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Steam ubuntuwhy does steam patching take so long CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review You are very welcome back light meal Replacement the end of the day, hopefully for a game review, this is one of the games Im really looking forward to playing in 2020, namely the game Call of Duty Black Ops court, sorry if Ive been messing around lately just like the content because there are really a lot of queues for games again in November because its also the launch of the next gen at the same time so definitely a lot of gears are launching in November so all the tripe is finished here this month Of course I can immediately prepare this restaurante glue Whats certain is from those of you who are waiting for it every year Yes, the creations are back again Is the game that I spec, Tasik Andi mouth, this dream has succeeded in making me amazed again like Modern Warfare was noisy yesterday Lets peel it off and lets begin the big guys Music Applause Music Hey guys, if youre on Duty Black Ops came out this time highlighting the cold war in the 80s and focusing on the two countries cultural flavors and also the United States, basically America, yes. I will try to catch the plot process as well as the click genre of American espionage films where we will first catch the minions until the head, yes, the main point of the story is brilliant, but for me personally, because I really like this type of storyline, thats what happened to me I really enjoy the storyline in Blackout Scorpions this time plus Ra, who is also my favorite Ra, namely the era of the 80s when the WIF server was in style, so for business, its called the theme of the storyline, I really really like it subjectively, hi oh eh xxxx wik wik wik wik Indeed in playtime again this dirty Call of Duty Black Ops is not far away The difference with Modern Warfare was noisy yesterday, which was around 3-5 hours for the pacifier. It depends on how fast you play and of course it also depends on the level of difficulty you are using, but for me, sir, the most difficult politeness etiquette, namely realism, my mouth isnt anything much different nowadays too. Just for me, if you play with a lower level of difficulty, I think it should be even faster, screams will rarely die. Its a pity, but apart from that, what we have in common is of course there is something different and its also a refresher in this cover, which doesnt have a workfare mode. yesterday which was the Story and also the choice of each narration when we were talking with our interlocutor where every choice we make is not just a formality but also has significance in changing the storyline and most importantly changing the ending of this game I really like it When given by pimping color this time every choice yes ng is not just small talk but provides a different kachin and even a mission with a different approach so in my opinion it is quite genius for the developers, yes, of course, Activision also knows that Kenken will be very short it seems but in the end it is accompanied by a choice of features that making a buy reply without leading it so it can be maintained for us in the end so we tried it and yes in the end it extended the paytren of course its fortunate to try a different ending and a different operation Music until the world country World security England around besides that its also dirty this time offers a free type in determining which mission to carry out through an evidence port and its weight too so it has other uses as well besides just seeing which mission to carry out but because in this FDR sport you can know about the mission further from the evidence that you already have find it or it has already been given then one g is the evidence that we find pink that will also be something that is not just a prayer talk but rather can be one of the components to complete the puzzle in the side missions even though there arent many even though actually when the article is finished it feels less rewarding so it becomes its a bit unsatisfactory but at least this mechanic is a sea refresher and it can be time for us to stretch our hands from the shooting and exercise our brains a little to solve the simple puzzles that are given apart from puzzles that seem to have indications of determining the direction of the continuation of your story later at school, I think its quite interesting What makes the storyline even more interesting are the characters that come to this game, such as Meisn Whitson, who ends up coloring the storyline. Im back to one of the games that has the best graphics, the title can make the face even clearer, good luck Hi Mami with the title cement facial spa Land, for matters of dynamics, the mission is as usual, yes, Call of Duty, this time the dotwork is capable of bringing very high dynamics. In my opinion, from the start, you already felt that the dynamics of the gameplay would be very interesting, starting from using a helicopter to chase cars a la fashion first, missions in the dark that only rely on flashlights and can be startled by enemies, then you can use the Arsy cefor which we can control and the plane explodes. there are Sniper missions to the most interesting one is God Hitman stagnation really where you will feel the experience of being under cover Spike with a variety of different approaches like you choose for Indian poison or because he got caught etc. and make a cave This is very interesting How do you fill it locally, adjust it out of the ordinary Call of Duty which usually shoots and makes me This is an innovation in the new era of Black Ops giving us as players a new dynamic in each mission and I really like all the missions given by this cover and accompanied by super effects Polres is really added because the theme this time is the flu giveaway, you will often see people of vibrant colors accompanying each of your missions, which makes my eyes a beverwijk fan. its enough about or you could say its pretty relaxed, like the colors like in the tundra or in debt, which of course adds to the variety of places and doesnt make us bored with the same level or design, can he have a mission for matters of gameplay or gang comeback, of course its still satisfying Yes, this is Call of Duty really like that because it makes your heart pound, sir If you use a good headset or speakers, each weapon is also different, then there are quite a lot of variations, of course, also with various motifs that can be embedded in our weapons, which we can find in every mission according to the Mane army. led but at least you can be a holy weapon anytime satin game which is usually scattered at several points and also enemy weapons that can be Lupi Cup which usually has a different Tyson that can make experiments while the settings are more varied and interesting even though the weapons are the same but everything is different Thats right, but of course, because this is Call of Duty, theres no business with drop bullets and other things. If for example, youre not familiar with Call of Duty, right? Because Call of Dutys goal is to record archives, its still within the scope of the market, which speeds up the shooting process. its so easy Allah Call of Duty is really good besides interesting mechanics and filming, oscommerce mechanics dont play games cool, of Wor still brings the sadistic impression of the Black Ops agents, the methods of the enemy are very accurate when it comes to music matters at vulnerable points in the body besides that you can also make yourself your cover with additional mechanics whats quite genius in my opinion is embedding grenades into their bodies and pushing them towards the enemy so its just a bomb for me, this makes the gameplay feel even more gahar, this is Blackout sales, a dark operation, its recorded, Hi all, thats how the story runs out of them, its really well illustrated by the gameplay. its extraordinary for me personally for the variation of the enemy itself, you meet the heavy-duty model who has to be shot in the head many times because the helmet gets so heavy, right, and of course, various troops, not different weapons, which of course accompany us in every Sin, the most superior in the gameplay this time is a process looking for evidence that is usually needed in culture this time is for submission and it seems that it is indeed more detailed than usual because usually we cant have to deal with that evidence, right? but this time, the evidence is really very useful for the needs of our segment, so if it bothers you, you can immediately feel the disturbance because there is a significant upset mission. Whats more, the mechanics are quite stupid. There is something we have to switch to using the camera, so besides this, it damages passing what made me have to go around for a while fortunately was the reaction to dance first and sometimes I was afraid to miss it too so even though it was a war sometimes I switched to the camera for a while to take a photo of the evidence for me for games which are the focus of Hollywood movies and I feel like Tom Cruise like that in games this tastes for nyar i-looking for evidence in the middle of a battle is not the right and wise thing to put, for me personally, especially the mechanics have to take a photo and insert the camera first, the blurring process takes quite a long time, although it turns out that there are more photos, even though they are blurry, maybe it will be more appropriate if the placement of this evidence is correct there are places or missions that are specifically told and so on which we do have time to observe longer and travel around longer than we are fighting wars but there is evidence of contact going too far Yes we have to take a photo right then and there and fight with people armed but we use a camera that ends up destroying the gameplay and passing of the complexion, we ll hey hey hi speed, apart from the process of looking for evidence which is quite disturbing to the gameplay, actually one more thing that bothers me personally is quite annoying, its Enemy tagging which seems to be lacking efficient way of using it because there are several missions huh you have to install and of course to make the process easier Full Steel should be like this enemies so that you know where the enemy is moving. Although in technology it could be more than if you pull it backwards towards it which is a bit less relevant to the realistics you are trying to bring out but that is the function of the emitter friends So for something like this you have to Zul use a camera where you really have to white glue from the gun to the camera first Well thats also when Luzum doesnt show up right away Have they been to the TKP yet because apparently this obsession with meat seems to be lacking in box and not clear enough so so the process is really quite uncomfortable, the body is uncomfortable and somewhat troublesome and looks less efficient at staging. But even though there are some minor flaws in the gameplay and mechanics, in my personal opinion, this is still a very interesting gameplay in Afif, especially in the early stages of the story, you are given an option that defines the character of Lu starting from name, then profile, race, skin color and also a former agent, what impact can you choose SKJ Bikes YKS to accompany and accommodate your Playstore later? Your choice about the former agent will also change the narrative of the story, although unfortunately the description is very serious. choose it and we fill it not accompanied by the appearance of our character which turns out to be never seen at all even though at the beginning as follows say you have to choose hard because it looks like that face so it ends up being less functional like those serious missions but at least it adds freshness in the early stages, so thats how it is for Pimpins business. Even though the party isnt long, at least its able to provide an experience thats really a Hollywood movie with a variety of old and new characters who how to make text quickly to us because the plot is precise, the introduction is exactly like Sieblers appearance This which is a character that in my opinion is very iconic in dirty this time And if for example I have to make it please, the best protagonist of 2020 I think edler is one of the interesting characters that I have to include because his profile is really cool, he brings it too, its really cool Olga style So the conclusion is wrong one of the best goalkeepers Ive ever experienced in Call of Duty, especially even though the playtime duration is nt long enough, his legs are really serious, it was made with the 580s and its quite pervasive for me personally as an 80s fan, then Bro the setting is really satisfying Some mechanics like the woman cover and a grenade on the enemys body is also something that is quite innovative for me in this new Black Ops era in a combed shirt its also really satisfying to use the knife and the level design is quite enough for Guetta. the pricing for the film Mission Impossible was added In fact, the ending of the story is in the hands of Loe Single as a player who really has a role in directing the ending of the story in which direction it will go and for me this is a very extraordinary execution and really Bravo for the beol chords, it was indeed built by many developers, like revision, I think it worked refreshment in every aspect So if youre looking for a themed game archery shooters with really crazy graphics Then high level sound design ends then 80s theme also multiple endings and innovative The theme could also work you can meet Ronald Reagan I think this is a the best choice in 2020, plus there is a simple Plaza embedded in this game which is really exciting, so its even more exciting when you look at it from his younger sibling, it really seems like whatever you do and choose to be led this time will have an impact on what will continue in the next series because the ending of this game they are whatever we have chosen and do it and what impact it has on the world and is it a chip thats pretty pointless If the diesel doesnt continue then shop for me this is one of the best games for me in 2020 especially Even though there are some minor flaws Which seems to be forgiven because the portion isnt too big its big and Im really satisfied, what Im not satisfied with is the realism, the difficulty, its less difficult for me and too easy for me to finish, so thats the review for Call of Duty Black Ops color chain, it was the original zombie game, but my husband can get stuck, I dont need WiFi too later the multiplier will be revised by David Lu, just wait if you already like the multiplier because again the focus is on Call of Duty Black Ops especially, of course 2 multiplayer and the campaign have become this site of this game and comics die so sadistically, even though this used to be Mendes now I just enjoy the edition rather than nothing at all and thank you for watching to the end wrong for lens Khan likes my review this time and dont forget to also follow us on dietlinde mandi because there we deliver every information about the number of Arthurs every day and Instagram thousand Diatri Hello Santosa yo yo see you on another video The reason why Daeng is staying in December is soon so you guys seem to have started the holiday Happy holiday guys and Ill see you at the year-end tutoring maybe it seems because the content plan isnt too much going to December fashion Bray entertainment reason Music osu steam game Dukung kita di Patreon: dia review gue untuk campaign dari COD: Black Ops Cold War, selamat menikmati The Lazy Monday is your daily dose of news, games and technology Youtube Channel. 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