CoD Black Ops 4: Blackout PC Gameplay

Instant pot steaming instructionssteam desck CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS gameplay all this doors open marked it yeah someone was down here Oh fall damage man Ill be shot I didnt back oh god Im down I definitely damaged that guy though Im safe the 3:45 behind the thing she had a scope one guys a sniper careful why dont they get their this drop barn or something I see a guy across the bridge thatd be him they fell back nope you still there in this house mine the back oh no way dude I saw that and I almost got hit in the face by it this building this building on me you might be on the roof and down again yeah right by my ears as I love those great alright Im cracking my my movie up again well I have mine at all 105 120 credits do it trust me 120 it feels so good are you  __  nuts yep dude and the fact that Im a seer menu screen go like out when it goes black out wait you said it again wait I move my monitor to so its what the hell dude are you great wall this is great flight 120 this lets flight over down to play wait what are we going fire is wait you were trolling right no know what this is crazy what do you mean its crazy oh youre playing at 1440p - oh yeah mm-hmm and I moved my monitor so its further away because Im using cam now I needed to place it somewhere probably more healthy for my eyes - no such thing hes a played with like that correctly in my face holy  __  this fov dude doesnt feel great you can see everything you can but Im afraid that I wont be able to see the enemies Oh yellow good care what gun it is as long as its yellow that you LT right here did Im already used to this fov now I told you what you watch youre gonna try to go back and really oh this is like too small now yes youre like my my teachers being pushed into my face trust me its great like this everything finding level 3 AMA is better than Newton drops in this game same le hell youre playing Hank its a heli which smoke Oh Ellie gone looks like where did this sound go goodbye Haley I guess that was how II mean I am very good yeah what is this to see teammates do waltz that sounds like a useless straight I was a useless should think Ill play as a team dont look out one if you make it safety wont you all rocket launcher afraid that I wont see people under this guy here come on other guys left house cant even help you yet found one other ones inside closed building I see him hes got a shop since I did something okay no longer operate Im not sure that gonna operator always click all the amethyst what off yes yes smokescreen yeah drop that yours yeah whatever Oh sniper Im faster encroached and frozen so oh my god this perks nuts was it do you move faster while prone and crouch or something oh yeah full tilt that sprinting while crouched like my pits go yeah I can only fight up close okay one guy go kill I see them lets wait with shooting just like you push up on them oh we got chef those are you shoot out in there damn what you guys it shows your dad I just finished again this guys on the bridge but I cant really do anything with a scope uh no one I could do this small screen they go across isnt there guy at this barn or no there shippi maybe he pushed out cuz theyre fighting over there I mean how many teams can there be its on this side its sandwiched make sure theres nobody else I think that was the last guy cuz looting in this game really makes you vulnerable its crazy telling me buddy are you see those shots over there Im coming I think Im gonna societ for this gun cuz thatll do ya they really need to make a easier way to like swap scopes  __  what did I just wait can you use this scope because I cant use it on this gun barony the 3x perfect better oh how many mid kids you have none well you know what I have four okay and I have one biggie Im gonna save the big trauma kit you can use the hill to 200 ya 178 but I want to blow people up with like the mesh mine Ill be fun Im gonna do right now do right now a bunch oh hes only knocked dude yeah find the traitor left hey shot Wow Ill lead like a record swallowed his own flood it was a headshot its disgusting well theres too many body cells theres so much gear I know the snip you cant Crouch oh my god well looting like you cant Crouch encroach theres still okay theres too much gear like I dont even know you you get to light vulnerable while Luton good I just want to dig out my sniper just so I could do the quick scope things yeah please give us about rifles who even cares alright Im good Ill buy ya sniper scope here if you need it yes all right something the other guy this guy alright next keep moving I keep building a hold alt to free look oh yeah its no work no water get rid of that one Ellie you want to see my Cod gameplay that goes on reddit so I actually had it really shot yeah I gave our position away here comes play oh I hit it oh that was just the chopper though it feels bad when you see the hit marker hes landing oh boy hit him wait an armored um I actually hit the guy really says show said marketed when you hit the vehicles right no no but I hit the armor I saw the armor oh yeah but its so shows the thing when you hit like a vehicle right yeah itll still show a hitmarker okay after all youre like Im walking around with an anti material arrived but wait a minute I dont have a sniper scope on wait a minute whoa wait I realize I can do that that may have been the heli we do in this game to take this just jump around jump oh its near cos hows my Nate by the way well I heard shots over here previously me too I heard shots over here just a second ago I think yeah I know those doing a construction site but yeah theres a vehicle up on this hill here 30 yeah the guys to the top yeah Im down wow he got one this matter trade all right reset boys is he not resting his teammate yeah hes got a rest them already that way keep back here we died we got a dying cover left right guy down right guy enough guys go nice good job and Aiden boys right I just want to keep on sniping so I get real comfy with it I wish you could lower your your sensitivity though for it cant you like specific is that I think so thats gonna stoop it oh this guy had to palette and I want that big it youre hearing those shots Yeah right a paladin no thats thats the real I could look so its like too much its crazy its huge yeah it goes right down here other guys are further down yeah yeah I know arm I head shot at this guy he might have armor here at body should have a map it wont see Ezra she down at the tree 240 just left of the road this one in front of me no two down were gonna let this hit I seem to know were buddies behind the rock is one the rock oh my god I only have one use of mine you super let nice good job these have some armor and there are people shooting no thats just the storm okay one guy left trick chef tom well unless he pops up right in front of me which is very possible but you got to do is you got to grapple and then snipe in the air as you like dont have a grapple though I just see what if I tomahawk eggs that count Im a hawk us Im amazed Im a hes kind of good I can kill like any armor in one shot yeah thats awesome oh you really fast hes like prone at the tree like its fuzzy and I think I dont know cuz I got a hitmarker when I threw it so I may hit you with it I mean unless hes really good at aiming because I just got some back Music transfer epic games to steam CoD Blackout is finally out in beta for PC. Ive been waiting a long time to see how this would play on a system that isnt foreign to me. Im very impressed with how smooth it runs, although armor needs a change.You can connect with me here: (I only use Twitter. Facebook is for upload notifications.) ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►Facebook - ►Livestream - ►Discord - Merchandise can be found here! ► Who Im playing with: ►Fugglet - Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber Looking for a YouTube partnership? (referral link) Settings and Equipment: Please report any hate speech/spam comments. what time do games release on steam how to migrate bethesda games to steam dumpling steamer stainless steel steam finder id steam deck manual