Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough: Part 1 Operation 40 (Gameplay/Commentary) PS3/Xbox360/PC

Epic games vs steam 2022electric steam boiler CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay hello and welcome to the very very first parts of black ops called a duty this is our castle roads - black ops 2 Im extremely excited seeing all the gameplay and stuff coming a heavy free some hoping this all show you this little story excitement actually play at a time some interest in see how the story develops and hopefully get a really cool sort of opportunity to see the storyline progressing - black ops 2 when it comes out November so if you like Call of Duty Black Ops make sure you press a subscribe button and like the video if you enjoy it once you leave a comment about where you think Im not going to say on the best Call of Duty player ever yeah were start new game just gonna do it on normal for now Arnie Arnie play a few levels when it originally come out is that Music yes dont know what youre talking about no anything about any numbers started the beginning to 1951 the day of peace we know you were there well hell was that soldier stop though Sam look at her Carla all these numbers probably me know we waiting to kill Castro Oh what the hells that mean now theyre my BOB which is in black ops 2 so Im guessing he story will continue obviously after this some justice he had other boats see my ton horses in pair cups to gameplay these are gonna be here soon lets make this quick were like lame woods its been a while my enough Carlos you know Bowman right Carlos Mason whats up Carlos so you get what we need he will be in here the plantation my old plantation our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to get you inside what about the evac you will have transport waiting for you just be there excellent you got company Music Carlos lay down covering fire we fight our way through the streets makes our army lets go okay Mary clauncher yes explain does not condone is the single focus action-packed school years away from my father I thought Id have been haha this if it does it was a shame please uh please we loaded can i dont you thats a terrible show buddy not that good what keeps bouncing off the car Jesus has been since is with fans cools down a bit reverse with us Music waswas Schlemmer shes hastin that should you die if that my bullets consoles car this kappa okay these names i see theres a signal now Im sorry I was out for the year Im super lets go back oh oh oh yes we lets go boots bullenbeisser take him out oh my chance to shine oh whats that I said why oh Jesus lets go the knife is it quicker and easier the same different age its in lower than I killed before so the soldiers in the suffering distracted so you can hope you just walk in this is my visitor come on woods can go yet no you can sit out of it we cant go now misty looks at the open shot glass and OH mr. shaitana this way upstairs got it cancer is paranoid good reason night-night todays the day we succeed look its too bad come on wits no this time breach through this door now stay close illogical the song behind a call stand for my balloons up from the earlier we start firing a distant object on her and this gets shot its not Moni on me are you shooting me for walking in front of my foot oh man lets gosh we dead hes got very intense whoa Jesus good thisll be a series I put epub3 2 into three parts a week maybe well it goes down with people enjoy and start identifying thats the aim put about two to three maybe four sort of a rose to black ops 2 not only bits like how this sofa just like the arse Oh target should be up ahead get in position dont forget you can okay its good time ready make history oh my shoulder just about looting it just to save you Oh Underwoods Leslie brains out but how many people in here its a new convenience of reloading I thought Ill do this too much new things I reload far too much not very nice and sometimes miss penny difficult situation got some charges me and Im just hell confirm essica pintles a ninja mode Ive always got a quick lift I got them having what birth but still alive yeah its going on today and now hes dead hes dead anymore whatever go Oh come on Carlos with saving here its here it is hobby she popped ete into the sugar fields peaceful cover isnt it how convenient barely scrape lets go down well help lets see if youll run down it let me go back were on my desk so weird come on left two steps oh come on get money ah now come on Jesus whats that about Internet my spirit my many people down stand right next to the phone years ago Applause definitely congregate Music close friends the thing wed back jump super fun Jesus okay ouch why so hes in with a gun in my face maybe game does it we killed yeah you kill the double you think we didnt know of your plan we always know do them what your ways general this is my gift to you in honor of our new relationship just make sure that he suffers he will no suffering beyond his darkest fears I have plans for you American no he did it sure did thanks very much watch my very first part for backups hope you enjoy make sure you press that like button it helps the video a lot and make sure you subscribe as well for theres more Call of Duty backups content coming for number two later in the year but this one mostly now so I hope you enjoyed make sure you leave a comment as well thanks very much for watching and have a great day fsr 2.0 steam deck Call of Duty Black Ops Walkthrough: Part 1 Operation 40 (Gameplay/Commentary) PS3/Xbox360/PCA Road to Black Ops 2. 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