Why Is Black Ops: Cold War SO BAD?!

How to find steam account namebest steam indie games CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review gentlemen this is black ops cold war now cia analysts believe this game to be the single greatest threat to the free world mr hudson were in the middle of a global pandemic here activision changed developers halfway through personally i think theyre going to wait another year rather than release this broken allow me to introduce the man best suited to respond to that mr russell actler hes been playing and reviewing call of duty games for the last few years well mr actler why do you believe activision simply wont delay this game well they might yeah but then they wouldnt get their precious money sir every year activision has released a new call of duty whether it was ready or not if it happens this year millions of innocent players could be subjected to an unfinished game Music mr president i am ronald reagan 40th president of the united states mr axler what should be done about black ops cold war well sir i believe i think we should just hire the original voice actors to reprise these roles i think we should take a big fat  __   __  all over their im just gonna sit here looking cool well then that about settles it if activision is intent on releasing this game then the true nature of it must be revealed while few people will know of your struggles rest assured that the gaming community will enjoy a quality review of black ops cold war this game sucks well maybe not that bad but its kind of a huge mess right now but dont worry ive got a mop lets get one thing out of the way sledgehammer and raven software originally were the lead devs for this years cod but after quote major upheaval activision brought treyarch in to take point this is shaken up things quite a bit as every cod since bo2 has been made under a three-year cycle now instead of breaking tradition maybe doing the smart thing and delaying it for a couple months hello there activision pushed this out clearly before it was ready and the result is well youll see but at least this serves as an explanation for why cold war feels unfinished now despite what you may think of the title let me emphasize cold war isnt a bad game its plagued by bad problems being made in two years during a global pandemic nobody would have cried if this came out next year with the pressure now on treyarch they decided this year call of duty would be said during the cold war and you know what that means its back to black operations oh yeah coming off treyarchs last game bo4 had a whole mess of problems from being a buggy disaster at launch uninspired maps a controversial zombies mode and worst of all no campaign at all but how does cold war improve on these aspects if at all what we needed at this point was a soft reboot yeah just like that bring back fan favorite characters revive the black ops storyline and continue the great trends that were set in modern warfare seems like a recipe for success if only they didnt use a few rotten ingredients how has multiplayer and zombies evolved where does treyarch take the story and what the hell happened to this mans face well lets track down perseus collect evidence and crash the game straight into this after modern warfare blew my balls off with its awesome campaign i was real excited to see how or if cold war could even compete to give a quick spoiler free review cold war is damn good fun and the story is captivating theres a lot of twists and turns and it does what bo3 and iv should have done connect to the other stories its got some incredible replay value but now were going to dive into the story so spoilery knows the campaign starts off red hot just like the commies bam real world footage montage mashed together with spirit in the sky if i could play this for you without getting a copyright strike oh i would ronald reagan gives a dramatic opening speech and tells us about a cold war disaster on the horizon today is january 9 1981 even though his screen time is short reagan adds a huge presence to the backdrop of the story there is no higher duty there is no higher honor and while few people will know of your struggles rest assured the entire free world will benefit next a man named black voiced by none other than creed bratton mr president we have two names linked to the hostage situation with two suspects kavar and kasim and so we begin by taking control of a familiar face alex mason voiced by a different person youre seven years old david stop acting like a baby why didnt you tell us it was an american nuke alongside the stunningly gorgeous russell adler the two smoke up at the hottest bar in amsterdam woods its been a while well enough carlos you know bowman right can we just end the game here im jamming out to billy squire they meet up with none other than frank woods also voiced by a different person yeah youre the expert in quiet im a goddamn onion mason you should know that look at man whats going to  __  say that my woods will not say that im a goddamn onion mason what the  __  is it who the  __  says that so we take out kaseems boys and corner them on a rooftop nowhere left to run casino youre up mason time to interrogate this motherfu dialogue options and a call of duty i dont think you understand the situation you get to choose between throwing this man over releasing him or keeping him hostage if you kill him early you wont get the coded message for a side mission so best to stay lightside for now Music with the info they need to find the other kidnapper arash the trio make their way to turkey arash pulls up and executes two men in a jeep thats our cue to drop the hammer theres a pretty dope chase sequence and using the rc car we take down a god damn planet oh lord jesus christ that was awesome that was awesome right there god damn the team interrogates arash and i gotta say he is sporting a true 80s haircut and stash what he say a man named perseus has a plan in motion to burn the west to the ground who the  __  is percys i was about to say that we see yet another familiar face in jason hutz yeah hes voiced by a different person mr dope sunglasses gives us a briefing on everything they know about perseus ronald reagan shows up and is all like i hope youre all republicans yes we are mr president they all agree this is a threat they cant ignore well hot diggity im invested already its so cool to see cold war take a more historical focus on the storytelling because thats what ive been talking about man thats part of what made b01 and world that war so amazing they were grounded in real historical conflicts unfortunately after this the story takes a complete nose dive and its not the writing its what in  __  name am i looking at i have no words cold wars cut scenes are actually broken ive got 15 minutes of this garbage why is the screen melting whats that gray box why does the sound outpace the video and then rapidly catch up at the end green light didnt tell us what else are you hiding maybe i could knock the truth out of you you might want to rethink that woods what the hell am i looking at people have reported the same problem on every platform so its not just me bro somehow this is worse than mass effect andromeda at least that garbage was watchable i will say this game does make you feel like youre in the cold war cause boy it be freezing a whole lot this game crashes more than drunk drivers do and in every mode even dead ops arcade for adlers sake and it doesnt just crash the game it crashes the  __  console what do i have to do sell my soul to get this  __  to work ive seen comments trying to direct blame my way like its because youre on xbox you need to disable ray tracing try shoving the power cable in your  __  i bought the game installed it thats it end of discussion its not my responsibility as a consumer to play geek squad and conduct a freaking autopsy i have never before seen a game with such busted ass cutscenes or have crashes be so frequent as to happen during every play session for some this could totally kill any enthusiasm they have to play the game but im act man and weve still got a job to do ah evening soldier russell actler here now weve got some new intel it appears that the act man has actually launched his merch store and weve tracked it to a website called look soldier in order to track down perseus first youre gonna need to buy one of these sexy act man coffee mugs and if thats not good enough weve also got phone cases too and check out this gopass black ops t-shirt why is my shirt so awesome check out the merch guys im so excited to finally launch it please support the channel and youll get some dope t-shirts while youre at it and now back to the video back to the story it revolves around an all-star cast of cia operatives tracking down the mysterious figure perseus and halting his evil plans its yet another weapons of mass destruction type plot but it gets the job done and since perseus was you know an actual cold war rumor at the time this games story is legitimized so its time to fill out our psychological profile as belle the silent protagonist we also choose bonus perks pick a gender and a background you can be cia mi6 or xkgb and each option has slightly different dialogue throughout the campaign which is a neat touch now thats beautiful acting bell mail bell arrives at a safe house and meets the gang of course we got jason hudson with his signature glasses alex mason and frank woods with newcomers in lazar sims helen park and the stunning russell adler the cast is well-rounded diverse and its in the safe house that things slow down a bit and you get a chance to talk to each one of them we archive everything cias like my ex-wife wont throw a damn thing away even mason and wood stopped by for a nostalgic chat these dialogue sections build a lot of character and motivations but whatever you do never asking about his scar yo adler how did you get that scar scar you mean this is it noticeable i swear to god if you say your father was a drinker and a fiend you ever been attacked by a tiger bell oh tigers thats bad ass this is probably the best hub area in any cod here you get briefed on whats happening but you also take on a detective role and collect evidence in each mission this is awesome you get to examine it zoom in read about its significance and hope it can somehow lead you to perseus only a couple pieces of evidence actually affect the story but its a cool idea nonetheless another neat detail is as you engage in conversation with one person the rest of the crew is off doing stuff in the background prepping for the next mission things are constantly moving and it makes this place feel alive you can check out slides on a projector watch tv yo but do they got the game on they actually do cold wars campaign isnt just business as usual for call of duty they went all out and making it feel like a real investigation led by professionals the level design is fantastic and they nailed the cold war vibe everything from posters of a band on the wall to relevant news from the time period theres so much detail scattered across the environments damn it why cant you remember you really should take your time with cold war stop and smell the roses you wont regret it cold war full on immerses you in the 80s not just with the haircuts and mustaches but something as simple as an electronic store with crtvs and vcrs or a dark room in the cia safe house you take photos with an old school camera at one point you use a listening device hidden in a pack of cigarettes i absolutely adore the technology in this game and how its portrayed cold war proves that call of duty doesnt have to rely on constant shooting and over-the-top action to always keep players invested sometimes its nice to slow it down and the little things can go a long way in order to find a lead on perseus we need to retrace our steps back to vietnam where bell adler and sims first caught his scent bro what is that throwing form so its back to killing the viet cong eventually we get a kick-ass helicopter section and i gotta say cold war nails it with the gameplay variety we drop down save the day grab the nuke some soviet intel and get the girl and theres even a black ops 3 reference what oh still with us hey you still with us back to the safe house two missions become available but until you gather evidence and crack the codes you wont want to do them so its back to the main story where we head to east berlin to track down a man named volkov its pretty tight to have a level in east germany of all places this game emphasizes stealth missions and gives us that sweet black ops atmosphere one minute youll be sneaking through a subway avoiding patrols meeting up with a courier the next youre silently taking out guards at an outpost cold war has a few levels that are a lot like the best mission from advanced warfare sentinel where you gotta sneak through an area you can tag enemies basically do it however you want you get to pick locks hide bodies and even pursue bonus objectives for evidence cold war definitely gives modern warfare a run for its money with the level design one of my favorites red light green light has you investigate a training area for the soviets where its like a fake american shopping center you bust into an arcade woods is all pumped up and then not a  __  word though oh im telling adler about that these are the most detailed environments ive ever seen in a call of duty they even got a genuine burger town replica theres burger town t-shirts man the burger town lord just keeps getting deeper and deeper would you like to super duper size that yes would you like to make that a super duper mega combo hell yeah best part is the fake movie theater with posters knife wood too he brought a knife to a gun fight again but in the soviet base we learned that hudson knew about a stolen american nuke hidden beneath berlin and didnt tell us the stolen nuke is american and hudson  __  knew but once we get out of there things get pretty heated amongst the bros you knew the nukes from green light didnt tell us what else are you hiding maybe i could knock the truth out of you i love frank you might want to rethink that woods i love hudson everybody stand down this little piss and match isnt going to help us catch perseus i  __  love adler the bastards been lying to us all alone its not a lie its an omission of fact thats what you do best isnt it hudson manipulate people tell them your own version of the truth oh  __  hes bringing up the brainwashing the next mission echoes of a cold war has us take control of mason in a nostalgic trip back to the satellite array from black ops one treyarch sure got me hard on the nostalgia man even have a little numbers easter egg if you examine this body theres more secrets too if you find a key and take it back here youll get a special magnum and find a picture of dr steiner this all connects back to b01 now we have the evidence to do the optional side mission but we still have to crack the code to make a long story short you have to find patterns in the clues input the right digits and city then bam side mission unlocked hell yeah what an amazingly mature idea and apparently each players codes are randomly generated so you cant cheat and i like that cold war is getting me to use my brain a little bit moving on to desperate measures until now the modern warfare and black ops series had taken place in what i believe to be separate universes but in this mission that all comes crashing down our russian informant belikov is helping us break into kgb headquarters once again this is just like another mission from a previous cod that was mostly terrible liberation from world war ii putting the player undercover in a hostile environment god i love this you can explore the lubianca building to your hearts content belkov gets called to a meeting and holy tits its gorbachev kravchenko and a young imran zakhaev all in the same room the last thing i expected to see was the main villain of cod 4 to make an appearance so after a tense meeting about a security breach and an impostor among them we get to work to obtain a bunker key to let adler and bell inside now you can achieve this in like five different ways its totally non-linear this level is dope so after obtaining it we meet adler and bell they snag some uniforms and hop into an elevator surprise  __  oh whats up dude yeah i speak russian Applause elevator conversation always gets awkward youre right about that adler remember we make our way to the vault belikov gets captured rescue him grab the intel on the sleeper agents and then literally no russian are way out of here im dead serious from the intel we learn there could be a nuke in havana cuba and the team goes to reclaim it we infiltrate check the cameras and my god that man is killing all the scientists its here we realize weve only hit the tip of the iceberg as there are american nukes hidden in every major european city we need to find that son of a  __  as you wait for evac on the rooftop  __  goes haywire and you must choose between saving helen park or lazar sorry man women and children first you arrive back at the safe house in terrible shape but rather than get you to an er adler-simson park decide to drug you up because you are the key to stopping perseus and always have been oh hell no dude not dead space 2 dont dead space to me its all coming backwards on the chart the nostalgia i need you to relax and focus your helicopter the three ask you to remember your time in vietnam so back through the jungle we go again and again this is one of the coolest missions in cod history as youre replaying events that happened but as adler walks you through it you can choose to follow him or make up your own story of what happened im not gonna play by your rules adler you hear me sure bell you committed suicide then what happened the results can get pretty screwy man a tunnel you okay you pulled out your sidearm and flashlight did i fight zombies in vietnam after much trial and error you find the bunker where perseus is hiding and its there you remember perseus is in solovetsky but in true bioshock fashion its revealed youve been a pawn the entire time the cias mind control program has had a great deal of success with implanted memories the code phrase weve got a job to do was put in place to unlock bells deepest memories and heres where you make your most critical decision if you lie to adler and tell him perseus is in duga you ambush and kill your old crew what the  __  and are congratulated by perseus or at least the man who appears to be him if you play light side you and the team ambush his compound in solovetsky and save the world from certain destruction your choices in this game are mostly on a surface level the branching paths definitely didnt live up to black ops 2 which had different cutscenes for almost every major choice cold wars campaign is a phenomenal adventure filled with covert missions detective work evidence and code cracking its chock full of fan service and references that make me giddy as a school girl i really need some dlc for this this is a true successor to the black ops 1 and bo2 stories its an absolute blast and for fans of the series this is a must play in the light side ending you defeat perseus and stop what could have been world war 3 for now arctic air clears the head doesnt it im just hoping i dont freeze my nips off bell you made two extraordinary sacrifices to stop perseus one was without your knowledge the other you made that decision in your own accord ah shucks adler you really know how to make an acting bell nail blush i just want you to know this little thing thats happened with you and me hey man i dont kiss and tell it was always for the greater good your goddamn hero you know that kid feels kind of good to hear you say that heroes have to make sacrifices thats why when i ask you for one more i hope you understand what do you it was never personal huh Music so the campaign is pretty dope now before we can even talk about the multiplayer on the other hand i have got to put these gloves on because i think theres a big steaming turd on my series x Music no wait its just the matchmaking for cold war what went so disastrously wrong here that has got everyone riled up in arms about skill-based matchmaking after playing about 60 games ive determined that how the game chooses who i should play with and against is completely inconsistent my first few matches i got absolutely dunked on and later on i started doing a bit better then id go back to sucking ass sweat from a straw i had no idea what i was doing wrong i fiddled with my settings control setup moved my freaking couch closer to the tv i went hardcore game remote trying to diagnose why i was going 5 and 25 i felt like some hidden unseen force was pulling the strings skill based matchmaking has been a heated topic in the cod community for a couple years quite literally its a problem that was solved on the original xbox halo 2 figured this out in 2004 its called ranked lobbies but trying to get the cod developers to implement a ranking system is like trying to get a vampire to eat garlic we can only speculate what type of sbmm system is working behind the scenes only treyarch knows for sure but im willing to bet that the intuitions of the entire cod fan base are not off track here theres an amazing post by ben grunnel on reddit ill link it in the description but in a nutshell he says cold wars matchmaking doesnt match you on skill it matches you on immediate performance it creates an illusion of success or failure and inhibits players from ever truly improving this is arguably cold wars biggest problem and yet it has the easiest answer the matchmaking doesnt ruin every match but it does make every other game very sweaty and sometimes unenjoyable to add some circumstantial evidence to ben grundles post have you wondered why lobbies disband after every match probably because theyre now matching you based on the performance from that game so they cant have you go up against the same players but now that ive cleaned up my xbox series x lets check out whats new to the multiplayer in a lot of ways its gone back to a more classic feeling akin to the original black ops now for starters the game is lacking in the content department and once again we are the rat being drip fed at a snails pace modern warfare black ops 4 cod world war ii all of these games had a severe lack of content at release or massive balance issues either way for the fourth year in a row were stuck waiting for more content well were waiting on the side of modes though they are severely underwhelming combined arms is a middle ground between mws ground war and standard 6v6 and it has two variants domination aka conquest from battlefield and assault which is the best mode in the whole game in it all 24 players vie for a single point to capture which depending on who gets it will move the next point closer or further away from the other team its this tug-of-war match and this is where cold war shines the brightest combined arms is a big highlight and can kick some ass but how long do you expect me to be entertained when it only has three maps i want more the only other new modes are vip escort which is fantastic and then fire team dirty bong i have no idea what they were thinking with this lets have a battle royale mode with infinite lives 10 teams of four running around all trying to get to six different points while collecting uranium to detonate the bombs which nabs you points and i just dont get it its hard to continue playing this when i feel ive already experienced everything the game has to offer in the first six hours now considering that cold war is essentially the stepbrother of modern warfare you really have to ask yourself why dont i just play modern warfare the answer is i dont know thats a red flag to me i cant honestly give you a reason to play a brand new call of duty over the one that came out last year its got way more maps modes weapons everything but because they feel so similar and are splashing the same content into each others pools why would you swim in the pool thats only filled up to the shallow end but lets talk actual gameplay and mechanics this is where things get funkier than funky kong at a disco on a positive side the weapons feel really good sound effects hit detection latency my experience has been pretty solid with almost every weapon ive used on the other hand aim assist is actually broken a little bit is necessary but they took it way too far and this video from the exclusive ace reveals all what youre seeing here is the aim assist is so strong it literally stops his crosshair in front of the enemy as the game tries to track them if you ever feel like your inputs arent matching what happens in game this is why ive never seen any fps title let alone another call of duty  __  up the aim assist this bad in terms of balance this is the part where id complain about the mp5 fortunately treyarch seems to be on top of updates and patches so at the very least i have faith that theyll resolve a lot of these issues in time the greatest improvement cold war has made is how it encourages all types of play styles in world war ii maps were so tiny snipers sucked in black ops 4 you either rushed or did nothing modern warfare camp or die cold war i can do anything in cold war almost every weapon feels viable except for some reason launchers are pretty much useless against other players the pistols are killer even the knife i saw some dude  __  up people with that and fire team cold war has managed to create an environment where both rushers and snipers can thrive you know im happy for the quick scoping community but  __  you most people dont seem to mention that cold war has basically avoided everything that made modern warfare a worse game all the stuff that had to be patched claymores shotguns footsteps overkill gunsmith has of course returned and i reckon just like the pick 10 system gunsmith is gonna stick around anyways the best part about the gunsmith is being able to see the exact math of every stat that is affected some of the scopes though suck donkey balls i dont know if its a visual glitch but sometimes you cant even see the reticle did they not have red marker in the 80s this is the weirdest visual bug ive seen but it essentially makes half the scopes useless for all weapons because theyre just so inconsistent field upgrades are back too theyre more or less the same but thankfully the proximity mine is in here now theres one perk thats been getting shafted lightly scavenger once again its useless because you can get ammo from almost anywhere the wild cards are where things really get insane you can really flesh out your play style here that being said allow me to  __  and moan about the score streaks the ac-130 is back in literally the same vein as mw2 but its called the gunship which means we dont ever hear they used previous specials from bo3 with the combat bow and war machine as streaks which is cool the chopper gunner makes the game sound like a  __  wood chipper just parked inside your room cold war gives us a completely different streak system than ever before so thats refreshing like a spring breeze everyone wins right no this system is more broken than my arm after i smashed it against 10 boards the numbers mason what do they mean why are they so high check this out my best game i went 46 and 16 totaling 6555 points at the end of the match well thats pretty good wouldnt you say treyarch thats not good enough its not youre telling me i need 4445 more points to be graced with a gunship so how in adlers name is anyone expected to get 10 000 points in a match what the  __  were they thinking after a 46 kill match all i got was two spy planes two care packages and two armor thats right theres a goddamn cooldown you wont even earn points towards your next streak until it finishes so no matter how much ass you whoop there is essentially no way to get any streak more than three times in a match which means theres no point in taking these three ever even if you play like a god you got a better chance of grabbing one of those from a care package speaking of care packages did you know you can shoot them down with a single rocket thats right you can totally blue ball someone from getting it this post from prince odo on reddit shows how skewed the points are homie was in the hard point for 236 seconds how is this man second to last on the scoreboard the only positive to this type of scoring is it deters camping because theres not much incentive to stay alive my point is whatever system treyarch is using to divvy up the streaks it sucks and the fact that you can shoot down care packages when it often takes four minutes to get one is really dumb at last we arrive at the map design we need to go off on a strong note dont we were not going to its shocking that cold war can have such great map design and yet still feel inadequate because theres not enough there halo 5 taught me a valuable lesson about spoon feeding video game content if your game feels lacking when i buy it and play it at release i am less likely to continue playing it ive got adhd and a short attention span alright promises dont entertain me content does so the maps are visually gorgeous and stylistic with that cold war vibe but they also strike a nice balance between open and complex and straightforward linear you will sometimes feel like youre running down the same lanes over and over but theres a lot more branches off those lanes cartel is probably my favorite because of how wide it is so many different spots to post up in at launch this game had eight standard maps combined arms has three fire team has two so although nuketown has been added the lack of modes and maps is really going to halt my enthusiasm to play this if something isnt done overall cold wars multiplayer has a certain appeal and old-school simplistic gameplay but with contemporary innovations it is the step sibling to modern warfare but severely lacking in polishing content with crippling issues in the score streaks and map selection i cant give it a beaming recommendation but id be lying if i said it was total garbage just like purgatory this multiplayer is somewhere in between we get a nice little bonus content with dead ops arcade 3 which has remained faithful to its previous entries its great mindless fun as always and look i know its an arcade game but do i really gotta play through the whole thing in one sitting shooty shooty root and tooty its fun lets move on this time two years ago the cod zombies community was divided people didnt really know what to make of black ops 4. you got to pick only four perks on each map pack of punching multiple times was tedious half the maps were remakes cold war doesnt have any of that  __  and this undead nightmare might be more fun than multiplayer but first lets complain what holds this mode back only one map and you have to adopt a certain playstyle for any chance of success past round 15. what do i mean well the zombies have been playing far too many sonic games you want to use a sniper or lmg dont you physically cannot outrun or train zombies a lot of fans were happy that juggernog was coming back but its a crutch perk once again except now staminup is also a crutch perk because dimashina is strictly run and gun looking back i was real thankful that black ops 4 did encourage all sorts of play styles including defensive ones which i tend to favor theres not a single feasible spot to hold out in but thats not to say you cant get creative pack-a-punching weapons feels awesome though lacking in a cool animation treyarch brought back the style to zombies with the perk jingles Music but its also cool that anything you unlock while playing zombies or multiplayer will carry over to the other mode the reason this mode is satisfying is the progression they got aether shards which are earned by hitting higher rounds which allow you to upgrade abilities skills perks and weapon classes so even though zomboids is pretty tough this time around you will actually progress and get stronger the entire formula has been revamped custom classes are gone in favor of a single weapon choice and the special abilities are way less overpowered how points are earned the number of perks you can have its mostly good changes theres a crafting system for armor kill streaks equipment tacticals and weapons now have tiers in addition to ammo mods and three levels of pack-a-punch it is kind of silly trying to navigate menus when theres a million zombinos around you but the ray gun is a beast and the wonder weapon d shockwave kicks ass too but the best new feature is x filling rather than killing yourself once you get bored players can end things on a high note and exit the map on their own terms cold war zombies excels at the feeling of progression in previous games youd often hit a point early on where you had all the perks you wanted weapons were maxed out and you just sit on a stockpile of points without using them but here it takes a long time to do all that this combined with the option to x-fill makes every match enjoyable overall this horde mode is on track to be one of the best in the series but treyarch has to encourage players to do more than run and gun and that means were gonna need more maps im willing to stick around to see it contractions successful leave it Music outside Music when it comes down to it cold war is simply the unlucky offspring of a company who by any means necessary has to release a new product every year in november it suffers from unforgivable technical problems with rampant crashing and unwatchable cutscenes leveling up in multiplayer is slow and tedious and cold war doesnt offer the content that makes you want to keep coming back were stuck waiting the campaign is treyarch and raven at their absolute best a story that takes risks and pays off but is less appealing to a general audience and caters more to longtime fans with extremely unique gameplay an amazing story and a cast of characters that are cemented in my mind as iconic call of duty staples zombies and dead ops are pretty good but it will take some time to receive the same amount of love bo4 did the matchmaking system will likely ruin this game for many and it does result in a ton of lopsided unbalanced matches combined with the broken aim assist lack of modes and maps cold wars multiplayer has far too many frustrating aspects to be picked over modern warfare look i want to like cold war i really do but you cant expect me to put up with a game that has crashed my console well over 20 times or as cutscenes that completely destroy the flow of the storytelling and shatter my immersion and that is why call of duty black ops cold war is so bad Music im a goddamn onion mason you should know that how to add existing games to steam Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of the most broken games I’ver ever played. 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