CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 - BELIKOV (COD Campaign)

Steam game stuck on loading screensteam powered giraffe controversy CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay so first off hope you guys are staying safe out there welcome back to more black ops cold war had a lot of fun with this series so far and we are i dont know how far we are into the game but ill tell you right now if you want the rest of it quickly just destroy that like button i love you all and lets get this uh okay now its gonna it just automatically updates so we should be good is there anybody else back here i wonder in that entry i could program this blank key card into a bunker key yes this might be a two-part mission for me i dont know how long this is going to be dont worry about me im even going to close the door i know i already did it never mind how convenient opportunity opportunity is there anything okay im just gonna follow the icon cant go through there oh boy are we headed back in the same spot let me double check yeah its down that hallway is this the room we got to go through data entry i think it is oh is there anybody else so heres my worry if i take this guy down does this guy ah let me see let me double check this other hallway we know this door is gonna be clear im worried about this side though i literally cant put the guy anywhere so what im gonna have to do is kill him put him on the bench thats my assumption lets just go for it uh i didnt want to do that but were going to now have to pick the lock we got to hurry though so im taking this guys body in there with me theres no other way around it come on oh no the bot yo no there was a guy right there when i opened the door how unconvenient or inconvenient oh so you get another chance so i guess ill have to if i go across like this well they see me i wonder lets try something really quick i dont i mean is there a way i can just like i think theres no way to distract this guy heres what im gonna try drop body whats the odds if i could like okay if they can see me here we go oh they didnt see me all the way though wait yo that was close no no no oh no now why is that considered an icon should be all right please dont go up there okay they saw me right here so now i just gotta wait for them to leave and hopefully they dont go to the right because if they do thats going to be some trouble Music they saw me uh they saw me kill that guy or they didnt see me kill them they just saw me um moving the body i thought hey can i just go across i thought i was gonna put him on the bench but i mean if i tracked him maybe that would have worked please dont go in there if you do im taking you down buddy i have to come on go back oh now is this guy gonna patrol this time now not lethal takedown can i do it or should i do it im gonna im just gonna wait this guy has to go back right he has to go back keep on going there we go we should be fine now i say that but last time is there not a person like you see it you can kind of faintly see a shadow right there i dont know what to do here guys it says a body was found like this person saw me do that right im curious if i walk through here what what actually happens i dont know i i dont want to risk it is there not any way i can just hmm does this person have anything maybe i could like change another clothes or something different to help me like because i i feel like once i walk up next to this guy hes gonna like have the like alert symbol next because this is gonna be its a restricted area so i cant be in here see look at that oh him actually walking close yo come on come on lets go Music did that just save me i dont think theres any other way you could have got around that all right uh well we got that body down please dont be anybody else back here im gonna put those well im gonna put that body im gonna keep it where it is and her password okay were doing that right now it looks like uh reprogram the key here we go this guy can type pretty quick just saying Music reading key card remapping okay nice we got access secret file access to building entrance access we got everything granted give me them check marks baby now i need to head to the basement and let my steam in let me check everything now we do have a few opportunities because yeah lets go back over here water theres something right here as well we gotta go obtain the poison we got evidence yo lets get it i think i needed this thats three out of three we have all the evidence for that specific operation that is awesome okay i was worried if i was gonna find that or not let me just go ahead and close this door actually let me uh let me move the body there you go buddy nobody will see you there im sure of it thats awesome all right dont mind me were good to go let me just close this door as well just in case all right so so far this has been an awesome series off submission we got here i just kind of wonder how this is all gonna tie together oh i do need to go in here but i need to get the poison first right this is this the poison down here i wish i could check the map uh lets see more okay thats where we got a body right there yeah i dont quite know okay whatever lets get going its saying to go here anyways ah other steam will need uniforms to get past security delicate here send the security detail to meet me in the furnace room immediately Applause all right uh so i had a chance to poison somebody i dont really think it matters now since we have the key i guess theres multiple ways to get the key like weve reprogrammed it anyway so its all good flashing the light here they go wasnt sure youd come through i dont have much choice do i Music this key card gives you elevated access to the bunker what about uniforms sounds like theyre here now okay i will lead them through and distract them you two do the rest now take cover keep it clean uniforms are no good to us bloody i cant crouch for some reason im supposed to hide though dang all right okay i have to leave but you should have everything you need now if stop you are reporting the commander sober get changed Applause here our weapons and key card are in the bank are we going to throw them in the furnace by any chance thatd be crazy right come on this way all right here we go undercover spies lets get it not really spies i guess were just undercover now the giant scar kinda would give it away i feel like this story has been really good considering its its own time piece you know like separate from the other cod games you know no metal detectors for us were going around yeah this has been so much fun i feel like im playing golden eye a little bit just a little bit taking me back to the nintendo 64 days i didnt work Applause Music is this supposed to happen i wonder because foreign like im just amazed at all this stuff heres that room i couldnt get into so this is hopefully gonna be awesome oh its an elephant yo i couldnt see all the way through that oh a bunker level hold on this guy resumes Applause i had to do it i didnt want to pick the wrong one always gets awkward we had no choice gear up here we go man finally armed after like 40 minutes see us down here wait for my words the gun gameplay is just so good what we got here yo whatever this is the mp5 it sounds so loud i dont know maybe its the room were in too keep moving towards the vault regression i think i have every call of duty ive played this one has my favorite gun play right or i guess gun gameplay yet but i feel like as far as the campaign goes i mean this is awesome lets go up top advance whatever lets keep with going oh things go south we need to secure our expo plant a gas canister in the band i gotta work on my shots but im missing so many good lets get to the vault were almost Music uh all right here goes nothing the bunker key here we go i guess the word i would use to describe all this is satisfying you know its just really fun yo what about them i need to okay were good things closing thats not good theres the list belt copy it to a disk we gotta hurry five percent oh no im cutting through oh actually look at that hand hand cannon look at this thing youre almost through the door get ready here they come oh my god yo this oh that was all i have oh what is this proximity mines its like a bouncing betty kind of art escape with intel theyre locking the place down follow me i thought were gonna fight uh armored enemy here in a little bit got i just got a vibe right now you know i dont like this were sitting dunks here oh yeah keep moving i need to find a way out i cant see anything uh anybody back there oh my im dead theres no way i live right now i cant even see where im shooting this might be a way out all right were good to go looks like time for plan b bill activate the gas thats kind of cool i didnt expect all this that guys gonna die okay we gotta hurry up man heavier gear i know just the place arm ourselves hold on got me some cover i got that guy had a mask on oh no thats not good gear up oh were getting the helmets like the modern warfare three ending all over again lets go i think that was what that was when you get all armored up you know lazar meet us in the southwest courtyard for five minutes off the kitchen plenty of room in the backseat once we get off the elevator just keep moving towards the courtyard yo lets get it this is by far the coolest mission in the game like theres no competition the whole thing is just awesome im a walking tank right now i gotta reload look how slow were walking more like terminator over here i got so much ammo slowly but surely all right 67 left in the clip but thats not enough oh  __  i feel bad for the driver man yo get out of there dude oh my god oh yeah no other game does campaigns like this game level of action unmatched be ready to move rice cooking steamer PS5 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 includes a PS5 Review and Story Campaign Mission 5 for Playstation 5, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC of COD Cold War 2020 Story Campaign. 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The Campaign mode of Black Ops Cold War was designed and developed by Raven Software which was already designing a campaign based on the Cold War before Treyarch took the project over. The game is a direct sequel to the original game Call of Duty: Black Ops set in the early 1980s and feature returning characters such as Alex Mason, Frank Woods and Jason Hudson while introducing a new cast of characters including Russell Adler. In 1981, US President Ronald Reagan tasked CIA operative Russell Adler to hunt down Soviet agent Perseus to prevent an attack on the free world. Adler assembles an elite team of operatives including Bell with the help of Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Jason Hudson. dumbest steam games evolution the video game steam good free games on steam cartoon steam how to install steam games to external hard drive