*NEW* COD Black Ops 1 in 2021... NO WAY!

All steam badgeswhat steam games have cd keys CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS game welcome everyone today im very excited to be jumping back on the old playstation 3 so i am able to access one of the many classic call of duty games that i went ahead and bought i decided to let this one be up to you guys so i put out a community post right here on the aliad plays channel to see which of the following cods you would want to see me play the most cant lie the output was the exact one i was hoping youd pick world at war weve done modern warfare 2 weve done black ops 2 weve done modern warfare food and that just leaves call of duty black ops in fact i havent even taken it out of its case yet black ops for me has so many memories it was one of the first call of dutys id say i was actually pretty good at i had some great game plays my channel saw a lot of growth so im so excited to jump back on this and i promise you i know ive said it a lot in the past in my throwback videos that my playstation black ops account is the one that i ranked up and played on so should have loads of stuff unlocked and im probably prestige a few times as well if youre excited for another throwback call of duty please show it some love if we hit 10 000 likes in this video ill do another throwback video soon of your choice to get involved in the community post and vote and decide what i play next make sure you hit subscribe as well and a giant thank you as always to everyone at pops in code ali a make sure its in all caps otherwise it doesnt work on the warzone black ops cold war or modern warfare store you guys support me so much so thank you everyone holy this game is 11 years old i feel so old right now who remembers you could break out this chair right oh its exactly the same as the gulag or the most recent gulag and you could even go ahead and enter like a secret password somewhere as well oh yeah here it is i cant remember any of the passwords but i just have to do that for nostalgic reasons lets jump into multiplayer guys look if im not a high rank i will give you all a million cod points i swear to god i ranked up on playstation for black ops 1. oh that beautiful multiplayer menu music theres always that slight worry that it will never connect to the servers and let me on okay allie okay cheeky core to the middle cod points prestige was that like four or five or something what class you know this is a hundred thousand people playing right now thats a giant cap that aint real surely we got the famous we got the sniper with the variable presumed the silent famous i dont know why but look like look at this famous right here right that looks exactly the same as the far in war zone thats why i sometimes call the war zone for far or the far the famous because they look exactly the same thats what i know the familys at the mpl almost like a old school mp7 good how much did i love the famous look at me go ak-47 and a glitter oh god class as well i was a i love claymores im im actually a little bit disgusted with myself you had to use your cod points to unlock stuff im putting the motion sensor on guys im adjusting all of this it was the first game offered any level of customization to your actual character you you had no pick or say in uh i got loads of stuff locked as well and how your character looked up until this point now obviously everyones rocking rose skins in warzone and multiplayer as well kill streets were just unrivalled in this game bro gunship dogs chopper gunner black bird i mean its all just incredible im gonna take off that im gonna put on black bird i dont know what lobbies are like im gonna try a chopper gunner im going all out guys lets do this all right this is the part im really interested in my combat record i was a little sweaty boy if i remember correctly when i used to play this so i think the stats would be decent oh wait thats my win loss ratio okay i thought my kd was 1.7 i was freaking out it says ive only played three days i mean i know i was in school at the time and i didnt spend all of my time playing call of duty but three days really like 15 days on war zone oh my god look at these statistics guys most kills 73 longest kill streak 22 my kd was 4.65 dude i was a sweaty sweaty player you know the one thing im surprised its not on here i like the mpl but man before it was actually patched and the reason a lot of people got excited for it coming out in cold war this gun right here the ak74u was disgusting theres quite a few guns in here we havent seen i dont think at all mac 10 or mac 11 actually this one a little bit more updated a lot of guns in here we dont think theyve ever returned to call of duty for a long time cold war these guns could be coming next oh my gosh you could not make this up weve got nuketown the og nuketown ive accidentally got vibrations on lets go and pop off ladies and gentlemen at least i hope we go and pop off lets get ourselves some eliminations oh my gosh it feels so different it feels so i love it though wow weve safe to say the cool jew characters have got a lot stronger theyve been hitting the gym because he threw that grenade about two centimeters or get wool bang mate you aint getting away that easily oh its got a nice double kill there ill take that that guy got a kill streak ready oh get that uav in get that uav in ladies and gentlemen lets cook that grenade lob it in with his weak weak arms i think that literally bounced off i genuinely think that grenade bounced off of the whoa oh my god im getting so carried away here this is this is this is fun nah get out of here mate get at it you know what i always remembered black ops 1 as having a lot of recoil and i controlled the recall so well and wow wow wasnt i a great player honestly comparing it to some of the more recent games and like war zone recourse not as bad as i remember im going in too damn anymore im dropping im dropping nuclears im dropping vsats im about to pop off trust me not messing around not messing around oh my god thanks rum might run these enemies are everywhere put us down im dead im dead how how am i not getting kills how much skiing assists we switch spawns yet oh my gosh that was mental oh my how is that guy still there the mpl absolutely beautiful weapon by the way okay were off to a good start six and oh i think im two kills off of a visa i think thats how like literally eight kills and youre well in oh my god thats it its in its in its over the destruction the destruction its just that simple ladies and gentlemen oh my god oh no ive got a massive killing spree lets give the old uh science galileo shot shall we get out of here og mp5 as well were trying it all today baby were trying it all today anyone else around here whenever going anyone else do you want to have a gun all right lets just call this chopper gunner in bring him in boys reel him in people can we slow down on the killing thatll be beautiful here we go one of the most destructive kill streaks in call of duty history is not wait am i killing people bro whos targeting me no no i cant say that its the most destructive kill streak in call of duty history then get two kills with it thats just not gonna thats just not gonna work none theres no way im going down here no way im going down yet no way im going down yet this thing was destructive oh is that cheeky triple feed i think it was oh my god i forgot disgusting the old mp5 was its utterly beautiful sight to behold look at that even the hip fire is beautiful as youd expect on a on an smg obviously but nice popping off its going well this guy is again i know weve got count you av i want to get dogs i want to get dogs oh my god lets go thats the dogs get them in that is every kill streak i wanted to get he sat there the entire game he blend he blends in with the map i literally didnt think hed still be there look at the dogs just going ham look at the dogs do not mess with the dogs ladies and gentlemen got flash oh my god theres just no stopping look at that kill me 28 and four guys black ops one unreal unreal didnt even talk about a campaign or zombies or anything else that was incredible i got all the killstreaks i want i had a ton of fun use a load of awesome weapons you want to see more of this or any other throwback call of dutys let me know which one in the comments thank you again for everyone popping in code alia on the call of duty store more throwback and other videos on screen here click to watch them now head on over there i hope you enjoyed steam doesn t detect installed game Call of Duty Black Ops 1 multiplayer in 2021... 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