Call of Duty: Black Ops - Walkthrough: Level 1 - Part 1 (100% Intel)

Impossible game steamwhat are steam points for CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay the defector he was known to you uh-huh wake up wake up where am I wheres Rays nothing you will answer our questions do you understand the hell are you its not important whats important is who you are whats your name  __  you where were you born kiss my ass ah how much faces he boarded Fairbanks Alaska in 1961 you served in a CIA assassination team though his operation 40 is that correct yes wheres the broadcaster I dont know what youre talking about the number station what do they mean we really dont know anything about any numbers what about truckers you remember him give us what we want well guarantee your safety lets start at the beginning - ah 1961 the Bay of Pigs we know you were there no  __  with me Mason I know when youre lying 61 airspace what happen we all got killed theres no use lying Mason we know you went in with Butch and bullet what Jonathan do you remember traveling Castro we went in to kill Castro the police are gonna be here soon lets make this quick once its been a while not enough Carlos you know Bowman right Carlos Mason whats up Carlos so they get what we need he will be in here the plantation my old plantation our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to get you inside what about the evac you will have transport waiting for you just be there excellent you got company Sokolov papeles hora sal de tacky puta capital ista oh yay - I said where are you from be cool Im talking to you alright everythings real do I listen but say but for Carlos Oh problem my name is little buddy octopus leaving the vehicles armed with shotguns Bollman Carlos lay down covering fire we fight our way through the streets Mason on me lets go Claire ma move up the street oh right go keep moving yaaaas bastard damn were for both of our six contact it now you see with the airstrip sweat then my friend let it go stay away Mason you escaped from the police the Bay of Pigs had begun you were heading for Castros compound losing him do it again we have no choice theres a compound cause these men should be near field any minute theres a signal now hook up this is it you FSO la Fitte rapper azaab ahora qué paramos hombre en camino mission attacking a gorillas from keep it tight perfect youre all focused on the airfield convoy ahead not engage sit tight there pass Boman left flank move out whoa I feed my people you do that again I will soon market damn booth quickly this way up the stairs got it Castros apparently looking reason weve been trying to get him for three years todays the day we succeed yes Cujo hallo stay close well I guess I hear that inside go any trouble give us a yell got it thanks on me research move the room to and find Castro from the oven Oh  __  down hes down this was Widow connectors and tripping all over the place sit tight were gonna fly target should be up ahead Roger hes there Sonia on their Apple Oh me you know okay stack up what are you waiting for come on the steward this is moving on better make it bad 22:54 box begin their bombing our target should be up ahead Roger going inside get in position just sit you really make your street food shark steam mop refills Call of Duty Black Ops Audio Review: Written Review: If you would like to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops: This is the first level titled Operation 40. The walkthrough will show all intel in the game. This is the first part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Played on the XBOX 360. Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough. Black Ops Walkthrough. Hope you enjoy! Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Treyarch Publisher: Activision play game button not working on steam best steam mystery games steam beta best multiplayer survival games on steam do non steam games show up on your profile