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Best games on steam under 10can steam games be played on ps5 CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS Hello Guys, back to the plot segment and this time we will discuss the storyline of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Previously I want to thank all of you who have requested this topic Call of Duty Black Ops 3 was released on 6 November 2015 by Treyarch and is a Black Ops series that is almost gone has absolutely nothing to do with the previous series. Overall, this game will take place in Singapore and Egypt in 2065, when technology has become a part of every human beings life. As for the main character himself is a character without a name that we can customize ourselves, and Ill call him as a player so that its easier to understand. In terms of story, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 tells the story of the third cold war in 2065 involving 4 different military organizations. You could say, COD BO 3 has the most complicated story and requires more in-depth analysis to understand. But before going into the discussion of the story, we need to know the background first. So, since the drone attack carried out by Cordis Die under the leadership of Raul Menendez, an international military organization called the Winslow Accord, called WA was formed, which aims to protect all forms of world threats that might occur. However, apparently WA is not the only military organization formed since that incident. Within 12 years, a military organization called the Common Defense Pact, called CDP, appeared, which became the opposition WA. Since then the international situation has continued to change, many countries have entered and left from the two military organizations, and the world situation is heating up. Not to mention, there will be involvement from military organizations other than WA and CDP, namely 54 Immortals led by Singapore, and the Nile River Coalition, abbreviated as NRC, which is led by Ethiopia. We ourselves will be one of the WA troops together with several colleagues, such as Jacob Hendricks and John Taylor. They are both good friends and have carried out missions together for many years. The story begins on October 27, 2065, when the player, along with his partner, Jacob Hendricks was sent to infiltrate the NRCs airstrip to save the Egyptian prime minister named Said who was being arrested. They carry out this mission with the help of the CIA Cybernetic Soldier led by Taylor. By disguising themselves as NRC troops, players and Hendricks finally managed to infiltrate into the NRC headquarters and rescue Prime Minister Said. There, they found the fact that it wasnt only Prime Minister Said who was arrested, but there were many other prisoners being held there. Said asked the WA troops to also save Lt. Khalil, veteran Egyptian soldier who the NRC wants to use as a tool in fighting back against Egypt. After rescuing Lt. Khalil, player and Hendricks met Taylor and his team. Done with their mission, they all fled from the NRC headquarters and went to the pick-up point. However, when Hendricks reached VTOL, the pilot was forced to leave the player and alpha team in the middle of fleeing from the NRC troops because they were desperate. As a result, the alpha team was shot dead, meanwhile the player was attacked by a Grunt robot which immediately severed both arms and right leg, before Taylor finally came to the rescue. In order to save the players life, Taylor also decided to install cybernetic technology on his body, making all parts of the body that disappeared have now been replaced with robots. Apart from that, the player is also paired with DNI. DNI itself is a system that can give its users the ability to interact and control all things related to the computer system using only ones mind. And all of this technology is also used by Taylor and his team. After experiencing the operation process of entering DNI, Player then wakes up in a train with Taylor who immediately explains that now the player is in a coma phase and is being treated. Everything he sees now is just a simulation thanks to the installed DNI. Taylor also introduced several of his colleagues, such as Sebastian Diaz, Sarah Hall, and peter Maretti, while familiarizing players with the use of DNI. After going through various simulation training, the player wakes up in the real world, and is in preparation for surgery. Next to the player, you can see Hendricks who also volunteered to be equipped with Cybernetic technology, making the player and Hendricks now recruited in to become a CIA Cyber ​​Soldier under the leadership of Taylor In 2070, player and Hendricks who have become good friends are recruited by a CIA agent named Rachel Kane to investigate CIA Black Station headquarters in Singapore which suddenly lost contact. When they reached the headquarters, they saw the CIA black Station staff who had been killed, and their data drives had disappeared. Kane then entered into the headquarters and found an unbelievable reality. He found a log entry indicating the whereabouts of Taylor, Hall, DIaz, and Marettilah in the base, indicating that Taylor had betrayed all of them. Hearing this, Hendricks and Player who have worked with Taylor for 5 years certainly cant believe it. To find out the truth about what happened, the player and Hendricks then led an attack on 54 Immortals Headquarter located in Bio Domes in the hope that they could find the missing CIA Black Station drive data. The step they use is to pretend to be an arms dealer and have a meeting with Danny Li who is a drug dealer 54 Immortal. During the meeting, Hendricks kept trying to get Danny Lis cooperation and asked about the whereabouts of Jae Xiong, the enforcer of the 54 immortals who was suspected by Hendricks and Player of being the mastermind behind the murder of CIA Black Station staff. Danny Li replied that Jae XIong had never been seen again many years ago. However, before reaching an agreement, suddenly the leader of 54 Immortals, namely the 2 brothers Goh Min and Goh Xiulan came to attack while telling Danny Li that Hendricks and Player were actually WA troops in disguise. Pressured by the attack, Hendricks also asked Kane to counterattack using Grunt, resulting in Goh Min and Danny Li dying there, while Goh Xiulan managed to escape. The two of them continued to attack Headquarter 54 Immortals and managed to catch Goh Xiulan who was in the process of decrupting the data drive by hitting him down. The data drive can only be accessed by using a scan Goh Brothers DNA, so the player decides to cut off Goh Xiulans hand and immediately do a DNA scan, an action that Hendricks doesnt like. Successfully Unlocked the security of the data drive, Hendricks was asked to access it by scanning the data into the DNI, while the player will protect it from the 54 Immortals troop attack. After getting all the visions through the data drive, the two of them rushed out of there. Hendrics claims that all the visions he got through the drive were just __ , indirectly confirming that Taylor was indeed a traitor Based on the intel they got, Hendricks and Taylor then headed to an abandoned Coalescense Corporation facility in Singapore, where Taylors last operation is believed to be , where 300 thousand people were killed there many years ago. Inside the facility, Hendricks and Player were attacked by grunts who interacted like humans. As they got inside, they also found out that the facility was actually a place used by the CIA Black Station to develop a secret project called Project Corvus, and they also saw the bodies lying there, indicating that the CIA forcibly used humans as test subjects in making the DNI . In fact, One of the people who was used as a test subject was Jae Xiong who then also explained Danny Lis statement regarding Jae Xiong who had not been seen since many years ago. Hendricks and Players search then ends when they find out that Diaz, one of Taylors teammates, is connecting to the core of the machine, giving it control access to all grunts, explaining grunts human-like behavior . Apart from that, Diaz is also spreading the location of all CIA branch headquarters around the world. Of course, so that intelligence about the CIA doesnt spread everywhere, Kane orders Player and Hendricks to stop Diaz immediately. However, they were too late. Location all CIA branches have spread all over the world, forcing Player and Hendricks to immediately kill Diaz by destroying the entire machine core. This has made Hendricks very sad to know the fact that he has killed his own friend. But, the mission must keep going. After dealing with the DIaz business, they got information that the Taylor team is currently targeting two Corvus test subject projects that are still alive, namely Dr. Yousef Salim, who is currently in Cairo, and Sebastian Kruger, whose location is unknown. Despite all that, without them noticing, Goh Xiulan, with his bionic arm, was on top of the Corporations Coalescense facility and immediately ordered his troops to blow up the entire facility, making the place flooded in just a short time. Knowing this, Kane immediately asked Player and Hendricks to get out of Singapore immediately, leaving him at the CIA headquarters whose location has spread to 54 Immortals. The fact that Kanes life is barely able to be saved again doesnt discourage the player from wanting to help him. Player decides not to leave Singapore to go save Kane from the 54 Immortals troops who have invaded CIA headquarters. 54 Immortals goal in carrying out the attack on the CIA itself was to avenge the death of Goh Min, Goh Xiulans brother. After being convinced many times, Hendricks finally decided to join in saving Kane, even though according to him, Kane was no longer possible to be saved. Apart from that, Hendricks also suspects that Kane has been hiding information about the Corvus project from them all this time. On the way to the CIA headquarters, Taylor suddenly contacted them and revealed that his goal was to find Frozen Forest, making Hendricks and Players who heard about it confused. Arriving at the CIA headquarters, there was an explosion from inside the building, making Hendricks even more certain that Kane was dead. However, Player still insists to go in to save Kane. Inside, you can see Goh XIulan trying to kill Kane, causing the player to reflexively save him… Together with Kane, Player and Hendricks are back to continue their search for the truth by going to Egypt to interrogate Dr. Salim, one of the survivors of the Corvus project, who has been detained by Khalil. During the interrogation that was carried out in a rough way by Hendricks, Dr. Salim finally admitted that he was one of the officers who was developing the Corvus project. More precisely, he is assigned to handle the emotional state of each test subject. So to make the test subjects calm, Dr. Salim created a world in the subconscious which is called a frozen forest. Unfortunately, before being able to continue the interrogation, suddenly the place was attacked by the NRC group, forcing the WA troops to counterattack with Khalil. Apparently, the attack by NRC was just a distraction done by Taylors team so they could catch Dr. Salim. Fortunately, from the start, the player has installed a tracking device on Dr. Salim. However, unexpectedly, Hnedricks became very angry and hit the Player, saying that the player and Kane all this time had conspired to hide something from him, because in reality, Hendricks didnt know anything about the tracking device installed on Dr. Salim. Player calms Hendricks by telling him the truth, where Kane and Player can no longer give full trust to Hendricks, seeing the change in attitude Hendricks who became more aggressive after he got a scan of the data drive in Singapore. Hearing this, Hendricks immediately regretted hitting Player and said that everything they did felt wrong On the other hand, Taylor immediately interrogated Dr. Salim regarding the location of the frozen forest, and ordered his partner, Hall, to hold off the attack by the Egyptian troops led by Khalil using the manticore mech suits. After getting the information he wanted, he immediately killed Dr. Salim and ran away from there. Player, Hendricks, and Khalil finally managed to beat Hall, and because they were filled with the desire to find out Taylors motives, Player also did a scan of Halls DNI, an action that Hendricks strongly disapproved of. By doing a DNI scan, players enter Halls brain and have to fight all kinds of defenses in it. After the player has succeeded in fighting all the defenses, he gets a vision of what actually happened in the past. At that time, Taylor and his team who were on a mission in Singapore were infected with an AI virus called Corvus which immediately entered their respective DNI . From there, slowly Corvus started to take over their Cybernetics, giving him access to control all of them... Back to reality, the player immediately told all these things to Kane, as well as the location of Taylor and Maretti who were taking refuge in the NRCs aquifer. With the help of Khalil and the Egyptian troops, players, Hendricks, and Kane launched an attack on the Aquifer to capture Taylor and Maretti. However, in the middle of the attack, the cybernetics player suddenly died by itself, causing the player to fall unconscious and was awakened by Kane who explained that Corvus can also infect anyone who has scanned him. In other words, because the previous player has scanned the DNI Hall infected with Corvus, automatically, Corvus also enters the DNI player, and the cybernetics system that died was actually Corvus doing. Hendricks has also been infected with the Corvus virus since he did a scan in Singapore, so that Hendricks infection process can be said to be more severe than players. Even so, the two of them still insisted on continuing the mission to find Taylor and Maretti. However, just a moment after that, it was discovered that Taylor had run away from there, leaving Maretti alone, trapped in a room. Marettis pursuit again ran into trouble, where Corvus once again tried to take over the movements of Player and Hendricks, causing Hendricks to experience extreme frustration, started to lose his way, and kept accusing Kane of being the mastermind behind all this. In fact, he had even expressed his desire to kill Kane, made the player immediately very angry and hit him. Player said that no one was able to help them when Covus managed to completely take over the both of them, made Hendricks come back to his senses and continued his work on Maretti who had prepared to attack using a sniper. In the end, the player managed to reach Marettis whereabouts and immediately kicked him out the window until he was stuck with a sharp object Got information that Taylor had made an exchange agreement with NRC, where NRC would protect him in the Lotus Tower fort, Player, Hendricks, and Khalil rushed there to make an arrest against Taylor. The strategy they used was by killing the NRC general named Hakim as a form of revolution in the city of Cairo, making all the residents there simultaneously revolt, which of course would divert the attention of the NRC troops. That way, they can move towards Taylors whereabouts in Lotus Tower without the NRC troops standing guard everywhere. In giving chase, the two of them also kept trying to bring Taylors consciousness back, but that had no effect at all. Taylor then controlled the NRC Grunt and attacked anyone in the city of Cairo, including the NRC troops. It was at this point, Khalil contacted the player and said that his troops had been pushed out, before finally, the connection was lost. Kane confirmed that Khalil was being captured by the NRC troops and promised that they would save Khalil once it was done with Taylors business being the main priority Player and Hendricks also had a chance to meet Taylor. However, Taylor always put up a fight using the grunt he controls, making Hendricks decide to hold back the grunt, while the players are going to catch Taylor. Unfortunately, Taylor again put up a fight by moving a mothership. In the end, the player managed to drop the mothership, but his critical hand got caught in the debris of the mothership, making the player helpless. Taylor who still survive then takes out a knife and prepares to kill Player. Seeing this, player is still trying to restore Taylors consciousness by saying that Corvus has taken over him. This attempt seems to have succeeded in returning Taylors consciousness, making him immediately issue his own DNI by stabbing the back of his neck, freeing him from Corvus influence. Everything ends well. At least, thats what the player believes. Taylor said that Corvus influence is still in Player and Hendricks. And unexpectedly, Taylor, who was no longer a threat, was shot dead by Hendricks. Apparently, now its Hendricks turn to be fully influenced by Corvus. He then left the player using another mothership to go to the Coalescence Facility in Zurich, Switzerland to look for Krueger. Kane took the player to the hospital for treatment, but the player still insisted on looking for Hendricks. Dont want to lose players, Kane also tried to convince him that they dont need to do this. But, the players decision is unanimous, he still wants to go stop Hendricks action. For that, after his treatment at the hospital, the player left with Kane who decided to stay along to go to Zurich together. After eliminating all kinds of robots controlled by Hendricks, they arrived at the Coalescence Headquarter, where the poison gas NOVA 6 was found which would be very dangerous if left alone. Without thinking much, Kane immediately decided to stabilize NOVA 6, so it doesnt leak out. However, apparently the computer he used there was controlled by Corvus who immediately trapped him in the room and filled the room with NOVA 6, immediately killing Kane. Before dying, Kane warned players not to trust DNI, knowing that players DNI has been affected by Corvus for a long time. Stay alone, in the end the player meets Hnedricks who is holding Sbeastian Kruger to find out about Frozen Forest. Hendricks also didnt listen at all the words of the player who tried to wake him up, and instead shot Kruger dead there, forcing the player to shoot Hendricks dead. Knowing the fact that now only Corvus is left nesting in his DNI, the Player decides to commit suicide. The player then wakes up in a simulation A world created by his own DNI, where he meets all his dead comrades. Hendricks tells that they have made it to the frozen forest, where they start life after death digitally. Tracing the place deeper, the player then witnesses the figure Corvus who is asking for information about the reason he was created in Kruger. However, Krugers answer saying that Corvus was a mistake, made Corvus very angry and immediately destroyed Kruegers remaining consciousness . After that, the player met with Taylor who helped him against all of Corvus troops and told him that the only way to stop Corvus was to clean up his DNI. In the end, with Taylors help, Player managed to do the cleaning, causing Corvus and Taylor to disappear. Player immediately returns to reality and is in a building. Coming out of the building, you can see ZSF troops, namely Zurich Security Forces, and one of them asks the identity of the player. Player replies that his name is Taylor. Thats where the game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 ends very mysteriously and of course raises a question about what really happened. Well, to answer that question, now we go into the explanation section To find out all the events behind the story of COD BO 3, we need to read all the scrolled text quickly at the start of each mission. If it stops, we will know that all the writing is actually Taylors mission report that happened before the COD BO 3 event. Overall, Taylors mission report contains his mission journey with Hendricks in pursuing his old colleague who is considered a traitor to the CIA. These old colleagues include Fierro, Stone, Ramirez, and Conrad who also appeared in the COD BO 3 prequel comic. But because the story in the comic has nothing to do with COD BO 3 at all, we dont need to go into the story. In short, the mission to assassinate Taylors old partner started when Stone, Ramirez, Conrad and Fierro were sent to go to the Coalescence facility in Singapore. There, the four of them found an illegal CIA project called Project Corvus, where this project has claimed many lives and is responsible for the death of 300 thousand innocent Singaporeans. Knowing this fact, Stone and the others decided to rebel against the CIA by stealing the CIAs data drive for later spreading it all over the world, not giving the CIA any other choice, but to send Taylor and Hendricks to finish off the four of them. Stone, Ramirez, Conrad, and Fierro then exchanged the data drive with NRC, to get protection. Unfortunately, during this escape, Ramirez who was trying to leak CIA information was caught and immediately killed by Taylor, making Hendricks who saw him feel depressed. Stones team, now only 3 people left, went to Egypt to arrest Dr. Salim, who is believed to have information about Krueger, the person in charge of developing the Corvus project. By doing distraction in the form of a big attack from NRC, in the end Stone managed to catch Dr. Salim and killed him after successfully getting the location of Kueger. When he was about to go look for Krueger, Conrad was caught and killed by Taylor. Meanwhile, Stone and Fierro managed to escape from there to NRCs Aquifer. But, once again, with the help of Khalil, Taylor managed to corner and kill Fierro who refused to cooperate, forcing Stone to flee to Lotus Tower. It was here, Hendricks started to get very angry and said that Taylor had been manipulated by Rachel Kane from the CIA. However, this was not heard by Taylor, who was tireless and continued to chase Stone with help from Khalil. Unfortunately, in the middle of the attack, Khalil was captured by NRC forces. Even so, in the end, Taylor met and dueled with Stone. This duel left Taylor very seriously injured and almost died, but Hendricks immediately saved him by shooting Stone dead from another direction. Thats the end of Taylors mission report which definitely sounds very familiar. Because if you pay attention, its the same story experienced by players. Why could something like that happen? For that, we need to continue our journey Taylor. Done with the mission to kill his old comrades, namely Stone, Fierro, Conrad, and Ramirez, Taylor who was injured then agreed to become part of the CIA Cyber ​​soldier, where his body will be equipped with Cybernetics and DNI technology which was formed from the Corvus project. For the record, from the start, Taylor and Kane had feelings for each other, But seeing Taylor who entered to become part of the Cyber ​​Soldier, Kane decided to turn away from him and only left a bandana when Taylor was in preparation for the operation to become a Cyber ​​Soldier. Taylor also became the leader of the CIA Cyber ​​Soldier group with 3 subordinates who were none other than Sarah Hall, Sebastian Diaz and Peter Maretti. On the other hand, Hendricks decided to move units to become a rescue unit. The reason for this move is because Hendricks couldnt stand the pressure he experienced after killing his old comrades. Hendricks first mission as a rescue unit was the prime minister Saids rescue mission, when for the first time he coexisted with Player, as happened at the beginning of the games story At the end of the mission, player was caught and attacked by NRCs grunt until he lost both arms and right leg. Luckily, Taylor came to the rescue and decided to make the player a cyber soldier. After that, player woke up in a simulation train with Taylor. At least, thats what the player sees. Because in reality, based on Taylors mission report, it was said that the player had died due to a failure in the middle of the Cybernetics and DNI installation process. Then, without all of them knowing it, the Corvus AI programmed to work inside the DNI then restrains the players consciousness to keep it alive. So, even though the player is physically dead, his consciousness is still alive, thanks to Corvus. Corvus which is now lodged in the players consciousness decided to move that awareness into Taylors brain, making the player feel that he is still alive. Even though in reality, the player only lives inside Taylors brain. After that, everything that was told in this game happened, where the player begins to play the role of Taylor who is chasing Stone, Ramirez, Fierro, and Conrad together with Hendricks. The difference is, as a result of randomized memory, in the player version, everyone changes. Stone changed to Taylor, Ramirez became Diaz, Conrad became Hall, and Fierro became Maretti with exactly the same story structure, but with some modifications. Entering the player into Taylors brain is also very disturbing the original Taylor, where he continues to feel disturbances in his brain, without knowing whats going on. This explains one of the scenes when Taylor was heard screaming asking who was inside his body. In other words, Taylors body now has 2 different consciousnesses. Player awareness, and taylor own awareness. The scene when the player manages to defeat Taylor on the roof actually represents the players success in taking over Taylors body completely. So, up to this point, Taylors body has been moved by the players consciousness. After that, the player continued the last mission, namely the pursuit of Hendricks, which actually happened in reality, wasnt it in Taylors brain. Here, Hendricks original motive in capturing Krueger was not because he was influenced by Corvus as seen by the player, but because Hendricks was fed up with the CIA and wanted to continue Stones main goal, namely to force Krueger to confess about Corvus dark project that he had made. In the end, the player, in Taylors body met Hendricks and immediately killed him there, after seeing Hendricks kill Krueger. The player also then kills himself, causing him to enter the world created by DNI or his subconscious. Taylors consciousness took advantage of this to meet the players consciousness and incited him to kill Corvus. Player complied with Taylors request and killed Corvus, without knowing that he had just killed his own consciousness. Remember, Corvus is nested in the players consciousness. So by killing Corvus, the players consciousness will also die. That way, Taylors consciousness got back into his body. And that explains the final part of COD BO 3, where the person we think is a player claims that his name is Taylor. Even though all this time, players are actually using Taylors body. steam dying light Seluruh Alur Cerita Game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 dan penjelasan ceritanyaCall of Duty Black Ops 3 mengambil setting waktu pada tahun 2065, ketika terjadinya perang dingin ketiga yang melibatkan 4 organisasi militer sekaligus (Winslow Accord, Common Defense Pact, Nile River Coalition, 54 Immortals). Kisah yang dibawakan oleh game ini hampir tidak ada kaitannya sama sekali dengan seri - seri terdahulunya, dan bisa dibilang sangat sulit untuk dicerna. Untuk itu, video ini juga sudah dilengkapi dengan bagian story explanation yang menjelaskan semua hal yang terjadiSubscribe - Follow us: Twitter - Instagram - Email - Credits: MKIceAndFire - TonyStarProductionGames - Stay Romp! #CODBO3 #AlurCerita #Game #CallofDuty #BlackOps players on steam games need for speed heat steam deck steam top horror games steam clue 4 can xbox series x play steam games