Is Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies worth playing in 2022?

Steam deck game file transfer over local networkhow to verify the integrity of game files steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS review the story begins on the 11th of november 2008. imagine you just spent the last five hours completing the classic world of war campaign planting the flag with your boy reznor and then youre thrown into a desolate airfield with blacked out shadows running towards you round one your aim is not really defined to you just born with a pistol with limited ammunition 500 points inside a derelict building that looks to be surrounded by the dark fields which you were just in with the shadow creatures inside of them and all that you can hear from the distance is screeching from the creatures that lay within the mist this is your first experience of call of duty zombies in the new modern era of call of duty zombies the game is significantly different in my opinion the game is significantly easier than it ever used to be just because of the addition of multiple things throughout the different versions of call of duty zombies in this video i intend to look at call of duty black ops 3 zombies in specific this for me was where zombies reached its easiest point where it was still somewhat following the same formula which zombies originally started at all those years ago a large weighing factor to how good a call of duty zombies game actually is is largely dependent on the maps in which you can play on the game now not only did black ops 3 have its own maps in which you could play which im going to get into in just a moment but it also had an additional dlc with the game called zombies chronicles which allowed you to have access to some of the best maps across some of the older caller duties but play it on the modern black ops 3 formula which in my opinion was a large selling factor for call of duty zombies within black ops 3. some of these maps are notoriously known throughout the whole zombies community the original map in which zombies started for example is part of this dlc the original map that comes with black ops 3 is known as shadows of evil this is where you spawn into a city fight off hordes of zombies you can also turn into this weird little alien thing and unlock things around the map i thought the idea was quite unique and i did quite like it i like the fact that you needed to turn on the individual perk machines as well with the little um with the little alien guy which reminded me of mob of the dead which is actually quite interesting because chronologically this map actually follows on from that map you then have the map of the giant which is pretty much just a remake of darice from world of war that much of a remake that is not even included in the zombie chronicles remastering of the world at war maps its got three out of the four possible the only one missing is darice because it was remades in black ops 3. next we have dead ops arcade 2 which is just a follow-on to dead ops arcade from black ops one now in this map i actually did find this very very interesting not only can you play in the top-down version which traditionally the dead ops arcade mode actually offered you can actually pick up an item which puts you in first person mode inside this crazy arcade environment with loads of zombies around you its very very interesting and although its not a very in-depth story heavily storyline based zombies map i do find it quite enjoyable just to play and mess around on next on the list is the ancient reich or the iron dragon in german i probably absolutely butchered that but well move on the zombies map is where you spawn on a castle you have to survive and fight waves of zombies within a castle we then have zetsuperzo noshima which is japanese for island of despair the actual map is based where the division 9 research lies its like an abandoned building on a pacific island which is totally abandoned and you have to survive and kill zombies there gorod karovy the next map apparently it is russian for city of blood inside this map one of the most obvious things within the map is definitely the addition of a dragon well its very similar to origins and origins basically theres this big robot sections off bits of the map the dragon works very similarly to this by the looks of it is based within russia then finally we have revelations revelations is a very unique map in that it looks very cosmic-based it looks like youre in the center of space lots of planets and stuff around you and it is quite visibly in a different universe to what youre originally in with the map previous in terms of map design one of the key aspects i think that make black ops 3 zombies so undeniably one of the best experiences for me personally is the custom zombie aspect custom maps are incredibly easy to be able to implement into your zombies experience literally going on the steam workshop and you can find your way through them download whichever maps you desire and literally just play them it takes a couple of minutes just to download each map and then youre free to play on one of the biggest libraries of zombies maps ever for instance easily two of my most favorite maps in the whole of call of duty is a mob of the dead and b town on black ops 2. both of which are not in black ops 3 standard edition however when you go on the steam workshop you can literally download those two maps and be able to play them as if you were playing back then but just with the black ops 3 abilities on the topic of black ops 3 abilities easily one of the biggest things for me which make black ops 3 zombies so enjoyable to play is most definitely the movement system within black ops 3. the slide aspects just makes it ridiculously overpowered especially with the traditional training of zombies it just makes it significantly easier because you can move quicker around the map as well as the movement being slightly overpowered in black ops 3. so hes been able to have weapon attachments on your guns you can build classes before you actually go into zombies and build it up so when you get this weapon in game it already has attachments built upon it which in the past would have probably needed you to be able to pack a punch in order to be able to get on the topic of pack a punch pack a punch in black ops 3 is absolutely ridiculous i mean when you pack a punch the gun originally you get given the gun however if you continuously keep packer punching this weapon you get extra abilities on this gun which can make it like a thunder gun can make it like a wonder waffle it gives you electric abilities wind abilities firework abilities and many more the turned ability to be able to turn a zombie into your team and be able to tackle the zombies these custom effects on the guns again make the game easier to play at this point you probably think the game couldnt get any easier unless youve actually played black ops 3 then youd realize the addition of gobblegums gobblegums give a variety of different abilities which just make the game easier to play one example is perkaholic its incredibly rare however when you use this gobblegum you get every perk in the game even if it goes over the perk limit bubble gums can be acquired through picking up dr montys liquid divinium throughout the map just completing a variety of different things whether you buy a perk or whether you open a box ive got it in the most random times within the game you need some of this liquid divinium three of the liquid in pavilion will give you the best chance in order to be able to get the best gobble gums from dr montres factory in the menu overall then would i say that call of duty black ops 3 zombies is actually worth playing in 2022 well most definitely ive got hours and hours of enjoyment out of this game regardless of the price tag it can be quite hefty to buy the full edition of black ops 3 plus also all the dlc in association with that but then there are custom maps which can be downloaded for completely free once actually purchasing the base game of black ops 3. black ops 3 with the addition of the zombie chronicles comes up to a total cost of 44 pounds and 99 pence which in my opinion is the best way to buy black ops 3 with the intention of getting zombies on the pc edition of the game pc edition is definitely key when talking about black ops 3. in my opinion its the far best way in order to get the full zombies experience because custom zombies for me plays a huge role in my enjoyment of the black ops 3 zombies franchise i mean if you cant get the custom maps then youre limited to a hand selection of maps which youll have to pay for anyways that is it for todays video if you guys have enjoyed subscribing and liking really does help support the channel were on the road to 600 subscribers can we do it well hopefully look Music to away as you fade away Music steam train game grumps 🎮 Buy Games at a cheap price: (affiliate link) 👍 Leave a Like and Subscribe if you enjoy! Call of Duty black ops 3 zombies is definetly my favourite way to play call of duty zombies in 2022 and there are a variety of different reasons for this... in this video I take a look at black ops 3 zombies maps and the unique things about blops 3 zombies. fun free games to play with friends steam age of empires 4 steam deck steam games on console steam deck xbox emulator steam game family sharing