CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 1 XBOX SERIES X Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME 4K 60FPS

Se puede jugar borderlands 2 en steam y epic gamesrazer steam deck CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay the numbers mission what do they mean wake up wake up where am i wheres reznov you will answer our questions do you understand who the hell are you thats not important whats important is who you are whats your name  __  you where were you boy kiss my ass in 1961 you served in a cia assassination team known as operation 40. is that correct is that correct yes wheres the broadcast station i dont know what youre talking about the numbers what do they mean where are they lets start at the beginning cuba 1961 the bay of pigs we know you were there no do not  __  with me mason i know when youre lying 61. what happened you got killed theres no use lying we know you went in with whats in bowling what Applause bowman we went in to kill castro the police are gonna be here soon lets make this quick woods its been a while well enough carlos you know bowman right carlos mason whats up carlos so you get what we need he will be in here the plantation my old plantation our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to get you inside what about the evac we will have transport waiting for you just be there excellent you got company put a capitalistic occupants leaving their vehicles armed with shotguns bowman carlos lay down covering fire we fight our way through the streets mason on me lets go Music clear them out move up the street take the right on kill confirm go keep moving Music Applause this way into the alley get to the car  __  hit it go get the  __  out of the way Music mason you escaped from the police the bay of pigs had begun you were heading for castros compound were loose again do it again we have no choice what the  __  theres a compound carlos and his men should be hitting the airfield any minute theres a signal now hook up this is it you perfect youre all focused on the airfield convoy ahead do not engage sit tight let him pass left flank move out hes down move quickly this way up the stairs got him castros paranoid with good reason weve been trying to get him for three years todays the day we succeed stay close get your head down hes dead hug it down hes dead inside go kill confirm vomit take the roof any trouble give us a yell got it based on me we search room to roll to inside castro turn it down should be up ahead oh okay stack up hurry it up should be up ahead roger move it inside get in position this is it you ready to make your streak crazy  __  he uses the human shield and she still protects him gastro support is a fanatical in the devotions moment the target is down the word from carlos isnt good youre barely home down there and those b-26s aint hitting anything moving to the main hallway okay were on our way hes done booming take the right roger move quickly hes dead hes down i am this aint good its too many of them  __  50 cal carloss man should be here they come over to east wall you think id let you down one my man will cover your escape btr now hurry my friend god bless you carlos this way into the sugar field theres the airfield lets hope carlos secured that evac he aint letting us down yet the rebels are getting their asses kicked back get down there hook up go boys its all falling apart you need to get out of here you secure our transport the plane is ready but well be partial pieces on takeoff were probably at a time brother were leaving movement run hurry give us confirmation so take on those gpus theres not enough time for takeoff ill deal with it runways clear choice woods i knew what i signed up for gotta be fine just go get out of here youre dead we killed you no you killed a double you think we didnt know of your plan we always know do within what you wish general hes my gift to you in honor of our new relationship just make sure that he suffers he will know suffering beyond his darkest fears i have plans for you a mannequin oh he did gregovich sure did ah a hell hole called vakuta oh my god what did they do what didnt they do why didnt castro just kill you why did he give you the drag because castro and dragonfish were working together right where did i was on my own almost a year freak mason what did they do ive given up hope that they forget now but victor reznor found a way my friends Applause hey fresno mason every journey begins with a single step this is step one now we think what is six the monster of megadot im glad youre friends okay step two yes you should trust us with my life he and us are not so different we are all soldiers without an army betrayed forgotten abandoned in for culture we are all brothers Music must know this is suicide victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice mason with russians notice better than anyone repair yourself man mason over here fidels got the river to shreds right flag oh yes my friend left step three great fire see how this is we will not pause we will not falter we will be free all night trying mason climb the tower and support the uprising in the south the time has come to rise and this way im yourselves comrades reinforcements will soon arrive to defend the main armory just as we planned how do we achieve step five masons weapon will soon be ready Music shoot the lock mesh because it is quickly choose your moment oh all know what to do um you will hurt them comrades theyre trying to walk down the armory stop there keep fighting fights sergey open the door this way Music me do not let them Music means Music Music foreign Music foreign Music mason yes thank you step seven foreign kill them all Music right um that way to the ground comrade they are using Music gears i used tear you gas left me the door will not hold them forever we do not have much time within the shine to the hypocritical decadence of our countrys leaders lays the key to step eight freedom Music Applause theyre not letting us go without a fight jump on the track keep on that was the last you saw victor is not yeah at least for a while after your escape you were assigned to jason hudson of the cia how could he trust you when he knew that victor resnoff helped you break out of vorkuta thats not he was my friend Music but he didnt make it out victor reznoff was a communist how did the cia know you werent compromised they tested me they knew i wouldnt break and i wont break now the government wanted they wanted you to kill them yeah there were others others i was supposed to kill me Music you were cleared for duty and summoned to the pentagon jason hudson was my new handler this is it hudson couldnt tell me he didnt have clearance your convoy is ready sir welcome to the pentagon were late secretary mcnamara your reputation precedes you step on it nothing less than our national security is at stake he has no fear no conscience no weakness this is nikita dragovich i believe you two have already met when do i kill him were lucky to have you back mason Music Music vip easier i felt like everyone was watching this and watching me i think you couldnt trust anyone sometimes even yourself thats why were here to see if we can trust you right here 24 7. it never ends we were watching you the whole time its not possible i was in the pentagon please tell them were here at once sir clearance prospero distinguished here remember kept hearing numbers distinguished i couldnt get them out of my head Music ariel Music yeah peace hes waiting something gnawing at me what mission the nerve center i believe im correct in saying that civilization has been saved more than once you are getting close to your objective it was working Music it never gets old overwhelming isnt it not yet the center sanctum was built in 1943. we rarely use it thank you mr secretary good luck mason mr president agent mason great honor mr president sit we are in grave danger from the communists our freedom our very way of life is at risk dragovich Music im told that you are the very best that we have anywhere you will need to be mr mason Music take care of it executive order operation flashboard rip out the heart of their space program eradicate their long-range missile project take out the ascension group nazis scientists co-opted by the russians after the war yes she needed their knowledge what theyd learned operation 40 had planted a double agent working with the ascension group that could grow you either his mission was to sabotage the rocket if something went wrong i cant get these  __  numbers out of my head uh Music no sponsor weaver we gotta move stay sharp mason lets go pick it up come back go x-ray soyuz one launch is imminent were on our way over roger running out of time mason lets go no no no somethings wrong theres way too much activity yankee one three report yankee one three report weve just gone dark here see whats out there theyre at final countdown theyre soyuz too scheduled to launch 10 minutes after soyuz won a bed calms building mason we get activity on the road check it out damn its weaver hes burst your colleague is unwilling to explain his presence in this facility who the  __  is this surrender now and you will be allowed to leave its krav chenko dragon  __  is second in command this is your only warning theres nothing we can do mason weve just done i know your choice this is not good in position roger x right whiskeys covering the road weavers been compromising expect the base being elevated alert hold your position we are inbound all right lets go choppers inbound move it follow me and keep moving were good pick it up we need those uniforms ill take the one on the ground you get the other do it lets get him out of sight was saving weaver more important to you than your objective to kill dragovich weaver was russian he was alright i hope your time for kuda helped you russian mason oh  __  better we gotta save weaver oh gee fire work to disguise should be right up ahead x-ray is whiskey hostiles in sight taking them out hustle up what happened to weaver hes compromised continue his plan well make a new opportunity all right lets move just do what they do comes building a bag snipers on the roof a couple of men out front okay moment brooks get him out of the way you ready go check that weapon soldier Music hes down leave x-ray come in over go ahead momma just got a visual on weaver hes been taken to a parker south for the comms building mason mason get over here crossbow explosive bolts now ill cover the ladder moving in from the north were pinned down we got company take out those vehicles watch the truck gunfires drawing attention those  __  on the way back ill secure the line you take the shot make it quick mason go go go weaver clear right clear left you able to continue on mission weaver lets do it did you sabotage the guidance system i was compromised thats what moved being subtle moved to plan b there may still be time to abort the launch we need to get to the auxiliary control bunker you saved his life now you had to locate the ascension group and kill the scientists oh i had to kill dragonfish weve been made lose the balacavas basin on me grab your ass were gonna fight on our hands Music hes down hold on is um mason blue on that  __  wall set we have to destroy the rocket no matter what its too late i cant stop it plan b boom and set it up this will do it load mason now oh  __  its a hell of a way to test the prototype  __  a damn youre not the rest of the ascension group will be trying to stand up bowman brooks if you flick around to the north tunnel no one sneaks out that back door mason weaver youre on me turn it down tango down shut up confirmed contact down cover me Applause sure get out of there contact down foreign shes tango down get out of here okay time we got the hell out of here not yet were going after dragovich were losing them again stay with me Music i had him satisfied no no not yet not until i see the body did you confirm the kill trust me that rap bass is a  __  charcoal briquette track him down he was he was he was everywhere he just i couldnt get him out of my head shes just like the others just always in my head no i want to keep pressing you hey who are you people what do you want from me you want the numbers mason thats all weve ever wanted take us back again mason after baikonur where did washington send you next Music vietnam  __  this was in 1968. yeah i was part of the sog unit led by frank woods it was recon a covert russian activity in laos do you remember him there hudson and mr shades the guy was an ice cube woods hes here mason butch you look like hammered  __  its dont count for  __  in the jungle its not baby its good to see you me too jason hudson cia thank you for your time sergeant right ive already briefed mason broadly about the situation let me fill in the blanks for you back in 64 the cia gave up control of covert operations in southeast asia handed over to the us military from that macbook cyberspawn now aside from being a base for the marine corps k-sign is our launching point for all cross-border activities mostly laos and cambodia missions are s and d sabotage black propaganda strategic recon pow rescue you know missiles Music get him to but like with weaver you risked your life to save him hudson is a  __  ice cube thats why i like the rest your mission priority was to get the way city but you all stayed behind to defend quesadilla that wasnt your objective you obviously didnt know what he knew queso needed our help theres no decision to make trick uh i go down shut up confirm contacts by the trenches uh come on give me coverage here they come nation pull this position hold this position welcome come on chat okay wide open give me some cover thats the right please keep your hand down contact youre covered okay standing by go go movement go plug it down um near the barrel move out keep your head down taking it i hear you peace do not repeat do not engage fire put it right there im coming around again stay with me belay that order get your ass out of there repeat your laugh on me nba moving in infantry and armor they must have a  __  division hit out there and i thought it was a  __  now thats what im talking about this things built like a tank yeah but a damn sight more maneuverable here 143 authorization sierra oscars old x-ray rarity one order microphone affirmative x-ray engaging use the controls to steer the camera are great nice about that one crash line engaging beginning bomb run your x-ray targeting sector is directed vf143 beginning bomb run keep it up engaging its over no this is the start of something else theyll be back moment you look like hammered  __  mason but now im gonna do that to you good to see you alex jason hudson cia were here to talk about your encounter with russians and laos we got where the defector might be in play in chaos and today flights from the airport have been cancelled while some kind of defensive was the beginning of the end when america really started losing the war inside the mcv compound in way city you established contact with the russian defector no we know you did he turned himself in mcv you were there mason he had intel on dragon  __  everything but it was a lost cause shut the  __  up nba had surrounded the city back he had all but burned to the ground the defector was surely dead he wasnt dead it was a lost cause and you still went in why his protection team had gone dark i couldnt accept that he was dead i needed that  __  dossier way city thats when things really started to unravel for you basically you are jumping into some deep  __  woods we hear the yankee defector with vital intel on soviet involvement in nah we lost contact with his security team he made me holed up in the macp safe room hook up come back hotel six do you roger lemon hotel six is gone here smash twelve hold incendiaries you got nba all over the north wing woods on the way the whole damn buildings over one dispatch is next floor down you think the defector survived this attack if he did and hes one tough son of a  __  get down moving room is down there so wheres your contact you might have fallen back to the command room he may still be alive lets move on me hes dead on the other side rpg foreign damn lets go he should be in one of these rooms mason take the door at the fire in the hallway on me miss reznov howd you get out of hakuta never thought id see you alive not are you my friend i am here with a warning your government would do well to heed drogorovic is planning an attack on the west you get what you came for dragovich i knew would see him again his influence spreads like a cancer even the kremlin does not know what he is truly planning he must be stopped mason did what took you so long mason that intel better be worth it leave a niner where the hells our pickup x-ray be advised marine forces give me that radio what are you sog just give me the radio look with that  __  texas this is sierra oscar gold x-ray priority one ordnance of my command i authenticate gulf 2 over coming in x-ray keep your head down tango down give me cover thank you put that ordinance on the building parking coordinates take them out hes talking down reloading government texas ordinance someone more watch your x-ray hold tight  __  abcs damn theres a  __  tank out there mason jackass on the  __  right now multiple kha zero is clear texas we have enemy armor and victor zulu seven foxtrot right to that x-ray coming in first racing run go for me your target is tagged roger x-ray hold tight we have confirmed reloading got him texas ordinance of my mark texas on its way hes down x-ray hold tight  __  guys take out that csu moment keep these guys safe got it down i couldnt believe resnoff was here in white city he was the defector he came back for you mason reznov was back still in one piece my friend im good im still breathing well see you at the rally point the csu is right above us put a charge on the ceiling blow the floor beneath them i got probably in my pocket here one zero how much longer about three seconds were gonna do a shade good work mission theres a ride im not so sure get the wounded first more birds on their way sit tight x-ray air support is offline while we evacuate the wounded looks like we gotta wait everyone load up i want this lz secure mason set up charges around the perimeter get the wounded first four birds on their way sit tight Applause here they come let me down hes down x-ray 1-0 we got a prairie fire down here were gonna get me back this citys falling to the nba theyre picking up birds right out of the sky youre not the only ones trying to get out we have a priority one package to extract we need that evac well find another way hold your position is direct go to the boat throw them back get in drag a  __  so much for the tent ceasefire the enemys courage could be the result of their newfound ally have the dossier that the defector gave you with mcv weve id all of dragon  __  men kamchenko steiner clark you know them masterminds of project normal nova 6 there is enough coal in nova 6 what do you know about doctor clark we know that clark was the chemical engineer who formulated nova 6 malignant narcissist degenerate prodigy your handler jason hudson was sent to kowloon to interrogate clark do you remember who i keep asking you already know everything no lisa we dont know what the numbers mean we dont know where their broadcasts come but why dont you ask hudson galloon dont you morons get it if you think your government-sponsored brutality intimidates me and you clearly dont know anything about dragovich i have nothing to gain by talking to you think about what you have to lose we can do this all day we got plenty of windows or you can give us what we want and we guarantee your safety im already a dead man ive been hunted across every corner of the globe but if you found me so will they they know everything you know theyre probably on their way now why Music dragovich doesnt like loose ends ive never even dealt with him directly only steiner the german what was the nature of your business i was hired to help stabilize certain volatile compounds what kind of compound nova six biochemical weapons you left them right through me get your head down this way did you inhale the gas reload onto the roof you gotta be kidding me Applause Music here help me move things grab what you need theyll be here before you know it youre very well prepared for a dead man just because i accept the inevitability of my fate does not mean im in any hurry to embrace it whatever you say english 17 Music okay flashback Music which way are you sure first floor good work hes heading down quickly downstairs go youre taking fire two more  __  below no that i problem we just go into a lot of trouble to shut you up what are you not telling us i told you about nova 6 where is their base nam laos cambodia its hometown euro thats where youll find steiner in his final preparations from project note what else whispers rumors huh theyve sent in a clean up crew to steal whats left of my research well no thank you dragon  __  i can clean up my ownness either of you too low on ammo we still have a ways to go this way get it down foreign balcony on the left follow the hallway all the way on to the next balcony back outside balcony on your right an elegant term not far now weapons and ammunition grab what you need its nice okay its been a while come on just one more leap of faith Music harry what about the numbers clark well yeah  __  lets go attack boat this is red eye the median extraction street level tower four south this way where we headed clark id a nazi scientist working for dragovich his names steiner were going to russia mount yarmouth hudson said that clark was insane paranoid fixated with numbers a nerve toxin dragovichs second in command krebchenko tested in vietnam on them on us on his own he doesnt care Music but he told me what they did what kind of men they were why they all must die my father was a musician in stalingrad during the german occupation the sound of israeli filthy air of magnificent music corsico stars of many of the great nationalist composers to my countrymen it was a symbol of hope to the germans it was a symbol of devise even now his music still haunts me the nazis slit his throat while he sleeps collaborating with any nazis of a trail of a trail against all of mother russia dragofish krishna they look only to advance their own interests everything is loaded they are waiting victor it is time yes the meeting time to hunt down the last remnants of the fascist ride grab the gear we are moving out the men and i have fought through the most bitter of winters on the eastern front we were known strangers to call even now the blood in my veins chills when i think back to the events of that day ah the hero of berlin graces us with his presence have you not tired of battle rising as long as mother russia has enemies i will answer her call put aside your petty rivalry crafts jenko captain reznoff will do as he is tall we are here for one german and one german only dr friedrich steiner this man has offered his cooperation to our cause is not to be harmed disobey this order and you will be shot what happened in stalingrad between you and the college when the german occupation began he and his lapdog trajenko left my men and i hopelessly outnumbered promises of reinforcements were made may but not care dragovich and krachenko are opportunists manipulators they are not to be trusted immediately the tree patrenco was one of the bravest men i have ever known he fought by my side from the siege of stalingrad to the fall of berlin the wounds he sustained ensuring our victory should have earned him a heros welcome to russia but stalin had little need for heroes the german must not be harmed we need steiner alive now move both of you lets go it is good to fight by your side once more yes my friend one final vic search every corner of this camp only stand to be spared okay they are trying to surrender they have tried before do not let them foreign please in our way Music there may be more he is not here search every building all right if you have any more grenades use them now all right fighters i mean dimitri as far away from the battlefield as possible after this mission do you think we will go home i hope so dimitri uh oh army okay oh uh this way understand foreign frederickstein do not point that weapon at me russian dog you will take me to dragovich as i looked into the germans eyes i saw the flashy strike still blurring strong Music at that moment every fiber of my being learned to put an end to his wretched life but i was a soldier then i still believed in others Music bring your man what is here that is so important general dragovich wishes to make a name for himself he believes this outpost houses something of great value to the motherland dragovich and steiner are talking like old friends i do not like this reznov no idea you assured me there will be no problems i cannot control the actions of the ss general they are sworn to defend the right till their last breath noble but futile gravchenko finish up here you and your men will lead the way yes sir patrenco vicodin we are moving out steiner tell me more about your association with the gift eager stone project in 43 the fuel realized the allies could not be held back for much longer we begin to look for more unconventional solutions throughout the war my own research was focused on chemical weapons it was meticulous and frustrating work however what we finally developed was a weapon more effective than we had ever dared to imagine the weapon now housed within this vessel nova 6. Music however affected your nervous 6 chemical may be you still have to find a way to unleash it long-range v2 rockets to be launched from this outpost the targets were command and control centers washington dc was our first target then moscow ambitious and commendable but we were too late the british were upon us and their bombers crippled the ship locked in the ice we tried to salvage what we could but it was too late germany had surrendered and a russian flag flew over berlin the ss had orders to destroy the ship if we were attacked clearly they failed the explosives were never activated this is it fresno open the door Music we have found what we were looking for mother six the german weapon of mass destruction now belonged to mother russia also it seemed our victory was to be short-lived Music dragovich wanted to see the effects of the poison first hand it was also an opportunity to remove a thorn in his side i have long long loved their distrust what kind of men they were it was a betrayal i should have foreseen Music the new true country was a hero he deserved the heros death Music instead of giving his life for the glory of the motherland he died for nothing like an animal Music he should have died in berlin as i watched my closest friend die it became clear we were not the only ones seeking the german weapons the western allies circled like vultures of course dragovich krashenko and steiner scattered like rats leaving me to contend with the british british commandos assaulting our positions up here i will have the explosives we will plunge this vessel into the depths of hell we cannot let either side possess this terrible weapons Music Music move we have to get off the sheep now the doors sealed shoot the support beams we can break down the gatherings yes go my flames go keep moving this is not ours everyone we stand alone we have only two minutes left the novices shipment and prevented it from falling into the hands of the british but thats a fool to think that the threat was over it was only after i was captured that sent vocus but i learned of dragovichs true intentions he will die before he gives up on nova 6. Music nice listen to me we are running out of time my friend can you trust your leaders to destroy or do you think they will use it the flag may be different but the methods are the same they will use you as their used me you must decide decide what you think is worth fighting for dragovich kravchenko these men must die hudsons mission at calhoun he had discovered dragon bitchs end game nova 6 but those toxins so deadly that have exposed youd be dead before you hit the floor dragovichs weapon go back to vietnam mason was victor rosnoff still with you after you escaped from the macd compound reginald was with me the whole time are you sure north we went north vietcong we were shut down and rez not even survived that dragon bitchs laptop krebchenko was there this is hotel 9-1 we are going down in sector bravo tango seven niner mayday davis theyre with me come on davis talk to me frank you okay  __  my leg how are you im completed i need some help here  __  theyre coming kill those bastards we gotta get out of here this is what were going under vision 21 10 16 23 4 22 21 4 okay sure mason theyre out there this is head ahead take cover sergeant woods is very capable you have chosen your men well mason i will move to high ground to look for crescendos compound stay close victor lima niner x-ray this is whiskey you out there yeah whiskey go thought we lost you in that chopper whats the new plan you clear the southeast perimeter and meet us at the rally point roger whiskey on the way over glad youre still in the game woods the rally point is just ahead boner should be waiting for us no noise knife only shhh stuff um never gets old mason fill us in somewhere near this village is a military outpost under the command of general kravchenko been losing our fac to triple a probably a cpu well disarm it itll bring in the hornets lets get teaming we cover the bridge in east river mason with me on the west perimeter rendezvous point the village in five minutes you got it whiskey team on me later boys sierras at the north perimeter okay oh um x-ray is clearing west flank eta three minutes we gotta split up ill take the high ground you cross the river find a place for the semtex so Music uh explosives are primed and ready sierra in position roger x-ray inbound you got that detonator right here put a little present in the fuel reserve up ahead all right mason lets see what this semtex can do go go go go go weapons free keep your eyes open for that cpu position eyes left mason take those bastards out park it down spider holes get ahead you dont need that spider hole on the right hut on the river you see it mason use the 202. charlie let that gun go look at those  __  move 1-0 ness is empty objective clear roger x-ray this is kentucky got it in the hole were gonna cut through this hut mason lead the way clear the rest of the village mason over here mg hey cover somebody take that son of a  __  down reloading cover push through lets go basically make sure that hooch is clear up ahead i see charlie nine oclock right downhill up ahead nice turn i have to clear this tunnel ill take it swift with me all right ill get the hornets skull in the area lets move lima 9 this is x-ray prep for recon sweep 3k radius here take this stay on well find your kevchenko well make it out of there alive booming point lets move this son of a  __  aint fighting no more keep that light steady mason you nearly took a bullet no one fights alone i will work my way around all right but move quietly what the  __  wrong with you all over  __  aah where is your friends with ted we will mourn him later mason there are signs of soviet presence in these tunnels we are on the right path here help me move this careful please i heard Music your turn my friend i will follow hang on we are getting which way verstappen follow your instincts  __  and left in a hurry had the place wired to blow x-ray do you monitor damn it i do not wish this plan make what the  __  happened fire for the tunnel where the hell are you well maintain a holy pair so we have eyes on  __  bc mason where are you what Applause come on Music lets get the  __  out of here you confirmed that dragon bitchs second in command krakchenko was operating in laos that reznoff said they killed more people than i could count listen to me carefully mason razanov cannot be trusted no matter what he tells you no matter what he said but he gave us the dossier and clark he led us to nova 6 no hes my friend he he helped me escape oh god betrayed forgotten abandoned all brothers huh forget grace not focus mason we are out of  __  time the world is on the  __  break of war whose war who the  __  are you anyway i huh keep hearing the  __  numbers its a broadcast mission the numbers are a broadcast youve been brainwashed Music the  __  psycho was spreading nerve gas all over vietnam i had to come you understand i have to kill them all loud you were heading up the minecon river into laos you received words from jason hudson what did he tell you hudson the cia down the soviet cargo plane carrying over six it went down in laos our sock team went in what happened keep hearing the  __  numbers its a broadcast mason the broadcast we gotta get to the nova six before the soviets clean it up all right lets move thats all right lets go sog right right he couldnt make it man the gun dont get killed sir all right m202s bowman starboard side armored up mason youre driving lets see if they think of this goes out to sergeant glendale and all our boys at the rpo go get them right three of us for that barricade blocking the river our boys take care of it its collapsing another tower another one down baby  __  all right one make some more is dont just sit there mason that thing could tear us to peace medic a young kid didnt make it i swear to god that woods was crying but he never let us see no tears nothing so far wait somethings in the trees here talk to me theres nothing out here  __  thomas what happened theres nothing here right the plane must be close mission cliffchenko is near i see you will tan bump in paradise i feel it cliff shenko is the knee say again kryptenko he must be near i  __  hope so they found it just ahead i have visual confirmation ground zero bodies and cargo all over the place i say again i have visual confirmation i dont have much time this is centurion three follow me you can land over here i have limited ground support were all yours sir where do you want us if where do you guys guard the boat rescue men follow my lead now activities are heading right for you movement turn it reload reloaded shut up enemy helicopters incoming by the tree damn tango down easy chemical weapon nova 6 must have dispersed after the crash grenade launchers channel lakes the hell are russians with american weapons must be some kind of setup nova 6 is all gone see here map of the area its got to be kripchenkos compound deep inside loud  __  he must die okay scott down there look bowman sniper rifle mason use a channel lake blow these  __  that keep going you got it incoming hes dead movement tree line behind your back Music 24 kravchenko its been too long mason we must make up for lost time you were captured by dragovich a second time your unit was m.i.a in laos presumed dead your handler hudson had no choice but to continue the hunt for nova 6 without him he went to mount yamadao  __  soviet doomsday bunker thats right a fully operational military complex very deep in the euro mountains thats where hudson was contacted by frederick steiner the nazi scientist that developed the initial strain of nova 6 for dragovich hudson learned about the numbers there the broadcasts ive been there missing ive been to the yamato complex oh my god the numbers are real theyve always been real missing this isnt a game we face annihilation unless you cooperate where is the broadcast station Music Applause Music foreign refuel with kc 135 and sector bravo 69er affirmative big i6 kc 135 is in the sector they will meet you there big i6 you have the sky copycat nice guy velocity use your target indicator to find kilo one on the tax cp affirmative i got him kilo one this is big i6 i have you on the trp we have zero visibility on the ground we need you to guide us to the comp relay kilo you need to move east attack recon i see enemy vehicles inbound get the squad off the road looks like theres a structure to the north get them inside cp theyre passing by the house wait no enemy has stopped in front of the house Music enemy infantry incoming take him out flashback turn it down kilo one the road is hot exit through the rear of the building two target sided kill him Music move your squad onto the barracks first objective Music kilowand youre out of sight all clear kilo one coming up on the barracks multiple targets inside reach and clear kilo one enemy down youre in the clear nice job internal calms line cut base is dark moving to second objective roger that kilo one kilo move north roger that were moving hilo 1 we have infantry inbound i count at least six targets too hot stop and drop stay out of sight jason hunt should let the attack on the tower yeah twenty Applause here they come Music Applause clear more soldiers are on their way get to that guard house gold move clear big eye this is kilo one you still have us on attack visibility has improved were starting our insertion moving to the substation tracking centering structure roger that big guy were going in power realized just below us four targets lets go yes ready ready when you are Music um big guys this is kilo one weve taken the substation understood recalibrating focal spread okay we have comstat on tack proceed the next objective main facilities located at the base of the ridge kilo one approaching the objective roger that big guy were going in kilo one you have multiple targets inbound to the tomstad roger that big guy hudson we need to keep this quiet use your crossbow if we get heat switch to explosives one target patrolling outside the shed two more inside two more by the truck on our right one more on the right gandry okay move it yes Music kilo two targets just enter the power room roger that big guy shoot the hinges be advised we have about three minutes left before we need to refuel with kc-135 understood the guy kilowatt or at the constant Music inbound to the comstat get to coverage good shot enemy down were clear hudson shut down the relay dish big guy this is kilo one confirm that the relay is offline over it wont take them long to figure out were here lets move on we lost go go Music now  __  theyve already started clearing house move Music Music Applause oh in the tower yeah running all through the facility make it fast people we dont have much time this time is not here its locking down what is that hes jamming our radios he knew wed be here were on camera hes watching us Music what do you want target smart across the states only i can tell you how to stop the Music broadcast now hes dead hes dead make it fast come on what are we waiting for no  __  mountains coming down nearly there go go dragon  __  is fully weaponized and deployed nova 6. he has sleeper cell agents all over the u.s just waiting for the signal to release the us was invaded decades ago missing the communists have been waiting now theyre ready to strike  __  am i supposed to do you know about the sleeper cells im trying to help you dragovich uses silver sequences to communicate with the slipper cells those numbers are broadcast from one location mason why the hell do you think that i know where it is we know what happens they programmed you you can translate the codes but resnoff was never stop we are on the brink of war where is the broadcast station where is the broadcast station dragons hat is like rats engaged Applause we were all  __  and we knew it and all i could hear it is you giving up you could  __  blame him bowman time i just want to end you dont mean that bowman  __  you charlie bowman dont you dead america muslim chance he cried you dont scare me piece of  __  bowman bowman you  __  son of a  __  next im gonna kill you all Music dont touch me what Music  __   __  im gonna make them pay you no talk play whats the plan im thinking im thinking no doc one chance makes you take it okay you cant kill me you shoot yeah you shoot  __  this time this time aim lie ready play six and eight oclock Music russia now lets go dont let that bastard get away now hostile lets go we got time to waste Music number Music you see that hind were gonna take it Music clear lets fly this bird okay lets unload out uv 32 rockets 12 millimeter nose cannon these bastards are ready for world war three train load systems on the 32s voters on my stick uv 32s are aside Applause 12 millimeter can on the side we have full power you ready ready ill take her up above the canopy then hand over the stick clear ill call targets as i see him all enemy targets are valid understand we have coordinates and crabsecos compound we follow the river all the way got it give me the stick youre a bird keep your eyes on the dirt i dont want to get shot in the falls gutsy woods stamp hands in the river these are good okay virginia oh clear them out oh more here oh yeah oh yeah i thank you sons of  __  foreign no reason to play this quiet mason lets do it down enemies ah go burn these bastards Music ill get you out thank god please hurry son im gonna get you out 19 24 Music this way we cannot let him sleep through our grasp i thought you were dead when we were captured at the river they brought me here oh uh everybody not this time american Music thats what i got you mason what youre okay are you okay Music for gods sake where is the number stationed all must die you killed jeff draco you obliterated their base mason woods and bowman were both killed your entire sound came wiped out only you survived mason you no one else no theres no survivors just you mission no no reznov is still with me since fukuda after you left craft channels compound in laos after your team were killed you went wrong no i wasnt rogue i was continuing the mission you went to rebirth island against orders why steiner was there we had to kill steiner but hudson and the cia were already on their way to get steiner at rivers why did you have to go steiner they all had to die we wanted steiner alive why did you have to kill it because the numbers were telling me to why dont you  __  understand dragofishs sleeper cells are on u.s soil nova 6 is weaponized they will use it moscow is going dark we are out of options they prevent Music how many times steiner was at rebirth island we had to kill steiner victor i wanted the same thing the same were losing him again oh god hes back in rebirth i arrived with resnoff rebirth island finally stunning was ours we are here Music they are preparing to believe number come on foreign stick to the shadows avoid the helicopter quickly they are beginning to evacuate the facility i know were here yep follow me the chopper is coming around again wait where you are but did not see us foreign good very good we are getting close miss we should be able to access stannis lag from the roof Music theyve gone to full alert its a cia i want steiner alive first follow me Music group Music thank you island talk to me give me some color those no longer essential to his plans are being executed you must hurry before they kill me too friedrich steiner this is you i know you dont know what we did to you talk to me your eve has claimed the lives of many good men ah i do not care about noah i name is victor lisner and i will have my ribbon  __  i swear to god thats how steiner died raising up killed him right in front of me youre lying miss you killed stein we know you did perez got exactly what he wanted revenge we saw the report mason victor rosnaf did not kill fredericksteiner hudson saw what happens masons still dark we work our way through the research facility and extract stone were moving off squad lets roll copy that were on the move theyve already begun to evacuate take out those damn rpgs got one on the roof all right move lets pick it up uh hes locked up now were moving forward protect your hazmat troops the eruption youre sure youll be done minutes i got it oh down that alley Music sorry Music fragile stay with us got it he was yeah yeah i got it oh stay low down target window oh this there on the roof ah in here youre getting another confirmed give me some code we need to pass through decontamination mason this is hudson we know youre on rebirth island talk to me mason lets find steiner mason this is hudson are you there its amazing what the hell is he doing killing everyone between him and steiner thats really good what the hell was that its strange hes trying to contact steiner whats the situation steiner whats the situation you must hurry before they kill me too mason we have to stop him now damn its bulletproof mason what are you doing we need him alive stand now stand down my name is victor redna and i will have my revenge mason check steiner hes dead what about rest of the defector we need to find him we wont he was never here i didnt believe it till i saw it with my own eyes what did they do to you and vorkuta mason were standing dead masons our only link to the numbers broadcast we need to bring them back lets go this way it will take us to the dock this is weaver we have the package were on our way Music what the hell did they do to you mason mason my friend tell me what is left to believe in when you are betrayed by your own who know that you are all that you have done is buried beneath the lies and the deceit of corrupt myth i will die in this wretched place the only thing that keeps me alive is the thirst for vengeance they must be stopped amazing steiner all must die its no use were out of time we cant give up now he was in for cuda he knows how to translate the codes hes heard the broadcasts which we know contain the location its all in his head somewhere he does know where it is we have to get to the bunker were at defcon 2. youve tried everything not yet i have one more car to play get out of here weaver tell them i failed you wanna die with him your choice damn it why cant you remember reznovs dead mason if you hear me hes dead weavers right were out of time the russians  __  you up i know you youre not a traitor the numbers what are they saying six steiner was there we had to kill steiner here in the  __  let them rest when he regains consciousness double the voltage i remember yeah the subject has been successfully implanted with the knowledge to translate the number sequence so what is the problem his responses to our orders have been sporadic unpredictable he shows a remarkable resilience why he is unusual atypical few men possess such will our other test subjects have been far more successful he can run take it back to himself oh my gosh Music lose your life Music Applause danger from the communists your very way of life is at risk satisfied what is Music but pain is difficult isnt it we are brothers we are the savior brainwashed you but reznov had plans of his own he was never in vietnam the real defector with the nova 6 dossier died during the attack on the mack v it was never in the rat tunnels Music he was never at rebirth island oh my son my name is died at vorkuta during the escape all the years you thought he was with you that was just in your mind i trusted him thats why it worked it was their attempt at mk ultra dragovich programmed you to kill kennedy but reznoff sabotaged you he wanted revenge for all the dragon thats done too djakovic krachenko steiner three new victims there are gaps in your memory periods where you went m.i.a and we couldnt account for you but now that the brainwashings been broken all that lost time will come back we need to leave the nova 6 strike is imminent hundreds of sleeper agents hidden in every state capital are about to unleash this poison on your own countrymen when steiner died we lost our key to unlocking the location of number broadcasts you were programmed at borkuda to translate the number codes only you can tell us what the codes mean nova 6 was just one of the sleeker operations but im sure there were others ones we didnt even know about we have the broadcasts we played them to you over and over again for hours but we havent been able to break through your programming yet mason this is our last shot listen for gods sake listen again 21 7 21 4 2 14 3 14 7 18 13 6 22 Music the subject has been successfully implanted with the knowledge to translate the number have sequences permitted the construction of a new and permanent broadcast station within their portals from now until project novas initiation all instructions will be brought just from the result our plan to strike at the very heart of the west is now in motion await further instructions all instructions will be broadcast from the result the result i know where the number station is its a ship i saw it a long time ago the rasalka where cuba Music we are in grave danger from the communists our freedom our very way of life is at risk our plan to strike at the very heart of the west is now in motion he must be stopped mason he has no fear no conscience and weakness im told that you are the very best that we have anywhere you will need to be these men must die mr mason were approaching the number station breaking off go go go you go rpgs maneuvers i cant take much more thanks again go go no sign of the transmitter he has to be here i know it is keep looking hes down all right take down those hips god okay Music were on our way Music give me some cover Music Music had to be done tango get covered grab some color so theres more to the ship than we thought broadcast station its beneath us  __   __  dragovich is starting to broadcast command this is alpha one we have confirmed that rusalka is the broadcast source bringing the airstrike were on our way out not yet we need to find dragovich in less than 15 minutes the u.s navy is gonna blow this place apart i made the mistake of not confirming the kill five years ago at baikonur you sure youre still not brainwashed would it matter son of a  __  needs to go down once and for all get out of here we were were gonna finish this hudson see the boys they have to transmit from the surface thats why we could never find the broadcast source destruction below us its more than a transmitter its a supply station for the soviet submarine fleet part of dragovichs plan for invasion once the nova 6 was released Music Music oyster to the left Music second floor theyve begun the attack whats happening damn its two legged back slam it in get out of here target down right catboy youre taking fire Applause so before they bring the whole place down on top of us contact down thats confirmed contact now hug it down hes dead got it enemies tango down carbon go Music keep moving we need to stop the protest shes dead hes down you should have been my finest agent its all been so much simpler dragon ball yes im gonna kill you Music im trying to  __  with my mind this way you dont know anything right nation this way this place is falling apart keep moving please you did it mason you did what i could not mason it is over we won Applause 0 11 24 11 1 7 19 20 10 14 2 3 19 0 8 11 22 21 5 17 Music 17 0 10 Music 1 12 0 12 16 11 26 12 8 4 1 6 2 ten two one texas Music ascension you how to reset a steam game Call Of Duty Black Ops Xbox Series X Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Call Of Duty Black Ops Gameplay on Xbox Series X. 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