Honest Game Trailers | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Can i use a steam mop on vinyl flooringmicrowave steam cook CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS game this video is brought to you by facebook gaming were building the worlds gaming community join us and help shape a creator first gaming platform where you can build your own community around the games you love to stream this is rated s for spoilers in a time when the u.s is feeling like the morning after an all night tequila binge get a shot of that pure uncut american jingoism we love so much with a dive into an imagined past thats sure to give you an extremely patriotic murder boner call of duty black ops cold war return to the never-ending parade of call of duty titles with a game thats firmly in the mold of the original black ops complete with mason the numbers in a searing hot version of the cold war where youll prevent the nuclear apocalypse from happening by shooting your way down a corridor until all the guys stop moving which is a pretty realistic take on american diplomacy featuring some serious moral choices that turn out not to matter seconds later in a series thats basically as much of a cinematic experience as uncharted except instead of quippy joss whedon dialogue everyones trying to out gruff each other if youre trying to be friendly this is the dumbest way to go about it were just  __  with you immerse yourself in this high-stakes cold war play and return to the lighthearted era where the thing you worried about killing you was as abstract as potential nuclear war in a storyline thats kind of just black ops 1 again but with more graphics where youll sit in on briefings with real life figures like al hay gorbachev and a fantasy version of ronald reagan whos super patriotic and focused and not just an old man with alzheimers who keeps offering you jelly beans and fight to thwart the plans of secret russian terrorists so the actual russians dont have to be the bad guys through exciting missions like infiltrating the kremlin and um the sniper rifle level until you get to the end of your short playtime and make the one choice that isnt just whether or not a supporting character is alive to deliver one background line where you flip the giant switch that says good or bad ending and no spoilers but trust us the bad one is way more interesting make a cannon you wusses load up the actual reason people buy call of duty games and return to the multiplayer for a heaping helping of the exact same  __  you were eating last year except with slightly fewer features like wall mounting and dashing as you choose which skin your enemies will see in the corner second before they die then run around a handful of new maps or if youre a real lunatic nuke down for the 500th time desperately hoping to kill at least two people before you get shot in the back or play combined arms the why arent i just playing battlefield mode until you eventually drift back to deathmatch where the adrenaline hits come quicker in a no-frills call of duty experience that certainly gets the job done like it always does but also feels like they spent most of their time trying to get this thing to run on two console generations im a simple man activision and all im asking for is gun game take another shot at the impenetrable zombies mode where they didnt even bother to make it a completely different setting for no reason this time but dont worry you still have to play it with a wikipedia page open unless you want to get yelled at by teenagers because it still is full of weird tricks and secrets you need to know about to not completely suck and the best way to succeed is to carefully line up zombies to headshot at once so you can save ammo which is about as far from the fun of the traditional cod experience as you can possibly get in what has started to feel like call of dutys version of an mmo raid except your reward for doing well is that it lasts longer yay i mean if you enjoy this stuff go with god but i would rather be eaten alive by actual zombies so bazooka that recon plane and get ready to call up tons of duties for one of the most by-the-book entries in the franchise in a while but who am i kidding you either already played 400 hours in this game or stopped caring entirely years ago starring face killer most definitely pointless the ambiguously gay duo jenny english the government guy that gets punched in every movie revolver barcelona max headroom and jacobs blather gamers duty long title notice me reagan summer you know if youre gonna do digital reagan i say go all out if hes not a giant statue with laser eyes like in wasteland 3 i dont want to see it this video is brought to you by facebook gaming go live and start streaming the games you love good morning night city Music you all got your exaggerated swaggers on im here to eat pizza and stuff you into a fur suit and im all out of pizza im from harlem im walking here im walking here if violence isnt the answer then you ask the wrong question how to play steam games on xbox ►►Start 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