CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 Spec Ops Gameplay Walkthrough Campaign FULL GAME 4K 60FPS PS5

Among us vr steamallow steam to verify the integrity of your game files CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay breaker one intercepted Communications between alcatala and an unknown individual in Russia confirms delivery of three packages to an AQ Outpost in al-mazra we believe the contents of the packages are radioactive components for an underground weapons program ISR shows the packages have been delivered to three separate buildings you will load out with Geiger counters to detect radiation and find the weapon components your mission is to recover them be advised this grid is heavily fortified with anti-aircraft your team will not have their support on station this operation is a seizure covert status is critical to avoid detection you will HALO jump into the AO and push to the targets on foot when all three packages are secured youll proceed to hlz Sparrow for extraction in the event Sparrow is unaccessible your secondary LZ Falcon is located here Falcon is a last resort not a guarantee you are walking into the enemys kitchen all you have is each other and the dark Ill be on comms stay frosty breaker one youre over the ax now dizzy is marked on your attack map hit it then proceed to the Target buildings and you can use your Geiger counters to locate and secure all objectives from the radioactive materials you pick up youre clear to drop reloading to the LC quicker one youre getting a hit on your geiger counter youre close coffee that was close foreign come on reloading foreign foreign foreign one two you are getting a reading on your geiger counter use it to locate the objectives theyll keep hunting for the objective materials we came for two down Charlie to go get it secure and lets get you the hell out of there thank you Recon drone to Wrecking the area surveillance reported a sizable AQ fighter patrolling that calm Center keep your eye out for him hes hard to miss this is the last objective if they havent already it wont be long before HQ realizes the other two are gone youre gonna need to move quick and clean foreign here though were actors in that building use your geiger counter to pinpoint its location aqs got this place locked down for a reason anything with AQ is helpful breaker one get out of there all this is for nothing if you dont extract those objectives move to extraction wait contact and get out of there we need to extract those materials breaker one can you disengage negative its too far were gonna have to do this Ive got a Helo inbound to provide cover Ed Falcon too much though Quakers move to hlc Falcons for extraction marked on your Tech maps go charging Max hit all on the x-filled birds fire from the open cannot touch stations warlock get clear of fire but do not leave the AL we are not looking right foreign down start with secure breaker one satellite imagery confirms the AQ Army is using russian-made service to air missiles to defend their operations at the oil fields in this Valley making the sector impenetrable by air your mission is to destroy those Sam sites a ground asset will get you in range of an AQ checkpoint at the Australian pass the first samsite objective Alpha is located due east of the checkpoint youll have the element of surprise here use it once else is down by Pilot Nikolai call sign Yankee 7 will provide limited air supporting your remaining three Sam sites bravo charlie and Delta hell be your ex though when the job is done this Valley is lethal The Sounds protect the oil fields the oil funds AQ they will use everything they have to stop you when the first sight Falls all hell breaks loose Ill be on comms lets hit him where it hurts watch your wonderbreaker you are in the AL Im tracking you your first Sam site Target outside is down the hill get there set your charge and pick it up you are clear to engage on movers but do it quietly go lets not get too excited were just getting started here theres AQ troops stationed all over the compound stay Sharp take any ammo or supplies you can find from that chat foreign armor here reloading take out that grenade launcher foreign hell your way find a vehicle and move to destroy the remaining samsites be advised Yankee seven is inbound your way for air support where possible breaker one radar shows an enemy Helo incoming Yankee seven is still several Mikes out theyll need to take it on your own watch for countermeasures and re-attack it if you need to enter one eyes open for those Minds the oil fields are just ahead changing back over here whoa Zach fire foreign an enemy armored vehicle closing on your location incoming hope you enjoyed seven to breaker one I have Windows 10 side Target I will draw them to keep them occupied you follow the smoke trails to take the bastards out see you on the other side breaker one target grid is marked so destroy those missiles most patients be advised I have visual make you for a suspending mind breaker one youre a protein Target out here foreign come on charging Max stand clear of the blast area Yankee seven Delta is destroyed thanks for putting your neck out for us I love my work breaker one continue to Target Charlie robbing some armor breaker you need to secure a vehicle hello Breakers be advised you have an enemy bird inbound hot foreign counter measures will divert your fire if they deploy players moving here The Big Valley vehicle will make it smaller foreign you are approaching Target Bravo I will draw fire from those missiles while you take down the target from the ground clearance Target youre gonna make it bud foreign copy that deck breaker watch out for that bird and take it out I never doubt breaker one you are approaching Target Charlie focus on the next Target copy that attacking fire foreign Breakers dispatch that Hilo and get to extraction these jobs only half done folks now we gotta get you home Yankee seven youre clear to touchdown on the LZ for extraction inbound to blv d network connection become a board breaker Buffalo your teams loaded up we are coming home Roger that we should accomplished acotala has launched an assault on the Zaya Observatory it sits on high ground and key terrain critical to the control of our AQ wants it security for the observatory was contracted to Shadow company due to recent failures with their command structure the pmcs pulled up States and abandoned their posts an elite unit of demon dog Marines were set to defend the site they need help your mission is to stop aqs Army from taking the observatory and with it a strategic advantage in the region my pilot will land you directly on the observatory where you will support the demon dogs in the defense abuse 3 critical objectives Point Alpha Point Bravo and point Charlie youll be outnumbered and outgunned but failure is not an option Ill be with you when it comes lets go get it done primary objective secure weapons Ill be over falling back to one out there compromise moving to secondary HIV one link up with the Marines and stop AQ from securing those Munitions a UAV is on stations with this okay over located thank you lets show them violence loading enemies targeting the munition changing Max using the bunker get it secure one still cnaq near your location three this is one one breaker is hitting you away from the Northeast check fire everyone copies conversations three AQ helos are a protein Bravo Two were standing by a problem coffee breaker one advise you resupply then link up with devil to it Bravo number one level two were standing by at Bravo targets theyre targeting our munitions side got your back one AQ is losing ground just two of them hello breaker one Bravo is clear no visible threats at this time be advised more AQ Birds approaching Charlie copy copy breaker one link up with double three at Charlie level three were standing by a Charlie foreign Orion 4-1 is entering the AO standby breaker one this is double three were standing by Charlie spend those musicians this is a Ryan four one from deployed foreign lets go right side Movers y I got him all stations AQ is sending reinforcements to capture the weapon Depots resupply and prep for contact Roger that Roger that loading I thank you forces are incoming multiple bomb vests among them maintain your distance copy copy breaker one level two were standing behind Bravo keep them clear of the weapon depots West lets go reloading armor here foreign Bravo is clear no visible threats at this time this is Watcher one enemy mortar teams are moving into position suggestions trying to cover and dig in Raj Roger that all stations the advised AQ is targeting multiple locations standby Orion 4-1 is delivering reinforcements Ryan Floyd breaker one Orion 4-1 reinforcements deployed heads up mortar from the East freaker one seven one one were standing by an alpha South Side performance foreign foreign coffee changing back stand by Orion 4-1 is delivering reinforcements breaker one level two were standing by right 4-1 reinforcements deployed incoming to the South brick one level two were standing by bro foreign thank you clear breaker one all visible threats are down all stations AQ is mounting a final assault on the observatory stand by for contact be advised HQ forces with heavily armored units they are targeting all objectives breaker one copy that Orion 4-1 is inbound now Orion 4-1 is entering the AO standby the 4-1 breaker one this is double three were standing by Charlie all stations checks out Charlie foreign got you covered we got you covered Charlie Charlie the enemy set ter we got your back Charlie is still hot secure the area secure the objectives all right star s I count five shoot them hes a cover on ammo breaker one AQ planets radar got sticks this is Watcher one The Observatory assistant you have given us a tactical advantage in the region work watch your one copies all keeping those weapons out of AQ hands will save countless lives thank you x-filled platform is arriving on stations now thank you steam cloud saves for non steam 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