HONEST FINAL REVIEW of Black Ops Cold War... (1 Year Later)

Best free medieval games on steamhow long should you steam green beans CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review Music ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and it has finally happened the black ops cold war life cycle has come to an end it has been one year now well technically 356 days but whos counting its been one year of black ops cold war and the games official life cycle comes to an end tonight at 9 p.m pacific or midnight eastern depending on where you live and for a lot of people call of duty vanguards already out because if you have the game pre-installed on your console you can simply just set your consoles time to new zealand and then suddenly youre able to play the game thats how it works i play the game on pc so i dont have the option to do that but regardless ill be playing the game tonight and streaming it over on slash near cinema be sure to go over there and check me out if you guys havent already it should be a pretty good time but yeah like i said black ops cold war its come to the end of its life cycle and what is there to say that hasnt already been said i mean i feel like ive covered the game pretty extensively here on the channel its a game that i think is going to be remembered as the game that could have been the game that should have been i think actually because this should have been my favorite call of duty in the history of the franchise though unfortunately i dont think he even cracks top five id have to really think about where it would go if i rated every single cod from 2007 up to right now but its definitely not in the top five its for a number of reasons which well be covering here in this video lets start things off here at the very beginning so black ops cold war itself was not ever supposed to technically exist so the game originally if you guys remember going way back was originally being developed by sledgehammer games and raven software it was going to be their own cold war game but apparently theres a bunch of internal conflicts between sledgehammer games and raven software they could not agree on one unified vision and as a result the development was a complete and utter mess so much so that it got to the point where activision had to step in the mote sledgehammer games away from this game and then appoint treyarch as the new lead developer with raven software kind of helping on the side i mean of course theres a bunch of side studios for cod every single year but yeah this was supposed to be sledgehammer and ravens like cohesive game theyre supposed to work together as a tag team to make this amazing cold war themed game and it simply just wasnt working out the way they anticipated and treyarch had to take over with like nine months until launch and then we ended up getting the product that we have today i have to wonder what would that sledgehammer title actually have been like here are going to be some screenshots of a third-person vietnam game that they apparently were working on years and years and years and years ago i would definitely like to see what the original concept for black ops cold war was going to be like before treyarch had to take over but regardless treyarch did take over with nine months until launch and then of course we got our first look at the game during the alpha and whats kind of crazy about this is throughout this video im gonna be doing alpha footage and beta footage and stuff from the very full launch of the game as well as you know things throughout the seasons and not a lot has honestly changed i mean going from the alpha to the game that we have right now one year to the games life cycle not a whole lot has changed i mean now and then they would rebalance a couple of weapons but the maps themselves are the same pretty much the ui is the same the score streaks are the same like virtually everything is the same i think thats kind of the problem with black ops cold war i think throughout the entire games life cycle things got stale very quickly we played the alpha we played the beta we played the full launch and i remember at launch remember even making videos on this and discussing this with you guys in the comments i saw it on twitch as well the game felt incredibly stale at launch you may be thinking well its because we burnt ourselves out during the alpha and the beta but no i think its because the game had to be so rushed because it was originally being developed by sledgehammer that had to be taken over by treyarch that they didnt have time to have a bunch of launch day content like at lunch we had five assault rifles we had five smgs we had three light machine guns two shotguns three sniper rifles most of which were available in the alpha and in the beta so if you did play the alpha and the beta you basically experienced the entire game at launch we had eight original maps eight maps like i remember back during call of duty world war ii everyone was complaining about the nine original maps at launch well in this game we had eight but no one was talking about that we had eight maps at launch and then nuketown which came out slightly later and again most of those were in the alpha and the beta we were playing the outfit in the beta playing the whatever it was you know four or five maps that we had and we were thinking to ourselves these maps arent bad theyre not great but theyre not bad i cant wait to see the rest of the game it turns out the maps that we had in the alpha and the beta were the rest of the game pretty much and over the course the past 12 months you would think that the game would have been updated to be made better right the launch was very rocky but hopefully more content was going to be coming unfortunately not guys unfortunately not over the course the past 12 months how many original maps do you think they released off top of your head like how many original 66 dlc maps do you think came out this year because the answer is eight over the course of 12 months eight original 656 maps came out and nine remakes and when i say remakes when im talking about reimagined maps were talking about straight up copying pasting you know maps like hijacked and raid into the game which we have seen countless times in the cold to defranchise before the only differences between you know hijacked or raid or whatever in black ops cold war compared to their previous titles is they made it so the cars are they fit the 80s theme and the televisions are like those old tube televisions on the map like the scenery slightly changed maybe they made the telephones and the tvs look like theyre from the 80s but other than that theyre the exact same maps that they used to copy and paste in we got nine remakes and eight original maps post launch that is obscene if you ask me now of course we did get gun fight maps starting with season one we did get the gun fight maps the 2v2 the 3v3 maps and eventually gunfight became its own playlist and a lot of people actually enjoyed those playlists myself included but does that really count i mean originally these maps were made for 2v2 and 3v3 in total we got nine of these different gunfight maps but in my opinion the problem with these maps is that theyre not maps theyre basically like a corner of a map if you think about it like if you look at the map that were playing on right here this could be just like one section of a normal call of duty map this could be like where the b flag is on a normal map and that would be it and so instead of releasing full maps they gave us nine of these tiny maps which could be you know basically all put together to make three full maps essentially and i will admit that the gunfight uh 66 game mode was enjoyable i mean weapon balance aside with sniper rifles and stuff like that like the the gunfight game mode was actually pretty fun when you could play at 6v6 because it was a fast way to level up your guns and level up yourself and do all those sorts of things but the problem was and basically everything about black ops cool where in my opinion boils down to this the game was super stale at launch and it took them way too long to get this kind of content rolling i mean really think about this here guys really think about this by the time that they got things rolling when it came to dlc maps dlc weapons and just post launch support and updates we were in roughly season three right i mean season two literally had one 6v6 map season one i think in total had three dlc maps so over the course the first two seasons we had four maps and by the time we hit season three thats when the game finally started to feel somewhat complete but do you remember when season three was because it was late may early june seven months after launch is when the game started to feel mildly complete because before season three like during you know the preseason and season one season two during all that right before season three we had something like 10 total original maps in the entire game for the launch and then the first seven months of the games life cycle there were 10 original maps in this game we had 24 primary weapons for the first seven months of the game 24 total primary weapons and like six secondary weapons and just it was like this game was so devoid of content it was actually sad like it got to the point where like this game should have been so amazing because it was set in the cold war and had this 80s vibe and like the pines for example i will always stand the pines this map is incredible i love this map its such a cool and original idea and some of the stuff they did with the cosmetics in this game were awesome because it has that retro 80s vibe and i loved it but there just wasnt really enough man there just wasnt enough in this game like if youre like me then you grinded the game pretty hard at launch i think i got to like level 400 or something like that during season one but then after season one i barely played you guys can see my stats right here like after season one i would barely make it through one prestige through an entire season and the reason why is not because the game was bad its because there was just nothing to do like i got dark matter back during season one and you guys know me i complain about dark matter almost every single video because its been one year and it still looks like this and the community manager is defending it as being subjectively good when he himself admits that he has like four days of play time in the game four days of play time throughout the entire year and hes acting like thats a big deal oh my goodness man i could go on and on about treyarchs community manager right now but im not going to im going to focus more on the actual game itself because thats the point of this video but the fact that i got dark matter very early on it was annoying but it didnt take that long because there was very few weapons in the game but then after that what was there for me to play for we had seasonal procedures but basically you get the prestige master and then youre done for the next couple of months when a season comes out it was like season two for example we had one 6v6 map to play with and then like a couple of dlc guns like there was just nothing to do and i think that happened for a lot of people as well like after launch after we experienced the new maps and we leveled up and got gold camo and a couple of guns we checked out zombies we saw what that was like and then we found ourselves wondering well what else is there theres just nothing else to really do in this game and by the time again by the time the game got rolling and i will say that like seasons like you know three four five and even kind of season six here the game definitely feels a lot more complete and its a lot more interesting but by the time the game got rolling most people were burnt out and thats just a problem with call of duty these days is the game comes out and i guess vanguards gonna be different because we have 16 maps at lunch which is fantastic we have a bunch of weapons as well but the problem with cold war in my opinion in a lot of other call of duty titles these days is they launch it in basically the beta stage and by the time were six months into the games life cycle thats when it finally feels like a complete game but by that point were six months in you know were already burnt out on the severe lack of content that we had at launch and were already just bored and thinking about the next call of duty title its like this vicious cycle and black ops cold war was basically that for me like as soon as i got dark matter which was in like december or whenever it was i was just done i had nothing more to really do in the game and i did start playing the game because going back to my play time and my procedures here you can definitely tell the past couple prestiges actually started playing the game again its because after taking like a six-month break from the game essentially i had time for them to actually release new maps and release the gunfight 6v6 and release all these different guns and stuff and thats when it became fun thats when it became fun to play cold war again and i found myself in seasons like five and six thinking man if only this game was like this back in you know january this would be an awesome call of duty title because theres so much to do like playing catch-up and doing the challenges to unlock things like the carve and then youre playing zombies i will say i think zombies was awesome this year i thought zombies was fantastic it was super fun playing zombies i think that dark aether looks incredible i really do um its kind of a mind-numbing grind honestly it was pretty fun during the halloween event it was pretty quick to work towards dark aether but zombies was pretty fun the campaign was serviceable sure i mean it took it was a new twist on you know the original black ops characters it was fine i played through it i dont i dont know what ending i got what would be considered i didnt consider it a good ending im not gonna spoil what happens just in case but i wasnt overly a fan of my ending and what happened at the very end but um in general i felt as though the game itself was solid like this should have been one of the best call of duty titles ever but because treyarch only had like nine months to put together and obviously the global pandemic and all that stuff it just it just was a game that was devoid of content and by the time we got to the end of this games life cycle everyone was like at least everyone in my own circle and people i talked to and people i see on youtube and stuff we were all just kind of burnt out on the game before it even got going and thats a real shame because honestly i do think that this should have been my favorite call of duty ever in terms of theme and in terms of like the gun play i love the gun play in this game i think its a nice middle ground between like that modern warfare 2019 time to kill as compared to like the black ops 4 time to kill its like somewhere right there in the middle i will argue until the end of time and im not gonna like harp on it too much here in this video but snipers were not balanced in this game i mean snipers ruined modes like search and destroy in my own personal opinion because they were uncountable the fact that i mean look at this clip right here the fact that you could just be biting up a sniper and as long as they were fast enough and accurate enough they just beat you because they had no flinch that was bad game design and the worst part about it was snipers werent happy like the people that used snipers they werent happy with the snipers in this game because theyre slower than most other call of duty titles and red gunners were also not happy because theyre getting outgunned by snipers because snipers dont have flinch so nobody was happy about the sniper balance and they it was like that the entire year what they could have done was simply just give snipers a lot faster aim down sight speed so that it rewarded them for being more accurate and being faster and then they could have also gave them a bunch of flinch like they had in previous games based on the kind of weapon that theyre going up against and then i think everyone would have been happy we were literally talking about that back during the alpha but they never made those changes and again it goes back to that idea that i dont think people at treyarch actually play their game or if they do they dont play the whole lot we have their community manager bragging about his four days of play time in normal multiplayer its like dude four days of play time over the course an entire year and youre the community manager like give me a break dude but uh cyprus i dont i think the balance on that was pretty terrible score streaks i really dont like the score streak system in this game i mean not only does everyone basically get the streaks that they need i mean the highest streaks obviously theyre harder to get like a horrible players not dropping an ac 130 right 10 000 score its not going to happen but then you have the air patrol which was like 2 400 score something like that which anyone could get and it was like okay imagine you play a game you grind 10 000 score which is kind of hard to do to get yourself an ac 130 and then you instantly die to an air patrol which is a 2400 streak so something that costs less than one-fourth of the ac 130 can just kill it instantly thats kind of dumb like how does that make any sense uh the other score streaks were just kind of silly as well like basically because of the air patrol ruining everything and the fact it was basically support streaks and anyone and everyone could get the air patrol then that just resulted in big streaks just not really being worth it especially with skill based matchmaking like im not the best cod player in the world i like to think that im at least somewhat decent by this point but in my skill-based matchmaking bracket if you want to call it that like everyone on the other team at least three or four of them are running air patrol every single game like its at the point where were like calling back and forth air patrols like theyll call in the streak ill air patrol though air patrol by air patrol then one of my teammates will air patrol their air patrol which is air patrolling by air patrol and its just its dumb man its dumb dumb dumb it is horrible balance its horrible game design but again treyarch either doesnt play their game or they dont go on high enough streaks one of the two so thats just how that ended up playing out i suppose i mean again this is that game that should have been this this should have been the best call of duty title if if black ops call were released with like season four or season fives content and all that stuff at launch then it would have been absolutely incredible the score streaks could have been changed that the developers actually cared the snipers could have been rebalanced if the developers actually cared i think that the ranked mode could have been better because the ranking system made zero sense but zombies was fun the core multiplayer experience i think is good the core gun play i like the weapons the weapon variety i think the maps are serviceable i like a lot of i like a lot of what this game has to offer but unfortunately there was just so little at launch it took them so long to get the ball rolling that by the time the game actually started getting good most people were burnt out and they were burnt out to the point where they didnt even matter what they added to the game people were just checked out but regardless of that just for the sheer fun that i had during the alpha and then the beta and then the full launch and season one and even things like seasons five and six honestly id give this game a seven out of ten with a game like black ops one or black ops two being like a ten out of ten like for raiding like this these things on like a you know one out of ten i would say the best games in the franchise are black ops 1 and black ops 2 and then i would say you know a 7 out of 10 would be serviceable for this game right here because i feel as though it actually is a solid game at its core at its foundation i think black ops cold war is a fun and enjoyable game and i have a feeling that when vanguard comes out and people go back that super fast time to kill and people get over the honeymoon phase of vanguard i think people are going to look back nostalgically at cold war because of how enjoyable the core gameplay was in this game and suddenly its gonna become one of those underrated titles that people remember and that they hope to see a sequel of where treyarch actually has more time to put things together right now the uh leaks and rumors are suggesting that treyarch is working on another call of duty title after modern warfare roman numeral 2 apparently is coming out next year but the treyarch title is going to be more similar to black ops 2 and thats going to be semi-futuristic so maybe its going to be a sequel to cold war maybe its going to continue on with the the cold war story we really dont know because all the games are kind of blending together at this point um i think the cold war and modern warfare 2019 are technically in the same universe now we have that cinematic where they find captain butcher underneath for dance he starts talking about the pacific so is captain butcher also part of that universe because if so then the events of call of duty vanguard are also going to be canon within the events of modern warfare 2019 and black ops cold war and so it could we could see a sequel to this game in the future and if we do i truly hope that treyarch gets the time that they need to make a full game at launch because again this game now as what we see it in season six is an incredible game i truly believe that i mean the score streaks i dont like that system the sniper balancing and the stuff i mentioned here in this video sure but the number of weapons the variety of weapons the 66 gunfight maps along with the original dlc maps that came out and then the remakes and the maps we had at launch like all that stuff combined makes for a pretty damn enjoyable cod experience if you ask me but unfortunately it just took too long it just really did and this is always going to be remembered as the game that should have been in the game that could have been not the game that actually was but ladies and gentlemen there you have it i hope you all enjoyed my end here review of black ops cold war above it was just rehashing things that we had discussed previously but honestly thats how i feel about the game i still think that at the end of the day were talking like six out of ten seven out of ten its a serviceable cod it really is but it isnt the great cod that it should have been because for me personally man like black ops 1 is my favorite game i love black ops 2 typically i enjoy troy art games but this one was just id rate it below black ops 1 id rate below black ops 2 i would rate it below black ops 4. black ops 3s a tough one honestly because black ops 3 is one of the better cods out there even with advanced movement it was so damn good i think this game might actually be worse than black ops 3 as well this might be the worst black ops game ever yet for some reason its still enjoyable i think its because that core gameplay just that core feeling of the the gunplay the interactions between you and the other players i enjoyed that i really did throughout the entire year and i dont know if ill ever come back to this game it may be one of those games i dont go back and play as much as i probably should because it didnt do enough things that were that separated from the other titles but well see well definitely see but it was an interesting year for sure and heres the whole thing the vanguard is a bit smoother and its a lot faster to release content but ladies and gentlemen i hope you all enjoyed todays video leave your thoughts and feedback on black ops cold war now that were one year into the games life cycle down there in the comment section below and i hope you guys all have a wonderful day Music you how to reheat crab without a steamer Farewell Black Ops Cold War... the Call of Duty that could have been• Big Changes Coming to Vanguard Dark Matter Ultra Guide (With Timestamps) • Stay Connected Click to Subscribe! 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