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Steam light gamessteam game config files CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review good game i think its safe to say that the call of duty formula is starting to wear a little thin but black ops 2 is here to stop series fatigue setting in and shake things up a bit whats up you said youd never go back to the army you promised me its uncle word son hed do it for me lets start off by looking at the campaign which is quite good straight away youre thrown into a huge battle its arm-pumping action-packed stuff from the get-go but your first enemy comes in the form of hordes of machete-wielding african rebels that first wave of machete wielding soldiers dont pose much of a threat and once you and your army have dispatched them and theyre heavily armored friends you then proceed to mow them down as they flee the battlefield in fact as you get in a helicopter to fly away from the battle and everyones cheering theres one guy who was shot on the ground right in front of you by another soldier and hex i was not expecting the game to start this way yeah it is interesting because the landscape of shooters is changing somewhat i mean the fact is everyone loves playing military shooters but were also realizing that we dont want to glorify aimless killings so a lot of games are trying to make you feel that conflict and even make you feel bad about what youre doing but i dont think its been handled very well here in fact it feels very much like theyve just tacked it on to the start of the game for a bit of shock value yeah and theres no time to digest what happened you whisper away so quickly into the next section so it makes me think that maybe it wasnt on purpose maybe its just a terrible level and that just was an unintentional consequence yeah i think theyve definitely squeezed a lot out of this engine over the years its all silky smooth now with lots going on on screen its still a bit of a mixed bag visually though isnt it some sections look great like this suction cup level but then other effects are a bit weak like these terrible boat explosions but graphics are nothing without gameplay and you can tell theyve really worked hard to try and shake that linear corridor shooter label everything from the moment to moment action to the story outcomes feels much less linear and youre even free to customize your loadouts for each mission you know i actually enjoyed this campaign a lot more than the previous two cards because of this yeah me too and i liked how some mission outcomes arent set in stone so you can actually fail some objectives and those consequences will play out in the story the storytelling isnt much better than were used to though its also different characters and times and jumping about all over the place the usual sort of stuff towards the end it all starts to piece together quite nicely but even then i was still a little bit no i think what i liked most was that a few points in the campaign you get to make some significant choices theyre also strike force missions yes now these are kind of real-time strategy side mission where you can command a bunch of units from a top-down map or take control of any unit and issue orders from there were taking casualties i like the idea of this hex but i never got my head around the strategy side of things id always just jump into a soldier and gun my way through yeah it is a bit messy and it feels like you need to be doing lots of micromanagement selecting individual units and moving them and ordering them to fire the action gets pretty hectic so it felt a bit overwhelming at first enemy soldiers take them down i love futurey stuff in my shooters hex and i thought it all worked quite well here it wasnt too over the top there are some solid moments of future tech like crazy climbing gloves and wing suits but its most noticeable in all the scopes that can highlight enemies or detect invisible guys yes but more than a few of you dont give a crap about the campaign because cod is all about the multiplayer okay and it returns with a big list of new features yes to start with theres a new class system that adds point values to everything you select in your custom loadout this means that while you are limited to how many points you can spend youre now freed up to create more flexible classes than before for example if you never use your secondary weapon you can now choose not to equip one this in turn frees up more points in your loadout that can be spent on other things like attachments for your primary weapon or extra perks as you progress through your usual unlocks youll start to discover some real complexity in terms of how you go about setting up your class you are clear to engage its almost starting to feel like some sort of fps rpg but i think its definitely a step in the right direction theres also wild card slots that affect things like number of perks allowed for each tier or carrying a second primary weapon or piece of lethal equipment and online its that familiar gun play that we know from blobs all the controls feel as tight as ever and theres just something about the way treyarch handled their movement and weight of things that i actually like a bit more than infinity wards call of dutys the moment you hop into these maps you just it just feels like call of duty you know where to go you get a good sense of where the flanking opportunities are and theres none of those horrible bottlenecks that can really halt a map i love that french super yacht in the hollywood hills mansion you know instead of that usual shantytown stuff that were so used to yes i think i still saw a few slums here and there heck but they all do play well and theres even a few turrets here and there for you to get behind although a mans life expectancy behind a turret is not very long theres plenty of creative new kill streaks to unlock out on the battlefield too however in another interesting change these no longer rely solely on kills instead these score streaks tally together points earned from everything including spots assists and even reaching objectives the score will still drop to zero should you be killed so you can still play focusing purely on kills but i dont know i found this promoted better teamwork and just general sporting community yeah i think its more fair and also it means a sniper cant dominate the map another new addition is league play this is an ambitious looking competitive mode that plans to pit players of similar rank and skill against one another with the goal of climbing a worldwide ranking ladder yeah im interested to see how this plays out badge i mean its kind of like a giant best of the best ladder that adjusts with your skill level the devs have definitely designed all of this with esports in mind in fact theyve even added a replay mode for the theater specifically called codcast that allows whole teams to watch and record replays together with full overhead maps and picture-in-picture you can even live stream yeah i think this is shaping up to be the most competitive cod yet but lets not get too wrapped up in the competitive scene because we know the real enemy here are the zombies okay now youre just making me hun there have been a few changes to zombies but the biggest addition is the new transit mode its mostly just maps from the old survival mode but the twist is theres a door you can unlock and outside that a bus driven by a crazy robot straight out of the original total recall then its all aboard and its a short bus ride off to the next level and once we got to the next stop i figured we were just holding off some more zombies there until we wanted to move on but the next thing we know the bus toots its horn and drives off without us running off after it into the fog was a bad idea those face grabbing zombies are stressful theres also an eight player grief mode which has two teams of four trying to out survive each other from an onslaught of zombies the pc version looks fine but i am very disappointed that theres no server browser though there are dedicated servers and it match makes and connects to them automatically and you can join with friends but i just always want that server browser it just makes everything so much easier well you cant deny that this is an excellent package theyre not doing anything groundbreaking but they have improved almost every aspect of this game im giving it eight and a half out of ten rubber chickens yeah i like that they are at least trying to shake up the formula a bit it has issues but im giving it eight and a half as well hex now tiny power good game discount for steam games Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is on a mission to stop that series fatigue from setting in, and shake things up a bit...Original TX Date: 20/11/12 --MORE GOOD GAME-- twitter: @GoodGameTV, @bajopants, @hexsteph, @goosemangus Contributions may be removed if they violate ABCs Online Terms of Use (Section 3) disconnected from steam modern warfare 2 good chill games on 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