Every Call of Duty Game.. In 1 Video

Cook game steamsteam d&d games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS game ive been playing call of duty for as long as i can remember 17 years to be exact theres been some bangers theres been some flops but nonetheless this series this franchise has given me a career that i love and i wouldnt change anything for it so today im gonna play every single call of duty 21 games starting from the og call of duty all the way to call of duty vanguard really hope you guys enjoyed this video it took me a full week of buying old games recording editing planning if at any point in time you guys think that i earned your sub but please do so were getting very close to hitting 2 million subscribers and i really want to hit it shout out to go619 murk music and im sudah i saw suda do this video a couple years ago his video was an absolute masterpiece and i wanted to give it a try myself i hope you guys enjoy the year is 2022 and i bought call of duty one or is it just call of duty do you even say the one its just call of duty here we are and welcome to call of duty internet refresh oh my god those actual servers uh blue monkey owl chat to note i dont even know what that map is but you are permanently banned from this server i havent even played this server yet since multiplayers chalked im playing the first campaign mission all right listen up private martin whats up home mystical course and doing weapons training today what is this built so weird bro do what they tell you open the gate and run the obstacle course go go go damn okay sergeant fire up those machine guns oh my god bro eyes up private man fire six more rounds at your target okay springfield rifle from the table switching it for your car oh my god fire two rounds at your target i dont need any practice on this is what we call a trick shot where im from Music no scope make the wrong choice and you could buy the farm you want to make the wrong choice pick up the frag grenades from the table pick them up im picking them up holy hell thats a lot of firepower there that stuff doesnt care what it blows up get your butt out of there unless you want it blown off hey the effects are pretty good for back in the day am i really about to spend 15 on call of duty 2. just for a segment of this video absolutely theres so many more people in this game im actually in all right were in oh im so excited for this oh i got one kill lets go clipping for my montage look at those head shots got him what gun i just pick up every time i kill him hes dead oh nope okay funny enough call of duty 2 is actually my first ever call of duty that i ever played i didnt play it that much i just remember my dad having the game what are you doing what is that hes like a hunchback i never was this like cod fanboy sweat that i am nowadays i used to be a halo fanboy halo was my game halo 2 specifically oh perfect perfect im spawn trapping oh dead promoted to rank two yo thank you wait hold use f to sprint oh my god they actually do have sprint look at me with a 4kd on cod 2 bro huh who would have thought not me can i get up here i can please dont be dont be looking all right perfect oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh my god oh my god oh my god why do you guys keep coming up here theyre gonna keep trying oh they threw a grenade im dead though got the scoped mosin now bro is he climbing a tree bro how do you climb a tree nope im dodging im dodging im running get no scope i dont know what you were doing my guy oh oh no scope going up top going up top where are you guys camping at where you guys camp im beating someone down bro come here theres one kill come here theres two kills no scope thats three kills i was 63 and 22. i think there was only like maybe five real players on this entire game call of duty three a game that i never bought until now when im 25 and while we wait im just gonna quench it down with a g fuel courtesy of code dismount and you guys should do the same theres a link down in the description we have a custom g fuel shaker cup also if you dont use my code you get no Music you want to make a grown man cry you play that intro right there welcome to call of duty 3 treyarchs first ever call of duty i really hope theres some people on here and oh my god this music is so loud player match sign in quick match joining oh let me down cod three come on so ive been sitting here for the last like five minutes im starting to think that theres not a single soul on call of duty three on the xbox right now im gonna create my own match maybe that will work this looks like one of those interviews where theyre blacking out the persons voice its like yeah he came at me yo it was a crazy like a lot of blood why does cod 2 look better than cod 3. oh my god yeah i forgot with press and hold x oh going like this okay were going can i ramp this oh oh so yeah call of duty 3 wasnt really that popular of a call of duty like i know a lot of people didnt like the game and this was treyarchs first like attempt at making a cod oh how do i i dont know how do i back up can you not back up a lot of people just didnt like the game myself included i remember the only way i got this game and i played it i rented this game from a family video yeah im that old back when we had like family videos and blockbusters and whatnot got home i was super excited i played it i think i played for 20 minutes and then i went right back to halo 2. bro did that just explode on its own im sitting here watching youtube videos waiting for someone to join in ive sat here for 10 minutes and its its literally just me i i really dont think anybody is playing this game on the xbox 50 000 people used to live here now its a ghost town call of duty 4. modern warfare the og call of duty this is where that calls that he bug crawled inside of me that sounded weird but this is where i got my itch to play call of duty theres actually 3 000 plus people on this game theres no way if i get into a match faster than what i would if i was playing like modern warfare 2019 im gonna laugh look at hj dugan with the 1.17 kd noob im starting to think that 3k player count was a lie and uh that nobodys on this game and just as the intro 40 000 people used to play this game now its a ghost town did i spend 10 dollars on cod 4 in the xbox to not play it yes am i going to spend ten dollars on cod 4 on the pc in an attempt to play it also yes does this 30 mean that theres 30 players but theres 54 slots im flying through the air this is not good got one got two nope did i get another kill i did got the airstrike dont kill me dont kill me dont kill me im doing so good oh m16 stopping power busted come on keep pushing it got the hell i got you lets go no im dead hey thats all i wanted move no i will not move bro all right i think thats enough cod for call of duty world at war i really dont think that theres gonna be any people on this game gonna not believe the player count when they say that theres 600 players in this game wait my games frozen but it says trying to join potential matches please wait oh my god theres a match oh my god did you just light yourself up rays names ranch dressing up ow dude let me go im trying to get through rands dressing in a tank oh is this a guy that was a guy oh i got the kill thats all that matters there we go holding it down hold it down holding it down im still alive im still alive lets go let me get dogs take it dogs yes i just got pooches snipe this guy and nope im dead oh yep wait rose still making his world at war sniper montage and im dead like i just want to be able to walk out of my spawn please when world at war is the current call of duty actually didnt have my own account back then i was just playing on my dads account and this was i was so young i didnt know what like prestiging was in call of duty i remember going on my dads account and i remember pressing just a whole bunch of buttons and all of a sudden he got a fancy new emblem and was level one and then i logged off because i started to panic i thought i was gonna get in trouble it turns out i did get in trouble and he was mad at me because uh he didnt want to proceed it was all worth it in the end wasnt it dad these are the people that really did never get off this game modern warfare 2. i play with this entire video specifically being the older games is i want to play and experience the game on normal regular servers i dont want to have to go and download like iw4x and go hop on there to go play moderator 2. i want to play it as it is on the xbox but unfortunately its looking like that might not be a thing because i remember the last time i was on this game it took me 20 minutes just to find a match and i was lucky enough to get my nuke first game on so oh my god theres people starting this off with a classic call me toxic i dont care theres one kill oh theres two kills and im dead to lucy that man just drop shot at op drills theres one theres two did i come on mod one for a two to camp like a oh absolutely got you bobby zombie im sorry im sorry op lucy no oh oh dad just jump shot loose oh no theres another one climb up look at you lucy man is a sweat i respect it lucy but im not leaving theres one kill thats two kills there we got the ac 130 go go go go go go were safe i dont know if this is gonna work but were gonna go for it go go go got him oh this is not good ac 130 sucks get him please got three were not gonna get the duke but its okay go for the kill go for the kill got you oh oh oh im trying to kill me no run run run whoa lets go 36 and six ill take it lucy youre a sweat but its okay good old black ops one black ops one has the coolest main menu screen because of this just break out yeah and there we go and you know we got a little easter egg last time i was on this game i was still in carnage clan that is wild to me so currently black ops 1 has 1 865 players online i remember when i got on this game there was like a bug where it basically had the entire world lit up and it showed like a hundred thousand players on this game after its been like 10 years trying to join one potential match i dont even care if i have like 300 pings i will fight the lag demon just so i can play black ops 1. oh my god they actually have mics and im on a four bar oh lets go right yeah right oh god im gonna breathe there you go what gun did you have famas dual mag oh and its golden hello and no shot bro yo you guys are ass dookie players oh this could be the easiest win this morphix is so too holy what did i do bro im just sitting here minding my own business one kill and i saw him my accuracy is dont destroy my uav couldnt even do he literally blends in with the grass what is this oh get off the head glitch get out of the corner man oh good last stand walk through got him too throw that right there im away from the walk through i love c4 so much oh fun and dude im so bad come back here dont hide dont hide dont hide youre gonna make it worse youre gonna make it worse if you hide bro youre such a hoe for that bro oh help help help team tv just really hello look at him im lame why is everyone proning oh yes much bag you gamer card send message l oh my gosh would you message me modern warfare 3. i saw this game like six months ago when i was doing the nuke and every cod part two model for three has always been a game that im able to find matches for the last like five six years that ive came back and done throwback content never had an issue with this game and right now were not finding anything and im getting kind of scared ive been sitting here now for 20 minutes and its me and two other people i think modern warfare 3 truly is dead ive been sitting here with this one other guy cant even see his name and hes gone now no yeah we got to go to the pc mod infected classic why not no other cod since model 43 has done infected as good as this game did every single time they bring it back and they bring like a different iteration of infected back just never hits its never the same oh my god we got people doing glitch spot elon musk drop it drop it thats a free kill now spawn spawn in spawn in any second now spawn in i was gonna kill you no matter what like youre delaying the inevitable come on spawn thank you thank you oh yes yes go got the kills got the specialist thank you im one shot come on yes yes got him i stun myself i won got you andy i got the moab lets go no i died black ops 2. i already know were going to see some wild things hopefully we get a match really really fast and we gotta spawn straight into one oh hello i spawned in and just started getting laser is he invisible the invisible hackers have now downgraded if i can get one kill ill be happy and i dont think thats going to happen oh my god i got the one kill look at this yo you guys think hes walling i dont know nuketown 2025. thats um why are you oh my god its another one of those guys i did not know that hackers could quite literally control the entire game do something crazy bro he has the power to change the entire map on what were gonna be playing so you know he has to be able to do some other crazy stuff right in the meantime i will just you know my own business and run around and sweat because he just just gave me a vsat off the rip this is not okay i dont condone this he literally just spawned in his own kill streaks thats crazy come here Music yeah how many times time to miss a knife yes yes what is he doing what is this Music is he a supply drop playing halo forge on black ops 2. what is the what is this game lets go feel some knife kills here we go theres one theres two oh theres three go around go around thats four im slaying free kill come here what is he doing i wanna is he building a bridge i need to get to the bridge go go go get move excuse me he can hold us hostage in here not gonna lie when started this challenge i thought it was gonna be pretty easy to kind of get everything done im only on call of duty ghosts and im exhausted already but anyway heres call of duty ghosts i think i got like one of the biggest maps in the game for a 6v6 dont even know where to go oh no way this guy really back here oh my god this is why call of duty ghost has a bad rap we got players like this the two times ive oh my god that was scary this game does look pretty good though i swear i saw someone over here the two times ive done the nuke in every cod this has been the game that i have Music okay theres a dead body in here okay i see that theyre all posted up everyones just camping in this lobby all right its going its going and this is about to be the longest cdm game ive ever played if that goes for me if that goes for me host migration bro there like look look at him im sorry to anybody that loves call that he goes i think the game is like kind of underrated but man i i walked right past him no no this is still one of the most terrifying skins in call of duty history but here we are advanced to warfare ive already played advanced warfare i had this whole thing done i played some matches i know theres at least one lobby on here but you know what i didnt do yeah i forgot to hit start recording the number one thing you need to do when making youtube videos hey hold this for me please nope its okay im just gonna kill you anyway you received a supply chop probably one of the most annoying experiences as being a content creator is when you just forget to hit start recording nothing ever matches the first round of recording its never better the second time around the first take is usually always the best take one exo punch them a lot of people consider advanced warfare the downfall of call of duty you know supply drops skill based matchmaking jet packs you know two out of three of those you know i still think jet packs are amazing what advanced warfare did do right was the variety and customization in this game character customization is something i wish we had back you could customize down to your knee pad all right here perfect are you what you just got exiled oh punch i i what is happening royalty blunderbuss i gotta blast them before this games over yay yes oh go oh my god i forgot has the slowest reload cod history oh yes boom oh my god can you just reload look at him what is lost connection to host did someone just dashboard were finally here no oh my god thats not a good sign first game and im pretty sure thats an invisible hacker cosmic welcome to ps4 lobbies you guys ready to win this game yeah im ready because what they want to call this crap i love this you guys know this by now black ops 3 its my favorite call of duty ever i think its the greatest call of duty ever now though i got to focus up and i got to teach these bullies a lesson try me again perfect push up push up level 1000 oh my god got him right there right there i mean yeah ive been here this is black ops oh 3. god mind games bro when did this guy get in here oh yes what a brutal i need five kills for the new me the nuke no i thought look we dont want to trash you dont have one well i hit that low they didnt bro what oh my god he turned his invisibility just punched this mo bro excuse me is he okay are you are you good i cant lie guys not to be mean but you guys are kind of dogging i dont want to say anything because i used to be that kid regardless of the situation if i got carried i was still talking im gonna give him this captain price is so embarrassed to be on this game that hes not even looking at the camera hey look over here bro its okay literally there is a level one someone willingly went out and bought infinite warfare oh my god were winning six to one ah black sky i am so glad i did the whole black sky series on infinite warfare like having this camo knowing that i have it unlocked oh my god flying robot dead robot knowing i have this camo unlocked just makes me feel good hello oh my god thats my teammate ow hello am i fighting ghosts say what you want about infinite warfare i still think this is a good and fun game is it a good and fun call of duty debatable for the individual game if you remove the ties that it has the movement theyre gone and you rank up why is that rank of sound go hard i joined in when we were winning now were getting dogged bruh push me right down this way i got this unlock i will ak laser your ass yep got him come on im dead look at him theyre all oh my god leave me alone oh my god its predator and that again who names himself supple lunch gravity gun time i didnt get a kill with the last time im getting it now point oink and im dead yeah what up man what are you doing back on here bro you already hit black sky im recording another video playing every single call of duty in one video again i cant do infinite warfare without including modern warfare remastered the only reason why infinite warfare actually sold my fear with mwr is that the game is dead if i dont find a match thats just gonna i stand corrected im surprised that i found a match on console i thought it was like completely dead you ever just like joke on air and noob tubes this is why nobody wants to play this game oh where are they wait bro i cant i cant escape the noob tubes just let me live can you get off me bro oh no no scopes oh oh oh jump scared hold this three two one eat no one peek me two nice it markered one kill if you noob to me im done oh give me your sniper whatd you have the m40 got you and you peek me peek me peep me i missed im ass im ass i got him i got him again nope ah dont you do it and we lost can i help you bro dont just run up on someone like that ah god world war ii i actually kind of like this game joined halfway late but whats new its call of duty when youre on these older games you really cant be picky oh my book although this game was disliked by many and not a lot of people played it everyone was jumping the ship to go play fortnite this game holds a special place in my heart back off zombie beat him down beat him thats what you get bro oh and if it wasnt for this game and just how this game ended up being i dont think i would be a youtuber i dont think id be able to do this as a job or i wouldnt have been back then because call of duty was in such like a quote-unquote bad place when this game came out i took advantage of the fact that not a lot of people were liking this game and believe it or not even if the game is not really that popular theres still going to be players on the game that want to watch content that want to learn i went from 150 000 to i believe like 600 700 000 during the year of this game uh he just spawned on me yes we got specialists imagine if i v2 rocket here oh my god everyone has to drop a like oh my god theres a lot thats not good for me no please drop a like for me get absolutely destroyed aiden black ops 4 my second son my second home i love this game so much and i severely think this game is underrated and over hated oh what feet lets go or it was a triple it wasnt really a quad feed but and like half of them were afk but hey im scared im scared oh my god i was panicking so hard i felt like a tick tock kid doing the movement stuff try me again come on peek it peek it peek it come on come on come on got him is there a guy back here oh he has dark matter okay literally touch the water and its gone getting ready to ride the lightning oh come on chain chain chain to him chain killed yes im so sorry ah does that hurt does that hurt got him why are you bullied get up go right back down throw my little r2d2 drone im gonna die please no oh he shot it is there another guy in here there was another yelp i knew there was theres people behind me yeah brutal oh this is so toxic but i love it im just going to hold this angle yep yes keep feeding me the kills hello oh oh my god thats embarrassing gt theyre just gonna try to run the way but they cant what are you doing what is this i felt like i had to pay for that yo yo yo i wanna go back to the twerk show and just throw that is he still back there hes still twerking lets get it everyone start twerking hey no i just wanted to twerk with my best friend no and of course we cant forget the massively popular call of duty mobile lets play some search and destroy i feel like my entire team is going to be nothing but bots i dont think a single one of you is a real person insecto kura like who names himself at hello goodbye pad mobile is one of those games that a lot of people they dont consider it to be a call of duty but i do oh is this guy fk yo yo yo yo bomb planted thats no good right here who else i heard footsteps im scared my god oh run no i better hope this is real people otherwise im losing to bots hot mobile is amazing game im just not a mobile gamer hence why im playing cod mobile on the pc theres one come on come on come on two bro Laughter yo that was chill chill chill chill chill chill watching two bots fight each other i dont know why thats entertaining to me theres one here 360. oh that is he over here where is he there he is hold that i missed no hey hey chill chill chill we can be friends bulldozer why did i say bulldozer i didnt type anything did i hit a com oh my god youre better be a bot man thats uh thats pretty embarrassing if youre real be sweaty do that little slide cancel quick scope got one got your back teammates dont worry about it theres one i missed you oh there he is this last one sorry bud i want the bomb thank you go e im rush pointing actually no no no the bots are gonna think that im going to a im going to b i dont think weve gone to b this entire game im gonna come around this corner and theres gonna be like six of them watch oh my god were safe right plant bomb nope wait plan no plant the okay right here one two bro where are they at theres two more are they really not gonna push this i okay i i guess thats it modern warfare 2019 take three yes ive had to record this now three times because the first time my pc crashed the second time i accidentally deleted the footage i never played free for all modern warfare so im gonna do that i used to play free for all a lot in call of duty i dont anymore but uh oh my god free for all and rust its about to get toxic oh its just me nobody else has spawned in yet yo come here come here going back through boom run run run run im bobbing and im weaving got you if this wasnt the third time of me recording this game i would care a bit more but really right now im just gonna blow people up and be toxic nope not today got you give me this Laughter oh rpgs too much fun too much fun get out of here is it toxic to use the 725 in modern warfare 2019 oh absolutely am i still gonna use it oh absolutely i love this weapon guy back here maybe thank you just claymore right there and i blew myself up okay come on goodbye its time to use it oh oh mod warfare is one of those games that i did like it to an extent but it also wasnt one of those games that like i really really liked you know i definitely think the game has some pros to its cons but im gonna win this with the sniper its not even my sniper i dont even know what this class setup is but i like it what else we got hey your gun peek me peek me got you oh right here hey oh right here got you got you oh the killcam oh youre a yo super camera youre mad bro ggs no im not mad im just pointing it out you have to use a 725 in order to work this is a sniper i dont know what youre talking about yeah you were using a 725 for the majority of the game i dont even believe you man kill yourself shut the up although warzone came out halfway during the life cycle of modern warfare 2019 it has done so much for the call of duty scene in the call of duty community i personally enjoyed the game a lot more back in for dance than i do now and were definitely not playing caldera so fortunes keep it is Music do you honestly think youre funny seriously oh youre so good here we go what is he running at me with is that a kimbo shotguns so top omnion yep thats yup okay maybe thats karma from the beginning im getting shot from the other direction nope Applause got him enemy dropping into the ao none of my watch bro im sorry Applause got you literally had nothing oh Applause wisconsinite where are you man what do you see bro what get inside get inside Applause got him no why are you shooting my body wisconsinite i still got my resurgence lets go climb this please dont shoot me please dont shoot me please dont shoot me im gonna jump to the top now were cut my game just froze zombie unicorn oh my god shut up and take my money whats up guys um just ignore my eye today it is bed um i popped a blood vessel in my eye oh if this is a tick tock that bitchs eye looks up this kids definitely on crack right now good bro spent 24 on this i got to see the weapon inspect oh my god its a lot those brains did it just fart a rainbow oh my god i love this i feel like cold war is an incredibly rushed cod and that treyarch didnt get their actual full development life cycle to actually complete this game i think if this game was fully completed on launch it didnt have one year to develop this game it probably would have been a really good trailer call of duty oh oh nice little three-piece all this guy behind me guess what oh no the way i view cold war is its basically black ops 4 but without the specialist so we just had multiple years of just kind of like the same thing from the same developers theres one yup captain price challenge it you ego challenge one oh that was close can i get some ammo please got him with a head shot with the war machine makes sense its right around the corner got you too theres the harp the minute i call this in air patrol i need ammo what im scared i only have a scythe no although im at fanboy and i love every single game that they put out i really do wish that when this game came out that it didnt come out i wish they would have released this game instead of vanguard and look at him look at him all the way back there living in his red dot sight oh going for the execution im going for bro never mind and last but certainly not least actually yes it actually is the least vanguard 1v1 shipment that is perfect actually when did they add this did i just join session into 1v1 there he is he is sorry bro the only good thing that vanguard has is the ptrs this sniper is like the only thing i enjoy actually using hello maybe over here there he is hold up and take me ow ow good shotgun oh my god he pulled out a piss Music i just panicked and sprayed so much okay now im getting spawn trapped Music oh my god i just got tripled vanguard is one of those call of dutys that like you know oh my god Music got you get out of here get out of here i hear him yep got him come through here come through got one shot in the chamber going in wheres he at no dont run for me dont run dont run dont run im throwing a knife you oh oh sorry picked it back up picked it back oh oh breaking ankles breaking ankles oh no no dont do it dont do it dont do it oh oh hey hold this how did you know i was behind here got you okay how lame it is 360. ggs man that is every call of duty in one video i myself had a blast recording it you made it this far to the video i really hope you enjoyed it drop a like if you guys did subscribe if you guys are brand new is absolutely free and ill see you guys in the next one peace steam game start menu shortcut Call of Duty, Ive played this series for as long as I can remember. 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