Call of Duty 3 Xbox 360 Review - Video Review (HD)

Steam restaurant gamesfree steam accounts with games 2021 CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review Music hey this is David Clayman with IGN insider and I had the distinct pleasure of doing the Call of Duty 3 review for IGN Xbox 360 Call of Duty 3 is the sequel to Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 1 Call of Duty 2 was a launch title on Xbox 360 and now we have called Duty 3 only a year after that game was released the games developed by Treyarch who took the reins from Infinity Ward and really did a great job the story of Call of Duty 3 is about the Normandy break out so the storys told praana logically through the eyes of the Canadian Polish American and British this is really a new take on things in Call of Duty 2 we had a bunch of different theaters that span the globe but now were focusing mainly on the liberation of Paris and it takes place over 88 days and a lot of the campaigns will affect each other which is really cool youll get to know some of the characters better than you have in previous Call of Duty games and it just adds the overall presentation if you want to know about gameplay you can go back and play Call of Duty 2 and youre getting almost exactly the same thing there dinner just a few additions now you can throw grenades back if they land too close to you and theyve added a series of QuickTime events this comes into play with a little bit of hand-to-hand combat planting some charges youll have to move the controller around to actually plant them with the control sticks and hitting some buttons in succession and also theyve added a few weapon drops so in previous Call of Duty games you can really find too many hidden objects but I found a few crates containing some interesting weapons in this game now the QuickTime events come into play only sporadically theyre pretty good in some cases in other cases theyre not that much fun but its really not a huge part of the game so it doesnt really add or detract that much overall the biggest thing youll notice that the graphics have improved drastically Treyarch really stepped in and up the presentation youre gonna see some of the best foliage that youve ever seen in the world war ii shooter youll notice this when you cross lakes in the middle of a forest it looks like youre really surrounded by trees and the geography varies enormously youre gonna be crossing over hills down into valleys it just makes the game feel like a real environment and not a series of set levels also adding to the graphics are some really amazing lighting effects and some cinematic events that Treyarch is known for probably if youve played call of duty big red one youre gonna have some really surprising events take place on the battlefield thatll have you jumping out of your seat and probably dropping the controller a few times Call of Duty 3 is no doubt one of the best looking games on xbox 360 however we cant say its the best looking game out there because weve all been playing a little bit of war thats the last time Ill mention that game but you have to understand that epic has done an amazing job with that title and it really changed the way we look at all games released on 360 another huge addition the Call of Duty 3 is the multiplayer section Trey arcs really stepped this up a lot what you have now is 24 players online and taking a cue from battlefield where theyve added a bunch of character classes you have seven classes including the rifleman a medic light and heavy assault armored support support and a scout you can change through each one of these classes when youre playing online each time you die and it really makes a huge difference with how your team is going to do and one of the new online modes called war youre gonna eat your whole team to really switch up your classes if you work together doing this youre gonna have a much better chance of surviving and combating things like tanks and people camping out in sniping online is far superior to call duty 2 when it launched last year and its really a lot of fun we gave call duty an 8.8 its a great game and a must-buy for anyone who loves world war two shooters tracks done an amazing job of keeping a really populated genre very fresh with this title and they should be congratulated do something something weve got best steam racing games None healthy choice steamer how to play steam games on oculus quest 2 wirelessly burrito steamer jedi survivor steam fried vs steamed dumplings