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Ghouls alive robecca steamsoulworker steam charts CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay hello everyone welcome back home a long play today I bring you black ops 1 is the first black ops the start of the saga of course call of duty and we are going to play the campaign mode that meme my wheat is quite mainstream the screen start a guy being tortured and there is someone a voice asking Music asking me things about Cuba we are going to play the campaign new professional game so I played with the color I lose them to answer our questions they understand me Music where people the month in the ass you sir allison in action in fairbanks alaska Music the call operation 40 is correct is correct where they are warning that the numbers are that they mean where they broadcast from I dont know anything about any number that there is now remember him that is not what we want and we will guarantee your safety lets start at the beginning all 1961 bay of pigs we know he was there how handsome how does it start with you but not when he came from home pawn bay of pigs by the way this camera is useless for everyone to lie better we know it was with one more guy 2 I want dragons and the body of promobys castro we went to kill gastro very well well I have never played this game I had never played call campaign of duty the premonition will arrive soon lets hurry up tomas you know it also comes out in the cold war how long will it take carlos the final goal castro will be here the plantation my old plantation our attack of light a second people please excuse me to encourage me to imagine bang bang its copyrighted so were going to put this like this it shouldnt be distracting enough for me to get in and the evacuation now a transport waiting they have to arrive excellent we have company since the papers now get out of here capitalist __ you are what where are you from Im calm speaking very well they will take care of the bodies they come out of their vehicles armed with shotguns carlos take fire from cobe rtura we will make our way through the streets mason with me on the march that the colors dont give you they dont give you truce as soon as you start shots shots shots and frantic contact in the alley lets move on right what Im going to tell you is that breaking it cinemas never recharge this ear He has played with both and they know well, in reality, I have not passed if the only one that is going to be for me by color, effort for strong evil, in normal play, only has forgiveness, received friendly fire, confirmed at 36, it is nothing more than a vehicle. On the move, well, the only thing that happened to me was the cold war, which you already saw here on the channel, the new one, and it made me want to watch the whole saga, so here it is, we start with the first black ops, I think its a good idea and well continue showing a few black ops until 4 ok then we will start with modern warfare for that way more right while recharge come forward of course of course be an older game but do not believe or it is seen r well to make it walk that will be ten years old this game hasnt crashed it could be 6 Music gerardo militar charge underway here memories __ there are too many football more or less lets eliminate at the aerodrome good luck friends danced get out of the way damn I was stepping on background when I kiss recognize me and they are from the horn of goat the complex of the star oh besides the numbers came out again toño and I think hudson also appears there is the complex they are characters are the same in all theaters whatever is the signal now we call it because they are all well prepared and with peoples clothes the men on the way I repeat I repeat until that animal forest the acts have caused the death of your team well we started well now Im thinking how to upload this expensive game but I dont know if the entire campaign in one you have to be my friend hes my friend thats why he loses hes not going to beat us well theyre concentrating on summer no no no maybe well my smile no wait let them go through to break the window they all attacked me and since there are too many of them thats why it says that my actions caused the death of my colleagues ok Im thinking if your left side is running the entire campaign in a single video like I do sometimes or upload several videos four videos that in that concorde word I dont know with you you will know having been born there is a sick person there is no rush lets add the stairs I have understood we are paranoid it is understandable we have been trying to put an end to it for three years and we will achieve it with registered fidel castro through the eye of a certain injured man the injured man something like that no but brick sick and damaged thats what they say without Cubans they hurt me it gives me work it could be this game also has a zombies mode that i didnt play i played the maps within this black ops in the black ops but some i dont right now i have three of the webs installed on the computer whites 1 2 and 3 and these fire even though they are still old and regardless of a paste of 30 euros, the prisoner remains with the iron resistance we will have finished in 5 good the mechanics use the gameplay the same as in the cold war it always seems I feel the same you know the same mechanics should be there in motion inside his composition in front of the castro captured our here from what we know of history very well he is ready to change history as I think I gave the women he we just killed fidel castro well a double but he also already had a crazy shotgun he put up a human shield and still protects him the followers of castro feel a fanatical devotion to him white has fallen clear he has bad news they can hardly resist as the main corridor the road is next to it today in the afternoon a tablecloth made regime to kill I think Its good, we ll be back, I was saying, before those damn planes tear us apart with the spirit of the stairs, goodbye, confirmed, there is this column, contact at Confirmed signature They affirm that we are cornered here It is known that he was injured He was quite bad and even so I got in Well it is practically not the time to talk Try everyone should be here Carlos Carlos is passing through the southwest It was missing that a tour of life on earth would abandon him the tank that I do ppr project friends from twitter will be carlos here to the sugarcane fields I know that in the cold war those strange numbers came out again we will see that the evacuation and I said that this has been fulfilled and they told me these are the numbers from the first target, well, its too much to have understood and now theyre yelling, a beating, its better that we go down, come on, the transport is insured in due time, brother, the poles are fine, how are you going to get out on a plane with this situation? Well, now I have to prevent the adventure Applause of this pileup turned by the hair a hand must have been destroyed and now the data that comes will be destroyed is also a problem ma those __ vehicles are blocking the runway on fire were screwed theres no room to take off Ill take care of it mason is crazy theyre going to displace him mason whos doing maison and its clear totally fabricated theres no other choice i knew nothing sacrificed like a __ hero Fidel was a doppelganger, he thinks we didnt know his plan, a member, he knows, do what you want with him, its my gift in honor of our new relationship, just make sure the Russians suffer terribly, but when its for you, they were allies because of their communist ideology, he did it achieved dragovic we achieved it headline they are quite similar to the word a similar structure I am not playing I started by following us in 6 others it is known although the command was a trap they knew we were going brought dressed and rude was behind everything Music the work camp a hole called by level if you want to arrive on a mission that they did not do to me Applause one of the many is castro and dragon ix collaborate more ha I will be exhausted to survive another version happening I was alone a gulag with its damages what did they do I had lost hope of escaping but res did not have a plan no yes yes I dont know and take a dog well they dont start with a first step is the step we are going to take step 2 3 5 for a __ and our from magadan Im glad to be sound serve of course there is no animal dagger or step 2 well I dont know donkey that it is legit we are not so different look at mason as you would look at me betrayed forgotten abandoned in vorkuta we are all brothers uff 2 what a beast what do you see what are these games the cold war was pretty bloody too your men must know that this is suicide victory cannot be achieved without sacrifices mason we russians know it better than anyone jason por here but im __ a carbon bran as protection and bring you all call of duty campaigns for some reason never and now i want to play it all is when i eat when when you find a series that has a lot of episodes of seasons even and you like it and you say how lucky I am to see eight seasons when you discover a point that you like and it has a lot of people for everyone colombia las rubias 80 exaggeration value per __ is almost the same theme torró never lose faith friends never months of planning mason we will not stop we will not faint we will close free of course yes man around here and not at all know several of the weapons Music and support the uprising today we are going from here to arms comrades Reinforcements will arrive soon to defend the main arsenal just as we planned as we closed step 5 of this list Im excited the guy makes me think about following them with the truth he inspires me to revolution the dog 3 trusts me a lot it was clear he was getting into me too much it goes inside it they are very good step 5 we have the cops already, wow I was just saying it and a girl appeared but Music yes now yes with him here but I already believe it / something good always explodes in me thats what happened but no no Im not going to leave here at any time well everywhere good bad __ look step 5 it s not because here and to the government by phone d and he has died three times in the same place it doesnt usually happen to me I hope to see you 5 but it says measure love for me and remove revolution on the trip everyone knows that you have to find it is necessary the ra on the flanks are shields s his skin goes up the stairs we go we go without survivors because you know they try to block the arsenal there are the 696 thats why the fight Applause at the shanghai gate in a single day sir that gate they killed our fundamental tank but our goalkeeper is on what we want cut step 6 a lot of iron is here more reinforcements we have little time without having to wait and I dont know why it makes me a little funny the Russian language will always be seen in the movies and those awards with Russian videos freely from them mason the little jewel is very good efe they are books and here it is good future position but the dust that is your son coast 1 up is my first in the country on the road take that automatic cannon he said Botany I did nt even see on average shots came from all over the time for this purpose and Applause but I couldnt hear it either no matter how much I have a carling one day with some good politicians explore person this person a step back comrades for honor for does not rest in the chaos meaning it has to feel super good leading the revolution started rock hoover nato and networking leash 1 paul oneill j atrix from your me see everyone me 6 who exposes himself breyer good Applause e i couldnt breathe because of the case it never left me because of the charts not sure if its the same we dont have much time of this temple of hypocritical decay of vorkuta leaders its in the key towards step 8 on a motorcycle I love that style of motorcycle they are beautiful I would love to have one or drive drive while shooting Music there I am fast train pesos so a ghost and endorsement I cant aim with the corvettes the aim is that Lets go without fighting, turning the motorcycle around and look how the ghosts recharge all of Hollywood now and with a shot from a super distant shotgun you explode a truck thats still in the cold war I said why does such a good game need to make those ghosts but which are like Hollywood action movies, very exaggerated, very like Americans can do anything, you know why not Applause Lets see, its clear that this is funny, but if this is supposed to be like pretending to be realistic, I dont know. Not the best, but for example in Rage 2, as it has a comical tone, you believe these things, but here in and Sergio is going to evaluate there how likely it is that this will go from blue ma they are jumps away you see humans but the morale was the last 26 for a while after his empty life to allocate more sheets that come out with word because it takes care but my friend but it would not be victor he was not a communist he had his population it was his he continued being loyal they put me to the test they knew that I would not bend and there I would not bend and the government wanted Dragovic and wanted you to kill him as well as others he was supposed to kill others the pentagon has to return to its service and they took us to the the pentagon is hudson they are new and gold we have arrived the voices the volume is based on this sir welcome to the pentagon very late -secretary great manner your reputation precedes you to give in what is at stake is our national security you have no fear or conscience or weaknesses se last name dragon when I kill him Im glad that he returned to mason the vp is here but as if they were all watching us I think that it is the same one that appears in the cold wa r de could trust no one alex mason thats why we are here fun part of the world right here all the time continuously on ankles watched at all times this will depend on we generate todays code mr clearance prospect but it is featured highlights clearance goal area weak eps already alive dont wait for the competitor he is an infiltrated agent the mk-ultra command also when saying that civilization has been saved more than once now as if you were if making him speak his target worked I think Im a double agent does not fail overwhelming heh by the hand but this time by the russians the same story as the cold war yes corax this place was built in 43 we barely used it i like that phrase nothing they gave me to waxing thank you sir secretary good luck table sir president people mason it is an honor Mr. President in it we have a big problem with the communists our freedom and way of life are in danger nikita dragovic Music today they dont see that you are a people they have told me that you are our best asset the best will have to be Mr. Mason take care of it john fitzgerald kennedy that is, presidents and real characters always come out missions project and I needed your information lo What did the Greek Nation and Weaver groups learn? I had to sabotage the rocket. So Im a Tuesday. I cant get these two numbers out of my head. You know how to disconnect myself, for example, now that Im leaving, this continues, continues, when the whites thought, I thought of something more minimally military, but its directly from the chair, working for the CIA, military issue, its the mirrors, special forces, but the black ops dont respond, lets go and I think this one It is also the one from the black ops called work what happens that as stands they have changed graphically but look look how handsome you look Were going to the scenes to the people Im going to leave the video here I think and if we cant get everyone together at the end but hey in any case this is true for my part I hope you liked the video and see you next time how does a steamer work Primer gameplay de Cod Black Ops I en Español - Juego completoMi libro de terror y misterio: Añademe a tus redes sociales !! : Twitter : @KahunaGames Facebook : KahunaGames Instagram: kahunagames Puedes ver mis videos en directo entrando aqui : También puedes ver mi canal principal aquí: Mi tienda de merchandising : Mi canal de VLOGS : Si quieres juegos con hasta el 70% de descuento y de paso apoyar al canal entra aquí : steam game locations fallout 4 on steam deck persona steam steam pump ranch how to move a steam game to another pc