats right destroy battery oh I dont want to do to him Im trying to get a UAV out please how would you get UAV a whole triangle bro this holding triangle thing is throwing me off look at my combo changing I got snipers Nest oh this thing was op oh come on now lets drink it up wait wait where is he well I dont even see him where is he hello oh Nadia this games beautiful boys look at my camo though how do I show it I want to try and get to the rainbow Cabo stage Diamond was probably my favorite combo in this game I wont lie when your fob is low like this like console fov it makes it feel like youre moving slow when youre really not hold up to the inside this was op I remember breathing wait why is it not shooting why is he not sure oh drum shot it is the wave on this game I remember now oh this thing had a lot of recoil Im not ready for that yet Ill use you bro my teammates are streaking up snipers desk oh no let me try and use this correctly let me try and use this right oh yeah this thing was broken I remember oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah let me get used to that again and Watch What Happens look now my combo is orange you can get it all the way to Rainbow if you get I think its 30 kills foreign trap I remember that oh hey I could get addicted to this game again I already know it Im just remembering how I used to play and I used to be so cracked thank you for choosing this fine coalescence product hey boys Ive just found a good game on Nuketown this is gonna be some fun if I win you have to subscribe to the channel its pretty simple oh man I remember there wouldnt be a time where I would lose one of these now I really I do not feel confident whatsoever oh here we go Im talking about thats what Im talking about let me heal oh Im back oh Im back for sure oh hes back ladies and gentlemen hes back hes spotting the fight that was me again thats what Im talking about yeah well back up oh the my dogs oh nah what is this what is this icr oh this AIMS in too slow for my liking what the flip I remember that thing had zero recoil though how need an easy kill hey still oh I forget you too oh no get me out who remembers when the Titan was completely overpowered bro this Titan used to be crazy ah but this yeah this gun is not it that what the hell is that right now oh easy kale why is this Im seven kills ahead though so Im kind of good oh no how do you snipe oh this is tough I need an RPG kill please hit marker really oh my bro do I have to hit someone oh sorry I just reset that guy that is so tough thats a kill thank you oh now were in a blister is this the last thing is this the last weapon this might be the last good you have to have 360 to win oh no no I should stop playing Im only four kills ahead oh no oh Im down Bad Boys bro what is the bullet velocity on this what yo thank you oh my God that ballistic knife is terrible but we won so you already know what you gotta do subscribe to the channel right now gun game bro Treyarch just had the party games unlocked too I dont know if you guys remember Black Ops one but you could do wager matches on this game and Im actually surprised this is looking like Prime me by the way what is going on Im actually very surprised that they havent brought back wager matches to any of these Call of Duty because that was a great thing to have in Black Ops one I remember this game got a lot of hate all the Specialists which you know I can understand at the time but now bro looking back itd be really werent too bad they were actually quite balanced in the way that you got them and stuff of course it would be annoying to die by them dont get me wrong but if you used yours right youd be good throughout the game one thing that this game didnt have which I wish it did happen and it would have made it the perfect Call of Duty or Visa or a Visa or whatever you want to call it bro if it had a Visa this game would hop in perfect thats the only thing this game was missing the only thing and we always wished it would happen but it never did they said they didnt want it to happen because we had Recon in the game Recon is a specialist that basically allows you to throw a dog thats like a motion sensor like a little a little like radar I dont know man I still feel like a Visa would have been great I got Tempest again oh oh this was too fun oh Prime Prime he told you another snipers Nest oh yeah throw that down whoever that stuns up getting them so oh we got rave radio camels like this anymore bro this was too fun by the way this is probably the last game where streaks were good too the streaks were so good in this game like if you earned a streak it would actually do a lot for you and it could help you clutch up to win matches you know take over hard points all that different stuff it would actually have an influence on what happens in the game so like if you went on a street oh no now it seems like quite a selfish thing to do just folks Im getting streaks but back then it was actually a thing to help you win the game like it would actually have a huge huge impact on like the flow and the balance of the game where people were spawning all of that it would also give your team like heavy momentum too Im about to show you one thing that was probably the most overpowered thing in the game at one point and that was the Titan this thing was crazy Im not too sure if Im gonna be able to show it off anymore but now this thing was out of this world because you could just keep shooting bro look at that bro you could just keep shooting I still do not need to reload lets try the VMP this thing required a whole lot of movement and a lot of recoil control but if you could do that could do that then you was good wait oh youre not dead oh get slammed Music oh yeah no I missed this time is Nest there we go get you out of here oh bro this was so sick the vfp I missed this game I dont know man let me know what you guys think but I think this could be the greatest Call of Duty ever it feels like Black Ops 3 which a lot of people praise but boots on the ground to keep everyone happy so good play steam 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