Why Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the Most Nostalgic Game.

Steam coupon codeshealth benefits steam room vs sauna CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review so I heard that there was some Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombie slander against my name and a couple other zombie YouTubers and this doctor Skipper video so were gonna have to have a word with this man and uh see exactly whats going on here 2012 okay on the way home you rest your head on the cold glass window of the car or school bus to then power up the thing youre looking forward to most that Xbox 360 bro this is full on Nostalgia thats a relaxing end clip bro what are you doing with that bro room and throw away whatever not with the Minecraft or bad thoughts you brought home with you that day thats stained with dirty fingerprints because Kanye should ever grab it from the top you need to clean the disc with the T-shirt thats probably just as dirty as the damn disc yeah and then you watch a cut scene yeah all my discs would be looking like that Call of Duty Black Ops the iconic foreign Music get into the real world this is everybodys First videos two is my Jeep oh Advanced Warfare yeah I dont know about that at that time I mean true boy did I make the most somebody start on Vanguard please no well game chat back to this and the only way to save you both was for him to name two Call of Duty games he would live Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops actually true yeah he definitely would minority who jump for joy when you say Call of Duty ghost survey Springfield maybe who are these people who are these people the campaign thats what Im saying zombies shitty troll Munchies intro so congratulations on raising a  __  young man dude oh the goddamn YouTuber at the time no man um Im telling you the hottest hottest music back then bro Call of Duty Black Ops 2. we missed it we went through a global pandemic I exist and Kanye West went to war with a skinny tatted SNL man yeah I dont know about that one easy easy Dad see the title you get it saying Black Ops 2 is I cant believe it wasnt a controversial take are you its not a controversial taken 100 the video essays yeah is what Im saying that was the best part of life is 10 years old and then editing it all together the game is turning 10 years old but it looks nice in the title and Im not the game is 10 years old hey I said it on Twitter the game is 10 years old okay so its official birthday because theres other games that are also turning 10 this year that I want Borderlands is 10. Borderlands 2. what am I doing man Black Ops 2 is a universally enjoyed game and itd be really easy its amazing blindly praise it in this video for brownie points yeah Im curious to hear what he has to say about it the minority critiquing something that was really enjoyed and was to be proven right over time yeah for real these two videos aged so well yeah yeah considering I mean Halo infinite could have been great but this game was deleted after the DLC was just non-existent he did the same joke about three times already I know exactly Im blinded by brand loyalty and the times can be yeah I dont know who Xbox or PS4 is the case of Black Ops 2 it really makes me interested on how I want to tackle this and Black Ops 2 is Iconic everywhere bro perfect and you would most likely trust whatever I say I mean exactly I mean would it be good going back I mean we dont know great COD ghost was not and cod got worse and worse I mean Cod did get worse and worse I mean hes spitting Fox listen he might think this is the common takes but these are factual bro theres a reason why theyre factual for the years this isnt to discredit the game the musicals bro my favorite began to talk about the game my favorite features and Story video games because of how amazing and also different audiences yeah literally Escape of gaming we all fall victim to relieving Christians yeah World War II games Vanguard archons but in the year 22 s like Vanguard Cold War even Modern Warfare Its also just because the amount of money thats being poured into Call of Duty is less and less over the years despite what everybody thinks and I think that is why everybody expects games to be better when in actuality I think were just on a consistent downward slope and that is why we see such a Nostalgia 21 19 you can go back to play Modern Warfare 3 and completely dismiss all previous stances by accident due to the dramatic shift of quality exactly look at Black Ops place and yeah took its place the worst Halo game currently which is absolutely embarrassing its embarrassing this is the most obnoxious thing Ive ever experienced in my life this is gaming soul sucking theres a lot of games that have great reputation might be not smooth bro stop with a Breaking Bad Man cancel Breaking Bad police dude follow even Skyrim in the year 2022 is exhausting its a lot yeah it stands out from the rest because of its lightning were just old Gamers honestly we just need to come to terms that were just Gamers that are too old for at this point the game is extremely dated yeah were too old but in the case of Fallout dont dont eat more chicken they got pesticides in there the New Vegas has making it quite limp they could possibly put the game very high what is this within the last decade but are going off of this making these clips big PSP because its 100 subjective with my adult I mean yeah Nostalgia is ridiculous and admit that its an extremely flawed project but back I mean thats the only thing I feel is Call of Duty at this point of me Christmas in 2015 and playing it throughout my entire world bitten mad with bl3 right there its extremely scary yes 2 is very personal it is the most nostalgic Call of Duty of all time with hindsight can be a gamble yeah it could be very risky Ten Years Later may not be nothing to yeah Reddit or any other Lance yeah dont share it dont share it no I actually do share but just dont share it on Reddit dont dont call it Reddit dont go on Reddit but yeah check out Dr Skipper imagine humor shouting big chungus and playing Breaking Bad memes can be funny to some this was made by the official Buffalo Bills account okay thats funny the best way to put a kid in the ER back in the day was to spam the hit marker sound effect true MLG Teletubbies oh my goodness what a classic pyrocynical never forget bruh Mountain Dew in the infamous MLG or the or the 10 minutes or the ear rape as they say Black Ops 3 times I showed speed or streamers that cared a tiny bit about their appearance who recorded their 720. sir thats me were here once a week to pick up their shipment of G fuel exactly exactly and thats not even unironic like that is fully truth spam Grand Theft Auto tattoos while getting a decent haircuts yeah which is why also I dont think there will ever be a Call of Duty like this because back then there were so few games that were played but now its so widespread which is such a good point making a gold mine for Content creators dropping gameplay going beast mode from their moms basement yeah for the Youth yeah that man was already owed in BL2 videos thats wild hes ancient now its Rand rampant MW2 was the start for digital creation on COD but Black Ops 2 is where everyone began exploded yeah it was an exhausting like it is now and didnt change how the game played every other week exactly yes I mean I miss that dude I missed when it was actually about like genuine content creation genuine fun not just some meta consider Im being fun anymore but instead centered around being overly competitive for business opportunities exactly  __  up carrot well first of all its a beak thats why our speedy had good time in talkative lobbies bring back comedy to please sweaty try hard battle reality I know and the spirit who makes this begins to bleed into casual lobbies within most games I mean this is what Im saying bro its gotten ridiculous and thats not just Call of Duty that is a fortnight thing we have to acknowledge that broke down of the week while slide canceling and treating every match thank goodness slide canceling is gone update an entire team with an intervention or ballista was respectable and if he had cool sniping montages it wouldnt be that surprising to see FaZe in your Gamertag true nowadays you just need to play forces and even now its not the pro aspect of Call of Duty oh my its just a fun culture and wanting to put a show on every time youre live because it has objectively made peoples careers but in all honesty which is wild because literally now were seeing the back end where its like these careers are basically going down because theres two theres an oversaturation of too many games out this is the meme what am I looking professional Cod player in the year 2022. I know its impossible video game started when kids Music yeah shes fine yeah dude its wild how all these people are gonna quit and Im probably gonna quit too its wild how we be quitting so fast that when it comes to concentration around Black Ops 2 its not my Nostalgia clouding my judgment at all someone getting a squad wipe in war zone just doesnt compete with open voice chat lobbies amen amen tiny and skill in comparison 2012 culture was wild non-existent didnt even exist yeah so few people were on Twitch in 2012 not even me I started in 2015 and that was really early even for bl3 I remember not many people were streaming in 2015. the community for Call of Duty was thriving just as much yeah it was great before the Vanoss Crew and other creators began to explode off of GTA and Garrys Mod content they Revolution they started on BL2 yeah this is where I watched it exactly their time either each video had Millions on top of millions of views they were massive culture yes go to school and say an inside joke from a video or someone would most like mostly they would know yeah thats so true Clips are commentary Lets Plays yeah what up its your boy rice rice flavored gum can you call me Brian Im telling you every big content creator in the past five or six years has a gameplay video like this bro creators like Vanoss and KYR Speedy were making full-on edited projects that you could still feel the ripple effect of to this day yeah theres like Swagger Souls fits so wild every single single funny YouTuber uses this exact same boring style that was Never As Good As the original I despise it yeah you go down the line of inspiration all goes back to someone getting inspired by someone who got inspired by these videos its all inspiration by somebody else yeah ripple effect goes unnoticed and its often under thats the whole point of YouTube videos I agree to this day and some of your most enjoyed content creators the reason these videos are good boils down to one simple fact these videos are just friends having fun having fun playing a game they loved while making careers out of it exactly setting these people up for Life financially I mean Ive missed that man that is still used to this day I miss that because I still dont think its as quality as it was back then and I dont know if thats because of the culture or just the way games are developing millions and it was done in Black Ops 2. I think it was a mixture of both though when I look at it zombie creators who would that be bro this content was more impactful dude the BO2 Car Champs was Monumental at the time now nobody even wants to compete skump says its his life last year and thats the biggest thing thats happened this year with professional Call of Duty small streamer getting a quad kill and rebirth island ever will be so its not just Nostalgia and being stuck in the past exactly better it was and it was more widespread right the zombies in the campaign are enjoyed by some but well talk about Black Ops 2 almost everybody reflects on the multiplayer aspect and thats Justified MP was fire so it could have gone aint nobody playing campaign exactly we really get into zombies is by being committed to its Easter eggs or lore you are see this is the slot I was talking about endless  __  lip little piece of  __  and that could be okay wait hold on were skipping the multiplayer section of he better he better explain himself in the zombie section come on now its free for 18th 2012. I better hear some explanation here asleep or grinding for legend s by yourself oh my goodness yeah you dont want to be here bro dont be there bro still stands 14 years later like unfortunately in the worst way possible me that joke didnt really work zombies has never intended to be a selling factor for Treyarchs games it wasnt thats the wildest thing was development as a neat bonus of players that finish the campaign isnt that wild and people still play World at War to this day he was a massive hit which is that surprising from 2008 to 2015 making a zombie there were a lot of bigs in the face of gamers there were a lot of big zombie games but now whats interesting is when you look at it there are no zombie games being made anymore it was such a dying Trend and I still believe that it is the only zombies game thats made alive this one with an even larger budget exactly oh gosh stop it being controversial were so loved and enjoyed I was called a dead controversial its made for the zombies game mode going into the development for Black Ops 2 with Jimmy zielinski being the game design director earlier I mentioned how the games marketing built the same height for Transit but now were at the part of the video where I need to address Transit itself Transit is the largest example of popping ah yeah Transit is the worst its a Nostalgia bubble like he said but with no content no substance no substance large amount of empathy for the game designers of transits as much as Transit has its fault I do too this is Jimmy zielinskis full failure more than when a studio tries to play it really safe and shout out to ow yeah but  __  no thank you yes all the dead but worse I said I gotta agree I gotta I agree iterate that because Dont Be Misunderstood the remasters in Black Ops 3 with zombie Chronicles and if you didnt play Zombies just trust me and if you really are that desperate for Content go watch some zombie craters pretty much zombies ourselves living off of scraps literally I mean look at me this is literally what Im doing right here right now dude Im watching this Im watching the slander right here know its her job to help this guy and everything but I think this guys a lost cause hey did people love watching it dude I gotta bring it back bro listen the ranking the tier lists were massive in 2021 we still got to bring it back deadlines as well as console limitations trailer originally had a lot of Hope for transits development process yeah Transit words like I said transit was so big and ambitious that the engine literally wouldnt have been able to run it this is also the truth Jimmy zilinsi was crying so because of this he was crying literally lost a job over this stuff so the game could render textures also the denizens were put in to disencourage you from exploring to literally also slowing you down to the game render new areas without crash and now we have Duran Fong and the archon so and potentially mod for two zombies coming this year I believe it its coming its happening with that being said Ten Years Later transit in its release date still is it is it I mean is it better than what we have now unfortunately better played stand alone which is sad like should be fun on its own items it was still flawed due to the turbine being essential for the map while only being able to carry one item at a time also two the craftable items were pointless while were at it the turbine mechanic sucked the Wonder the turbide shouldnt have happened the buildables shouldnt have happened I mean theyre so much better towards the end of the life cycle but this is crafted and it broke if you use it too much trash it was just not it I may say oh yeah heres the jack gun the chaos element of Transit is definitely the most entertaining part of it I mean thats the greatest part just losing your life legitimately Applause confusing letting you know that yeah were way too old please stop a lot of memories of  __  hitting the fan or panicking because nothing ever as he picks up the SMR oh split screen bruh no this is not me dude its not me so so I could say that stop saying that but thats only because Ive with friends time to time when I was a kid this isnt real is it its not a real clip one bad oopsie from Black Ops zombies and the rest were golden and Id rather have chaotic and confusing than Bland and forgettable this is the truth no thats me the elevators were annoying because you couldnt control you cant be doing that why you gotta make so many jokes about yourself man and the maps art style was ugly but I had good wall buys and the Slick of fire was nice thats an understatement it was really nice actually personality it was a tide pod gun well always love it out the box fun gun cant be said for this snooze Fest of a map but thats about it are you rushing tasty Flopper are you watching no you didnt who cares who cares this were zombies map of all time how was that come on no new town that was small and had zombies combat training of Call of Duty zombies its the same stuff that is it not a fun area a little bit larger Nuketown Zombies but theres not much to be said about it Id rather use my text exactly the other three Maps what Im saying bro they got the better ones literally we dont talk about a turn we dont talk about Black Ops 2 was a laughing stock because these Maps were mid as hell I literally would not be around without Mob of the Dead bro save my entire career save my life stinker ass maps that failed me expectations exactly were getting ready to jump off the  __  show yeah that was me I was me songs it was Voyager despair structures Jim zielinski was the leader for the past two projects but a new lead was assigned a month and there he is the Lizard King He was a he set an entire motion forward nowadays if you talk about Alcatraz youll get a correction from an idiot 14 year old kid um actually its real blood of the Dead prison in San Francisco notorious for holding high-profile monsters Ive never been there its Al Capone the impossible to escape from due to it being a rock in the middle of the ocean I mean they say that but then some Gamers left the temp was made but the three inmates either died in the water nah they made it successfully do they never be heard they made it they got a double close prison to take notes and photos so that they could be accurate for the level design which is wild its so common weve had other Call of Duty maps with great Concepts like zombies Bringing Down the Titanic which is a good idea of atmosphere yeah we aint got to talk about deal four we aint got to talk about the opportunity and movies or television shows the recently passed Ray Leota I know the intimidating great role Jazz palm and Terry from A Bronx Tale played Salvatore DeLuca Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs played Michael Finn OLeary and Joe pantaliana who played Ralphie and The Sopranos well never get a cast like this ever again Im just looking at this like bro theres no way Titanic map s theme and while I like the original comparing it to blood theres no way zombies are one-off characters that were made to fit the atmosphere the only other map to encapsulate this feeling just as well as mob of the dead was Shadows of evil just the music just the music play in that game brings it right back were all setting to encapsulated thats a couple years later thats a couple years later bl3 when that turns 10 years old thats time when I gotta cry thats the time I gotta cry genuinely it makes sense why they chose the cast and what better people to represent that than Mobsters played by actors who played iconic Mobsters yes sir you need to know about these people is set up in the maps amazing intro you meet the cast one by one showing that theyre all deceptive criminals talking with the security guard Ferguson in a friendly matter knowing that his death is nothing will ever come come to this option and working in their own selfish no story James gandalfini the actor who played Tony Soprano died two months after this map came out thats my main criticism what is it my fault youre twice as likely to be robbed by a black Applause due to the selfish and deceptive Natures within them living and dying again and again until they break that cycle from previous actions done on the map I mean yeah its just like Cog zombies YouTubers breaking the cycle and over and over until we can get out of your goddamn Bird fall down to die and have to again also somehow the revolvers got extended mags they  __  shoot 20 shots before dying I I dont know and when you start playing mob the dead you feel that I mean its just like calling that bro they got three shots in a double barrel everywhere while the person is destroyed and on fire look at the mystery box for  __  sake I know dude its so used in everything as well with custom maps a closed off map with fun areas and good buildables close off maps are the best people love that shitty turbine to progress this is the afterlife mechanic that could also be used as infinite Quick Revive Alexa a good Pack-a-Punch system Bank never came back because of that weapons feeding the dogs for the Hells Retriever yeah that is my personal favorite song is my top zombies map of all time while having personality alongside just being fun I know Black Ops 2. kind of like your cherry was a great great person and with that we go to buried yeah I mean Ive never seen a DLC carry as hard as Mama that I did not yeah true is very the best map of the victus crew yes sir yes sir but instead of Average Joe the victor my boy almost 40 years old bro lets be honest its not that hard to be the best Invictus when your two previous maps for Transit and die rise Iberia has a fun map with a pretty atmosphere of a berry is an amazing map s again well I dont even think well ever get a map like buried either Deuces new mechanics that arent too complicated and its honestly just a good old time yeah two new Wonder Weapons the paralyzer which is a Redemption its a time bomb bro we love that and the Mark II if hes gonna conclude that one and the other wonder weapon they put that one in everything Improvement to the original ray gun yes sir to the rest of the other zombie maps mark five Mark six whatever wall guns in whatever area you wanted them to be in yeah zombies was had so much room to be Innovative background that was one of the coolest things about it was easy and fun it was a nice atmospheric time and I enjoyed it but now lets talk about Origins this was the zombie map ever and I understand the craziest Origins brought back the original zombie crew and was there everybody says its number one I mean the more I play it its definitely top five but I dont know if its number one once again made by Jason Blundell since Jamie zielinski was either swimming no that man was gone hes gone that was kind of mean hes not  __  dead hes just not making Zombies anymore that a great cinematic intro that introduces all the characters an amazing and redid the entire confusing story and made it even more confusing thats what I love muddy areas and cool Temple  __  the maps Wonder Weapons were four Elemental staffs that the player could build and so much guides to figure out how to even just play this map one of the staffs origins of some could be a complex map on the surface but when you get into the swing of things that flowed greatly it was also had one of the most controversial Easter egg cut scenes ever making all of us zombie storyline was just a board game it definitely was Black Ops 3. it definitely it still is girls you dont even know how to play gamer hey did he play BL2 thats the funniest part too areas were wider giving you space to move and the map was quite big while not being annoying like trans open to explore it encourages you to explore the area youre in and go around the map yeah but nobody liked the Panzer though Panzer round eight is the biggest Call of Duty zombies meme of all time it was nights where I would just stay up till four in the morning looking up how to upgrade the ice staff while me and my best friend would discuss it I mean Lucas I dont really  __  know what is this what is it its nonsense yeah what is it man Im so strong where are we in the following game also tying a little ribbon to the camera bringing it back to bl3 garage looking at its ups and downs yet we all continue to run trains complete Easter eggs and get enough thats what Im saying down and never take accountability for our actions always love Black Ops Two zombies Ill go back and play I think thats what also made it more iconic is there was great things and bad things it wasnt all great campaign its interesting when you look at how people perceive campaign top missions I recently finished the three months as well as the Black Ops one campaign and hot take I honestly prefer those campaigns to Black Ops 2. today I mean I mean I agree about the candy its just because its historic thats why Im not gonna say that its a BLTs was still really good either in 2013 The Last of Us came out which was a single player oh and that came out literally right after BL2 this is Black Ops 2. is it an unfair comparison oh yeah oh yeah its Call of Duty exactly you stop putting it up here Black Ops 2s campaign its still a really good campaign but I agree its definitely not as great yeah cheesy over-the-top action  __  that you could find within anything some very cinematic stuff and repetitive the choices arent as meaningful as they might have seemed in 2012 and the AI at times could be  __  the story was really expensive  __  not honesty it was Goofy and action compared to the way they make illusion of choice in 2022 is way better squirrel and go on a rampage yeah I really wanted a God of War experience I go play God of War this is common exactly the experience that only lasts a couple of hours the funny thing is though its like a little movie two isnt good as like these real story games that are made strictly for single player experiences exactly for Black Ops 2 you got some really shitty campaigns and the best that did alternate choices and thats why this campaign isnt as good as some of the other ones including Black Ops one I mean I agree David Mason is really  __  I like idubbz theres a fun sidekick because its Michael Ricker and Michael Rooker is just awesome Michael Rooker but the futuristic segments are trumped by the flashbacks where you get to play as Alex Mason and Woods Menendez is also a good villain I dont want to skim over him I mean hes one of the more iconic villains to be fair though yeah it really isnt that hard of all time but I agree Applause hey dont get anything put inside your body yes thats what Black Ops 3 times he has history with character tied directly to every character I know Im not saying much about the Cod campaign I dont just think theres that much to say overall I enjoy the Black Ops 2 campaign as a fun action movie I still prefer Black Ops 1 in the realism aspect having real world figures and the whole plot with another quarter though hell tell in the background bro I love that song for the three Modern Warfare fire song it sounds like Im discreditable I dont know if I prefer the Modern Warfare campaigns over Black Ops Black Ops one and twos at least just enjoy whats going on yeah I enjoyed it Im still better than some of the  __  that came out after oh wait most of the stuff that came out after yeah you made it we made it BL2 is nostalgic and Ill miss it forever and well never get it back to my childhood from my perspective foreign if a game of the exact same quality of Black Ops 2 released today would you still like Black Ops 2 more when making this video Im a 20 year old man who has graduated from high school I dont think so taxes Found Love I dont think so lost love made friends lost friends gone to college dropped out of college and is now chasing a passion project while dealing with doubt insecurity success I mean failure and like all 20 year olds including myself every day yes this little game we called life yes in 2012 I was a 10 year old kid a kid who would never have thought we would have gotten 100K on YouTube I mean yeah I was 14. would have never thought we would have gone through the character Arc that we did same kid who didnt know what was Yet to Come exactly I didnt know was that hours of fun laughs and Nostalgia were being made on a game that he played and were also coming to an end most of us feel this way about the older stuff because we were kids exactly its more just a general passing of time for everyone some of you watching this arent like me the idiot kid who is an adult now but some of you were I am that idiot doing that fast period and Im trying to figure out what what to do now after high school and now thats true most of you arent those kids anymore you have real jobs disabilities some of your families and children even some of you watching this might have been that adult who played the game with your children and friends as time passed and now youre older and you watch your kids grow older and youre now reflecting on the older Times age doesnt matter when it comes to Nostalgia we all have Nostalgia yeah I agree yes it is extremely scary life gets hard or we deal with challenge its really easy to look at her password everything was simple regardless of age and position we were all much younger and different from who we are today and thats why these games are so important thats why they come back but time captures exactly positions of life where you can look back and reflect on its who you want to feel sad sometimes I know but youre always grateful it exists but today isnt all bad either  __  might seem Grim you might not like the games you play now or the life you live but in 10 years you might come to the same crossword that were at right now and then go theres Peaks and valleys but more about what you made out of that game true you were sad its not always the review built that dirt house its the experiences along the way save the world as Master Chief or you went 25 and 8 on Nuketown exactly exactly what about all the white noise in the world and thats why these games will always be so important thats why even if Black Ops 2 was thats the best quality that a game can do you know because I can never like makes you forget didnt do anything that makes you enjoy and just wanted to play a game and make friends exactly great video great video go check out this mans Incredible video but yeah Dr skipper Incredible video content creator but yeah check it out BL2 nostalgic let me know if I do any more yall but thank you again well see yall in that next one STREAMING LIVE LATER: ------------------------------------------- 👕SOCIAL MEDIA ø Main Channel: ø My Twitch: ø Twitter: ø Instagram: ------------------------------------------- If you see this, tell me in the comments if you want COMMENTARY videos! 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