Was Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 THAT Good? (Review)

7 days to die hidden achievements steamsteam_api64.dll CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review was Call of Duty Black Ops 2 really that good please just hear me out please please Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was probably the first Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare to take a major risk with its setting Black Ops 2 is set in 2025 while also being set in the 1980s constantly switching perspectives from Alex Mason and David Mason and is considered one of the if not the best Call of Duty campaign in the franchise and I gotta say yeah I kind of agree hey thats pretty good combine that with multiplayer that was fantastic with 15 prestiges camos grinds DLC packs that included zombie maps as well as a full-on Content plan for the entire year before Call of Duty ghosts came out and along with all the stuff were going to talk about the campaign that was really impressive that I forgot existed yeah its pretty easy to see why everyone loves Call of Duty Black Ops 2 back then but is how is it good now does it does it kind of live up to the expectations that you would have set yourself with a nostalgia Soldier or just going in as a new player lets find out safeties arent  __  so in Black Ops 2 you play as a guy called David Mason who is Alex Masons son in 2025 a new threat has appeared threatening World Peace by the name Menendez Menendez and it turns out this Menendez character is actually connected to Alex Mason in the 1980s and you get to experience a story that is connected through these two different time periods and both complement each other up so already this was a pretty big departure from the usual Call of Duty stuff Call of Duty usually has a linear story you know you go chronologically but here youre constantly shifting from the 80s to the 2025 and it provides this very unique Call of Duty campaign experience because they havent done anything like this since Black Ops 2. and you know its been over a decade now and Im really going back to it playing it this time I really wish they would because this is you know straight away I was just like wow this is just so different to the usual Call of Duty fluff so on top of this really cool direction for the story theres also the way theyve designed the campaign so not only can you go from the 80s to the 2025 which is pretty cool but each Mission you get to choose a class yes you get to choose a class in a Call of Duty campaign so you can go through you could choose your perks you could choose your grenades you could choose your stunts you could choose your pistol and it adds a layer of you know individuality to every Mission so it feels like you will be playing it differently compared to someone else which also provides unlockables in the campaign that Intel which believe it or not is really rare even today and thats really good its really good Music and on top of all that you have the strike missions some people dont like the strike missions but me personally I really like the strike missions I thought they were a breath of fresh air just to have this random encounter be playing as someone else that actually affects the world and affects the different endings you can get yep were going to talk about that there are multiple endings in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 why why is there multiple endings its because you have choices to make you affect the story theres different choices you have to make in gameplay its not a typical oh just press a to choose this specific decisions or B to choose this decision yes that happens in the game like once but the choices that you make in gameplay whether its you know shooting someone in the leg or driving through the wrong area at the wrong time that will affect the kind of ending you get I thought that was brilliant thats cool they took a massive risk here they took a massive risk and it was critically and financially successful but then they for some reason activation just said nah nah lets throw all this away okay I could keep talking about all the elements that added just because you added something new and creative doesnt mean its going to be good however it is good here all of its good the campaign story is great it has arguably the best villain Call of Dutys ever had by Raul Menendez Menendez but then this is a brilliant villain arguably the reason the campaign even works to be honest with you no Music if Raul Menendez sucked as a character the campaign would not be very good just from a story perspective anyway but real Menendez is brilliant I love his character I love his plan I love his idea of trying to trick the Western to eventually killing him to to show that people that that they need to rise up against them that everyones a wig its just a good plan sure is a bit over the top sure its never going to happen in real life I dont think but you know the idea of taking over jerons to destabilize and like not just America but the entire world was brilliant and its just I really enjoyed it and on top of that youve got all the twists you get to return to Alex Mason woods and they will answer all the questions about Black Ops one and at the end of the day the writing is brilliant I thought the writing was really good I love this  __  campaign its brilliant brilliant nothing nothing really let me down compared to a game like Black Ops 3 train go boom Black Ops 2 is a masterpiece man I love this game but not only that the gameplay is really great as well obviously its just Call of Duty I cant Im not going to talk too much about it you could go and watch my Black Ops review on my Modern Warfare review whatever and Ill be saying the same thing because Call of Duty doesnt really you know change much in terms of Gameplay Black Ops 2 made a great bunch of changes when it comes to choices customization all that stuff but when it comes to the core gameplay its the exact same you point you shoot you throw a grenade and you run away bang simple easy was it is it designed well here yeah its Call of Duty they smashed it they smash it every time and I really really enjoyed it father and his people took Josefina from me Im gonna cry now multiplayer couldnt play much of it because there was theres this um thing called plutonium which is like a place where he can go play Black Ops 2 Black Ops one uh Modern Warfare multiplayer and stuff like that on PC without the risk of you know getting hacked because you decided you wanted to play a single game of TDM you know what I mean so I play on that but I didnt I didnt really enjoy it I wanted the classic experience but it seemed like everyone you know had custom maps and your field of view at 120 and you know thats obviously giving people an advantage so I didnt play much of it but it did remind me of everything that we had with the snipers uh the the customization options actually that was brilliant like the all the attacks which you could equip the perks you could unlock how the pick me pick 10 I think it was the Pick 10 or pick eight or whatever it was the Pick 10 system worked brilliant that was 10 out of 10 for me I love that system yeah the sheer weapon variety sure Modern Warfare 2019 and Modern Warfare 2022 that you know they obviously theyve got to blow the old games out the water it comes to customization weapon selection stuff like that but I still think Black Ops 2 is a brilliant multiplayer game I wish we could play it now I wish they would remaster it but you know it is what it is with not much cant really say much after that and I didnt play Zombies what do you mean you mean maybe Ill live stream it one day thatd be a good idea just live stream it and invite you guys brilliant Wait no thats brilliant let me know if you want that we should do that we should live stream and then just drop into a zombies game or something with views thatd be brilliant okay so yeah Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was definitely that good back in 2012 and its still really good in 2023. thank you for watching like And subscribe and remember to keep it classic 2d horror games steam Is Call of duty black ops 2 really that good? Has Black ops 2 aged well over the last decade or has time done its thing and humbled one of the entries into Call of duty that was considered the best Call Of Duty ever made?So Is Black ops 2 still good in 2023? Is the multiplayer still alive in 2023 or is black ops 2 dead? Is the campaign of Black Ops 2 as good as everyone says and why did black ops 2 have such a impact in the Call Of Duty community? This is my Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 review in 2023. Music: how to download steam games for free fun single player games steam ue4 enable steam in game games not starting on steam top steam coop games