Why Was Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 SO AWESOME?!

Sylvan steam academyoverwhelmingly positive games on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review Another year another call of duty Thats exactly what I thought when I saw the reveal trailer for black ops 2 back in 2012 and truth be told I almost got this game because it had one of the best video game commercials ever made surprise Surprise fat men I Mean, how could I not be enthralled when they got all these kick-ass celebrities in there and even FPSRussia? Holy shit. Thats awesome But what held me back was modern warfare 3 I know I know a game I keep bringing up and will one day play again probably make a video on it but seriously that game changed my perspective on the series and I had this notion in my head that any new sequel would be just as recycled as that game was so I passed on black ops 2 Months went by Years, and as I started posting Call of Duty videos on my channel I was getting countless requests to play this game and cover it. Why what could be special about black ops 2 I mean it was the most successful and profitable launch of a video game ever at that point but back then I attributed that to good marketing and the pull of the Franchises name was it not just a rehashed version of black ops 1 how could they even top that story the user ratings on? Metacritic werent very nice at all so Why would I check it out but you guys and gals did not relent you persisted and sure as shit I found myself with a copy of black ops 2 and an urge to see what it was all about Well, I think everyone agrees the Call of Duty franchise just aint what it used to be Theres always been that debate about which game was the last truly good one I always thought black ops 1 was the end of an era the end of Call of Duty innovating the end of quality unique map design the end of pure fun and the beginning of Recycled garbage and an ever growing push to bring Call of Duty into an ugly future But have I been wrong this whole time where zombies and multiplayer Improved at all and without the nostalgia of having played it all those years ago coming in with a fresh mind Will this game be as good to me as it was to some of you back then? Well Lets forget about the numbers Find ROM and Mendes and wheelchair our way straight into this Before this game came out one of the most important statements Treyarch was trying to make was the idea that the players choices throughout the campaign would have an impact and matter we were told this wouldnt just be another linear one-way street there was gonna be Versatility and more reasons to replay the single-player blackops2 is really sort of pushing the boundaries in terms of single player innovation I think more than any Call of Duty has before is youll be doing new and different things for the campaigns the first and foremost Branching storyline. Weve never done this apology view before what kind of crazy talk is that? Replayability and a Call of Duty game but lets take a look and see what we find The story begins with a huge military force converging on a building nursing home whatever these two guys bust down the door trying to be all badass and then Safeties on dipshit, huh? What a clown who is this guy sergeant woods whit woods You mean like woods woods? Oh shit. Hes old man, but goddamn nice to see my boy woods again All he said was me hermana Thats Spanish for sister dipshit before we get into the meat of the campaign We gotta talk about the setting and semi futuristic style the elephant in the room. Is it all bad in black ops 2 Black ops 2 story is set in two different time periods, though a bit farther apart than the previous game we got the near future of 2025 during a fictional second Cold War and 1986 near the end of the OG Cold War Its no secret that fans really started getting riled up with this new direction that Cod was taken but if you think about it They had a buttload of World War two games and when that style started to get oversaturated and old they moved into the modern shooter territory but Once that style started to get oversaturated And old it kind of made sense for them to push the boundaries and make a Call of Duty game with some futuristic elements done until that style became Oversaturated and old now. I havent played any of the campaigns in these games but I will say this design choice makes sense to me in black ops 2 I think it works because we dont have all these over-the-top movement mechanics and the story is still grounded so that it feels relatable Activision probably wanted to experiment with a future based setting in black ops 2 is kind of a half in half or maybe they saw how well this game did break in World Records and shit and said This is where the moneys at kiddo either way I really enjoyed the way they incorporated drones and High-tech gadgets into the gameplay and story as if in the near future we might have drone wars We might have tanks that are remotely controlled the coolest thing about this story is its got that over-the-top Call of Duty flare but it still feels Plausible like when youre climbing on the side of a mountain with those colorful robotic gloves, you feel like man they might actually have something like that in the future just as technology in the story advanced so - deitrick and Activisions efforts on this game they started doing mocap and you can tell I mean the facial expressions are much more expressive the best part about splitting the campaign this way is you never get too much of one side or the other and it allows The narrative to cover a large portion of time and combine the past with the present Now moving on to the story of black ops 2 holy moly. I dont know what to say Its really good for the most part. Theres some Questionable dialogue in character motivations, but youll see what Im talking about So we get introduced to woods long after the events of black ops 1 and then we get this its relevant in this here today sergeant woods raúl menéndez as the leader of quarters dia and The most dangerous terrorists since Osama bin Laden. No, right not starting off super strong with the forest exposition Thats never a good sign and Since I beaten the game I can tell you theres no reason for Harper to say this to woods because at this point woods already Knows this shit Other than that this opening scene is great at setting up a lot of things that will come into play later down the line Then we get a flashback of oh, yeah Alex Mason, baby And some kid climbing a tree youre seven years old David stop acting like a baby We see a choppa landing down and it turns out its Hudson from black ops 1. Oh shit Its a fucking high school reunion up in this bitch only this time. Hes not played by Ed Harris but instead Michael Keaton and I fucking hate it when games do this shit changing voice actors and sequels It ruins my immersion a bit my impressions and my thoughts of the character anyways, theres not many points in this video where Im gonna call it out for bad dialogue, but this is one of them a Few moments later You said youd never go back to the army Just for shits and giggles. Heres a couple other Interesting lines of dialogue in your drink dipshit now. Give me a soda to get it from the nurses stash that Diet crap ASDs will thank you on the dirt. Were playing it real safe. So no boots on the ground this time So it turns out Woods has been captured and Alex Mason needs to go save his ass, which kicks off the first mission Its a bit sweet playing as Alex Mason again, you know, just just playing him as a normal guy Thats really cool to me. Except not brainwashed by the numbers this time or is he all that shit with the numbers? You really get brainwashed by the Soviets and they give it the best shot But this is the perfect opportunity to bring up our cast of characters and get to know them better. Of course We got Hudson Mason and woods as returning characters from black ops 1 now is Hudson as cool as he was in the last game But woods is twice as cool. So thats nice. See that handsome bastard Thats me The oldie was your father in present time Woods is an old man bound to a wheelchair a surviving veteran Hes sarcastic and you can tell hes seen some shit Woods is more or less our guide through a lot of these missions and he looks back on everything with a sort of melancholy. Fondness Especially when it comes to Mason and their adventures together then we got David Mason aka section Alexs son who essentially represents the next generation of young optimistic soldiers he tries to make his father proud and fill his shoes Hes got a lot to live up to David is pretty much the central character in all of this the ghosts of his past Still haunt him the pain. He suffered through as a child memories of torture at the hands of a psychopath a Promise made and he wants nothing more than to get closure with his fathers death and take down Menendez Accompanying him is Harper who is played by Michael Rooker? Hooray. He was in call of the dead too Harper is like that super dope uncle who always gave you the best toys for Christmas The ex has a mentor and father figure to David Mason he trains with him and helps him prepare to face down his demons Theres also Salazar who plays an important role, but for the most part he just kind of tags along Theres a lot of other great side characters with their own motivations and choices to make throughout the story Karmas a cool chick who hacks stuff got a nice hairdo for reads a noble double agent I mean you get the idea theres plenty of twists and turns character deaths Its real dramatic, and I love it But the important thing is nobody feels like a cardboard cutout or a fucking cartoon character if a character isnt super strong Then at the very least theyre serviceable to this story and you know I always love characters like Admiral Briggs who are just like your stereotypical marine just like to swear all the time every mission Hes like we gotta go take down those fucking cocksucking bitches. Yeah, they suck cock fuck him. Wheres my goddamn cigar? I love that shit Fucking textbook side of our bench before we dive into the games main villain and oh boy, is he a memorable one? Lets shift back to the plot anyways so were dropped into the jungle a lot of shit happens and we find Frank woods and a giant storage crate and Goddamn, he has seen better days man. I mean, hes really fucked up. So you pull him out of there and you need to And alls well that ends well right well we got a Mason oh, yeah, what the oh shit. Oh god. Damn Yeah, thats my boy woods right there what a fucking trooper I mean You gotta love the reference to black ops one with that dope ass music and then they faked you out Like holy shit that took me by surprise. Oh and watch this So it doesnt bury here who does your father think rides up on a horse to save us Fuck yeah, resna makes a cameo This is the stuff that tickles me You know subtle nods to the previous game Makes it feel a lot more connected as a sequel and for a long time the cod series didnt really have that Each story was more or less its own self-contained narrative But black ops has some payoff for the things that happened in the last game like here when we stumble across some old Interrogation equipment at one point in time CIA had interrogation rooms like this all over the world Ball was geared towards some sort of psychological manipulation God knows the kind of shit that went down back then When you see the parallels man even creb chenko makes an appearance guess woods didnt finish him off after all thats fucking crazy Theres even a scene near the end thats reminiscent of the big reveal and black ops 1 another nice touches some of the Cinematics have that flashy quick cutting style which again reinforces how theyre maintaining a stylistic connection with the last two games So we swapped back to present time after encountering Raul Menendez in the past and fucking up his life Which really pisses him off and turns out hes been launching a revenge campaign under the banner of cordis dia Which is why David and Harper came to woods to learn more about how we got to this point Of course black ops 2 also continues the trend of stirring the pot and causing controversy by displaying another public figure in the form of Panamanian dictator Noriega other historical figures make an appearance - like Jonas Savimbi point is theres real-world elements here at play Call of Duty used to be so cool the way it didnt give a fuck where did the time go Essentially the plot is about Raul Menendez and his attempts to spread his anti-american messages through various ways Trying to keep the US and China locked into a Cold War and using drones and futuristic Technology to strike at the states without a doubt. Hes a very smart and charismatic guy He taps into social media to create a rebellion a politically motivated uprising within the States Theres also pretty hilarious to see Twitter make an appearance in this game And the and the old-school YouTube layout - now thats funny. But again it also ties in those, you know more modern futuristic Information Age ideas and concepts in with the narrative I found these scenes to be very interesting because again the idea of war being waged through more Technological means is applicable to the time period were in so while I found the characters and story to be interesting fun and entertaining the one crippling flaw lies within Raul Menendez his backstory and his motivations Id argue the most important facet of storytelling is having a compelling villain or obstacle for the protagonists to overcome the villain creates the Conflict and without that you have no story and when the audience is able to follow the plot from start to finish without Questioning the logic of whats happening or why? Chances are things make sense. And youve got a good story despite how engaging and well presented They are the problem with the conflicts in black ops 2 it its built on the shoddy Foundation of some crazy guy who lost his sister But we never learned why his sister was so important to him what sort of comfort or joy did Josephina bring in the Raouls life? What bond could be so strong the loss of a sibling would ignite such a burning hatred or drive a character to pursue such? bloodthirsty goals it would have been especially interesting to flesh out and see this dichotomy of emotions the one side of Raoul physically and metaphorically scarred and the other a loving caring person He carries his sisters locket something. He both cherishes and kills people with a less Cartoony Harvey Dent if you will having a main villain thats relatable can be a powerful thing if the audience can sympathize and understand how the bad guy feels I feel nothing Not the wind on my face the sprayers But thats not the case here you could brush this criticism off and just say eye rolls crazy Thats all there is to it But in a story that spends just as much time focusing on the villain as it does the hero is that really a good? Excuse on the flip side black ops 2 s campaign is filled with so many heavy emotions and concepts things like hatred fear sadness betrayal Revenge tragedy loss Remembrance and love the main theme perfectly captures the tone of the campaign Its got this melancholy Depressing vibe that speaks of the internal struggles within each one of us with parts of the song building and intensity Representing the release of anger and the weight of whats at stake before the song drops off again back to the quiet Amongst the cod series. This has got to be one of my favorite songs black ops 2 is about suffering The be plot of the story revolves around the various hardships and trauma our cast of characters Have to deal with its especially interesting because this time weve got several playable characters Within the confines of these character arcs within the relationships of these people and their emotional states This is where black ops twos narrative shines The brightest Wood says the cope with the fact that he may have shot his best buddy in the head at the same time He tries to be a sort of loving grandfather to David throughout the last 40 years The guilt has probably been eating away at him Theres an exceptionally strong connection between woods and David especially since their goals are the same Certainly doesnt help that woods had his kneecaps blown off boy. Did he suffer though looking at it this way? It doesnt really make sense for Alex to pop up at the end of the game after not paying child support for 40 years But you know what fucking fuck logic after what these guys have been through woods and Alex you guys deserve a happy ending facing I shot you Turns out your lousy shot The first time we take control of Raul the heads-up display is vastly different from the others Its more barbaric the way it pulses and shit Raul shoots faster runs quicker is constantly roaring and screeching as you run through the level I thought this was a neat detail because it really illustrates. How fucking crazy he is Even our lovable ol Alex Mason isnt done growing and changing though He seems to be cured of his urge to murder The leader of the free world remnants of his mental conditioning still remain except this time. Alex can suppress these impulses Depending on your decisions. The coolest thing about black ops 2 is the nonlinear endings and the choices the game forces you to make throughout Listening into conversations if you choose to shoot people in the head or not or by exploring the level and finding secret CIA documents the tension is really raised with these moments because youre forced into making a decision quickly and if you fuck it up you cant Go back Even though they arent all that fleshed out or dynamic. Its a nice change like here Im supposed to shoot Raul on the head seems easy enough BAM guess thats the end of the game Wait a sec. Wait a sec. Woody. What is so smug about whats going on with the music? Oh Somethings wrong somethings very wrong. Oh god, please. No. Oh, oh god. No, its not gonna its not gonna be him. No No Alex oh Hell theres even one part of the game that takes place on the ship Odysseus and depending on who youve saved who youve killed Theres like ten different scenarios that can play out. I mean, thats great. Thats awesome I wish more cod games had this sort of branching path design it even gives us one of the best delivered lines in the game You know, its a game like black ops two that really disproves the negative stereotypes around and Call of Duty Theres just a vapid transformers esque franchise built to appeal to ten year olds, or at least it shows thats what its turned into nowadays Whats the one thing every call of duty campaign has had in common up to blackops2 They all been pretty linear Straightforward corridor shooters that play very similar and always seem to leave you wanting more from them in terms of gameplay, but bro Im gonna be bold as fuck when I say this black ops 2 has got to be the best cod campaign Ive ever played I Mean Treyarch really wanted to make something Special they knocked it out of the park and you might think its still pretty linear compared to doom and Bioshock But listen Dawg, this is Call of Duty Okay, people dont really expect a versatile single player of this caliber, but thats exactly what we got Treyarch Wanted to shatter your expectations, but did they really do the best job at it? one of the most noticeable differences is how basically every single firefight has multiple ways to approach it and branching paths Youll notice there is almost always at least two ways to progress through each level and section and I cant tell you how great this is the key here is we Playability black ops 2 breaks them all by turning most of the levels into a light Sandbox, like when youre on horseback defending the fortress I was blown away when the game allowed me to go wherever I wanted when I wanted That my every action wasnt scripted to play the mission the same way every time youre given more freedom to choose your battles Where you attack from another new thing they added were these hidden caches which give you a reason to explore the level? These will give you things like improved melee attacks a cloaking device Explosive resistant armor mines bear traps all sorts of cool stuff and heres something else Exploring the levels can net you some nifty challenges Thats right a cod campaign with challenges something you dont see every year and theres even Leaderboards to compare your scores with other people you can compare dick sizes with your buddies. See you as the bigger cock Suckers. So anytime you have these sorts of rewards and ways to show off to your buddies built into your game you immediately add replay Value which is something thats valuable on the leaderboards you get points for your performance at the end of each level Theres a reason to go back and replay the mission something most of the older campaigns didnt even think about Especially when you tie in the completionist aspect of the game with xbox achievements, its like yeah. Thank you so much I like it when you give me more reasons to play the game because Im an epic gamer Its absolutely appalling that these ideas to my knowledge never made a return never were expanded upon Was it too much work did these features take that much money out of the games budget? Did they stop giving a fuck after they made this game? Sure looks like it was fan reaction to these decisions. Mostly negative Oh, Though what was disappointing is that Intel makes a return but you dont get to read any cool reports or anything It just its just a challenge aside from these new features in nonlinear or less linear design The core shooting mechanics are yep, just what you would expect Sound effects werent bad or anything. Not too many repeated sound effects, like blopps one But what makes this game different is because of the new tech the designers were given an excuse to have you shoot at things other Than people wow, its a revolution. Im serious. Its great You got drones which will crash and blow up those armored tanks from attack of the clones They got turrets and all sorts of things not to mention all the gameplay changing tools You can find within the secrets I mentioned earlier I cant stress how important it is for a series like Call of Duty to keep it single-player fresh for annual releases This is a tough thing to do the simple act of adding new enemies or giving cloaking to your standard Enemy soldier goes miles and making a campaign that feels new fun fresh and different the level design for a cod game is Superb you got all sorts of fun and dynamic set pieces and it all looks really good the different time periods Give the writers the freedom to drop us into all sorts of crazy cool areas. We get to ride camels in the desert saunter through futuristic Dupuy like skyscrapers and sneak around a rundown Terminator type city like you got to defend this boat as another boat rides up and drops troops off, but then you can Before they bring in reinforcements Theres a part where you walk through the club and you get to hear this dope as beat as you shoot people The visuals are pretty great locations interesting. Its all good stuff Of course the game packs in that typical blockbuster action. The series is known for its Bombastic and simply awesome and heres the thing This over-the-top action is fun and exciting when given in bursts the problem with that notorious Train sequence in Cod World War 2 is it crashes for a solid 30 seconds when keeping that shit fast is just way more Exciting because it happens just like that but black ops 2 rides the line of dumb fun action pretty well But you know every cod game has those little mini games like Manning a turret or getting a tank things outside of the regular shooting And to be honest I had fun with everything fly in a jet sneaking around trying to avoid helicopters I think the trick with these Gimmicky moments is that they dont go on too long or they are made an option like for example at this part Theres a turret you can hack and use but youre not forced to Theres a pretty awesome moment in the last mission where you jump out of the plane and judgement day and theres like five hundred guys Flying down with you explosions going off all around planes blowing up. This is the dope ass action. I love Sight note. Have you ever noticed how like every cod campaign at one point or another has you hiding under a tree trunk? This is its weird. Its weird Well, lets move on because keeping with the Treyarch norms black ops 2 innovated the gameplay by giving us these strike missions Well, what the hell is this? I have a choice of what mission to play and when I What I get to customize my loadout choose my grenades weapons and attachments and perks Beforehand. What the fuck is this? Apparently these missions were hated by a lot of people They thought it was too stressful too big of a departure from the norms to which I say fuck that I like it when cod games do new things. Thats my fetish, baby Essentially it combines some light RTS mechanics with time trials and objectives. You got a complete Its a beautiful blend of chaos, man although it does fall into the pit of People just constantly yelling in your ear in the background kind of like capture the flag in Halo 3 You get a control stuff like drones ATT ease soldiers and swap between them at will you can even command different squads to cover different areas I really enjoy this man some of the most fun Ive had playing call of duty campaigns where in these strike missions and technically theyre optional But you get a better ending if you do them If youve never been super big in the cod single-player offerings if you were skeptical like I was you got to try this out Itll exceed your expectations because all of the innovations made for black ops twos campaign were dare. I say it awesome Now hows the multiplayer aspect of blopps 2 and my card World War 2 video when I was Categorizing this series, you might have noticed I put this game to the side as the outlier Thats because I was unfamiliar and hadnt really played it all that much But its finally time to see if it really is the outlier and the short answer Granted Im judging this mostly by the custom games we hosted because buckin every single lobby has hackers in it nowadays making it basically unplayable but thankfully one of the best innovations Treyarch made was given every player all the weapons and attachments in customs and hindsight. This is such an appreciated improvement from the modern warfare 2 custom games we host it where you still have to unlock everything through the multiplayer in order to use it in customs but aside from Quality of life changes, the maps are fantastic. And this is what Ive been trying to point out theres a clear distinction between playing on any map from Cod World War 2 and playing on something like carrier or hijacked because the newer Cod games have this emphasis on just Rng based encounters where you run down a hallway and chances are youre gonna see someone and whoever shoots first is the winner but when you have much longer sightlines When youre not restricted to three paths it creates a huge skill gap in terms of Positioning on the map and that applies to every single one of black ops. Twos Maps Which makes them fun dynamic and enjoyable to learn now having played the multiplayer for honestly not too long The maps have that instantly Recognizable quality that the newer games just cant seem to get a grasp on you got a map like turbine Which is huge with verticality and long firing lanes cargo is more close quarters and has this awesome Circular area to the side where you get them move around all these pillars Express has this curved design with the train that runs through kind of like terminal and halo 2 and of course we got hijacked Need I say more Gunplay is what youd expect but the hit detection seems way better than black ops 1 and world at war Everything except the knifing, which is so bad. Its hilarious This was the first cod game to implement the pick 10 system for create a class Which I offered players way more freedom and versatility in the customization Department Another big change was turning kill streaks into score streaks giving more incentives for players to play the fucking objective Weapons also have a leveling system, which I dont find as satisfying as modern warfare twos method of unlocking attachments But oh, well the game also introduced hardpoint one of my favorite modes wager matches returned the perks score streaks and Customization is also great and fun to experiment with before playing this game My first impressions were this is where the multiplayer went downhill It started with black ops 2 having played it It started after black ops 2 because this was the last time I personally felt they made the most meaningful innovations Honestly, I dont got anything bad to say about it fucking love this multiplayer and without a doubt Im gonna be hosting more custom game nights in the future so I can experience what I missed all those years ago Unfortunately when it comes to zombies, this is really where it started to go downhill so world that war had knocked their own totin which was pretty bare-bones and simple but at the time it was something completely new and loads of fun Then black ops 1 gave you kino der toten which expanded upon the ideas world that war experimented with in its dlc After then beating the campaign you got another map 5 and if you learn this super secret Easter Egg You can unlock dead UPS arcade from the main menu Both of these games further expanded upon the nazi zombie formula with their dlc putting us in different Locations with unique gimmicks and fun new weapons to use and all was well and good. So With this in mind. What do you think we get this time with black ops 2 anything good. Oh Yeah, we get one map one shitty map cut up into pieces one Unnecessarily complicated tedious map that just I cant even wrap my head around the design choices in this I think transit is pretty much hated by most of the cod community and for good reason and like whats with this shitty menu design Just give me a fucking list dude for one. The map is just too big I know that sounds contradictory to my comments on map design throughout these videos But hear me out in order to traverse safely throughout the map and give weapons perks that sort of thing You have to wait for the bus and it seemingly comes at random So unless you like spending 15 minutes running through fog and mashing the melee button getting burned alive by the fucking ground Your method of transportation is thrown to rnjesus do I think thats fun? Oh Its like what video game dunkey talked about in his banjo? kazooie video the idea of making maps feel expansive But not making them so big youd spend half the game just running around getting to where you need to go getting lost Not having a fucking clue what youre supposed to be doing those same principles seem to have been completely disregarded when Treyarch made transit I mean sure it offers a wide landscape to kill zombies in which is a lot more unique than the super short corridors were used to but because of this it stretches the interesting elements too thin so, Oftentimes you get to an area with fucking nothing going on. No wall weapons. No perks nothing. Its boring secondly This is the only map you dont like it. Well pay up kiddo. This DLC aint gonna make itself I mean sure you could play them individually in this weird-ass menu, but theyre so small Some dont have perks some dont have pack-a-punch. So its like whats the point third? I havent even figured out how to get to pack a punch. You know, its not a good idea making the core mechanics of Nazi Zombies the things weve all gotten used to extremely tedious and Force you to look up a fucking guide to figure it out. Thats what I like doing Look, you played Ares, you know dearies right activate the three things. There you go pack a punch. Boom What whats wrong with that whats wrong with that simplicity? I just really dislike this emphasis on ultra tedious objectives when it should be simple and straightforward Look, the pieces are all here mystery box parks pack a punch music zombies, but who in fucks name? Thought itd be a good idea to litter this map with hazards. Yeah, lets make the ground burn you dynamic gameplay Watch your screen get covered in flames as you narrowly hop around the cracks in the ground like a fucking idiot now I know they also implemented a new feature called grief mode, which is a 4 V 4 zombies experience, but unfortunately I dont have the desire to check it out. The premise seems interesting So you come to your own conclusions on that side note. The game doesnt have a dead ops mode So it feels even more Insulting how little content there is without buying DLC and because Activision is still charging for DLC I only decided to buy mob of the dead because I heard its one of the best so cant comment on the other maps But while this map is way more fun than transit it comes with its own share of problems This is when they started making maps to be as tedious and frustrating as possible want to go to pack a punch run to these 17 locations activate eight secret switches use the Mysterious ghost powers to crawl through this wall and jump up and activate a switch to turn on the printer Collect 20 different things build a plane crash it and there you go You like doing that every time you play this game cuz I dont well, this is cool and fun the first couple of times Imagine doing this every match you play every time you want to upgrade your weapon. You have to go on this Unbelievably. Just let me kill zombies. Stop making it so fucking tedious But I mean if you look past these issues or if you enjoy this style of zombies then black ops 2 will probably offer you An acceptable zombies component to me though booting up this game I dont get that same rush of excitement and eagerness like I did for kino der toten and dairies and my curiosity To explore those maps to the ends of the earth So at last we arrived at the end where all the pieces crashed together and our decisions affect the outcome of this story Personally, I killed Harper shot Alex in the head spared Raul and rescued karma So I was pretty satisfied with my ending Raul is locked up karma makes fun of him on the Jimmy Fallon show But alex has gone forever David and woods mourn and pay their respects Its so crazy that a cod game has such dynamic Endings, youve got like your ultra good best-case scenario happy ending and then youve got the super fucked up Holy shit Ending like woods getting fucking murdered and Raul going to his sisters grave to burn himself alive and some kind of crazy ritual as the US has burned and attacked from outside and within Jesus man balls ladies and gentlemen, this is what balls looks like I keep telling people call a duty used to have balls When it comes down to it, Im surprised I doubted this game Im surprised I doubted all of you call of duty black ops 2 really is the outlier just as I kind of Suspected it is the end of an era the end of Call of Dutys boisterous not gonna give a fuck attitude the end of truly meaningful innovations With its single-player being the best Ive played in the series the story presents an interesting dichotomy between time periods with plenty of memorable characters moments Set-pieces choices a focus on nonlinear design. I love it. The single-player is just balls to the walls great especially the way it brings back old character and puts them in the limelight again and it offers the most replay value in the franchises history While the zombies mode just isnt my cup of tea and well I think it started this downward trend for the rest of the series. I can at least see the appeal It has two fans The multiplayer is up to par with modern warfare 1 & 2 world at war and black ops which as you know all had fantastic Multiplayers while it might not do anything exceptionally unique or well the new creative class system was revolutionary weapons were fun and unique and above all else the maps were creative and Interesting. This was the last game where the maps were truly incredible and memorable and That is why call of duty black ops 2 was so awesome Kirby has edited this I hope you all enjoyed Byyyyye. steam epic games store There has always been a debate about when the Call of Duty series started to lose its magic. Many believe it was after Black Ops 1, some think it was after Modern Warfare 3 or after Ghosts. One thing remains certain though, Black Ops 2 was the first game to introduce a more futuristic setting. So was this the last GOOD Call of Duty game? 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