Is Black Ops Cold War Worth It 2 Years Later? (Review)

Steam clueshow to install free games on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review Call of Duty Black Ops cold war came out roughly two years ago and the game I managed to achieve a few things track managed to release a campaign that wasnt Black Ops 3 and that she felt like it was in the Black Ops universe made their traditional multiplayer that is fast-paced good maps good kill streaks and overall fun Gunplay and release a zombie game mode that went Against All Odds and actually turned out really really well today we will be looking back at Black Ops Cold War And discussing whether its worth it right now should you go out and buy this game is it worth it two years later so obviously well talk about the campaign how much content youre getting in it in terms of runtime and missions and then well talk about the plot a little bit as well and then Ill discuss what I actually think of the game then well talk about multiplayer and my opinion on that and player counts and content and all that good stuff and then well talk about zombies and give a quick review over each of the maps and if its worth you buying it for that before that foe heres a quick word from our sponsor now its time for our video sponsor me if you want to show us some support on my channel you can do that in a few ways the free way is to leave a like subscribe to my channel and then leave a comment below but if you want to go the extra mile and help fund my videos then you can become a member to this channel where youll get a few cool benefits these involve shout outs behind the scenes looks up videos and much more you can also check out all my other channels that I have in the description thank you very much diving right into Black Ops Code wars campaign is a continuation of Black Ops 1 and takes place a few years after Black Ops Cold War campaign takes place a few years after the Black Ops 1 campaign so were seeing some familiar faces these being Woods Mason Hudson and along this we get to see a few new faces as well we have Russell Adler which is a great addition to the Black Ops universe and is one of my favorite characters in The Black Ops universe as it is and essentially the plot of the campaign is another code War who could have guessed I said she were trying to stop someone called Perseus as he is a very powerful force in this game and as Adler says at best he can change the bounds of the Cold War so were essentially tracking down Perseus and I wont get into much more into the campaign because obviously I want you guys to play it for yourself and actually experience it yourself there are 16 missions in the Black Ops Cold War campaign and theres roughly a run time of 5 hours but I recommend you guys dont rush for it as it is a really good campaign one of the best the franchise has done in years and it brings back multiple choices that we had in Black Ops 2 and the game overall just feels really fleshed out and I really enjoy the story theres not really a boring moment and the game even thought its not running on the Modern Warfare 2019 engine and its more of an updated version of the Black Ops 4 engine it still looks really good but thanks for Eric always Nails in their games are the color palettes of the missions and just everything pretty much in the game itself and Black Ops cold war is no exception to that that rather than that its actually exceeding on previous games I personally believe the campaigns overall are really fun ride throughout and what I rate from one to ten Id have to give it a solid 8.5 I think its definitely the best campaign weve gotten in at least the past like five or six years and it has a lot of iconic characters that make it just even better looking at you Vanguard so would I recommend you guys buy Black Ops Cold War for just the campaign whilst doing the quick Google search I can see that the game is roughly going for 25 pounds right now so thats probably about like 28 dollars and as good as the campaign is if youre just buying it for the campaign I dont see it as being a super worthwhile purchase I think the campaigns great but its only five and a half hours long so its really up to you if youre wanting to spend that money on them five and a half hours or so Id recommend for all the older games because theyre quite cheap and you know if you dont like it then oh well five dollars spent what whats the big deal but with cold war you know its its still a fairly new game all things considered I say that that Vanguard and Modern Warfare out now so its actually quite old and thats quite scary but unless youre gonna buy it for multiplayer and zombies as well I cant really recommend it for the price at this moment speaking of multiplayer lets move on in total Black Ops Cold War has 36 Maps now sure some of these are gunfight Maps but a lot of them arent your standard 6v6 and sort of larger scale Maps thats a pretty decent amount of content on the game that youre getting with new recalled games and there have been a lack of a season pass all the content youre getting is actually gonna you know live with the game its not going to die out like a lot of the old DLC did in the older card games there are also 64 weapons to choose from now these are ones that are unlockable in games by leveling up and ones by challenges all the weapons you can get by doing challenges though so its super easy and this can be done in multiplayer and zombies as well with this and a good selection of perks and tacticals it means that you can really customize your character to your liking were also having access to 21 kill streaks you can pretty much have whatever you want on want an AC-130 you can have an AC-130 wanna hand Cannon you can have a hand Cannon Black Ops Code War has no lack of variety when it comes to multiplayer in terms of player counts youre gonna absolutely be able to find lobbies its actually really easy to find lobbies in Black Ops Cold War because its still a very active game because a lot of people dont like the movement in Vanguard and Modern Warfare 2. they like the more arcady feel that Cod is known for you do get good portion of sweats though but I mean youre gonna get that of a Trader game what would I rate the multiplayer are from one to ten well I mean for Black Ops Cold War as good as it is it definitely isnt my favorite multiplayer of all time I much prefer something like Black Ops 4 but for the content alone Id have to give it at least a 6.5 or a seven I think the multiplayer is very good I think theyve updated it very well the variety of guns and maps and kill streaks makes it very enjoyable and would I recommend this to you for 25 pound yeah why not I mean if you play the campaign alongside this indefinitely Im really excited for Treks next iteration of multiplayer as well because we gotta keep in mind that track only made this game with a year and a half so Dev work and for the time they had they did very very well now well be moving on to zombies first thing well talk about are the big changes that have happened with zombies outside the actual game mode so along with our weapon classes we actually have a skills section and this can be for a lot of the stuff that well see in game so you have your weapon class section where you can increase the damage that youre weapon cans do and the amount of attachments that you can have on a certain weapon at a certain time you have the field upgrade section which is like your specialist section and you can upgrade these over time as well by collecting an in-game currency and then you have your perks which get better as they go up in tiers again you can unlock this with the same currency youve been using for your weapons and then your field upgrades and then youve got your ammo mods that you see in games like Black Ops 3 and Black Ops 4 but once again there is ways to upgrade them and everything in the game has five tiers so it starts off just the base version and then you can upgrade it and then it gets better and better its really good it means that you guys have actually something to work towards when you get the game at first it makes it really replayable and really fun other little additions in game is that the killstreaks are an in-game item you can use now theres a crafting bench an armor station where you can get more health and your weapons in game have tiers so the higher the tier the more powerful theyre gonna be simple as that you also have multiple pack-a-punches for your weapon as well to make them stronger the game has a lot of ways of building up as a player and the more you play the more powerful youll get theres little changes here and there of the game mode as well but I think Ive kind of stated the biggest ones its mostly just quality of life changes like theres ammo boxes are on the map now where you can get ammo for your weapons there is an Excel system so you get tired of zombies you dont want to die out you can just leave the game makes a very good player friendly choices which I like and its definitely a refreshing change of pace for the zombie game mode so in terms of reviewing the content in Zombies there is quite a lot theres survival maps theres the outbreak open world zombie game mode and then there is a few other little game modes that we can talk about as well so divide them into round base Maps outbreak and then everything else so in Black Ops Code War you have four main survival maps these being the machine Firebase Z mariter Toten and forsaken the machine is a great first zombies map it caters to Old players and new players alike it has some new and some old as well I can only really think of positives with this map it has fun Wonder Weapons a really good layout and yeah I mean I would rate the machine a 10 out of 10 just because of how solid it is the only thing thats lacking is a boss fight with the Easter egg but I can let that go it kinda has a boss fight its not really a boss fight but it kind of has a boss fight Firebase Z are next map while its not as good as the machine I think its still very very strong it has a new variant of the ray gun and its an AK-74 as well very fun wonder weapon to use and a very unique take on the ray gun as well with new bosses in the map as well and a different layout to the machine obviously the map plays a lot differently and the color palette is completely different as well goes from like a snowy map to more of uh Sandy in the jungle map the maps also broken off into two sections the spawn room and the main area that you tell report from back and forth too Firebase Z has a few new additions from the machine as well as a new perk well new perk with Tombstone an improved version of Tombstone it then has the order which is a boss that will come every few rounds later on in the game and yet its potentially a defense wave you have to stop it from getting to the base if you fail it will take out the power in that area and make things very annoying but with cold Wars systems and all the things the game give you youre pretty set youre going to be all right I think its a challenging but fun enemy to have and its definitely something different that we havent experienced in car before I think the Easter egg is kind of mediocre but the ending cutscene and the little boss fight we get at the end definitely make up for it I would give Firebase a 7.5 moving on to marorder Toten this map is not one of my favorites if Im being personally honest but Im not gonna let that make me be biased because I know how good of a map it actually is in this map we get death perception which is a perk from Black Ops 4 zombies but heavily improved we get a wonder weapon and a new wonder weapon in a way weve never seen before you get the base version and then you get the upgrades by killing more zombies theyll drop another version of the wonder weapon and you get picked that up and theres a few variants off it a very unique and fun wonder weapon I must say theres lots of great camping and trading spots the East Dragon Easter egg boss fight is really good in this map they really took up a scale from fire fbz and the Machine the boss fights really incredible and overall its just a really good map again I know its not my personal favorite but its just a solid map its based in a city as well compared to the last two maps where weve been in facilities so its a very nice change of scenery as well Im a little features here and there it is a really fun zombies map that I definitely recommend you play and then we have forsaken which I think even though its somewhat weak to end off Cold War Zombies is still a very good map its based on a secluded facility and it has a very interesting layout its not my favorite layer of a map but the wonder weapon and new editions the map definitely make up for the well say subpar map layout thats just my personal opinion info I think everything else about this map is great the Easter egg is short and sweet the boss fight is incredible one of the best boss fights weve had in years and the story implications from the map is you know really good as well they really did give us a lot in this map and Im just thinking again with the time restraints they had its like Jesus good job you guys so in terms of the round base experience zombies is great and I would definitely recommend you buy the game for zombies if youre looking for that now were going to talk about outbreak and outbreak as an open world zombie game mode where you move from region to region and its objective based as well so you go around the map completing objectives and they move to the next region I know you can stop an expo anytime you really want fun game mode a different take on zombies has Easter eggs and stuff in it as well its not my favorite thing in the world but I look at that and I look at DMZ thats in Modern Warfare 2 and if they could mesh the two game modes together I think they could make something really great Onslaught is a game mode where its based in multiplayer maps and essentially zombies coming out yeah then theres Elites and as you go along you you well up your weapons you get Pack-a-Punch things like that yada yada really fun game mode its improved heavily from when it first came out and it was exclusive only on Playstation so even if you have cold war it means that you can actually play it now there is 21 Onslaught maps and its just chaotic fast paced tight zombies and it could be very very fun I really enjoy it nothing more nothing less also Dead Ops 3 is in this Dead Ops Arcade from Black Ops 1 Black Ops 3 is returned and this is definitely the best version of it as it has a first person mode and a lot more to it as well definitely recommend you guys give it a try its not the best thing in the world its Dead Ops Arcade but its still really really good so in general really recommend you guys to get Black Ops Cold War for the campaign if youre gonna get for the multiplayer zombies as well yes I would say for multiplayer definitely and for zombies definitely as well it is a really good Call of Duty game and its a really good experience even two years later and I think characters have a certain Flair and passion with their games Im not saying that Sledgehammer Infinity Ward lack it Im just saying with trick I think its mostly zombies for me I think its the fact that they have their game mode that they work heavily on and it it gives them that much personality so let me know what you guys think are you gonna get Black Ops Cold War if you do remember leave a like And subscribe to the channel and all that good stuff leave a comment and tell me if you do buy the game or not and with that said thank you so much for watching Ill see you in the next one goodbye thank you so much for watching till the end of this video if you truly enjoyed that one Im sure youll enjoy this one as well also make sure to subscribe for more content from myself see you in the next video undertale game steam If your reading this, I 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