Winter Sniper Mission - Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Steam validating game files stuck at 0where to find hidden games on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay the first building is just over that ridge thanks dimitri well radio we found the mainframe woods you know what the kgb does to double agents yep da if they win this season its almost worth facing the fighting squad eh ive only one hour of fuel so after that youll find yourself a new ride come on lets get moving mason thats our inside man dont let the smell of cheap vodka and caviar throw you felikov is the real deal he knows where all the bodies are buried he buried that heads up scouts on the ridgeline do it all quiet like yeah youre the expert in quiet hey im a complicated man good kill nice lets keep moving you take one ill get the other damn mason save some for me  __  this looks dicey but hey if its good enough the reds time to pay ivan a visit piece of cake the old satcom building looks like its hanging by a thread lets keep moving they got snipers dont let them spot you stay low keep out of sight thank you anymore what the  __  is that go down were clear i think were in the clear damn look at this place huh crossbow ball looks like hudson had some fun here yeah thats not how he remembers it you hear that theyre prepping the mainframe for extraction dig site seven we better move soviet engineering at its worst cover me get it coloring thats the doomsday bunker were getting close to the mainframe well cross on that cable reds on the helipad better take them out age before beauty whatever lost my damn gun youre going first next time i see a tunnel down here youll have to find another way inside copy that woods great damn its cold foreign Music Music oh with me guys Music yeah i read you you got to be close wonder what this opens well look at this Music good Music okay over here the ruckus you made im surprised the entire soviet union aint up our ass youve been busy thats what they pay me for in here chief you see any dig sites if im reading this map right swing a few degrees to your left more north there whats that bingo that crane matches the dick site on this map thats where we need to go have you found the main frame theres a big crane on the west side of the base have your winch ready excuse me my winch sorry youre breaking up you get a crane we got a chopper dimitri were pinned down that jumper loaded but they dont call it the gunship for nothing like your fourth of july huh youre welcome Music foreign looking Music whats the rooftop oh oh looking nice work possible move your ass lets hope this one holds yeah Music lets hope this one holds yeah what i am over the extraction site are you ready we see you dmitry hold on were out of time we have to jump lets go mason basically we gotta get down there now Applause uh its a regular size now is the mainstream big because if its too big we cant get down there now um no its regular size we gotta get down there now is the main frame big because if its too big we cant lift off uh no its regular size keep moving over the wedge mason hand me that cable dimitri take us up whats up come on pick up the base melaka okay Music were clear dimitri take us home hudson we finished analyzing that mainframe that mason woods brought from yamato and perseus was looking for the names of sleeper agents dragovich used in 68. give us those names well get atlas team to track them down perseus erase them  __  me theres only one place youre gonna find that information now bianca building what kgb headquarters why didnt perseus get them there himself i dont know maybe hes operating without authorization ill let edler know but were gonna do this the right way steam game dev tycoon Mason and Woods journey to the site of an older Black Ops game in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War steam lawsuit how to sync steam cloud best free singleplayer steam games can you get banned from steam for pirating games free games finder steam