Call of Duty: Black Ops - Campaign - Operation 40

Install non steam games on steam deckhow do i steam broccoli CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review uh-huh were done wait oh where am I wheres raise nothing you will answer our questions do you understand the hell are you thats not important whats important is who you are whats your name  __  you where we were born kiss my ass born in Fairbanks Alaska in 1961 you served in a CIA assassination team though solder is important is that correct yes wheres the broadcaster I dont know what youre talking about the numbers person what does it mean dont know anything about any numbers what about Brotherhood you remembered it give us will be watch youll guarantee yourself what started the beginning Cuba 1961 Bay of Pigs we know you were there no 61a of pigs what happen we all got killed theres no use lying Mason we know you went in with lunch in Bowen what tell the mother Dragovich Castro we went in to kill Castro you police are gonna be here soon lets make this quick once its been a while not enough Carlos no Bowman right Carlos Mason whats up Carlos so they get what we need he will be in here the plantation my old plantation our attack on the airfield should distract them enough to get you inside what about the either you will have transport waiting for you just be there excellent you got company Sokolov Capellas hora Sal de jakke puta capital ista oh yay - I said where are you from just be cool woods are you talking to you all right everythings ready I Wis say good work Carlos no problem man bacala body occupants leaving their vehicles armed with shotguns Bowman Carlos lay down covering fire we fight our way through the streets Mason on me lets go Briona give me cover Claire ma move up the street you hes down join us okay lets move this way target eliminated Im assuming the airstrip run to my friends did it go get the  __  never win what see Mason you receive from the police that may obtain to be gun you were heading for Castros compound I lose again do it again we have no choice this compound calls his men should be near field any minute theres a signal now hook up this is it nice Frankie tight Mason take him out Dale opposition perfect youre all focused on the airfield can go ahead not engage sit tight let him pass woman left flank move out lets go Joe Tommy no look at her both quickly this way up the stairs got it Castros apparently with good reason weve been trying to get him for three years todays the day you succeed wham-o lets go Joe I hear that stay close yes No contact damn watch your phone inside go wake the  __  up nation for me take the roof any trouble give us a yell got it I mean to find Castro hi-yah five targets should be up ahead okay stack up you got time to waste bolli this is it moving out it should be up ahead mature moving inside get in position ready to make history Im crazy  __  the human shield and she still protects him festro support is a fanatical devotion woman the target is down oh now 26:18 to reach a moment to the main hallway we cant run away  __  like hot today hes down I keep movin Ill take down tango down  __  out of here for those dead late stairs killer Mason come on this aint good its too many up check out that 50 cal Smith should be over to east wall hey guys a youre down I make will cover your cake big they are oh all right my friend god bless you Carlos this way into the sugar field theres the airfield lets hope Carlos secured that evac he aint let us down yet the rebels are getting their asses kicked bring it down there hookup go or eat all falling apart dont go get out of here you secure transport the plane is ready for takeoff time brother cant wait any longer Oh odd give us confirmation I should take a potion to use I know time for takeoff runways clear down away no choice woods knew what I signed up for gotta be fine just go get out of here youre dead we killed you you killed a double you think we didnt know your plan we always know do them what your ways general hes my gift to you in honor of our new relationship just make sure that he suffers he will no suffering beyond his darkest fears I have plans for you American steam rolls LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!Watch the rest of the Call of Duty: Black Ops walkthrough videos Donate Games! (Via Amazon) - Keep this channel playing the HOTTEST games today! Donate (Paypal) - Keep this channel Ad-free! Follow me on twitter: Whats your favorite Black Ops mission? Post your response in a comment below. FOR ALL GAME DEVELOPERS AND PUBLISHERS: If you dont want me posting videos of your game, please notify ME via e-mail or Youtube PM and I will remove them in an instant! No need for peoples channels to be deleted. alpha protocol steam steam gauge assembly rally game steam steam deck png my steam deck verified games