Longplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Steam games that autor eliminatedall elden ring achievements steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS let that be understood by those who practice terrorism and prey upon their neighbors some u.s intelligence analysts believe america is already in a state of war with the soviet union our soviet spies living among us 52 american citizens have been taken hostage at the american embassy in tehran an unnamed white house official claims that a cold war disaster could be just around the corner Music mr president we have two names linked to the hostage situation arash khadavar and kasim javadi Music just give the word Music its time to send a message there will be no more hostages you sure we can trust the police adler this guys done more for less hell look the other way Music glad you could join us you remember me we cleared a move on a target is in his apartment but hes well protected i can keep my men out of the area for 15 minutes i hope you brought an army we brought enough pleasure doing business we dont want to let them down were on the clockwoods lets not keep the scene hey mace the party favorites are in the trunk my Music probably thinks hes safe that piece of trash is a lot of things safe aint one of them do we really need to take this son of a alive adler the theme has info we need everyone else can take a powder apartments just up ahead Music hans only bought us 15 minutes we need to hit kasem hard and fast lets go go go find him head to cover Music Music oh yes hurry up uh go go Applause youre up mason Music i dont think you understand the situation Music the rules changed wait wait hes in turkey hes meeting someone in traps on airfield tomorrow night oh i swear i swear i dont know they only communicate with coded messages one down one to go i get the next one hudson arash is in trap zone turkey kasim is out of the picture how long before we get a rush the team arrived in turkey a few hours ago they should be in position shortly Music airfields just up ahead lets go find this priority is to idea raj before things go hot check it out thats not him incoming trump left side garage thats got to be a rush hold fire will need a positive idea lets go get to that truck thats right not done yet take out the landing gear get under the plate Music Applause Music uh oh Music uh Music it was never about the hostages his plan is already on the way you wont be able to stop him this time stop who passes percys is dead all this time that you didnt even know precious will watch the westbound us i dont want to hear about this lets sweep the tarmac for survivors and get to langley who the is 1943 detailed information from the manhattan project was stolen from los alamos by the russian spy known as purses 1968 vietnam war vietcong soldiers orchestrated by perseus attempted to steal an american-made nuclear bomb from a u.s firebase five days ago while on a mission we acquired intel that perseus is in play again and planning attack on the west Music purses cias analysts consider him to be the single largest threat to the free world mr hudson were all aware of perseus were also aware hes more myth than fact i mean personally i think hes nothing more than the russian boogeyman general hague allow me to introduce the man i suited to respond to that cia clandestine special officer russell adler hes one of the few people even come close to capturing purses uh mr adler why should we take this perseus threat seriously you dont have to sir yeah then a lot of innocent people are gonna die why do you say that sir every time perseus has come into play it shifted the balance of the cold war after 13 years of silence if hes active something big is gonna happen something that will affect the free world Music sir mr president sir mr president mr president this is jason hudson and russell i know their names who do you think approve their last mission is the threat real yes sir we believe it is can you stop perseus we can sir ive already submitted the requisition for my team sir their requests are highly irregular most likely illegal if the press gets old what the hell are you talking about you know who we are every mission we go on is illegal sergeant woods plausible deniability is the backbone of our work am were talking about preventing an attack on the free men and women of the world give mr adler whatever he wants gentlemen youve been given an important task protecting our very way of life from a great evil there is no higher duty there is no higher honor and while few people will know of your struggles rest assured the entire free world will benefit i know you wont fail us this is hudson how long until we have a lead on perseus theyre about to get started adlers in west berlin he should be at the safe house soon do you trust him im not the one you should be asking black what about his team its a strong group he chased down sims as alay even pulled some strings to get helen park from mi6 well get the mason and woods soon im not so sure about parker she and adler have that business from before of course he wants you there and the new one bell well dont get me started thats the one we need to keep our eyes on Music Music Music bell welcome to west berlin weve got a job to do bell lets get started its been a surge in russian chatter in the last 48 hours cia and the dod have tapping their inside source for anything substantial so far there are no leads mi6 has come up empty-handed as well well have to start somewhere so were going back here vietnam 1968 one of our closest encounters with perseus some part of me always knew that mission wasnt done with us pull up everything weve got on the attack in danang and run it past park shell cross reference it with mi6 were looking for code names encrypted transmission russian activity with nva anything that could be illegal god this is where you come in someone high up wanted you with us and no i didnt think i needed you then but i did now i need you again head to the evidence board retrace our steps through today anything that could give us a lead on perseus all right bill were going back to vietnam first time perseus pinged our radar it was late january 68. we were a joint caa sucked task force embedded within the third marine regiment near danae zag was there to sniff out soviet activity word had it russian operatives were active in the region perseus had no known presence in vietnam that changed at the nag somehow perseus knew about operation fracture jaw fracture jaw that one sure went sideways we launched out of camp haskins yeah ill never forget that good we want those memories no details too small a face a name were looking for anything that can lead us to perseus this feels like looking for a needle in a haystack in a field of haystacks maybe put that needle somewhere remember we had a job Music fractured jaw that one show went sideways bell its time to wake up its great time welcome to another day in the life of camp astronauts a little forsaken oasis youre pretty safe here hey butcher hows the arm still hurts like hell but at least i can move it hey sims you know reading that shits gonna make you go blind yup thats why i want it all up here belt youre with sims usually bring out the best of each other we got a new assignment fob4 ripcord is holding a vital asset charlie wants real bad what kind of asset are we talking about the kind you dont ask about ripcord has been taking a hell of a feeding so its our job to secure the asset and get the out relax we got fast players providing combat air support for this mission itll be a walk in the park headset son oh birds chicken when ready badger niner one good to go first time perseus pinged our radar approaching the village now rpg god dont let up Music you and me bill lets do it your priority is securing any intel our source eyeball the soviets had a building thats the building wow go bill right behind Music its like looking for a needle in the haystack you hear that its on you bell open the door adler we confirmed it soviets on site you sure well im staring at two bodies that sure as hell dont look vietnamese to me bell grab that comms log lets see who the theyve been talking Music to mission accomplished we have the intel lets bug out good work hang on to that intel were coming in to pick you up all right lets go rejoin the armada and get this asset Music badger niner one this is ripcord we are still under heavy fire bc youre breaching the perimeter what is your status were inbound now ripcord get that asset ready for transfer Music well keep the assets safe as long as we can rip cord out badger niner one in the air Music i think you roger that niner one the base is still hot so watch yourselves well do what we can to clear an lz get the asset ready for transfers oh you need to push back the bc reinforcements before were overrun be advised keep it up were on our way Music down the maze is still hot so watch yourselves roger that ripcord you adler mac v suck yeah yeah just hurry the up already yes sir thank you dont thank me thanks bell hes the one who just snagged the phone book full of soviet intel lets go now godspeed commander a nuke are you kidding me ever its a failsafe thats all you need to know be that desperate already not yet Music Music somehow percy is new before we run you need air support help call it in grab a weapon keep down the off us wheres that air support oh Music oh still with us you think we can call this a success sims at least the nuke didnt go up more importantly we got intel on perseus told you we had a job to do it aint done yet not by a long way yeah how did the memory exercise go well to hear it from adler its working bell remembered finding that encrypted intel in vietnam and is almost finished decoding it anything useful in there some names apparently possible leads park is trying to connect the dots we dont have much time does the team know about our mishap in berlin yet no but if its connected to one of those names from bell theyll find out soon enough you wont let that happen hudson dont say anything more than necessary thats never been a problem for me weve finished analyzing the names bell acquired at danang one in particular stands out anton volkov hes a russian arms dealer working out of east berlin admittedly his connection to perseus comes as a surprise weve got killer capture orders on volkov so if we cant get to perseus well get to his men close off his resources force him out of hiding mason and woods are still wrapping up business in kiev which means falkoff is ours gear up and well move out Music well talk on the drive belt here we go mi6 has been tracking volkov for several years it is my strong preference that we attempt to capture rather than kill him he holds answers to a great many questions your preference has been noted here to entertain me yeah talking about that mission was tough for you too hell i dont know what im saying of course it was tough for you you went through that like everyone else only when they tell me not to this assignment im mostly gonna run the shot whatever you guys need ill make sure you have it you see i got a list of connections longer than the great wall adler needs it i can procure it no exceptions hell if i know they tell me a lot around here but they never told me about you you know what dont say anything i like the mystery keep the magic that until you found in da nangs treasure trove will you tell me after we dug it up you spent two full hours decrypting everything inside you seem to think volkov was the name to pay attention to are you feeling all right belle thats one of the reasons we wanted you on this team not even the cias best cryptographers have been able to crack that dossier youre special belle but it also sounds like you need a nap we have for a short while we share a common interest though to be frank hes not the most pleasant person ive worked with no more than you need to ill tell you that avoid personal questions and whatever you do never ask about his scar do you really think that if i knew i would tell you youre cute born on the coast of leningrad never travels when the suns out he has impeccable taste in scotch and medieval torture devices i think hed love the uk i plan on giving him a personal tour my pleasure volkov heads the russian mob that moved into east berlin once the wall went up at 61. this guy has connections to cartels throughout europe and the americas neutralizing him will not only hurt perseus but the global syndicate hes a big fish and heres our little fish franz krauss according to mi6 hes one of volkovs information careers he has a drop with volkov scheduled for tomorrow night well infiltrate east berlin via the u-bond a ghost station on the other side of the wall has the access point we need from there well watch kraus as he enters the city once falkoff shows his face its killer catcher Music get ready were good to go Music as soon as the train slows down you and ill jump fart lazar wait till the next station bell and ill track down crowds all right train slowing down lets go to work all right here we go careful east german guards still patrol these abandoned stations patrol ahead we can use a train to slip past moving on the platform careful Music so nice work lets clean this up crouch should be coming through the checkpoint soon lets get to the rooftop park thats our were almost in position copy that come on this way careful the spotlight i know how to lock a place down keep an eye on that checkpoint krause will be coming through anytime look for krauss with your camera damn securitys even tighter than usual if they detain krause he could miss his meeting with falco good job thats our man thats gross here on me heart krause just crossed the wall whats your status awaiting your arrival roger that our intel says kraus and volkov will meet at the bar across the street we need hudsons contact inside um over my right shoulder audio is loud and clear now we wait for bulk off hudson didnt reveal much he said youre after volkov krauss is extrazy so dont let his wholesome appearance fool you the man is a killer one of my informants was picked up in a random sweep just two blocks from london the shazi must assume there are more nearby i would ask a favor of you he will not hold up under torture for long we need him silenced theyre holding it here thank you who knows demands like a ghost i would guess no mores in a day i think volkov is walking in bell weve got trouble theres two stats entering the bar get out of there now go through the best room team new plan meet outside crosses apartments careful everywhere okay is give me a zero oh strategy uh Music good work i dont think anyone saw you follow me stay quiet dont want the locals writing us out Music parks in the electronics store right across the street from krauses place park is just up ahead Music were back a car pulled up near crosstalking a few minutes ago but i didnt have a good angle just a moment belt get eyes on cross what do you think liza sounds like vodka owns krauses briefcase we should place a track on it that case avoiding kraus and his wife might be the greater challenge bell volunteers while hes doing that ill check around the exterior for any unwanted guess bart you can keep an eye on us from here ill try to give you my best angle lovely the stars are stopping everyone be careful bella saw kraus writing in the ledger see if you can find it spell if youre get ready to enter nice look now find the briefcase hello took me light here keep this kind of freya shell be out for hours clean it up see you oh high five youre running out of time find the briefcase ive lost your visuals bell have you found the briefcase understood just plant the tracker and get out of there huh Music that makes this much less unblessed perseus has been looking for this one that percy is not captured find me perseus has a large bounty on your head interiors and what makes me suddenly worthy of your attention perseus is paying me a fortune to smuggle his merchandising world i bet he will pay even but you are damaged get volk virginia i am get up oh so here we are you and i you did the right thing one of perseuss men off the board is it i wanted him alive mi6 could have gotten so much more out of him cant win them all now lets get the hell out of east berlin information from volkov confirms our worst fears first he has smuggled a nuclear device through east berlin we cant be certain that yet he has it im sure of it we found encrypted geo coordinates with volkovs nuclear intel an unpopulated region within the soviet republic of ukraine an aerial recon run revealed this i want to know everything thats going on inside this building well need the others for this one mason woods will join us from kiev bell yield info here with woods mason and i will be standing by for an extract sparkle handle comes we have no idea how large youre prepared their forces will be so use discretion if you have to engage its time we took a peek behind the iron curtain im not picking up any extra chatter youre in a clear world got me that part stay on comms keep mason and adler on standby lets go the base is just over the next ridge get in learn what you can and get out park i plan to stay a while see the gulag do that afterwards look at that monster reds could be hiding anything inside snap a picture ops want to see this right time to get our hands dirty choose your target on your mark bell damn maps blueprints whatever you can find Music just look for anything that might be useful find a way into the main building ill trail and disable the perimeter alarm thinking patrol is approaching my position ill find a way in ill follow around give you one year so stay the course and get inside um youre welcome you lost something Music park belle found his way inside but we dont got a lot of time no arguments here guards down below ill move to the lower deck and engage on your mark oh yeah we found another sector says this place was built as some kind of early warning system missile defense be ready be a thousand reds on the other side of this door cover me its a spencers training course made to look like anytown usa Music they want a live fire drill lets hook these up Music Music will is Music down Music on the roof reload uh Music bell head for that control tower Music yes Music sweeties Music that elevator leads straight to the control tower grenade yeah it looks like a handful nowhere to go put up we got caught up with some kind of live fire drill places crawling with reds were still looking for intel bloody hell im putting mason adder on standby for extract she sounds mad does she sound mad looks like their command center come on jackpot computer central lets see what the reds are really up to bell hop on that terminal start poking around welcome to the soviet peoples warfare analysis operation green light restricted access what the is operation green light bell can you hack into that of course theres a password look around these reds aint that smart maybe theres something on the desk restricted access come on bell youre supposed to be this master code breaker Music nice we confirmed that nuke smuggled out of berlin as a green light asset thats one of ours if that gets out no one will know not even atlas team the stakes are too high highest well if the asset learns the truth youre worried about truth now im concerned about control of the asset if we cant control the asset we end the asset game over im grabbing a copy this doesnt make any sense percy has infiltrated a cia nuke program codenamed operation green light run by hudson the solar nuke is american and hudson knew time to go Applause i cant believe it clark come in park hudson lied to us you lied to us what are you talking about talk about green light thats what perseus is after hudson up Music Music whats your status were gonna have to punch through me they got another theyre coming up Music nice work now Applause ill drive all right lets roll hold on bell bell watch that signs to do yes sir im on it you knew the nukes from green light didnt tell us what else are you hiding maybe i can knock the truth out of you you might want to rethink that woods everybody stand down this little piss and match isnt gonna help us catch perseus why didnt you tell us it was an american nuke he needed us to clean up his mess the bastards been lying to us all alone its not a lie its an omission of fact thats what you do best isnt it hudson manipulate people tell them your own version of the truth there is no truth only who you choose to believe adler knows all about that dont you russ operation green light Music what is it tell us everything back in 58 the arms race was in full swing eisenhower was convinced if the reds moved on europe we couldnt respond quick enough so he authorized operation green light top secret program that placed nuclear bombs in every major european city the ultimate countermeasure to a soviet invasion 74 the bombs were upgraded to high-yield neutron bombs capable of terminating personnel without damaging infrastructure thousands dying in a flash youre talking about infrastructure hows that for civilized we kill the people but preserve the buildings were trying to preserve our way of life how long have you known about the missing nuke one of the green light nukes went offline eight weeks ago we suspected it was purchased but couldnt confirm it so we saw the photos you brought back from east berlin so theres an american-made nuke in the wild and once perseus detonates it the united states becomes global enemy number one we wouldnt have this problem if youve done your job kill perseus in vietnam careful answer next time i might not stop woods we need to know what perseus is planning for that move park anything else in that printout bell and woods pulled from the base theres mention of an excavation taking place in the ural mountains yamantal our insider within the kgb confirmed an act of operation i thought hudson and weaver buried that place years ago we did perseus wants to salvage the old mainframe dragonfish and steiner must have left some good behind steiner send me in woods youre too close to this mason we can afford zero fuck-ups you know theres no one better for the job its my call i want mason and woods on this find that mainframe before perseus does ill contact our kgb insider belikov theyll offer logistical support hell bellicoff may want to fly the chopper himself whatever perseus wants it yamato i wanted more the first building is just over that ridge thanks dimitri what radio we found the mainframe would you know what the kgb does to double agents yep if they win this season its almost worth facing the fighting squad hey ive only one hour of fuel so after that you find yourself a new ride come on lets get moving mason thats our inside man dont let the smell of cheap vodka and caviar throw you bellicoff is the real deal he knows where all the bodies are buried hell he buried that lets keep moving damn jason little pent-up aggression look whos talking but it kind of looks secure i hope this holds lets keep moving go down they got snipers stay low Music push inside damn look at this place huh crossbow bowl looks like accidents thats not how he remembers it you hear that theyre prepping the mainframe for extraction dig site seven we better move Music head to cover Music get close to the mainframe crosstalk reds on the helipad better take around age before beauty lost my damn gun i see a tunnel down here youll have to find another way inside copy that what damn its cold in here Music you gotta be close well look at this foreign over here but the ruckus you made im surprised the entire soviet union aint up our ass youve been busy thats what they paid me for you see any dig sites there whats that bingo map says that cranes hanging right puts it in spitting distance of the old computer room theres a big crane on the west side of the base have your witch ready excuse me my winch sorry you break it up they get a crane youre welcome oh 12 oclock up Music hey damn thing better hold this time lets go for the extraction site are you ready Music is the main flame big because if its too big we Music uh cant its regular size over the winch were locked in dimitri take us up oh Music you handle the shooting okay hudson we finished analyzing that mainframe that mason woods brought from yamato and perseus was looking for the names of sleeper agents dragovich used in 68. give us those names well get adlers team to track him down perseus erase them Music theres only one place youre gonna find that information now the lubianca building what kgb headquarters why didnt perseus get them there himself i dont know maybe hes operating without authorization ill let edler know but were gonna do this the right way just got word bilikov is back in moscow you guys know the plan bell you with me lazar be ready for xvil are you taking him into the kgb with you are you crazy wait for mason or woods to return i dont need mason or woods i need bell hes got the skill we need are you enjoying this youre risking the entire operation unnecessarily its not unnecessary its calculated just understand that if you watch this we cant get those names its over i know you can do this hudson doesnt trust anyone he cant control so listen up so listen up an xcia operative named robert aldrich has gone rogue langley believes this was working with perseus to assemble a spy ring inside u.s borders we recently acquired an encrypted floppy disk from one of his agents that we believe contains everything we need to know about his network if we can get to it we know where aldrich is and can move on at any time but if we dont get into this disc first we may now aldrich believe his network intact you may find some intel out on missions that can help crack the code on this disk keep an eye out sometimes the reds hide coded messages in plain sight if i know one thing about you its your ability to crack just about anything known to man well how about it then we discover kaseem carrying this coded message we believe its intended for the u.s spy ring but no ones been able to decrypt it yet show them how its done you did good finding this real in east berlin it looks like a number station broadcast intended for the spy ring give it a listen see if anything clicks Applause if we decrypt the protection on this desk we might be able to take down the entire spy ring this is why we need you show us those skills hell yeah thats it you did it bill now that we got what we need we can safely move on audrey all right ill let mason woods know that were ready theyll be handling this one our source tells us that aldrich is about to move south across colorado and into northern new mexico thats where well intercept his convoy we cant let a former cia operative run a persons spot factory lets put this six feet under Music i cant believe alders betrayed the c.i.a betrayed the whole country phoenix 2-4 this is phoenix 2-1 30 seconds out were up mason locked and loaded think they can hide from us time to send a message mike aldridge isnt one of those trucks Music lets go up station its gotta be aldridge Music okay more of these Music at the lets get to the hotel oh hes finished basically lets get a picture of aldrich the cia family photo out you know the shitty part got the photo all right lets get the out of here Music oh Music its hot down there oh geniuses Music but the lubianca building kgb headquarters in moscow the sleeper agent records are stored in the archives 100 feet below ground in a nuclear defense command bunker your only way in or out is through this high security elevator well need proper credentials thats where our asset balakoff comes into play melikov has been our source inside the kgb for nearly a decade hell get us in he came through for us in yamatown hell do it again this is crazy even by his standards you sure hes on board an immediate nuclear threat warrants every risk at this point im sure he wouldnt disagree sims get balakoff on the line Music Applause were almost to the tunnels do you get access to the bunker theres always a problem solve it not yet i know you have this under control well meet you at the basement entrance once you have the bunker key youve been summoned to the conference room upstairs secretary gorbachev is here from the central community im sorry you just have to come back did the general come through here Music Music taken an interest in the new security development theres a mole within the kgb the committee wants someone from the first chief directorate to oversee colonel kravchenkos investigation if youve not met him already this is imran zakayev thank you secretary gorbachev and thank you all for welcoming me with open arms i can think of no greater tragedy than a home violated from the inside the trust and love within a family is sacred apparently not everyone shares your beautiful sentiments comrade belikov of security i understand youve practically exhausted yourself trying to unearth this move how is that gone am not a patient man beanie golf or a compassionate one until the mole is found i want security increased around the bunker zakiev do you have any recommendations we should restrict bunker access we also want to cultivate closer relationships with all of you i want to know your hopes your fears your ambitions be thorough but we dont want any significant disruptions and you melikov who do you think should retain bunker access during the investigation Music sound thinking comrade balikov i would prefer it if only general charkov retains his bunker key so you will see to it worry yourself no longer sir ive already ordered the bunker keys collected from the men comrade balikov we are in grave danger from the capitalists our collective our very way of life is at risk the traitor will be caught and he will pay a high price for his betrayal belikov you are dismissed Music im being watched i need a bunker key first ill have to kill the cameras sir this area is restricted now i need to hide the body Music i have to get a bunker key for adler youll need it to access the vault unfortunately cherkov cherkovna has the only one Music archives Music Music Music Music Music its far too hot in here dont you think whoever you are you wont get out of me i dont need to play your games just do whatever it is youre going to do ivanov wont cooperate yet i should find leverage in the records room uh Music have you dug up my moon no matter weve discovered additional unauthorized communications within hours we will know the exact computer they came from comrade ah i will be exposed soon in the server room i could point evidence towards czerkov Music Music hmm Music um ah Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause Music so do Applause foreign Music so so Music Music have you dug up my mood yet jerk off thats absurd where is your evidence Music huh i have no idea how this got past me jerkoff will be passing through here soon when he does we will apprehend him Music where is cherkov general charcoal just how long have you been spitting on mother russia excuse me do you know who youre speaking for i do now your medals will no longer protect you please empty your pockets on the counter curdle have you lost your mind now step over there and lift your arms to the side youre serious do it okay im looking forward to hearing the response of the central committee me too now go in that room without saying another word anything else you need to tell me you can do it in there okay now i need to head to the basement and let anders team in Music how can i help you sir other steam will need uniforms to get better security luring two soldiers into the tunnel delicate here send the security detail to meet me in the furnace room immediately wasnt sure youd come through i dont have much choice do i Music this keycard gives you elevated access to the bundle what about uniforms sounds like theyre here now okay i will lead them through and distract them you two do the rest down take cover keep it clean uniforms are no good to us bloody Music Music okay i have to leave but you should have everything you need now if stopped you are reporting the commander sober get changed Music Applause here our weapons and key card are in the bag Music come on this way once were in the bunker on our own um thank you Music no metal detectors for us were going around foreign Music Music foreign is foreign take us down privileged m foreign its like that we gotta watch out for gear up they wont be happy to see us down here wait for my words oh lets go Music Music Music plant a gas canister in the bed good lets get to the vault were almost to the vault okay you grab the intel help watch dont have much time before they get through theres the list bell copy it to a disk running out of time pal cutting through youre almost through the door get ready here they come we begin ah oh theyre locking the place down follow me this way streaming Music i dont like this were seeing ducks here Music keep moving i need to find a way out Music so this might be a way out you are surrounded activate the gas i know just the place my friend Music lets move Music meet us in the southwest courtyard for five minutes develop decision plenty of room in the backseat once we get off the elevator just keep moving towards the courtyard lets get the charge ready though lets go Music oh almost there Applause oh foreign Music its about time been waiting for your call they caused a hell of a mess in moscow was it worth it adler managed to get the list of sleeper agent names despite himself hes got balls ill give him that bell did well seemingly but i think that team is getting too comfortable theyre acting like they know who theyre dealing with perhaps turns out one of those sleeper agents is tied to operation greenlike theodore hastings hes a nuclear engineer based out of salt lake city and you believe hastings is the one hell activate exactly total surveillance is already underway its only a matter of time before he leads us straight to perseus this is it recent movements of theodore hastings has led us here cuba right in our backyard a vacant government facility in the cuban countryside has become a hub of activity for perseus and the likely location of the stolen nuke no doubt castro allowed it 20 bucks to anyone who can bring him down before me who castro or percys whoever we are not gonna let him move this nuke inside the states its time to take down perseus once and for team wrap up any unfinished business once we strike theres no turning back woods i dont get any bright ideas over there yeah youve got my sure guaranteed whats up i need a few minutes of your time to discuss something you available in private you ready lets talk you look ready look alive its adlers protege phil are you serious right now dont get them started hold on let me set the record straight here we go so yeah castro and i have some history between us i had the opportunity to off the man but our intel was flopped thats in a tidal wave of all the way up to dc so if i find out that perseus is in cahoots with castro and hudson happens to find one of my bullets in fidels head well i say chalk it up to collateral damage huh kept it under five minutes i was expecting a diatribe now we were after a different spy in queson thats right our team was right next to others when we touched down in way city thats also the first time i had the misfortune of meeting hudson and all those years nothings changed he still has the personality of a wet blanket you hear that were legends yeah wherever we go we bring the thunder man get the out of here with that you seem pretty unimpressed over in fake town usa or are you talking about mason right now as i live and breathe you got a point in saying that you sound concerned too if youre trying to be friendly this is the dumbest way to go about it were just with you Laughter you should be concerned yeah well you just snuck into the kgb with adler packed their database and got out in one piece and ill be going in with my boy here if i were perseus id be running for the hills and id be calling in a mortar strike on that hill yeah for adler its a culmination of three decades of meticulous tracking youll probably be extra pissy on this mission i advise you to stay focused and drop the nostalgia good then youre ready yep later belle hold on make it quick im busy indeed it did our insider delivered in a big way as for you the baseline expectation around here is to surpass every expectation so from the bottom of my ass welcome to the team im not in the business of discussing my personal views on team members to subordinates anything else plan a is agent asilee we didnt pick lazar for his charisma hes an expert in bomb defusal if its live and he cant disarm it youre still gonna get that nuke out of there bring a change of pants negative even at this size perseus could catch our scent on the wind and try to relocate and this scenario less is more its as good as its going to get the intelligence community has spent years trying to trek perseus to a concrete location this guy lives between the lines of recorded history nothing would put a bigger smile on my face than you personally putting him down the projectors in the back corner if you need to go over any details from the briefing mi6 has spent the last year tracking a group of embedded soviet agents within multiple european governments these agents could be strategically positioned to set up a larger soviet plan for europe during a recent operation we acquired information about this group structure there are three unidentified key agents leading it and their handler is the soviet major vadim rudnik a name previously connected to perseus we have written exposition and can move on but if we dont first identify his three lead agents we risk losing our chance to take all the embedded agents down check out our list of suspects here special evidence you find on missions will help identify the three lead agents id advise figuring out who they are before going after rudeney it sounds like a partial report to moscow on lead agent activities this should help us narrow down the list of suspects the lead agents have been exchanging information with the kgb through a series of dead drops mi6 believes the watch will be covered in the kgb contains an encoded list of recent drops lets see what you can decipher that ledger from krauss apartment might hold some clues to the lead agent identities seems kraus was a middleman to funnel money for them the last the last report from okay woods and mason are going to take point in this apparently rudnick is lying low in the remote soviet base in the mountains of uzbekistan now vermont enough were going to land our boys nearby and pay him a little lets cut this perseus sucker down the sides Music Music better be in that base if we came all this way command sounded confident once we blow the out of their radio tower and create a distraction well find out its time for a little hide and seek all right were in position roger that theres an air package ready for delivery just need an address go ahead and mark the radio tower for us basically towers up above that far ridge coordinates coming your way roger now get down there and eliminate before he escapes here oh Music oh building Music everybody honey up clear get over to the last building fishing a barrel thank you and another so right i got rude nick we need kill confirmation kill confirmed we got the pick to prove it maybe next time we can draw pictures for them Applause Music were on the way time its hang on im almost there granada Music so i think perseus is gonna cry like a baby Music Music available so hastings left salt lake city we tracked his movements all the way to cuba we have to assume percy is moving nuke there langley believes castro could help perseus smuggle it into the us in exchange for a peek at the hardware of course that isnt going to happen whats the plan the last read we have on hastings came from 30 miles south of havana we suspect perseus is using an abandoned compound there to hold the nuke theyre working under the radar so expect moderate security i say we smash and grab parachute in grab nuke skyhook out and what if the nuke isnt bad its there the only reason perseus needs hastings in cuba is to prepare it for arming and detonation there you have it thats an old range rx fill while were in route if everyones ready lets move out Music Music adler should be checking in right about mark were in position copy that were moving to flank all teams we do this fast and loud find hastings grab the new get the hell out do the honors bill like clockwork Applause Music theyre on the pick moon cameras we could use them to locate the nuclear bomb contact theyre trying to kill us rpg on the balcony oh mason you missed one behind the counter thanks mark keep looking there hold it adler we have eyes on the nuclear device someones killing the scientists second floor room 27b second floor center room upstairs lets move crude but effectively were moving to the second floor move ahead well catch up stay away oh bell canvas the room hastings stop talking perseus was here he shot us escaped perseus would never leave his precious nuke behind he forced us to reverse engineer the detonation codes give him full access to green light what are you telling me percies can detonate multiple nukes in europe im so sorry hastings stay with us how many green light devices can perseus detonate with those codes he can detonate all of them hell wipe out half of europe and blame it all on the usa we need to find that son of a perseus time to go no contact chopper coming in low its gotta be thirstiest Music the window out the window dont wait for us remember to keep your backs to the wind in two minutes i think im ready for that drink now dont tease me parker but well have none of that horse piss you call beer itll be a profit get ready here they come im now thats something worth bullseye larry ground team we only got enough fuel for one more pass be ready for extract you will not get another chance probably that skyhook i can see the plane park we need to hook into the line now well do it in turns bell you harness up first well cover go head cover well ah round two minus ten Music well that was a goddamn fiasco you go in with the intel you have not the intel you want you paid the piper down there you think this is belts fault i dont know whose fault it is i just know that perseus doesnt have a single nuke hes got dozens millions of people are gonna die and the united states will take the blame you need to find out where hes planning to broadcast the activation signal are we gonna pull that out of our ass bell knows where it is no this goddamn science project was a failure dont count adler out yet the man has a deep bag of tricks come on a little further sims get the gurney Music Music Music you look like or were you always oh hey thanks for back there save my ass maybe youre one of us after all no matter what happens i never forget the people i own sims get the dosages ready Music all of them adler stop wasting our valuable time hes of no use to us anymore stay alert though youre the key no more half acids were doing an intracerebral injection directly into the brain not sure i can watch this damn do the eye socket you sure about this doc wish there was another way you got this belt bell listen to me i need you to remember think back to our time in vietnam one more time we need to finish what we started we had a job to do think bell perseus do you remember coming face to face with perseus in vietnam ekg is spiking heart rates off the charts i need you to relax and focus bell your helicopter crashed you made your way through the jungle alone you found a bunker you remember the bunker bell we need to know whats inside that bunker do not trust amber adler is Music during a mission to investigate reports of a soviet bunker your chopper was hit by ground fire according to your debrief you woke up in the middle of a firefight the crash survivors were defending against a vc attack you ran forward and picked up an m16 so the remaining vc fled into the tree line it was then you realized you were the sole survivor you set off to locate the bunker Music the path split near a ruin so he took the right fork not the trail to the left you heard russian voices from a cave across the river so you went to investigate you equipped your shotgun and had a bow with me thats when you discovered bc soldiers yes bill that was the door into the soviet bunker yes good the bunker now tell me about perseus ah we almost had it lets run six ready to go bell weve got a job to do according to your debrief you woke up and the rest of your crew was missing the vc were on the ground searching for survivors you ready your bow to take them out silently Music Music so goodbye the path split near a ruin so you took the well-traveled trail on your left not toward the waterfall on the right at the fork you followed the road right toward the sound of gunfire seeing a firefight you readied great team changer hostile yes this was the bunker entrance you described in the report so Music hey no dont stop bell hand me the fallback scenario manual here you go bell weve got a job to do according to your debrief you woke up in the middle of a fire crash survivors were defending against a pc attack ready to grenade launch and charge Music the path split near a ruin so you took the well-traveled trail on your left not toward the waterfall on the right had the bunker across the bridge god damn it bell were running out of time god damn it bell why are you contradicting your report bell use the ladder to your left so Music few allies were pinned down on a ridge you readied your sniper rifle to assist 30 seconds out roger here we go Music i dont care if the door was stuck open it Music lazar give bell another injection someone do something wait looks like bellas calming down turn around just watch the flight stop speaking what the hell is bill doing in the lab bell forget about the damn plan i need to know about the bunker congrats the united states and its allies slowly consumed weve known each other for years it appears the subjects programming is can bell survive another round youre asking me do it were not leaving empty-handed script 17 ready well weve got a job to do weve been over this already the bunker door was right there at the ruins bell you went in bell go into the bunker now youre the only one who knows where perseus is where hell detonate the nukes where is it congrats the united states and its allies slowly consume that which is dear to us our leaders continue to weaken under this threat it is the moral duty of perseus to act when they will not soon we will possess an american nuclear bomb the key to unlocking their entire green light arsenal once we control the green light arsenal we will detonate them all from the safety of zolowski we gotta admit im surprised i didnt think theyd recover so fast we tried everything normal forms of interrogation wont work breaking a subjects will and erasing their mind is a difficult and painful process thats a small price today the cias mind control program has had a great deal of success with implanted memories you want me to tell them about my time in vietnam lastly youll need a command phrase to trigger the implanted memories we have a job you had to reach the soviet bunker it appears the subjects programming is beginning to take hold weve known each other for years fought together bled together been through the hell of vietnam together we got a job to do and now the training is complete you just need to give the subject a name bell hes coming too bell no more around what did perseus say where is he Music youre disoriented bill well explain everything later right now we need to help each other we gave you a second chance when you were out of luck now we just want some assistance in return bell you are one of them we think percy has cut you out of the picture in turkey adler found you still alive when the plane leaves trapzone is stopping in dugout this you know heres what you dont know perseus would be there none of these hired guns are going to leave dugout alive well dump the bodies in the forest then we will move the weapons to volckov in berlin from there we fly to solovetsky but i have other plans for you perseus takes too highly i dont want the competition we were there we found Music were here the cia reinvented you bell we needed to give you a new identity to replace the old in the end no specific background really stuck with you you resisted everything we tried so we just kept it a mystery and we were able to utilize your language and cryptography skills as an added bonus the bigger challenge was your memory you were put through the cias nk ultra program though they gave you new memories things constructed out of adlers its up but they needed you to believe you were one of us interrogation didnt work with you but thanks to mk ultras research we had a backup plan if you believed you were someone else we could lead you to a place where youd give everything up Music enough to get us where we are today but were not finished yet Music the trigger phrase kept you in line but it didnt get us everything we needed your innermost secrets were always locked behind the door bell i realize you probably hate us right now what weve done to you i just need you to fully understand the stakes here what you do right now is not about me its not about you its about millions of other people its about stopping someone who in the end has no true allegiance to anyone other than himself so tell me where is perseus once we control the green also we will detonate them all where is perseus Music sims get washington on the line everyone else gear up were leaving now Music you made the right choice bill come on youre still one of us ever right well leave within the hour we wont let the president down Music five years ago nato intelligence detected a powerful signal of unknown origin the new signal created radio disruptions worldwide not to mention all kinds of conspiracy theories nato quickly attracted to this facility in the soviet republic of ukraine the dugo radar array its an over-the-horizon radar system big and proven over their old missile defense tech it uses a lot of juice could be used to broadcast any kind of long-range signal they want like detonation codes to every green light nuke in europe where exactly is this thing about 60 miles north of kia between the cities of pripyat and chernobyl its nothing but thick forest from miles around a perfect hiding spot for perseus well have to drop you in a little further out no recon no heavy support just a light infiltration squad shouldnt be a problem just point the way spell came through for us in the nick of time i never doubted it theres no contact over here place seems empty shame i havent seen all right everyone converge on the gate Applause you sure youre not forgetting something though theres nothing here this cant be the right place we didnt see anything on our side either its him lied to us that true bill you pull us out to the middle of nowhere russias so perseus can detonate those nukes kind of up logic is that what a waste you actually could have done something with yourself kid those nukes were for defense not offense you dont recognize the difference id let you walk back to perseus but i think ill spare you the regret instead apparently we didnt do a good enough job Music times up kid i guess ill finish this job if i care leave it for perseus to find get us on the horn we gotta warn the president this is your chance to define who you really are now Music sims get washington on the line everyone else gear up were leaving now you made the right choice bell come on youre still one of us all right everyone converge on the gate Applause you sure youre not forgetting something though theres nothing here this cant be the right place we didnt see anything on our side either its him lied to us that true though you pull us out to the middle of nowhere russias so perseus can detonate those nukes i had no other choice but to trust you what a waste you actually could have done something with yourself kid theres no winner here bell youve just dragged everyone into the loser column with you id let you walk back to perseus but i think ill spare you the regret instead apparently we didnt do a good job times up kid ready for a little retribution you can change your mind youre dead uh so over here comrade this is it your friend went through here he is not far come out and play you are running out of time and space the cat becomes the mouse to see you still care mind giving me a light that street dog should have been put down long ago you remember my face dont you solovetsky stand by for the detonation order i think you deserve this moment Music wish we could return to solovetsky to watch it all unfold but that chapter is closed now we begin the next one together you did well and to think after all this time they still believe im perseus as if perseus could ever be an individual working alone so american well need a new home now the central committee will be more surprised than the cia even if we made the best choice for the future of our homeland yet for humanity their eyes will be as clouded as ours once were come there is still much to be done my god how many green-like nukes did he detonate all of them mr president does anyone know the bombs were ours materials related to operation green light were anonymously released an hour ago presumably by perseus calls are beginning to come in from across the globe that son of a you and vice president bush are to be moved to secure locations immediately i want any business related to this thing erased forever everything can you make that happen of course its already begun we will watch europe burn we will watch the empire of the united states collapse under its own weight Music a world with two superpowers will become a world with one the soviet union and if the leaders of this new world order squander the opportunity we have provided them Music then they too will be replaced Music your former friends killed him no matter kasim was always a weak link and the chain cannot break Music Music it is a shame you had to kill anton volkov it was our most valuable gdr asset but perhaps with the fall of the west it will not prove so great a blow Music Music you say that helen park perished in cuba she had been sniffing around the edges of our group for years one less western nuisance for us to deal with as for the rest it was a pleasure eliminating them by your side Music even though we have prevailed the cia has significantly wounded our foundation inside the us robert aldrich has been killed and our network there has collapsed it could take us years to regain the footing we have lost Music the death of major vladimirovnik is a terrible loss for post nuclear europe he was to help shepherd in the soviet line future hopefully we can still move forward without his presence there the cia also managed to eliminate all three of rudnicks key assets we have no one else to help fill the void inserting new agents into such influential positions will take years but have no doubt these are but temporary losses we are just getting started my friend this is your chance to define who you really are Music sims get washington on the line everyone else gear up were leaving now you made the right choice bill come on youre still one of us Music perseus cias analysts consider him to be the single largest threat to the free world youve been given an important task protecting our very way of life from a great evil the united states and its outlines slowly consume that which is dear to us we are hours away from perseus detonating nuclear bombs in every major european city well do whatever it takes Music some of us will cross the line to make sure the lines still there in the morning no ones gonna brand us heroes or villains they dont know us as for me ive been chasing this ghost for 13 years ends now Applause Music no max before the radio towers come back online our job is to knock out dna guns and give our war birds a clean shot lets take person thats off the air Music lots of bad guys Music rpgs well cut them down you know thats not good enough i cant risk an early strike we only got one shot at this i dont think i know that me Music gun aint clear watch it heavy mg on the ridge if we dont clear that last a gun you better hurry the up to bomb strike radio towers are still booting up well we gotta go now they did it mr president they stopped the nukes thank god and the seal did they get perseus no sir his whereabouts are unknown and a russian response nothing yet were seeing signs of confusion its possible this was all a rogue operation perseus may not have been following orders from moscow well ill be damned maybe we have something in common after all we stopped him those towers are history whats your situation down there come in woods have you found them yet over here give me a hand take my hand bill we did it this is a message to perseus and those thatll follow him we dont just sit back and hope for the best well make the best happen this is how wars are won belle do you have an update on kasim javadi yeah with both he and arash kadivar dead their terrorist network collapsed as surviving members fought for control with no clear leadership in place it appears the soviets have decided to cut ties and clean up the mess approximately 72 hours ago the militants primary encampment was burned to the ground nothing but ashes apparently the few survivors that escaped have scattered and gone into hiding what about anton volkov after his death elements inside the gdr saw an opportunity to reduce the russian mobs influence in east berlin two days ago in a large-scale midnight raid stasi swept through the homes of anyone with connections to volkov men women and children were all gone before the sun rose this will be a major setback to underground soviet activity in europe how did the cleanup in havana go we were able to recover agent parks body from the compound in cuba president reagan personally reached out to her family and her caskets in transit to london weve spoken to my sex theyre understandably displeased we owe them one lazar azaleas recovering from his injuries in tel aviv will return to the agency in good time pursuit of perseus is personal for him now what about the rest of the team they got off soloveski before the soviets could send in forces to investigate well take some time to heal up then its back to work we may have stopped perseus but his rats are still nesting all around us thanks to the help of one of our own not anymore we took down that son of a aldrich as well as his key assets here in the states take perseus a while to recover from this one what about europe not only did we stop a nuclear attack we managed to take out major fadin rudnik that should be a significant blow to perseus european network we also flushed all of rudnicks key assets down the shooter maybe someday perseus can join him hudson youre the shakespeare of langley and bell Music arctic here clears the head doesnt it well you made two extraordinary sacrifices to stop perseus one was without your knowledge the other you made that decision in your own accord Music i just want you to know this little thing thats happened with you and me it was always for the greater good your goddamn hero you know that kid heroes have to make sacrifices thats why when i ask you for one more i hope you understand it was never personal Music Music Music so Music hmm Music Music so Music Music hmm Music Music you steam best co op games Longplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, played on the PlayStation 5. 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