Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS5 Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough, Part 1!

Steam cloud unable to sync steam deckmtg arena steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS everybody typical gamer here with your daily youtube live streams and more and today for you guys i am super stoked to bring you call of duty black ops cold war on the ps5 that is right the brand new console is here and we got some next-gen gameplay for you its gonna be a real good time were gonna focus on the campaign tonight i dont know how long the campaign is but itll probably be uh uh two streams total so this is part one of the two streams and uh its gonna be good time ive heard good things about the campaign so i am excited i am happy and im ready to experience the next gen console goodness with you fine folks so uh make sure to go grab yourself a drink grab yourself some snacks lets go ahead and get this started call of duty black ops cold war lets get into it lets freaking get into it lads lets freaking go im super happy also just for your information we drop brand new merch typical dot store theres over 15 new things on the site go get your new merch all right including game glasses blue light blockers you know you know you gotta have all right okay black ops cold war i love this uh love this intro it looks clean it looks it looks nice it looks well produced oh weve got campaign multiplayer warzone zombies store oh yeah you can actually use my code i dont know if they could do it in this game but co-typical gamer all caps in the call of duty item shop yeah yeah all right campaign lets go ahead and do this im excited okay select the save file to play well we havent ever played so i guess that one recruits uh lets go with im probably gonna go with regular lets go with the regular there we go lets go lets go regular thats good oh is it is it putting us in right away oh oh my god oh that that thats most definitely copyright music you get you cant be doing that to me call of duty now were just going to stare at the tv oh theres still its still okay were just gonna have to use our imagination guys this is a fantastic introduction im sure its showing a lot of uh old-time footage theres a lot of footage here uh of this is actually real life footage this is actually real life footage uh which is interesting call of duty likes to do this where they implement real life footage into the game which is uh pretty neat because this stuff to my knowledge actually happened and this game is going to be all about the cold war and stuff uh pretty freaking crazy time i wasnt alive back then so i i didnt really get to live through it but from what ive heard it sounds pretty crazy oh okay wait thats better okay mr president oh we have two names linked to the hostage situation Music just give the word its time to send a message there will be no more hostages oh okay okay why am i talking in game you sure we can trust the police adler this guys done more for less youll look the other way what hello who the heck could even hear me its a single player campaign hello glad you could join us hans oh we cleared a move on the target is in his apartment but hes well protected can keep my men out of the area for 15 minutes 15 minutes let me just see can i put on subtitles real quick lets do um but where is subtitles at its probably grab interface there we go subtitles thats what we like to see all right i hope you brought an army we brought enough pleasure doing business come on woods is itching for a dust we dont want to let them down oh dude the graphics are so crazy look at them hey whats up girl whats up whats poppin how are you guys doing why yall look at me like that why yall looking over there aint nothing over there all right adler all right adler i heard woods im in oh whats popping woods party favors are in the trunk oh oh my gosh should we pick the mp5 with microflex led the milano 821 with talon reflex and foregrip or the ak-74u with kodiak recon im gonna pick up the mp5 oh look at this bad boy okay well hold on lets see the milano oh this things pretty sweet then we got the ak74u oh okay ima go with this bad boy yep  __  probably thinks hes safe oh that piece of trash is a lot of things lets say thing one of them oh view your current objectives follow him take this son of a  __  alive adler seeing this info we need oh i got it bro everything i got got a little red dot on it okay okay i feel like i feel like we have a lot of weaponry 15 minutes we need to hit kasem hard and fast lets go all right after you guys im ready to open fire here oh shoot wait we just going to open up like this are they they innocent happy new year Music you filthy animals all right were good dont freak out here get the freak out of here bro oh frick out of here bro oh my look at this weapon give me this give me this weapon you broke your ankle before you died oh man you dropped some milk some chocolate milk what gun is that oh that looks fancy im gonna pick that up  __  howdy yall anybody up here man i dont know what youre saying but anybody else here oh chill jojo take down system give me yourself imma oh oh bro boys ill put a grenade on him ill put a grenade on him yall should just yall should just chill for a little bit just put a little bit of a grenade on it okay okay oh whats this guy we good be good we good oh Music why was he up there already there was other people up there why are you up there bro you wanted them i think hes one of them now heck a sketch all right well i gotta use further ranged weaponry here oh okay i got you guys go on get out of here go on get out of here ill pick up one of these aks honestly oh thats an ak-74 lets pick up an ak oh got a classic ak baby i shot his ankle like 18 times eat a grenade body oh that guys already dead okay nice apartment you got there dead dude oh we gotta capture you hey hey chill joe oh this guys real fast let me just slide roof by the way let me talk i just want to talk to you tell us where arash is and youll live you mess with the wrong people wheres the rash thats thats a bit more intimidating i just handle the money i have no idea where she is oh i think you understand the situation you have rules you took hostages rules changed you have to tell my friend something or i cant stop him from throwing you over wait wait is it turkey well now you know something buddy tomorrow night well time to join your friend uh weve got plenty of cars down there ill see you later buddy yup one down one to go see ya unhappy landing arash is in trap zone turkey thats what we get we dont we dont we dont we dont we dont we dont show no mercy out of the picture we dont show no mercy how long before we get a rush the team arrived in turkey a few hours ago they should be in position shortly how long till i get the rash turkey trabazon airport oh wow wow okay airfields just up ahead lets go find this  __  hey whoa bro we got some oh we got some weaponry look at these graphics look are yall seeing this it is so good it looks so nice oh i got a sniper oh this is legit this is some king george business you know what im saying jason check it out switch the binoculars lets see what we got here um bro oh i thought he was missing an army hes just his jacket looks weird but i dont know what does the roche look like that him left side incoming truck left side oh thats him probably thats him the dude yeah yeah oh whos got the freaking designer jacket on you guys see that oh this guy for sure bro look at him bro for sure its a rash oh right there ah my pleasure hey rash ill be seeing you two for one baby wait what cant let it get away what do you mean what the sniper i need a refund we have to stop that i thought he was gonna go through the guy oh shoot oh shooting screw you up screw you guys wheres the rash at bro give me a ride bro bam yall saying i cant snuck bam look at this shot bro boom is the driver dead oh its not dead oh there we go ill be seeing you aint no driving in that car oh my gosh this guys behind the little all right you know what im taking out this ar bro go go go use the rcxt all right get it out of here oh its true uh l3 a boost okay Music oh stop running over my conversation oh come on pretend that never happened all right okay i got i got i got i gotta go i got a zigzag girl yeah oh i dont think youre going anywhere bud Applause that plane looks a little sideways right now oh shoot oh that guys not having a good time oh its like a movie like a movie oh my gosh dude holy smokes theres no way arash is alive bro how am i even alive is that a rash oh no thats my boy oh theres a rash it was never about the hostages it was about the music his plan is already on the way you wont be able to stop him this time stop who passes  __  percys is dead all this time and you didnt even know dont want to hear about this lets sweep the tarmac for survivors and get to langley wow who the  __  is perseus thats what im saying dog i dont know sounds like a unicorn to me like a pegasus you know 1943 detailed information from the manhattan project was stolen from los alamos by the russian spy known as perseus 1968 vietnam war vietcong soldiers orchestrated by perseus attempted to steal an american-made nuclear bomb from a u.s firebase five days ago while on a mission we acquired intel that perseus is in play again and planning an attack on the west interesting look at his jawline he makes me sick consider him to be the single graphics mr hudson were all aware of perseus were also aware hes more myth than fact i mean personally i think hes nothing more than the russian boogeyman general haig allow me to introduce the man i suited the responder that cia clandestine special officer russell adler hes one of the few people even come close to capturing percys look at that here dude bro why should we take this perseus threat seriously you dont have to sir yeah then a lot of innocent people are gonna die why do you say that sir every time perseus has come into play it shifted the balance of the cold war after 13 years of silence if hes active something big is gonna happen something that will affect the free world Music mr president mr president sir mr president sir mr president mr president this is jason hudson and russell i know their names who do you think approve their last mission is the threat real yes sir we believe it is can you stop perseus we can sir ive already submitted the requisition for my teams sir their requests are highly irregular most likely illegal if the press gets old what the hell are you talking about you know who we are every mission we go on is illegal sergeant woods plausible deniability is the backbone of our work ah were talking about preventing an attack on the free men and women of the world look at his face mr adler look so realistic gentlemen youve been given an important task protecting our very way of life from a great evil there is no higher duty there is no higher honor and while few people will know of your struggles rest assured the entire free world will benefit i know you wont fail us sir yes sir mr president five weeks later how long until we have a lead on perseus theyre about to get started adlers in west berlin he should be at the safe house soon do you trust him im not the one you should be asking black what about his team its a strong group he chased down sims a lay even pulled some strings to get helen park from mi6 well get the mason and woods soon im not so sure about park she and adler have that business from before of course he wants you there and the new one a new one bell dont get me started thats the one we need to keep our eyes on Music bell guys if you are enjoying this by the way make sure you hit that like button let me know if you want to see more call of duty maybe ill do some cam mail do some more campaign maybe ill ill do some multiplayer some zombies lets keep this going though first name classified oh first name uh typical oh no thats typically typical boom okay last name you guys are gonna like this one gamer whoa gamer yep sir place of birth where was i born well i cant even what i was canada bro north america i guess skin tone oh fudge would they pick one hold on gender military background um cia psychological profile lets go im a lone wolf oh sir oh theres a lot bro relentless well it gives you percentages oh thats pretty cool initial sprint boost duration three times as long oh so youre just picking your own stats at this point oh okay let me let me take a peek is it is there anyone you guys know that thats like really good im trying to see impatient hip firing more accurate while moving shoots first links later damage taken while stationary reduced by 30 percent rate of fire rate of fire increased by 25 what well weapon kick reduced by 25 pain flinch health increase reloading speed um bullet damage increased by 25 percent um wow should i do violent tendencies lone wolf doesnt sound that good initial spirit actually thats pretty good so lone wolf and then lets do um im either gonna do i think bullet damage increased by 25 there we go lets do that so lone wolf and violent tendencies i like that thats cool lets do that all right lets rock it we picked two really good ones i think i like it i like the sprint one we like to go faster west berlin typical bell gamer look Music the park looks like she goes hard okay this garage is looking suspect i gotta say its looking suspect lets get started theres been a surge in russian chatter in the last 48 hours burger time in the dod have tapping their inside sources for anything substantial so far there are no leads on perseus mi6 has come up empty-handed as well ill have to start somewhere so were going back here to vietnam 1968 one of our closest encounters with perseus  __  some part of me always knew that mission wasnt done with us oh okay okay weve got on the attack in da nang and run it past park shell cross reference it with mi6 were looking for code names encrypted transmission brush and activity with nva anything that could be a lead Music what you got it laser beam we needed the best of the cia in song thats exactly why i requested you again head to the evidence board well retrace our steps through da nang anything that could give us a lead on perseus all right bet use evidence board use the evidence board to select the next mission replay previous missions or examine evidence when you see the icon new evidence is available that can assist you in the next mission and more all right so next mission is going to be fracture jaw in 1968 the cia reward orders russells at russell adlers sog team to secure a valuable asset hidden in a da nang firebase all right lets do it oh oh lots of evidence lets just launch a mission bro were just going in for it were going back to vietnam first time perseus pinged our radar it was late january 68. we were a joint c.i.a shot task force embedded within the third marine regiment near danae zag was there to sniff out soviet activity word had it russian operatives were active in the region perseus had no known presence in vietnam that changed it somehow perseus knew about operation fracture fractured jaw that one sure went sideways we launched out of camp hanson yeah ill never forget that  __  good we want those memories no details too small a face a name were looking for anything that can lead us to perseus this feels like looking for a needle in a haystack in a field maybe put that needle somewhere remember we had a job Music crazy all right first uh big mission of the game well i mean first mission thats not part of the intro so lets see how this goes that one show went sideways that one sure went sideways that way bell its time to wake up its great all right lets get it done bro got an m16 we pick up some frags 1911 the hour ill pick up the howard all right everybody elses big chilling what is this a stoner 63 oh my gosh all right we like that you know what im gonna go ahead and switch my settings to is there flip art no button layout do they have the did they have the pro one is it tactical yeah there we go thats the one i like wait can i crouch welcome i guess it doesnt work the life of camp has a little oasis in the middle of this god forsaken  __  storm youre pretty safe here okay adler whatever you say adler hey butcher hows the arm yo hurts like hell but at least i can move it ah you know its a good thing if you can move the arm kiddo whats the controller look like look at all these helicopters but you would not be able to even hear in this area or the chopper dont mind if i do yo sims excuse me hey sims you know reading that shits gonna make you go blind yep thats why i want it all up here belt youre with sims usually bring out the best in each other yo get me on one of these 50 cows fob4 ripcord is holding a vital asset charlie wants real bad what kind of asset are we talking about the kind you dont ask about ripcord has been taking a hell of a beating so its our job to secure the asset and get the  __  out relax we got fast players providing combat air support for this mission itll be a walk in the park all right okay okay headsets on why do i get the feeling you about to give us some bad news because youre a smart guy bad in fact sims could be very very good the asset of ripcord is gonna have to wait a little while were breaking off from the armada taking a detour and thats good because the source tipped us off that there may be a heavy hitter in town a soviet operative known as perseus this perseus fellow is gonna be an issue appreciate the enthusiasm sims if our source is right we could be looking at an intel gold mine starts tripping out our radar approaching the village now bro this story is so trippy so far its only gonna get more trippy look at this 50 cow give us perseus and nobody gets hurt give us mercy if nobody gets hurt all right im just lighting these houses up holy absolutely lit up lets do this all right bro lets get her done oh there we go yeah im a call of duty lets move it i like to move and move it anybody here keep pushing forward hes getting close so freak out ill frick out of here bro what do you got get ammo give me that ammo you all good spell thats the building oh shoot im gonna run around this way oh what oh my gosh theyre everywhere oh that sims see shot sims give me that what is that be quiet you good oh i snapped his neck dude this m16 fires like crazy bro i kind of miss playing call of duty on controller im not even gonna lie no cap hold up let me uh let me grab this ak there you go im right behind Music easy i think i might start playing call of duty on controller bro im kind of nuts why was that guy just staring away like that guys not that guys hes not vietnamese that guy all right its like looking for a needle in there heres the welcome package baby open the door it open tatiana oh oh hey drop it buddy confirm it drop it buddy bud well im staring at two bodies that sure as hell dont look vietnamese to me thats what im saying grab that comms log lets see who the  __  theyve been talking to ive been talking to mission accomplished we have the intel lets bug out good work hang on to that intel were coming in to pick you up all right lets keep her moving all right lets go rejoin the armada and get this  __  asset that guy was sneaking closer more ammo joint let me switch to something a little closer youre breaching the oh what is your status were inbound now ripcord get that asset ready for transfer we good are we good were good all right were hoping hey whats up hey whats up navarro oh im flying the helicopter oh shoot all over the mountains here its a little bit overkill everything must go everything must go but you know what god do what you gotta do wait how do i go oh i said though easy im the best helicopter pilot east of america what is that theyre in the mountains im concerned is that actually happening in the every one of mountains there you go light in fly it in boys fly it in were good were good you need to push back the vc reinforcements before were overrun oh our helicopters oh my gosh were absolutely leveling this mountain absolutely leveling it cant hold out much longer you guys good ow i cant even see theres little dots bro Applause all right lets set her down there you go not only only am i an excellent shot but im also an excellent pilot very clearly still hot so watch yourselves roger that ripcord you adler mac v sugg yeah yeah just hurry the  __  up already yes sir is that a nuke dont thank me thanks bell hes the one who just snagged at the  __  phone soviet intel lets go now godspeed coming later hes like he just snagged the intel and im like what is it its a fail safe thats all you need to know were that desperate already not yet return to camp haskins i think its gonna do another little flashback oh no oh no um well theres like a mini nuke on board that um probably dont want that to happen um somehow percy is new we gotta take the mini nuke out we gotta take the mini nuke out hell you okay youre okay oh shoot that goddamn turret before were overrun oh this is actually a pretty cool scene am i good i thought i died air support okay all right can you get that nuke out we need air support fast take that nade back bro wheres that air support i gotta reload can you all help me oh shoot theres some weird looking bushes over on that side youve seen that aint seen that type of vegetation before in the usa bay you know Music goodness gracious ow this lmg kind of sucks bro i think that was supposed to happen yeah im good im good light them up oh look at those freaking jets dude oh my god oh you think we can call this a success sims Music at least the nuke didnt go off true more importantly we got intel on perseus told you we had a job to do it aint done yet not by a long way well that was a rough mission four hours later yeah how did the memory exercise go well to hear it from adler its working bell remembered finding that encrypted intel in vietnam and is almost finished decoding it anything useful in there some names apparently possible leads park is trying to connect the dots we dont have much time does the team know about our mishap in berlin yet no but if its connected to one of those names from bell theyll find out soon enough you wont let that happen hudson dont say anything more than necessary thats never been a problem for me huh very suspicious chat very suspicious this is the best cod since black ops 3 you think so we finished analyzing the names bella quiet at da nang one in particular stands out anton volkov hes a russian arms dealer working out of east berlin admittedly his connection to perseus comes as a surprise weve got killer capture orders on volkov so if we cant get to perseus well get to his men close off his resources force him out of hiding okay mason and woods are still wrapping up business in kiev which means volkov is ours gear up and well move out its what i like to hear that is what i like to hear can i talk to this guy laser laser laser laser oh well talk on the drive my bad all right well talk on the driver for several years it is my strong preference that we attempt to capture all right next mission side missions optional in addition to your next mission the optional side missions operation red circus and operation chaos have now been unlocked are available on the evidence board so im curious guys if i do a walkthrough of this game do you want to see side missions as well or no let me know in chat so this is the next mission wait or is this the next mission a red circus and um wait this is the next mission here i could do those side missions president has authorized retaliatory hits on two iranian um soviet major vadim redneck is helping perseus plant agents within the european governments team must take rudnick out lets lets just go with the main mission examine evidence oh you could look at all the evidence you want thats cool all right lets launch the mission no side missions volkov heads the russian mob that moved into east berlin once the wall went up in 61. this guy has connections to cartels throughout europe and the americas neutralizing him will not only hurt perseus but the global syndicate hes a big fish and heres our little fish franz krauss according to mi6 hes one of volkovs information careers he has a drop with volkov scheduled for tomorrow night well infiltrate east berlin via the u-bond a ghost station on the other side of the wall has the access point we need from there well watch krauss as he enters the city once walkoff shows his face its killer capture kill or capture dude the way this vibrates this controller and the way like the triggers are its actually really cool if you guys havent seen it yet super cool what do you guys think of the campaign so far let me know get ready for this ah i remember back in the 70s when you could throw cigarettes on the floor that guy looks like uh not soap the other guy as soon as the train slows down you and i will jump off fart bizarre wait till the next station bell and ill track down krause all right trains slowing down lets go to work all right well time for me to jump out here we go duck and roll baby duck and roll careful east german guards still patrol these abandoned stations all right bet oh i gotta patrol ahead we can use a train to slip past oh shoot lets take him out oh okay youre my body shield now baby wow that was kind of brutal huh im going to take one of these mp5s dont mind me just in case come on this is the way up all right up we go ill go first nice work lets clean this up okay you know ill let him lift ill let him lift or carry body let me just uh there you go let me just come here little guy and there you go oh uh one got away a little easier than the other id have to say coming through the checkpoint soon lets get to the rooftop all right after you add there park we good we good careful with the spotlight oh okay should i follow his lead i guess i follow his lead dude the graphics are nuts look at that you know how to lock a place down ill give them that wow thats why theres no way to get over from that germany to this germany they got all blocked off keep an eye on that checkpoint look at that my camera oh i got a nice little camera what is this than usual if they detained krause he could miss his meeting with volkov thats not krause youre the checkpoint man with the briefcase oh oh sorry sorry man with a briefcase or what man with man with the briefcase who you talking about oh oh bro good job thats our man thats gross he was kind of camouflaged wait whats in the back of your trunk oh hes got pretzels let me take a picture of that yeah i know youre a secret operative bro but im im just taking a picture of that too all right dont worry about it all right on me dont worry about the flashlight in your face all right after you i got your back grouse just crossed the wall whats your status awaiting your arrival roger that all right lets put away their guns just normal walking time nothing weird nothing weird our intel says kraus and volkov will meet at the bar across the street lets go to the bar then meet hudsons contact inside shell have a blue umbrella blue umbrella blue umbrella blue umbrella blue umbrella welcome to the schwarz schwarz why isnt it distant a blue umbrella hey girl you got a blue umbrella hey okay red umbrella white umbrella Applause blue umbrella hello lady dont mind me let me just take a little seat over here over my right shoulder um activate listening device Applause audio is loud and clear now we wait for bulk hudson didnt reveal much he said youre after volkov um why am i telling you anything all right lady what do you know about the courier over there how long will vodka be in berlin who knows demands like a ghost i would guess no mores in a day good guess what do you know about the courier over there the police are out in large numbers tonight what do you know about the courier over there so dont let his wholesome appearance fool you the man is a killer okay let me say the last one performance is picked up in a random suite just two blocks from here okay i would ask a favor of you he will not hold up under torture for long we need him rescued silenced theyre holding in here what lets see what i can do lady rescue or silence the informant optional interesting spell weve got trouble entering the bar oh shoot go through the best room ill hold them up yup i just gotta take a leak dont worry about me huh you know just normal things over here oh this guys throwing up give me your shoes give me your  __  shoes oh  __  im pink im pink so i dont know german im peeing im pete im gonna get up through here oh oh stealth stay hidden to avoid detection enemies will be alerted when the icon is flashing red and the meter is full uh i was keeping how the frick am i supposed to bro didnt they take this from fallout am i crazy how on earth do i pick this log bro Music bro what on Music how do i i i did not swear chat go listen to it again i didnt swear so many people say that every stream how do i do it turn it all the way down i cant look its all the way down why cant i shoot the lock Music im so confused oh what now it works thats a little bit brutal dont you think oh no problem i got you bro keep it low profile we already have enough trouble use the camera to tag enemies Music hold the l3 lets see our current objectives informants or meet lazarus silent silent Applause please there we go just just let me go please Music i told you oh you were sleeping housekeeping housekeeping you want me to close this door anybody else yall making this easy bro more holy bro i stacked them up over here or you dont know what i just went through to come get you you better i cant bro i cant read german oh my god i cant read german i dont freaking know theres evidence oh i got a little disc all right um get up bro come on um okay what happened talk to me ive been monitoring a nearby kgb field house i dont know how they found me ive done everything by the book um lay low well be in touch shoot youre careless and cant be trusted how long youve been working for the kgb what did that paper say you you cant trust these people i dont even know what youre talking about please just let me return to my children do i shoot them or do i rescue them do i shoot them or do i rescue them please dont kill me he was a little sketchy he was a little bit sketchy im not gonna lie oh shoot oh my gosh shes getting revenge oh my gosh shes getting revenge hey you dont touch me there that is my no no square get them break out get the pick under your  __  ugly oh my god silence is the name of the game silence is what i like to play im so silent when i play the game im the most silent player of all time we good bro we good aint no problem hello where are you oh whats up bro thats your low profile bell god help us all hey you dont touch me there that is my no no square hey lazar look stop me very nice courtyard here trying to explore right across the street from across this place okay i like me some bratwurst bro mark is just up ahead all right lets check this out slight work i like the way this guy operates hes very low key i like that about very cool stuff a car pulled up near across this building a few minutes ago but i didnt have a good angle to just a moment crosses on the telephone oh look at this bro belt get eyes on cross i have batman thats him hes on the telephone can i pop him it sounds like vodka wants krauses briefcase we should place a tracker here that case will lead us straight to vulcan one of us can sneak into krauss apartment avoiding kraus and his wife might be the greater challenge bell volunteers bro while hes doing that ill check around the exterior for any unwanted guess bro did you see my stealthiness a second ago i ill try to give you my best thing i genuinely dont know if im the man for the job oh enduro now im not gonna play that thats gonna be a boring little mini game okay they took away my guns all right we have to get into there be careful not if he just turns around when i get to the front door Music uh hello maam do you work here thats my mailbox what you doing thats mail fraud what are you doing whats in the mailbox stop touching the letter like that stop theres nothing else in there lady stop touching it like that you caressing it all weird we got two police okay its a little bit suspicious a little bit suspicious lets head upstairs you can drink the wife if you have to but krause must go to the meeting a tranquilizer go let me pick the lock real quick Music nice work now find the briefcase hello housekeeping hi wife hello hello about good night stop saying random words stage body hang up the phone pick you up oh shoot uh oh she take a little nap there you go oh right under the pillow right for the neck okay im assuming hes upstairs probably him i dont know im hiding in the closet this is a big old closet what yall got in here this is a guest bedroom are you up there its okay look i tranquilized the wife but im not tranquilizing the kid okay what the heck is this whats that noise should have known oh it sounds like hes outside the door is he outside bro i think were good okay ive lost every time he enters that room have a look give around that evidence oh we got some fingerprints oh we got some fingerprints we got some money find the briefcase i dont know where it is lady Music no its not your dad shh Music what Music have you found the briefcase uh there are photos of what appear to be nukes okay okay okay oh what the flip bro why is that chick in the closet why is that chick in the closet bro Music i cant explain how he got to the materials but i brought him too that makes this much less unblessed for me perseus has been looking for this one that percy is not captured finally oh i thought that was a sausage store um oh this is perfect yeah ive been said to eliminate you buddy this is my plan and what makes me suddenly worthy of your attention um Music im gonna go tell him to go f himself what kind of fool are you oh shoot im sorry i you think you will die with dignity here Music a cup stupid hmm hey hey you thought you could interrogate me you thought you could interrogate me howd that taste how it tastes im basically a hacker what was this bro a little break room who would have thought bro oh what is this oh this is nice Music oh bro adler let me slide sam and gucci slides its a slider run oh shoot oh oh anton you thought you could get away from me huh percys his men off the board is it i wanted him alive mi6 could have gotten so much more i im actually hold up lady im actually gonna apologize i truthfully didnt see him there and i was just shooting because stuff was around the corner thats all im saying but okay lets get the hell out of east berlin there we go there you go nation from volkov confirms their worst fears first you smuggled a nuclear device through east berlin we cant be certain of that yet he has it im sure of it we found encrypted geo coordinates with volkovs nuclear intel an unpopulated region within the soviet republic of ukraine an aerial recon run revealed this i want to know everything thats going on inside this building well need the others for this one mason and woods will join us from kiev from kids here with woods mason and i will be standing by for an extract sparkle handle comes back no idea how large youre prepared their forces will be so use discretion if you have to engage okay its time we took a peek behind the iron curtain me discretion is it for me to use discretion bro oh thats funny me kidding me im not picking up an extra chatter youre in the clearwood got me my lumberjack lets go oh look at these weapons though let me just go by here javascript yeah i want to show a picture of the base all right time to get our hands dirty im seeing guards choose your target i honestly dont know how to tar tag how do i tag him put your camera away what i can see him through it okay im sorry im sorry i wont have my camera out its good bro you taking people out oh we gotta kill him all right im gonna take the left one you take the right one pick hello we gotta walk thats kind of sloppy down slope ill hang back color point down slope okay search the guard house maps blueprints let me just zoom out a little bit Music when you lock pick this all right quick thinking  __  patrols approaching my position tomahawk baby the tomahawk dont stop baby what kind of mp5 is that oh its not silence its also glitching into the floor so well hold up can i line up a nice shot here two for one bonus three for one bonus give me that all right you know were good were good were good didnt hear nothing really they didnt really hear oh shoot stop stop stop yall didnt hear nothing bro quiet up quiet up you cant be captured belle im picking up a lot of radio chatter theyre looking for you belt but ive still no okay were hiding a little bit i dont want to be seen by a helicopter we have to pick lock this bet okay im the fastest pick locker in the business oh pardon me well ah oh dad pam you lost something my bad im sorry that was i know that was a little sloppy of me no arguments here anything i should uh take pictures of here what is this looks a little bit suspect to me just in case take a nice little photo of it get some ammo maybe some some coats looks a little bit suspect right its a little bit weird guards down below ill move to the lower deck and engage on your mark all right Music all clear moving up hey hey we go in it bro was there anything down here you might have missed there mr woods ill put it in here bro you got some evidence oh look oh for sure chat look at that theres like a little map there what is this sector says this place was built as some kind of early warning system missile defense say that again be ready it could be a thousand reds on the other side of this door a thousand reds cover me youre being covered how did you get that key card what oh what not a  __  word bill yeah you know taking some pictures just in case oh this is cool theyre like we like american bowling its a spencer training course its made to look like  __  anytown usa thats kind of scary honestly  __  lets move wait hold up its just a training exercise bro were good its just training exercise its just a drill lets just drill let me just cook this grenade up a little bit oh im good i think were good now theyre like oh its alive its a live drill now quickly turn from a uh training exercise into a real exercise that would be super awkward yeah the bravery of that last guy out of this world you good woods im coming for you bro oh thats a real car i dont like staying out in cover you know ow let me get back in cover apparently woods cant hit anything so dude this facilitys insane whos sniping oh that guy where those  __  run off to get another picture of main street all right checkpoint reached excellent theres probably so many easter eggs in here on the rooftops Applause almost got almost picked up a little clap there im gonna be honest burger town is my favorite tell me i serve you what they got god damn comedy bastards burger times my favorite you back a freaking way buddy ill have a double double with large fries son with a side of freedom freedom direction there we go there we go freedom fries baby freedom fries we good oh theres one more guy my bad i didnt see him you good you good take your time one one step at a time okay all right lead straight to the control tower oh should i take frags i should probably take frags nah ill keep thomas which elevator oh you want me to go this way right what bro im telling you woods listen to me yeah i know bro but once we jump down there 18 million dudes gonna be you know what im gonna do im a preemptive strike this you ready we take frags okay wait is guys gonna come from there okay im okay watch this ready grenade oh my gosh thats not what i was expecting that was not what i was expecting at all they got me bro they got me thats on me bro that is on me all right my bad okay my freaking bad im keeping the tomahawks in okay luck that elevator leads straight to the control tower oh what did i just do oh i made it so much worse i made it so much worse kind of not really actually come on timber  __  you thought you thought all right hit the button hit the oh there you go im picking up a ton of radio whats so sad we got caught up with some kind of live fire drill is crawling with reds were still looking for intel bloody hell im putting mason adler on standby for extract she sounds mad does she sound mad there might be more pictures i need to take pictures of no were clear im gonna take this little ak though i like this little thing start poking around yeah maybe just my hacking to the mainframe real quick let me just what the  __  is operation green light bell can you hack into that im of course theres a password look around these reds aint that smart maybe theres something on the desk thats i guess nice this doesnt make any sense person has infiltrated a cia nuke program code named operation green light run by hudson yep the stolen nuke is american and hudson  __  knew hold up i need to take out the camera give me a second i need it what are you talking about im talking about green light thats what percy is another map no no we need to tell you we need to tell you its important information its good intel its good intel Applause they blow the freaking mannequins apart Music ah theres mannequin body parts everywhere oh my goodness run freaking run its okay im smart i got high iq wants a tomahawk though oh  __  not gonna lie bro give me one of your guns mp5 were kicking it yep open door yup all right Music hes like what is happening oh Applause oh you got a little headache let me help out oh oh not tired it completed my headache bro all right its another one down another one down yall really yall really did think huh oh an m16 oh dont mind me bro thats just it might be my favorite all right lets get hes a little upset bro lets give him a little bit of time yes im playing on the playstation 5 guys but my guys taking it to the dome right now the guys eating it to the dome at the moment let me grab this nice little rpd i saw i saw this little little side piece from a little ways away i know i needed it when i saw it look at this head glitch bro i got the head glitch let me just go ahead and uh talk a few nades for you there you go give me some more grenades there you go you good woods im big chillingwoods woods i see something super special over here a sigma two what you gonna do now do something what was that its kind of suspect bro some cover what theres nobody here bro theres nobody here bro oh you want i gotta get in the tank oh youre going this way oh god cant tell whos on our side i mean i guess everyones not on my side Music im sorry i went from full health to nothing in a millisecond dude i think i have to blast that thats got to be my primary focus is blasting that uh there we go Music operation blow up literally every car the mannequins are on your team the mannequins are on your team the mannequins are on your team something they keep saying oh my gosh my mans real upset that i hit the mannequins huh look look at this building Music red light green light trophy earned yes sure im on it Music hey okay okay baby you knew the nukes from green light didnt tell us what else are you hiding maybe i could knock the truth out of you you might want to rethink that woods everybody stand down this little piss and match isnt gonna help us catch perseus Applause why didnt you tell us it was an american nuke he needed us to clean up his mess the best has been lying to us all alone its not a lie its an omission of fact thats what you do best isnt it hudson manipulate people tell them your own version of the truth there is no truth only who you choose to believe adler knows all about that oh dont you russ manipulation operation green light what is it tell us everything back in 58 the arms race was in full swing eisenhower was convinced that the reds moved on europe we couldnt respond quick enough so he authorized operation green light top secret program that place nuclear bombs in every major european city what the heck the ultimate countermeasure to a soviet invasion 74 the bombs were upgraded to high-yield neutron bombs capable of terminating personnel without damaging infrastructure thousands dying in a flash youre talking about  __  infrastructure hows that for civilized we kill the people but preserve the buildings were trying to preserve our way of life how long have you known about the missing nuke one of the green light nukes went offline eight weeks ago we suspected it was perseus but couldnt confirm it so we saw the photos you brought back from east berlin so theres an american-made nuke in the wild and once perseus detonates it the united states becomes global enemy number one we wouldnt have this problem if youve done your job kill process of vietnam careful answer next time i might not stop woods i the graphics be wilding on ps5 bro the graphics be wild anything else in that printout bell and woods pulled from the base theres mention of an excavation taking place in the ural mountains yamantal our insider within the kgb confirmed an active operation whyd the volume get lower i thought hudson and weaver buried that place years ago we did perseus wants to salvage the old mainframe dragonvitchensteiner must have left some good  __  behind steiner send me in woods youre too close to this mason we can afford zero  __  the numbers its my call i want mason and woods on this find that mainframe before perseus does ill contact our kgb insider bellacoff theyll offer logistical support hell belikov may want to fly the chopper himself hey i wanted more echoes of a cold war alex mason c.i.a operative the first building is just over that ridge thanks dimitri well radio we found the mainframe what you know what the kgb does to double agents yep if they win this season its almost worth facing the fighting squad what the heck only one hour of fuel so after that youll find yourself a new ride come on lets get moving mason lets go lets go lets go what do i got so i got a mari and a tundra caviar dimitris the real deal he knows where all the bodies are buried he buried that i love the graphics on this game bro they look so good okay the the sliding animations have never been worse though if im gonna be completely honest heads up scouts on the ridgeline we do this quiet mason yeah youre the expert in quiet hey im a complicated man good kid not bad lets keep hey woods you got this bro whats your pretty good shot sometimes bro oh shoot oh what the heck the zip line they do  __  ill get the other Music what what little pent up aggression one thats your fault bro what do you say youre gonna shoot somebody shoot them but hey if its good enough the reds you go first ill kill them both bro you know you take two long woods cool baby good thing im not afraid to hide look whos talking  __  this looks dicey but hey if its good enough the reds oh i hit him with the double whammy oh oh say something about it said would say something about it bro what say something about it bro you seen that collateral you seen that collateral hit that like button guys lets go come on on the zipline good thing im not afraid of there we are i hope this holds still standing after all these years oh that looks so cool all right you get one Music sniper take cover  __  i cant get a shot mason take him out i got him oh oh fudge oh my gosh my my liver oh oh my bro you were there the whole time sneaky you little rat oh what amazing what whats already ziplining in my guy what the egg look at this place a little parkour nope okay evidence give me that mix tape bro drop some heat on that album oh what the heck crossbow bolt i think they said theyre prepping the main frame for extraction what are the numbers im tripping outwards uh oh always bright out here um you see Applause oh really let me reload this bad boy hold up oh you going in in stop get the brick out of here all right yo good luck with your boy by the way oh i hit the wrong button oh shoot i keep hitting the wrong button i had all the wrong buttons i dont mess up anyone mess up with this one oh i messed up i killed him but i died in the same attack yeah i bet i wont mess up this time Music bro what hold up i got this this game like this games like if you memorize like where everyone at you can kind of do like some speed runs crazy stuff anybody else oh theres this guy right here frick out of here bro anybody else better before we cross i went first last time why change it up now bro like do you even have to speak because im out here just freaking slapping people im out here slapping oh i didnt mean to i lost my pistol are you oh my god oh my gosh my legs my legs both of them hurt so much whats your status lost my damn gun youre going first next time i see a tunnel down here im going in another way inside copy that station woods great im an assassin i want to assassinate aint no problem damn its cold in here aint no rest for the wicked money dont go on trees are these zombies noise oh my bro i just i got the whole squad laughing bro got the whole squad laughing what is this locate the key to the weapons locker shoot one of yall got it i kind of like this knife if im gonna be completely honest i think im i think im gonna keep this thing i think thats the right way anyone know where the key is got some nice films over here some some disney films im sure oh this was just going back out yeah no idea where the key is its in a room nice recurve recurve give me one of these Music yeah two cheeseburgers that bro two cheeseburgers that right this is kind of risky what does that mean zero cheese sir oh its definitely like over here i found the keyboard just opens that weapons locker can yall call me legolas or what i think it might start playing call of duty how did yall mess that up how did yall mess that up how did you all mess that up because now i just got me some evidence redeemer oh look we got a special gun the redeemer that was it we got a nuke tape oh you can its kind of cool you can carry bodies now just drop them too it doesnt really change where theyre at so like i guess you have to take one of those okay i got the redeemer i got the redeemer chat lets go redeemer time baby guys if youre watching join us you want to see more call of duty hit that like button oh i didnt do it sorry did you say something i cant really hear you anymore chief only got six bullets in this thing gosh darn it any evidence you got here this is a very fancy control room and look both ways before going in over here oh whats up bro with the ruckus you made im surprised the entire soviet union aint up all right thanks for blocking the ladder egghead youve been busy thats what they pay me for thats what they pay me the big bucks very interesting very interesting well done well done oh survey the dig site lets go oh yes what is that um Music is that a not coughing is it if im reading this map right swing a few degrees to your left more north you ask me theyre here for more than just the mainframe probably steiner was working on all sorts of crazy  __  that nova 6 business was just the tip of the iceberg where am i supposed to look guys looks like theyre packing up and getting ready to move out true um okay oh there we go map says that crane is hanging near the old computer room theres a big crane on the west side of the base have your winch ready thats where we need to go excuse me my winch sorry youre breaking up they get a crane we got a chopper um all right well lets do this i guess oh bro yall dont understand but i really need i really need this job you know oh okay i i need this job lets move up Applause wow god bless america bro this reward is kind of sick oh bro this did you just rpg me an explosive barrel killed you dont stand near explosive barrel thank you man like your fourth of july stab you dont really need them anymore im going to blow up that because thats going to kill me see i preemptively did that they knew it would kill me eventually dude with an rpg up top being a jerk i hit him dude this revolver is so good at 12 oclock oh my god i cant hit that yo can you can you take care of what is shooting all right i probably need to switch off this knife huh i dont know if i can repeat that this ones hard fossils oh shoot dude im getting im kind of pinned down right now im gonna oh yeah take that turn buddy look at my toes im taking this thing out of here i better hold this time oh yeah its all the injury buddy rags is there any more ammo but what did you have you had that uh im gonna take a nice old-fashioned ak-47 oh  __  are you ready the sliding game looks absolutely horrendous everything besides that looks graphically insane uh how controller battery is low i wonder how long the wireless controller lasts because i feel like its too big i feel like i didnt have it unplugged for that long um no its regular size funny joke bro i love my one shotgun anybody else Music hold up there we go now lower the winch attach the cable attach it go up go up  __  up dimitri take us up Music oh seriously are you calling me fat pick up the baseball card oh shoot oh shoot thats a big swing thats a big swing thats a swing i cant get the cover were on a frickin moving thing im just dodging im just dodging popping and weaving goodness gracious that was tough that mission is hard hudson we finished analyzing that mainframe that mason woods brought from yamato and perseus was looking for the names of sleeper agents dragovich youth in 68. give us those names well get adlers team to track him down perseus erase them theres only one place youre gonna find that information now the lubyanka building what kgb headquarters why didnt perseus get them there himself i dont know maybe hes operating without authorization ill let edler know but were gonna do this the right way were not gonna do it at all hey thats what we like to see uh somebody said ps5 doesnt have batteries im talking about um like the battery in the controller like although theres no physical like take out batteries theres still a battery in here thats being charged right im wondering how long that battery for the controller lasts so im thinking probably around like seven eight hours from how much ive played and how much its been on id say around there but im loving the ps5 so far what do you guys think let me know shout out to jacob davies ttv zach king simba sebastian villarreal uh hyped realities to you all for becoming members appreciate that welcome to the lisa award bilikov is back in moscow you guys know the plan bel you with me lazar be ready for xvil are you taking him into the kgb with you are you crazy wait for me center woods to return i dont need mason or woods i need bell hes got the skill we need are you enjoying this youre risking the entire operation unnecessarily its not unnecessary its calculated hey just understand that if you botch this we cant get those names its over okay buddy get bud i know you can do this hudson doesnt trust anyone he cant control hey hey thats kind of mean interesting interesting digging use the evidence board select the next mission so we so we did that one right mi6 has spent the last year tracking a group of embedded i wonder i thought i did some of these like nora left a run oh i guess i might have i did that one so how many more missions are there chat because weve been playing for about two hours so i think the campaigns about five six hours long so i want to play for like an hour more here im just curious how long it is does anybody know in chat i love the uh the cable they gave for the uh playstation controller is really big its a usb to type c and its pretty sweet if we just finished it in a five hour stream all right im probably gonna do halfway to the end uh well im gonna base off avery because hes good at the game im pretty good so um im going to say ill probably do oh he wasnt even playing the campaign what bro how are you guys going to lie to me uh prio thank you for the one are you playing on the ps5 yes and the turbo brandon i would like to let chad know about amazing quality of the items in i purchased the red champion hoodie when it came out the quality was impeccable its my favorite hoodie by far but today i ordered the scales hoodie and im so hyped turbo branded bro big shout out to you for the dono and yes all the new merch has dropped today guys go check it out theres this look at the back over here and uh there is 15 plus other new things in the store so go check it out if you guys want some merch typical dot store all right guys no its not a three hour campaign this game takes about four hours completing one video uh i want that hoodie lisa go get it lisa go get it lisa all right lets go ahead and do the next mission here what does the yellow one mean so listen up an xcia operative named robert aldridge has gone rogue langley believes this  __  was working with perseus to assemble a spy ring inside u.s borders we recently acquired an encrypted floppy disk from one of his agents that we believe can wait so im confused didnt i get this didnt i do this mission or did i not do this mission this is a side mission interesting let me see yeah im just a little confused like i think these are side missions right infiltrate the soviet training facility this is the one i went to though interesting all right were just going to continue on very interesting lets launch it Music the lubianca building kgb headquarters in moscow agb headquarters are stored in the archives 100 feet below ground in a nuclear defense command bunker jesus your only way in or out is through this high security elevator well need proper credentials thats where our asset belkov comes into play velikov has been our source inside the kgb for nearly a decade hell get us in he came through for us in yamatown hell do it again this  __  is crazy even by his standards you sure hes on board an immediate nuclear threat warrants every risk at this point im sure he wouldnt disagree sams get balakoff on the line okay okay okay every person you capture set free makes a difference in the story hello secure connection Applause Music were almost to the tunnels do you get access to the bunker um theres always a problem solve it i may have trouble getting a bunker key it would compromise all right well this is going to be tough youve been summoned to the conference room upstairs secretary gorbachev is here from the central committee okay oh wait no were russian right i dont know how to say that i just have to come back tomorrow i drove hours to get here thats not our problem you look like a mole no it isnt but you too get on out of here bro citizen we cant just keep i was told to show up this morning wow this place looks crazy wow well the graphics are nuts love me a ps5 oh shoot have a seat yes let me see an interest in the new security development theres a mole within the kgb the committee wants someone from the first chief directorate to oversee colonel kravchenkos investigation if youve not met him already this is imran zakayev thank you secretary gorbachev and thank you all for welcoming me with open arms i can think of no greater tragedy than a home violated from the inside the trust and love within a family is sacred apparently not everyone shares your beautiful sentiments comrade belikov instead of security i understand youve practically exhausted yourself trying to unearth oh yes hes been very tired how is that gone um um i am not a patient man betty golf or a cold passionate one wow until the mole is found i want security increased around the bunker isnt that guy from call of duty 4 have any recommendations we should restrict bunker access we also want to cultivate closer relationships with all of you i want to know your hopes your fears your ambitions be thorough but we dont want any significant disruptions and you believe who do you think should retain bunker access during the investigation um me you should pick your most trusted men to have a bunker key sound thinking comrade balikov i would prefer it if only general charkoff retains his bunker key so you will see to it worry yourself no longer sir ive already ordered the bunker keys collected from the men belkov we are in grave danger from the capitalists our collective our very way of life is at risk the traitor will be caught and he will pay a high price for his betrayal belikov you are dismissed yeah screw that guy im gonna dive above use the kgb map to investigate multiple ways of acquiring a bunker key the kgb map updates the useful information as you explore but first open the map and track the camera im being watched i need a bunker key first ill have to kill the cameras i will kill the cameras let me in not by the hairs of my jenny jensen uh im gonna need you to uh shut up all right nerd nerd linger stealth meter certain actions and spaces will raise suspicions be aware of those who are around when entering restricted spaces lock picking doors killing enemies or carrying bodies this area is restricted if im spoiled can i help you slow my color um let me i feel like im oh wait a second Music the hot body oh im playing hitman over here all right he did it he was the only one in here cameras are shut down explore the map to find a way to acquire a bunker key then let adler and his team into the building to get the bunker key for adler youll need it to access the vault wow okay so um poison chakrav lets poison him i like your style i feel like thats the stealthiest way of doing it oh yes i shouldnt take him out right no i shouldnt take him out but second floor is off limits while vips remain the building violas will be shot in sight i mean to be fair bro like im im a big deal right like im the dude in this building what can i do for you comrade belikov um id like to discuss my investigation with the general the general will be questioning a prisoner today but should be available most of the time okay poison im ready to im ready to meet up just let me know when youre ready to meet with him i have a chance to kill charkov kravchenkos office will have the poison i need kravjankos office lets go get the poison hey look at this dude look at this dude sitting in the chat i made some sushi while i look at this dude sitting in the chair i dont think hes a good dude this guy imagine having a statue of yourself chad all right is that is that london i think thats lennon right not a good dude not a good dude ill tell you what ronin 95 it is bro how did you know that ronan you nailed it my man knew exactly where i got that food from its crazy oh shoot oh did i no stalins not good i dont is london good i dont know about that yo excuse me all my history all right its been a minute its the wrong way wait love it dude best ever ronan it really is bro its so good that place isnt it great uh we have to go through the supervisors wait no we cant make it through there oh we have the what is in a different area oh this is like a call center whats going on oh i thought he had a feather thats probably not in this years requisition i think we ought to go into the restricted area its just a little restricted no need hello oh yeah keep going bro oh shoot mine the wrong one lithium boron oh shoot what am i doing here i cant speak russian its more investigation Music hacking right now doing a little hacking i had to do a little hacking a little late night hacking wait is the t here oh shoot the poison cabinet bro what what on earth is the password bro um okay i got this i got this nobody tell me nobody tell me okay wait sulfur rhenium nadinium sulfur rhenium three and d hold on three and d im not gonna s re and d okay hold on i got this nobody tell me i swear to you i am big brain s wait hold on s 16 okay wait 16. and then we got re all right e r e wheres r e 75 okay then we got nd and d is gonna be and d i see nb nd 60 okay this isnt the code im going to be mad i think i got this right i dont know where else i get the code so its one six seven five six oh my gosh i got it can i get a big brain in chaplis let me just take one of these there we go all right what else is down here in this area server room bathroom Music oh shoot oh shoot he kind of saw me but we all good its not a problem big brain tg up in here what does this say data entry ah thats where you can go into if you want get out take him out hit him and hit him literally in the throat administration the armory okay i cant get in there its fine its fine were good were good if you look at anything russian does it give you a translation like oh it is linden see all right im good bro what can i do for you come get a little something something of course right this way look at this dude go ahead and take a seat he wont be long yes prepare the d prepared the tea bro prepare it yeah you do great okay well its not exactly my investigation you want to poison it together plotkin now youre just flattering me elixir of course let me take a seat no tell nikita no one else trusts him either why do you think no one wants to play at my desk if you need anything else oh yes i am a busy man wright is always right i said this in spider-man ill say it again fun ah bro i might as well drink it bottoms up dude let me drink it whats on your mind let me just do it two old warriors still drinking i messed up just drink the poison dude there you go thats the good stuff tell me old friend what are you really here for im here to die uh my investigation has led me to you stop playing me for a fool dimitri i know youre the mole and that it is youre here for oh whats next are you going to kill me for it wow uh i already have this way trust me me no tell nikita no one is wrong either hes right my left why do you think no one wants to play with my death if you need anything else all right okay he will he wont pick the same one yes he wont pick the other one right thanks for noticing me too you too dimitri whats on your mind do you ever miss now many of us survived that platoon at times i feel like i would gladly swap places with any of them amazing how the soviet union has grown let me just hit him again no i want to die i want to die i want to die longer than either one of us wait no i thought about it bro i dont want to die anymore hold on hold on hows hannah doing same mostly still begging me to retire early to the country what are you gonna do what are you gonna do a little swap room oh no we lost i was gonna keep swapping them bro two old warriors still stumbling their way through the duck oh i think i yeah he got the poison one tell me old friend what are you really here for ah i dont believe we im very close to finding the mole please stop playing me for a fool dimitri i know youre them all and that it is this youre here for whats next are you going to kill me for it this is awkward um im sorry i wasnt a better friend no i already have okay now i need to head to the basement and let em you okay okay you want some more tea oh shoot um Music oh no man i dont think i can go the same way i went oh shoot why you being creepy the laboratory i must pee okay bunker key obtained head to the prison let adlers team in wait what head to the prison oh the prison okay we gotta go over here wait can we i didnt do it im peeing bro why are you looking at me like that dont ever look at me like that again okay sorry i got a little angry got a little angry just go inside lets go inside there you go all right no problem oh whoop somebodys gotta clean that up bro clean that up bro what are you doing clean oh blocking oh blocking i cant have you i cant have you do that bro i think hes good bro i was just in there with him i think told me hes gonna go take a little nap why bro he said hes gonna take a little nap can you go do something else why are you staring over here oh go do something else wait dont you have some some papers to read or something hes hes chilling bro let him chill why you gotta ruin this vibe i dont understand can i hide his body i open the door shoot hes oh i can oh shoot there we go get your little legs in there bro and now i can open the door for you can i take one of these medals for like a souvenir i dont think i dont think this dudes lasting very long im gonna be honest with you guys oh somebody cleaned it up theyre like oh we hate the blood we hate the blood awkward all right wrong way wrong way wrong way oh whats up whats good whats good whats happening oh what come here look at me i that let me just eat the sushi real quick did a good job there hit a couple bodies yall want to see a Music ps5 i dropped the controller oh my controls looking a different way now i probably shouldnt have done that well thats the first time i dropped it gucci Applause i like how my guys just like i dropped it and hes just staring the ceiling how can i help you sir Music uh open the gate im doing a security sweep you let me in your office youre dead bro just a heads up you what are you doing here now glad what is this prisoner you think youre a man all right what are you drinking this is miso soup whats up bro because prison is kind of shady ah ill let steam will need uniforms to get better security luring two soldiers into the tunnel should do the trick of here send the security detail to meet me in the fairness room immediately look man im gonna be honest i brought you guys here for one reason one reason alone um thats kind of creepy wasnt sure youd come through i dont have much choice do i digital or disc i have the disc version of the what my guy just became a ghost this keycard gives you elevated access what about uniforms sounds like theyre here now okay i will lead them through and distract them you two do the rest take cover keep it clean uniforms are new to us we bout to get some uniforms we bout to get some uniforms we both look like them light ah let me just change my clothes yeah nobody would notice we dont look american at all bro actually we dont know what my character looks like he could be super easy my weapons and key card are in the back give me one second bro come on this way no one said Music i cant understand you well give you a second oh god whats up were good were good elevator music i like it i hate the usa i love russia am i blending in guys usa usa oh no metal detectors for us were going around we dont take these uh we dont take these uh metal detectors are you crazy i dont want to are you kidding me i dont want to uh this guys a mold too huh how much jeez clutch absolutely clutch king george stuff right there hold up wait so is this guy in call of duty 4 yeah are you the bad dude are you the bad dude i think both of you i got eyes on both you clap both clap both of you i clap both of you yeah keep looking out for me remember my face clap both Applause take us down this man always makes me hit the bunker im sorry no you dont have bunker axis thats what we got here bro lights out quiet gear up all right maybe with a concussion you wont be such a bad dude they wont be happy to see us down here wait for my word oh shoot oh Applause oh my gosh im stuck oh my gosh this is awkward either can you shoot one thing you freaking useless sponge now oh damn boy hes sick whats up here i had a little office up here no uh no invitation huh didnt you say ill remember that im going all the way up anything up here shocking kind of hidden different though ill be honest with you i like the way you think sir looks like a butter knife bro good lets get to the vault should i take a picture of this i dont even have a camera this reminds me of the hallway in the last episode of season two this way im i dont know russian but i think that means exit uh use the bunker key i have a feeling they know who the mole is after this occasion remember professor oh wow wow this is very secretive find sleeper agent its pop its bob its bob dont have much time before they get through theres the lift belt copy it to a disc uh whos this guy weapons a matt drago  __  okay show me the list i dont recognize anybody copy the disk ah old computers what do you want me to do bro no no no no no no hit him with the yy anybody else you know what you know what hey have phone with your friend huh i call him uh bobby bobby explode bobby explode come on someone coming up to the door come here come with me too okay you good bro escape with the intact im gonna go im gonna get this computer real quick wait oh oh yeah oh he grabbed the disc wait whats over here oh its more computer rooms you will not get away i dont know man looks like were doing a pretty good job oh my gosh this is not the time to try a new crazy dance moves bro  __  the place down i call this the uh im gonna have to fix his body real quick all right lets go ahead we just gotta hide the body thats too obvious its too obvious there you go grab the hand cannon i dont see no hand cannon is there a handgun no i dont see one oh oh oh you bro you spoke it to existence you spoke into existence some proximity mines some frags oh my gosh another shotgun okay like me a hand bro look at this hand cannon Music wait adler which way you go what the heck where did you leave where bro adler adler where did you go what the heck oh man its taking them all out or something i dont know what did you do to that guy hes floating i dont like this were sitting ducks here oh Music oh my gosh bang bang you could you could you could potentially say that im quick with it you could potentially say that only got five more with a hand cannon though Music oh leave him alone Music no theyre gonna shoot him theres no way they dont shoot him how dont you shoot him bro he sounds like caustic doesnt he how you like me now i like it now oh this guys crawling shot it i hit his ankles off yall yall just blasting im stuck on you guys theyre kind of theyre kind of angry um lmg thats some slight works light work um some ammunition some money bags yo can i take one of these are you just gonna take everything oh oh oh im gonna turn into a joke or not then huh Music lets get up top lazar meet us in the southwest courtyard for five minutes off lets go oh let it rip holy shoot this is literally the no russian mission in modern warfare 2 aint it this is literally the no rush stop means go in my world oh get in get in hold up go go go go get in get in get it oh shoot oh no holy smokes bro its about time ive been waiting for your call they caused a hell of a mess in moscow was it worth it adler managed to get the list of sleeper agent names despite himself hes got balls ill give him that bell did well seemingly but i think that team is getting too comfortable theyre acting like they know who theyre dealing with perhaps turns out one of those sleeper agents is tied to operation greenlike theodore hastings hes a nuclear engineer based out of salt lake city and you believe hastings is the one hell activate exactly total surveillance is already underway its only a matter of time before he leads us straight to perseus they had us in the first half they really did right they really did have us in the first half that was a cool mission that was a cool mission i like that what does the ps5 control look like just like that bro i dont know why the yellow lights glowing though but just like that while this is loading ill take the time to let you guys know we dropped 15 numerous items typically movements of theodore hastings in a cuba right in our backyard a vacant government facility in the cuban countryside has become a hub of activity for perseus and the likely location of the stolen nuke no doubt castro allowed it 20 bucks to anyone who can bring him down before me who castro or percys whoever we are not gonna let him move this nuke inside the states its time to take down perseus once and for all team wrap up any unfinished business once we strike theres no turning back okay adler um i highly doubt this last mission theres probably a couple more missions left yeah uh but for the sake of having two episodes ill probably stop this one here because weve been playing for like three hours um and then the second part well play until its finished so available uh this first part is gonna be ending now and then the second part ill be doing soon and ill finish the rest game rest of the game so uh pretty sweet so far what do you guys think about the story let me know in the comments and um uh im gonna read all super chats and stuff like that tomorrow im only gonna be streaming once tomorrow and that is going to be a game on ps5 called godfall okay let me show you let me show you real quick hold on let me see if i can pull this up real quick let me see if i can just do a slight little slight little move here uh im gonna show you it on the playstation store ive i bought it or i already got it so like uh let me see god fall this is the game im gonna be playing tomorrow it is gonna be a sponsor stream but i really wanted to play this game anyway so um uh which one did i get okay so godfall see this game over here bro you play as is a literal god and you get loot and stuff you have like god armor and stuff it looks awesome and im gonna be playing it on ps5 so its going to be absolutely insane um and that is going to happen tomorrow at 3 p.m pacific it looks great right so definitely tune into that stream looks awesome and look at these screenshots look at this this is sick its also on epic games code typically gamer all one word you already know it is look at that so it reminds me of god of war you know what im saying reminds me of god of war okay so um before i start wrapping things up here i want to let you guys know that we dropped a ton of new merch im talking like bro im talking we dropped 15 plus new things on typical.sword thats the merch site if you guys dont know okay this is one of the hoodies all right i know i know i look hard in it im sure youll look just as good and then the back look at that oh but uh let me let me show you a few things i dont have everything here but i do have a few things the one this is one of the hoodies okay wanna hoodies right here typical and then on the sleeve youve got this kind of got a weird angle but its ridiculously cool it is ridiculously cool so thats up on the site okay uh we got this shirt which seemingly looks pretty basic it looks pretty sweet all right low-key bam on the back love to see it dude that is crazy right that looks so good uh moving forward you got this shirt which uh looks awesome i love that new typical logo that warped one thats the new hat im gonna start wearing when when i get it and then the back yeah like typical world okay uh moving over 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um i uploaded a video on tg plays where i played with logic the rapper if you guys havent seen that it was a really good time and uh its a really funny video so go on check that out its over on my other channel tg plays link in the description below add to my 26 items yeah waleed might be the the top collector of tg merch i got to be honest well its a homie big shout out to waleed much love dude a big shout out to all the moderators in chat either seven i see you bro uh london uh okay london ill be honest with you okay the clear glasses i know for sure date its gonna be leading up to black friday thats when were dropping them um so dont be mad at me well let me search for black friday when is black friday 2020 so in and around november 27th so less than two weeks away okay less than two weeks away now we tried we have tried to do our best guesses so that things dont get too sold out for when everybodys shopping for them but my suggestion and of course this is gonna be my suggestion is 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definitely have to give it a shot crank zander henshaw with the five definitely not the second stream and do you remember me i do sander thank you for that no idea what youre talking about wink wink uh garchomp thank you for that msf ova with the 20. hey whats up bro this nice way to say hey chase peddler thank you for the 10 guard chomp master thank you for the five contoria shout out to you as well glad you enjoyed the streams king for life thank you for the three and the five replayed with one i am jordan with the two and the two uh shout out to you as well and how do you become a member the join button is how you do that shaka singh shout out to you thank you for that uh justin shout out to you you just made me buy the game love it i hope you enjoy it man fx frags its your cousin lucas whats up wait hold up is it bro is it actually i cant tell i cant tell from the picture its too small it wont let me zoom in well bro if you are my cousin whats up bro how you doing how you doing i hope youre doing well bro um have a good one dude great good to see you good to see you um i am jordan thank you for that um please stop going live while im in school oh my gosh william jones she had you for the 20. its my first time donating so i want to say if you want to be cracked on the sixer keys make sure hes co-typical gamer please there we go there we go lets get it big shout out to your brother much love much appreciate you the man he dropped the 22. big shout out to you hey scammer thank you for that tony fade whats good chandler pope yall really lucky to get the ps5 because we were because where i live is sold out oh and by the way i watched your live stream on the new spider-man love it dude i was extremely lucky for playstation to give me a um a playstation so im very appreciative shout out to you chandler im glad you got to catch the streams i definitely need to play assassins creed shout out to kuda asher vinay veyas thank you for that bad kid cage shout out to you as well appreciate your support dude glad you enjoyed the streams that much michael ellis just bought some t-shirts shout out to michael ellis hope you get them soon brother let me know what you think of when you got them i know youre going to love them dreamer boys shout out to you a shot to play shout out to you as well definitely need to play some fortnite i do random duos thats the best bet to get in brother um nico lanelli shout out to you hes been watching the redshirt one youve been watching for a while brother appreciate you jamelle barket shout out to you another fun and entertaining game glad you enjoyed dude its a good game lit schmidt thank you for that and then we have a ripper prime are you gonna play zombies i think i just might at some point i think i just might uh we got a few more donors here we got um trick with the five let me get the neurotoxin hoodie theyre out of stock in almost every size but i liked it so much hopefully the other things dont sell out bro i think im pretty sure and i dont want to make you sad if let me just confirm im pretty sure i dont remember if it was limited edition i gotta check with the team ill let you know bro because i think that was quite a popular one so um ill let you know on stream if uh if we get more of those yeah right now its sold out in everything but youth medium and youth small so expecting them to sell all out in uh in christmas time trick all the best dude dreamer boy thank you man definitely more spider-man uh matthew wen shout out to you as well you have one of my sweaters well i hope you enjoy matthew thank you for your support little boy diop thank you for that and big boy reggie shout out to you for the five much appreciated we got lisa with three you already know im gonna cop some of the new merch especially the water bottle i may need to get something for tony too better not sell out when i of what i want before tuesday or ill be sad want to give a girl a nice discount code i get a kid lisa favorite three big shout out to you and uh if you actually sign up to the newsletter you do get a discount code but um i do want to do something special for moderators soon im gonna have to figure that out lisa appreciate you and uh hopefully everythings still in stock when you uh go shopping for you and maybe tony too appreciate you both my australian friends big shout out to you already done that oh you know what it is Applause you know what it is uh but yeah thats gonna be it for this one guys uh go watch the spiderman stream if you havent already and uh christina and b day queen is here whats up christine how you doing good to see you extreme gamer thank you for becoming a member as well appreciate that welcome to elite brother and then rodney james with the five but yeah tomorrow at 3 p.m pacific write it down be there im gonna be playing godfall on ps5 its gonna be a good time and um its gonna be its going to be awesome it is a sponsored stream um but it doesnt matter because i was going to play the game anyway they so happened to pay me which is great uh london valles gets a five just got a hoodie so i can rhinestone it lol just an opinion maybe a giveaway for the glasses either xmas or thanksgiving london shout out to you i need to see a picture of this if you do that shout out to you and thats good i need to at some point in time emerge giveaway would be a fun idea im gonna have to figure out the logistics to it london thank you for that big shout out to you all right guys this was a fun stream we did two streams today almost for over seven hours of streaming so thats pretty good pretty good pretty good pretty good yeah tweet youd better tweet me that when you do it london that would be sick uh speaking of merch if you guys cop anything from we dropped over 15 new items today tweet it at me if youd like if youd like stream gamer shout out to you man thank you for the tour thank you for your support alright guys i will see you guys later thanks for watching 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