This is BLACK OPS 3 in 2022.. (7 Years Later)

How to find gifted games on steamsteam verify integrity of game files stuck at 0 CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS game if i hit a crossmap 360 everyone has to drop a like right now whats going on guys right away here and today man uh we are back on call of duty black ops 3. so its that time of the year again where uh all of the youtubers revisit the older call of duties and play them in the new year its just a tradition and i always got to go back to black ops 3. this is the game that started it off for me is the game where im sure most you guys watching this video found out about my channel i always talk about this with uh dismo another call of duty youtuber and we both agree that if this game was still being updated to this day with like new weapons new maps just new content this is the game i would play this is the game i would upload everyone watching the video right now drop a like if you have ever played this game like dont dont lie to me dont cap like if you played black ops 3 drop a like right now i was actually thinking i was like okay if this video just gets a ton of support a ton of likes and just you know a ton of comments from you guys i was thinking about doing another road to dark matter series on black ops 3. i know that would be crazy to do because theres not as many like players playing it right now and it would probably be hard to do a lot of the challenges uh just drop a like man subscribe let me know in the comment section mark matter im sure so many people played black ops cold war as their first call of duty game and saw dark ether and was like whoa that kind of was crazy and they didnt even know that this was the original dark matter camo all the extras camos too weaponized one and five cyborg nuketown camo oh my god like the different colored dark matters bloody valentine for valentines day the dragon fire camo atomic fire arcane fire one of my favorite camos and also cherry fizz was up there too this camo is beautiful lets hop into some games man lets see how black ops 3 is in 2022 and uh lets see if its any different somebody played black ops 3 there were a ton of hackers just people who were like invisible doing like exploits and glitches and stuff so lets see how it is now first kill baby yeah i dont know about you guys but um i was actually a huge fan of jetpacks in call of duty games you know every time i say that people are like yo just go play halo bro or just go play titanfall dont play call of duty but im like call of duty did it right i feel i felt like call of duty kind of mastered jet packs in a sense at least black ops 3 did advanced warfare was a little iffy but i think black ops 3 had like the perfect you know jet pack movement also infinite warfare was pretty good too let me know in the comment section would you guys want to see another jetpack call of duty game in my opinion i would totally totally love to see one it would be different and i know a lot of people would probably not be too hyped about it but in my opinion i would love to see jetpacks return bro honestly it was just the movement really added like a skill gap really separated the good players who kind of took the time to master the movement and the bad players who really couldnt get the hang of it i dont know it just added that skill gap that i felt like call of duty really really needed and it made me excited to play the game and no we will probably never ever see it again but if they release like a black ops 3 remastered or something like that oh my god id probably be the happiest person in the world literally thank you thank you its always so difficult for me to actually play the older call of dutys because the field of view is so zoomed in and its really difficult for me to play sometimes surprisingly theres actually a lot of low levels on the game a level 7 a level 21 a level 6 and a level 26 like did people just get this game for christmas and one beautiful thing about the older call of duties is that you stay in the same lobby you just play theres no resetting the lobby you dont find new players after one game you can stick and just kind of roll with the same lobby so if you found that god lobby bro if you found that lobby that youre just absolutely killing it in you can just stay and you can just play the same players over and over and over again in all the new call of duty games after one game the lobby resets and thats it also another feature that needs to remain in call of duty map voting i know its a touchy topic uh but let me know in the comments section if you guys would like to see another jetpack call of duty game oh oh the xmc lets go babe damn bro im dead Music shes down got the wraith race there we go we got the hater okay oh the game was about to end i was about to get the wraps shes down Music got the wraith got the hater gotta get out of here for a sec lets go got the wraps no no no no no no at least i got the wraps though man i love this gun bro it was just that gun it was just that gun bro its gonna absolutely shred it man let me know in the comment section your favorite uh weapon in black ops three probably even the uh the peacekeeper was really good here we go we got this guy coming through and theres the game im gonna go on a limb and say that guy is invisible because i i didnt see that dude i literally didnt see that dude right in front of me it seems a little sus just a little bit drop them what yep yeah hes invisible yep well i knew i was gonna come across someone who was invisible like i i have been playing for like an hour and i havent found one cheater and uh that was the first game so did you get a hard-on for going back to black ops 3 being invisible and just slaying out on a game that doesnt really even matter anymore what is the purpose because youre not uploading this content to youtube so youre just playing for your own enjoyment try to make it make sense it will never make sense and join another match late and this dude has a yellow name yeah a yellow name and i think yeah definitely invisible as well im definitely invisible as well all right all right okay im out we all just agree as a black ops 3 community we all love this game we all want the best for this game we all want to go back to this game and have fun ill do a mutual agreement because we know treyarch isnt going to go back to black ops 3 and fix this glitch can we all mutually agree to stop with the invisibility and just play the game and lets revive black ops 3 like how it was in 2015. i know this is the gun right here that everyone wanted to see in todays video come on there we go oh i got a kill oh my god sorry buddy uh yeah youre not gonna punch me with the prize fighters youre not oh this thing is overpowered bro if i hit a crossmap 360 everyone has to drop a like right now there we go hey my shots still on point though for real never give me the sniper bro oh id actually get a hit marker black ops 3 sniping was like bro it was it was golden it was actually golden bro look at that oh my hey why yall give me hit markers like that bro what was that contraption is he sitting up there with an lmg and a shock charge Music wasted ready demolition black ops at work open it down Music wasted repo oh my god oh man it just made my day coming back to this call of duty it really really did look kind of just been playing a lot of war zone i feel like cod multiplayer really has not been the same like at all its honestly been pretty depressing cod multiplayer has not been the same and uh it always feels so good to go back to a really really good like multiplayer experience and one of those is black ops 3. you you guys cant even you know you guys cant even deny that black ops 3 its just that game man got another hater another wraith im thinking im probably dead here oh my god i got more raps well call that in lets go baby oh no no hey we got double streaks this game fellas oh oh my god hello whats up buddy how are you how are you want to tomahawk someone i want to tomahawk someone this guy right here there we go final kill and of course guys it would not be a raid away black ops 3 video if we didnt open up some supply drops the big box bundle is also back right now i do have some crypto keys and i also have five melee weapon bribes you guys know how old these weapon bribes are theyve been sitting on my account for probably about four to five years at this point maybe close to six years were gonna open one what melee are we getting what melee show it to me is that the fury song the fury song i even remember the name all right what is it uh nightbreaker nightfreaker lets go baby okay open up supply drops i know everyone hates them and like they are terrible system for real but i lowkey kind of miss him a little bit i miss just the hype factor like you know you can play the game earn free you know crypto keys or to open up supply drops and then like to finally get the weapon that you wanted there was nothing better than that come on oh is that the wrench what theyre giving me all the melees today thank you all so much for watching todays video man if you guys enjoyed drop a like and subscribe im thinking about unlocking dark matter again on this game it would definitely be a grind uh maybe a little bit stressful but i feel like it would be fun so yeah let me know in the comment section if you guys would want me to unlock dark matter again in black ops 3. thank yall so much for watching i will see you guys next time discounts on steam games This is BLACK OPS 3 in 2022.. 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