Black Ops Zombies: Nacht Der Untoten Gameplay! Rezurrection Map Pack 4 DLC

Games optimized for steam deckwhat is steam gift card CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK whats going on guys my name is mr. Dalek JD and welcome to the first map from the resurrection map pack that has been remastered from World Award this one is called nach der toten and if youre not familiar with this map then hopefully this game played with over to teach you a bit about the map and just general areas and where to go and what the map looks like in general if you havent got the map pack already so if you want aware this map was originally in ecology world at war and you unlocked it once you finished a campaign and it was meant to be like a little bonus mode just a little easter egg but look what zombies turned into now its pretty crazy to be honest but here we are the first room this map is the most basic map youll youll find in zombies ever because er its only got three different rooms weve got this room here weve got the upstairs room and weve got the room off to the end of this room here with a door thats blocking it off that says help on it and the help doors basically the doorway you want to go to as the weapon box is there and you get a chance in using the weapon box now this is the only map besides Ascension and kino der toten where you gonna find the funder gun I dont think its in moon Im not too sure but this this a keynote at certain ascension is the only maps where youll find the fun to gun in but once we spawn in here you can buy two different guns off the boarders the car 98 and the a m1 carbine and Id suggest buying the carbine if you want to very good at accumulating points very quickly with your pistol or knife but dakar 98 is pretty weak and it will need a two shots in the head from about round three onwards but the carbine were able to take them out pretty quickly until about round seven so again its all up to personal choice really but in a second were going to get going and open the help room and show you whats in there so basically what weve got here is the zombies coming from from what I can tell its five different windows weve got a two at the back here two towards the front and another one on the far left that the app and theres a theres oil canisters around the map as well and you want to pay attention you can blow them up with grenades or shoot them and they will explode and they will kill a few zombies so thats your tip for you right there but this map is definitely one of the most difficult Maps to play as it is so tight and compact and there is hardly any space to move around theres definitely not that much room to run a train I do know there is a technique if you guys want to try a train out where you open up the stairs and then you open up the other side to lead you into the help room but you keep this door shut and you can just run around this room in a circle but here we got the weapon box very luckily I get an RP HK 21 sorry out the box straight off and just remember guys and these gameplays Im just showing you a brief preview of the map Im not really going for a particularly high round just showing you ways in which you can play the map and such like that so Im in the help room there is a there is a Thompson on the wall as well as what I can remember a double-barrel shotgun and there is also bouncing Betties Ive think natch you know there isnt bouncing Betties my bad Im Im confusing myself with the PC mod for this for this map on world at war but if you open the upstairs which will show you shortly you can theres a weird closet you can let you find towards the back and you can open that for 1500 and inside youll find a car 98 with a scope and thats basically a sniper rifle now but I wouldnt suggest buying it as it is a complete waste of money and youre better off just using the weapon box so here in this room theres free different windows in which they can break in and of course weve got the entrance to this room and weve also got the upstairs so there may be a challenge so just remember guys this map is really difficult so I will keep you guard and always look behind you and also remember another thing to point out is this is the only map that doesnt have any perks on it because when the world war was first made they didnt originally have the idea of having and all the crazy stuff that we have in zombies now so there is no perks theres no quick revive juggernaut double tap nothing at all like that youre gonna just have to survive without any sort of perks so it is really you have to be really really careful that you dont get down so always watch behind your back and you should be okay now the guns and you can get in this as I mentioned you can get the funder gun and the Raygun and all the other guns like that but you wont be getting any other guns such as the winters how all the Wunderwaffe will get onto those in the other gameplays of the other maps that youll find on the resurrection map back but but for now this is national token and also just to tell you guys well get onto this I eventually activate it but there is a secret Easter egg radio song in this game in this map even theres a radio next to the box and what you want to do is you want to knive it and it will play a weird weird little song so here we go were opening the upstairs now you can buy grenades if you where I am directly now you want it on the right there on the wall theres grenades and I dont really go that much further on to show you the rest of the map upstairs but there is the cabinet and there is another gun on the wall somewhere there but that is the whole map guys that is how small this map really is it is really really small and so with four players it will be extremely chaotic so make sure that you have a decent strategy theres plenty on YouTube if you need any help and you should be able to survive at least 15 rounds but if you guys want to see gameplay from this map leave your comments down below and Ill work on it but for now were just going to bring you some moon gameplay but anyway up the stairs there on the wall is a bar and the BA are the badass rifle thats why I think its called anyway that gun is alright but I really wouldnt suggest buying any guns off the wall on this map as they are terrible and once you get into the high rounds you will not need to use such weak guns so that thats all the gameplay for the action token guys Id really appreciate if you could fund the video up and share this around people can I see the gameplay if you havent seen this map already and if havent subscribed already make sure you do so and Ill see you soon sacramento valley live steamer Here we are, the first remastered map in the Call of Duty Black Ops Rezurrection Map Pack, here bringing you some easy advice in some information regarding the map, weapons, size of the map and difficulty! 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