Zombies Livestream Coverage of Moon from the Rezurrection Map Pack (Announcement)

How to use a steam ironepic store games steam link CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK hey guys its spider bite from next gen tactics and gt zombies we got an epic dlc coming out tomorrow morning 5 a.m tuesday uh freaking september 23rd my time yeah my times eastern standard time eastern daily time is there any other time besides mine yeah i think so you got uk guys you guys are gonna get a good oh yeah you guys are on this all right listen 5am were going to be streaming the entire thing live yeah i just got a second internet connection put in uh with a high speed upload so im good to go i can stream i can upload at the same time full speed and were gonna stream the entire thing its uh you know its always a race to to find out you know whats the easter egg how do we complete it what are the steps i mean its usually been a race but we want to make this into more of a collaborative effort um so were gonna you know like i said stream the entire thing were gonna have guys monitoring the forums were gonna have guys monitoring youtube just to see whats going on seeing you know if anybody got to the next step and then were like yeah lets get to the next step and you know well solve some of them ourselves hopefully and and and you guys will get to see it firsthand like everybody will get to see it firsthand and then carry on and find out where the next steps are so again were going to be doing the entire thing live via our website and nextgen tactics uh well put links but were only going to be monitoring the chats on our website both links are there we have a live stream uh page uh embedded on our on our website with a couple of chat rooms uh were gonna be in there interacting with uh with everybody in those rooms uh as well as you know the forums youtube itself uh twitter whatever were gonna be monitoring it all and hopefully this can be a real a real cool uh community event well have people on skype with us as well just trying to trying to figure out what the hell is going on the moon and figuring out what is richtofens uh master plan here because yeah whatever it is its gonna be epic its gonna be an epic map there may even be a uh an ending to the map i dont know like that would be awesome i mean i know weve played a bunch of custom pc pc maps that have endings and and theyre always pretty cool so i guess were going to find out uh tomorrow what the hell is going to happen anyways im going to post the links like i said i post the links to the live stream make sure you guys are watching 5am its going to be an early one for us and um also just uh to let you guys know if you didnt already uh we had a pretty epic live stream on this past saturday night with a bunch of guests a bunch of cool guests in the zombie world and and otherwise but uh like syndicate project we had on we had uh excalizors we had muzzafuzza gaming we had yo slayer and we had a tom bmx and dark rapture from so its pretty cool uh the link is for that video is in the description i know its four and a half hours long but man we just kept going on and it was about me sort of trying to break the record on rounds in zombies and uh youll see what the hell happened with that it was kind of a disappointment but what are you gonna do anyways stay tuned and make sure youre tuned in the live stream its gonna be sweet were gonna be streaming all day uh one thing i will tell you its gonna be freaking i i im gonna tell you this right now uh you know maybe the first portion of it its gonna be great but were actually uh looking for the easter eggs and trying to get to the next steps its probably gonna be pretty boring because uh were gonna be uploading videos at the same time so were gonna take breaks for that as well as you know breaking just to scour the map to find out what you know get the next clue to the to the next step um you know its gonna take some time so uh its gonna be a long day were probably gonna be online and streaming for quite a few hours tomorrow but like i said uh some of it might be pretty boring and were just gonna be sitting there or keeping a zombie uh a crawler busy while were just doing whatever so but still i think itll be pretty cool make sure youre there im spider bite for next gen tactics and ngt zombies and im freaking looking forward to this boy yeah im out did you like this video if you did check out a couple of these here at the top on next gen tactics we have a zombies live stream with spider-man hypermobile and myself discussing what is going to come of zombies in the future on call of duty as well as multiple guest appearances from who is listed on ngt zombies we have zm survival was spider by hyper mobile mi wagon and myself seeing how far we can get and on the bottom on the gun shop guns is smoking a cuban this time telling us about his new gamers abroad series to la guys be sure to click the corresponding thumbnails to watch the video you yoni steam while pregnant NGTZombies is your source for epic 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