EPIC COMEBACK...!? - Black Ops 3 GUN GAME! #1 - LIVE w/ Ali-A

How to install steam unlocked gamescan you transfer steam games to xbox CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS game so as you guys know I love call of duty gun game it is my favorite to mess around rank up and try and win it event called you tobacco-free under the bonus playlist and I have yet to touch it I never played gun getting savings from a great first video but today I came into junket on black ops II the very first time how can I do will I be sit will I spoke lets find out 550 points down you mad are you mad I would okay I would back out and be like screw this but I actually care a lot about my window singular duty black ops 3 so I oh my gosh Im actually gonna try it Im gonna driving a spoiled like futile is you probably never gonna happen in the million years are just go to church go cousins oblivious yes oh my gosh thats shotgun to the site that I freaking hate it absolutely horrible right Argus never uses thing in my life but I gotta here with it we do we do be good like when I fifth one already automatic shotgun that is that actually pretty sick I think thats maybe no one I got that awesome epic camel on the score is going to go off  __  go but actually make it to be played somehow this is what turn out is this gun with a sign fellas only put a massive marshmallow to cook on the end of the gun its happy oh okay a under halfway 80 to 160 this please dont lose what are you mad are you actually mad nah that could not have just happened right were 18 160 much second last right now the person who needs what four more kills to actually go ahead and win but but but but typically VN was obviously a lot harder so okay nice discussed as EROEI weve got some good ones youve gotten with some assault rifles planed my hands nicely Im not gonna complain come on know that persons gone that persons gone gums motion gun 410 10 number 64 we actually made essentially the most like ridiculous comeback of all time now some can be coming in come on show yourself show yourself show yourself turn a keyboard to many places the sniper oh why we sure were screwed I was sure I was good Gordon Google what is that gun fires are like one mile per hour but we measure get off it Jenkins that thing was horrific right dingo I actually got this in the fertile plain zombie so I know our man come on I know its not a bad weapon at all its just whether or not we can find an enemy of right yes exactly done shotgun sniper sorry inspector sniper no no people look me anyway what was that whoa there we go avenge lady change we good we good we good oh thats the person I think some 180 as well want a rocket launcher you get on this we actually even up lets go 180 to 180 how have we even managed lets go I suppose nothing I fists this has got to be to hit kill this is not going to happen its not gonna happen easy guys I need something to run into me be completely oblivious Go Go knows what that sucks nice rocket boy I dont even know that was all right some gun fights going on over here this fish Im not get so lucky right now low ingria roses yes numb oh my god boy 20 supply how we can place to be doing that game oh that is enough that deserves a life right now 150 points come back for our first 40-ton game Oh Mitchell oh its not over guy I always like you to gun thanks you guys this fine level are we coming and carousels another wind lets do this wheres it born at was it when Apple is there one out come on come on mom Oh what flick jimothy a person wasnt moving I was like wails I format nice whoa whoa really this blows good its gonna disappear oh god this is the word oh my gosh give me that boys what no its a freaky automatic what is in it Im an idiot Im an idiot literally I havent been easy game ez game ez life lets side shootin once good job alley youre fantastic elastic play up a few bling doors and people my left who do I shoot first this guys going down first were good one out see ya later Nev Im 11 okay theres more people coming around here I use little spot there and spot theyre gonna wipe it watch out is window to think theres someone victory enforcer down hmm oh man its right its right waiting to right now as one a quite truck for me like John game I want to try to guess under like five but the final one like the fists like that is just seriously hard never won you had a final challenge and gun give me as hard as hitting twice with fists like that is just youre not not easier tool a person will destroy you by the way somebody else put a jump up like I mean you saw what happen to the last person but Im not going to stop you I have in that persons plane I to this persons place Im gonna get an easy kill okay our papers absolutely terrible m8 this is this scene still good repo okay hey turn around here people just popping up everywhere Shivas not bad but oh my god its shoot like a snail oh okay thats a bit unfair thats a bit unfair Im not gonna lie on my favorite gun on my worse favorite no my least favorite gun of allies is absolute pile of poo this gun is horrific and you couldnt pay me to use it in the gameplay I mean unless enough you donated major give it a go for the moment its just never happy 14 - all right again Im not not happy until that final guns complete exact final punch to face its just not the one nice all right that dude inside with the outside all right sniper some terrible snipers I like not too bad Im not too bad sometimes this guys gonna try and jump in his knee come on come on come on come on I need a long-range shot anybody who wants to be shot at you can be in the video no so bad Im just I cant sniping this games can take a while to adjust with the news with the new sensitivity speed youd never think its just that its not what Im used to at all come on just walk by completely forgot that everybody has a radar so obviously were going to be looking at me just as much as Im looking at then you can run on the trees as well just poke fun so Im just gonna run around like a loon and see if its even get a sniper done come on someone just walking to me eyes right there again you come back you know yes what I this is one hit kills this is not too bad thank you skip what I do with these to fight my doors wait oh gosh run just wait by a door wait like like this guy here this guy here this guy here see you later all right now this is nothing hes not really doing all right I told her I want more than 5 deaths I just have to find someone is injured or just get the luckiest kill of my life something right there somewhere there its got psyches good one get back a No aah I just need this one punch come on please give it to me please just realize somethings got Ali in the clan tag they know me I must perform get away from me you okay theyve got a staccato defense knife again they dont wanna do Rick yes easy yeah we started off you dont honestly that punch is tough now think you are playing I dont think Ive ever had a flawless tree a flawless gun game I can remember the water try and get one in this game Im gonna get so lucky after that he was literally shooting me in the face I got so lucky the guys thatd be some cooler duty black ops 3 garden games obviously you guys wanna see some more hit that thumbs up button let me know youre thinking of it as well I actually really liked the gun possession theres not too many guns never absolutely despise its just whos fixed at the end of Sol ha brutal absolutely brutal thats the first of many Im sure graphically young game is it was coming to you guys over the next year thank you for watching check out more videos on screen and Ill see you guys with another video panasonic facial steamer COD: Black Ops 3 GUN GAME! #1 - LIVE w/ Ali-A! :D► ALL BO3 Gun Game vids! - BO3 Gun Game #2 - Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is HERE baby! 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