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Steamed spare ribs2 player games online steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review Music Music black ops 2 and the Wii U is largely the same game as the other platforms with a few key differences for starters you cant live streams thats a bit disappointing and when you also take an account that theres no elite functionality for the Wii U you have a stripped down version of the cool social features that the ps3 and 360 get but then theres the gamepad black ops 2 allows you to play any part of it via second screen gameplay watch it here as I tear some people up in multiplayer all without ever looking at a TV the gamepad also gives you more options for split-screen online multiplayer like the other versions you can simply split your TV screen in half or thanks to the gamepad you can have one player use the TV while another uses the gamepad for full screen view its pretty awesome to see in action while playing multiplayer alone the gamepad provides additional touchscreen options for selecting your class or calling in score streaks while I personally prefer to use the d-pad to call and score streaks over virtual buttons I appreciate the new option of being able to switch my class without having to hit the gamepad start button and take myself out of the action you can of course also play with the Wii U pro controller Wii Remote a nunchuck or classic controller the gamepad feels the most familiar and after a few moments I was shooting people with precision but its really good at Treyarch to include the other options to suit preferred play styles besides the few features mentioned initially Wii U players get every other component of black ops 2 with the same great campaign story and set pieces zombies and all the multiplayer modes the Wii U version occasionally slows in framerate and has a tiny bit of texture pop-in but it still makes black ops 2 look good just be warned only a few people are currently playing multiplayer so finding anything besides a game of team deathmatch is problematic overall though this is still a great option for would-be black ops 2 players and the gamepad functionality more than makes up for whatever social features it lacks so that covers the Wii U specific features of black ops 2 since we do differences dont really affect the quality of the game the original score still stands for everything you need to know about the game heres our original review skeptics among you might believe black ops 2 to simply be more of the same well youre wrong a host of improvements to multiplayer make it better than ever zombies is more fleshed out and bigger than whats come before but most of all tracks taken the campaign in unexpected direction delivering on the promise of player choice and divergent stories this isnt just another Call of Duty this is in many ways a new beginning for the franchise a benchmark that sets a new standard for not only what fans should expect for the series but for big-budget shooters in general since theres so much to cover in this game were gonna do things a little differently and break down the game into three distinct sections lets start with the campaign time on target 30 seconds that was black ops 2 s campaign has the big moments weve all come to expect vehicle crashes check epic firefights yep but whats really surprising is that the campaign manages to tell story that not only makes sense but is also emotional engaging this is partially due to the great facial capture tariffs employed cutscenes that help flesh out the story and great riding during the Cold War era segments of the campaign you play as a combination of returning characters from the first black ops 1 the very plausible feeling future segments you play as protagonist Alec Mason son David itd be easy to muddle the time skipping but here its juggled well coming together to form a story unlike any other in the series dark Nick writer David Goyer and game director David Anthony wove together an atypical narrative with the villain thats both menacing and sympathetic his name is Raul Menendez and he forms the foundation for the plot stealing the spotlight away from the heroes the story feels decidedly mature and far less bro tacular than the typical co d fare the best part of black ops 2 story though is that you get to shape its outcome like many people I was skeptical about how well Trek would actually implement player decisions into the campaign but theyve done a fantastic job some choices you make are strictly binary lab but more often theyre settled relying on whether or not you finished certain mission objectives throughout the story youll see that different characters can live or die depending on your actions and everything you do influences which of the multiple endings youll get of course shooting is what call duty games do better than the rest and black ops 2 is no exception the engine may not look as good as some games but it consistently runs at 60fps resulting in the crisp and responsive controls that no other shooter ever quite matches theres always plenty to shoot in the campaign and its paced well with lots of breaks for more intimate story moments as well as vehicle segments that put you in control futuristic jets and creepy spider like infiltration robots combat also feels a bit different depending on the tiger with cold war air weaponry juxtapose against futuristic yet believable tech a 2025 while theyre instrumental to the outcome of the campaign and are step in a good direction the strike force Missions controls leave much to be desired these missions place you in control of a group of soldiers drones and other units tasking you with the variety objectives and forcing you to leave them into battle you can take direct control of any unit at any time as well as issue them commands which is a cool thing to see in action the problem is that most of the time I felt like I had to win the fight on my own and since I couldnt even have my forces rally on me and they only seem to be great at taking bullets that would otherwise hit me I generally just ordered all my forces to move to a point it didnt feel strategic and it was immensely frustrating succeed or fail though these missions will change the course of your campaign at times dramatically that alone makes them more struggle Music once youve gotten through the campaign its on to multiplayer which has also changed in significant ways it all begins from the moment you start where you can jump right into regular online multiplayer getting those endorphin rushes as you constantly level up and unlock items for your loadout or you can ease yourself into the experience with combat training against bots and still earn experience if that isnt appealing you can skip the unlock grind and get competitive with the new league play mode this mode gets you right into the action and after five placement matches puts your team in the league where you can fight your way up from its a smart addition that shows how forward-thinking Treyarch is when it comes to integrating call duty into the eSports scene what I like about all these options that it shows that trade doesnt care if you decide to do custom game against bots armed with axes or if you want to form a team and hit the competitive scene or even if you just want to learn from the beginning cuz youve never played the game before theyve made a super encompassing multiplayer experience that accommodates players regardless of their skill level the desire to give players more choices also comes across in the new pick-ten class loadout system here every part of the loadout is given a value of one and you can delete and edit your perks attachments weapons and accessories until they form a combination that adds up to ten theyve also added a new set of options called wild cards in the mix which allows you to break game leaves giving you access to say three attachments on a weapon or even allowing you to take more than three perks in a loader all in all this results in the most robust created class system to date and gives even the most experienced players a host of new classes to try tweak and experiment with additional modes returned alongside fan favorites to create a multiplayer you can easily lose hours to on top of standard modes like team deathmatch capture the flag and search and destroy as well as the returning Kill Confirmed we get the fun option to hardpoint and multi team battles port point is essentially a king of the hill mode with a roaming capture and multi team battles mix things up considerably though changing the dynamic of modes by allowing you to play three teams of four or four teams of three or a number of other combinations when four or more small packs of players are roaming a map of Kill Confirmed it gets nuts creating an intensity and competitiveness that larger two team battles just cant manage if you want others to see the madness and are playing on ps3 or xbox you can even livestream your matches back up to social features are easily as elaborate as last years modern warfare 3 but added features that get even the most hardcore players interesting ways to stay connected to call it duty even when theyre not shooting you can watch and create videos in theatres spectate and matches and shoutcast them afterwards or the ps3 and xbox 360 players check out your stats in an array of other interesting data in quality daily rounding out the wealth of gameplay options black ops 2 is the tongue-in-cheek zombies mode you can still do the typical survival mode but that feels a bit Hollow and superfluous now that theyve included transit its not so much a campaign with a real story as the pre-release rhetoric led me to believe but in Adventure mode mechanically its the same survival where you hold out against waves of increasingly difficult zombies for as long as possible but the difference is that you have a decent sized world to roam around in with multiple areas you can go between via a defensible bus the fun of it isnt in having a story told to you but in discovery the transit lore is intentionally vague and its up to you and your team to figure out how to interact with it where its secrets lie and how best to survive even though each playthrough ends and death its still rewarding when youve learned something new that you can integrate into your ever-growing transit routine co-op also presents a fun change from the hyper competitiveness of the multiplayer or if you feel like being a bastard you can always team up with your friends to take on other survivors in the new grief mode this mode places you in one of a couple of survival locations from transit and together with your team you see if you can outlast another team of four you cant directly affect one another outside of a stun that interrupts revives or by throwing meat that attract zombies but theres a certain madness to you trout youre racing to kill zombies to score resources for yourself trying to protect your team and at the same time attempting to funnel the enemy team into position where they can get torn to pieces its a balancing act that provides a nice twist to the standard zombie spawn bill if thats not enough theyve also included custom game options for zombies why dont you do things set it to be headshots only or pick your starting around what these options really do though is they let you and your friends create an experience thats more closely tailored to your zombie fans the addition of pic 10 multi team battles and the fantastic integration of player choice in the campaign have made black ops 2 a superior Call of Duty experience its still easily recognizable for longtime fans but it builds upon the foundation set down by the series and challenges what weve come to expect you an annualised franchise theres just so much game here to mess around with and enjoy and if youve ever been a fan that got burnt out in the franchise or finally looking to jump in for the first time theres no finer point than black ops 2 more call duty black ops 2 keep it at IGN Music you best open world games on steam Black Ops 2 vs Halo 4, check out IGN Versus here! of Duty: Black Ops II loses a couple features as it heads to Wii U, yet gains a few thanks to Nintendos new GamePad. 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