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Steam games vr headsetsteam games for 6 year olds CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK hello everyone share with you and we continue the global Easter reviews of zombie mode in call of duty games from top york last time we talked about the history of the creation of the mode and its development world at war 1 zombie map had with it initially and three more were added along with bios after which the development of 4 dil se began, which prepared such zombie maps as the coast theater and paris, however, 4 de mustache was canceled and all developments on zombies and went to the next game from 3 bright of duty black ops, secret zombie mode was initially included in it without dlc dead ops and two maps this movie door that an map in our localization theater of death is available immediately even if you haven’t played the company and map 5 opens after passing the single player campaign and today’s video we’ll talk about the first picture nadir totan storyline it continues dereza how do you remember our four characters from first met in the swamp sinon mind maps who they are why they are here we don’t have any of this explained because the appearance of the world at war characters was conditional and the events had not yet been sewn into a full-fledged plot, then the heroes settled down at the dereza factory, again, it is not explained how the restless four of the union in the teleport just transferred the characters themselves not only in space but also in time 63 year, and as the screen shows straight from 41, although the action on the oder behind took place in the forty-fifth metaphorical devor, she, working on element 115, landed heroes in western germany near the Berlin wall outside the window, you can even see the Berlin TV tower, the city outside the theater was created from fragments in a network map the berlin wall and here in the center of berlin 63 some figs zombies are walking around and in the most abandoned theater there is a teleport apparently now it turns out that their experiments and group 935 were carried out not only at a special factory but also in an abandoned theater in short the plot here is still conditionally the main thing is that there are zombies around us and we need to survive in this curse in that place, someone was clearly waiting for the heroes to come, because on one of the walls there are portraits from them, plus one empty portrait and our heroes, of course, all of them comment on them, I hate you like that, and well, often people on the screen look fatter than life, in my opinion, they portrayed you unsuccessfully from here someone stole the canvas arih saves up here looks younger than life from the photographs Dempsey obviously failed and this is just a portrait of his eyes glowing with me in this picture a monkey with dad is drawn from look although of course the portrait is not able to convey all my squirrel look here no story 2 Dempsey started boring but there is a happy ending and nikolay seems to have put on weight wondering what he eats our little one has a portrait of him more than everyone else not boys trying to compensate for something that the image of the great warrior he is in the portrait is so pleasant red ugly america father is concerned about something here the hole is now already ensign but someday it will appear again equal here the doctor’s portrait lies while the texture of which is superimposed in a mirror image, here’s the normal version, it’s also interesting that portraits also hang in this room, only they are all empty after going through a couple of rooms we stumble upon an automatic turret that is new for zombie mode, you can also buy mp here just from the factory and everything is shiny, you always enjoy the appearance of this gun on this map and another innovation is the fire trap in addition to the usual zombies and hellhounds, new enemies appeared on the map gas zombies apparently created using gas 6 I really hate these clouds of gas that remain after their death spoil the whole meat grinder of classic zombies, creatures appear after we cut down the electricity, they break through the roof and begin to slide along the walls, but the teleport is here similar to the one that it was, the visa holes and the technical blue tunnel in front of our eyes is still the same animation for outside the map which can o find with the help of the clip now you don’t have to pay for teleportation on this thing instead, each teleport is scattered and it needs to be reconnected by the platform, it also needs time to cool down brings us the teleport to the projector where the zombie enhancer is located is not here and therefore we can take a break and calmly pump weapons, but of course our presence in this room is limited by the way, while our weapons can be upgraded, you can see something interesting on the screen no no there is a camera on the projector and what is happening in front of it starts to be projected onto the screen when the projector but the player hits it is especially funny when in a game with other players when you can see what one of you is doing in the projector in the late rounds, it is very convenient here to buy cheap grenades and throw them at zombies that ran after you in a sweat to the teleport and now they are standing below and cannot understand where the player has gone is also excellent the idea is that the teleport is playing pranks and on n for some time it can throw us in one of the four random rooms, the Pentagon conference room, the operating room or the childrens room of Samantha, which is presented in two versions, normal and demonic, in each of the rooms, of course, you can get in a dishonest way with the help of a new clip, but this of course will break all the atmosphere in the operating room is more like a torture room for cheese, the same sound is used that was the Easter sound of all the hospital from world at war, but in general the feeling that Alex Mason is being interrogated is just somewhere in the next room, you can even check it with the help of the clip, we can get into adjacent rooms in one of them even has a severed head in the office of the Pentagon, they show frames and a network card led, and here there is a note from the hole map of visa assad missiles and a very non-obvious easter egg for her teaching, it seems like you need to jump several times in front of this dummy and then we can activate the layout missiles press of the get cherokee in demonic a poster with faust hangs in the sky room with samantha specifically to additionally catch up with horror, but much more if there is a giant bear with a red eye olya yes the savior will come ice a bunch of unfortunate bears I can’t look at it it all looks like some kind of place outside of all dimensions in which now the spirit of samantha lives after her death nadir visa the normal version of the room and everything is much prettier than bears aliens you are sitting on a pillow a monkey with the emblem of group 935 and on the floor a model of a rice plant with small figurines of game characters the funniest thing in my opinion is that these toys are actually simple a greatly reduced model of characters in these rooms randomly scattered films of which only three of these reels can be inserted into the projector, that is, as soon as we move in one of the rooms, we need to look around in a very short period of time and find one of the films or understand that it is not here on the first film frames were recorded with an eye on top of which the number five logo of the 935 group is visible, its edges and the letters j & d are visible if you watched my review of the world at war zombie mode, then you remember that this is a reference to George LLC Lina community managers 3 york whose nickname is jay dee 20 22 the film here shows apparently surrendering Germans whose eyes were illuminated so that they were perceived as zombies Easter eggs on the frames, only the numbers 110 and 115 were not found on the third film, the scientist is depicted on the frames with him, letters are applied and also the number de 135, in addition to the films on the map, hidden and radio messages that have already become standard for the regime, there are only two radios and they are hidden very well, and so for a long time I tried to understand why my radios did not react to shooting in any way, everyone thought that I was doing something wrong, the game files were useful, then I checked the Internet again and came to the conclusion that in the Russian localization the block abs of these messages stupidly no they were not translated because it turns out that in addition to these two message records, they must also accompany the frame s with films, so you most likely never heard these messages in the original black ops either, and I’m even scared to admit it, but that’s not all to be cut in our localization in the original, during the loading of the level, a richthofen message is turned on, fortunately for the deuces ops 3, a remake of this one has been released maps and our calle for containers this time everything was translated properly, so all these messages can be listened to in it, though I warn you right away, don’t expect any revelations here music from these recordings you can understand that in the theater building maxis experimented with hypnosis trying to force zombies to execute commands music applause applause by the way, what a beautiful time the map in austria looks just amazing though the whole swastika was replaced with neutral crosses because of which the map looks somewhat toothless also the remake is much easier to play than the original map including thanks to various innovations that make life easier for the player while the originals from the first block of the dog does not forgive mistakes another interesting change this camera is in the projector on me it is now placed at a different angle to make it easier for the player to see himself on the screen, while in the original if the player stands directly in front of the camera then he almost does not see the screen the remake also has its own easter eggs, but for now, of course, we will not touch on them, because this is still a review of the first coke, so we return to it, of course, there is a musical easter egg on the map, to get it, you need to activate 2 fragments from a meteorite from elements 115, it looks like a fragment meteorite and here is another one I found the last fragment of the soundtrack map is the song abracadabra again performed by Elena sick man the song tells about complete schizophrenia and voices in the head, which is most likely a reference towards richthofen, who just has voices in the head, you can recognize it by some of his replicas also another track by kevin sherwood composition smoke over games it sounds throughout the map, listen in this part of the location, you can hear some kind of knock and it’s not entirely clear what exactly the developers wanted to say, but it’s clearly some kind of secret behind the scenes there are containers with corpses looks creepy flax donkey in terms of texture quality and everything in the theater you can find these shields that for some reason will open when we approach them the starting room there is a counter with bottles of perk you look at the books some of them are written by edward richthofen himself one of the game characters on the books there is the designation digi 2 go g3 this is a hint of the fact that the books are talking about the development of a child prodigy, by the way, keep 2 or t slogan as it is written in the game files at the level it is not originally planned, but after that it was replaced with an electric rudy, what a surprise for all Russian-speaking players when they first shoot from electric guns and she instead of electric charges shoots with the wind, but the fact is that in the original the gun it’s called a tandoor gun, that is, a thunder gun or a thunder gun, but not electric guns, by the way, this is the first child prodigy invented by Soviet engineers, it even says asteri, but of course it’s a big bad wolf, but of course what a miracle weapon without the miracle of the Russian language, an interesting feature is highlighted sex and which show how many charges are left in the store in total there are two shots in it and 4 of the pumped version called the Zeus cannon we have the right hand of Zeus and the 4th section is hidden behind the detail of the weapon and the black ops 3 version and the front part was raised so that all the lights were visible remember the letters scattered around the back room if take a closer look, you will understand that they form the phrase manhattan down, which is probably a reference to the Manhattan project, the code name for the US nuclear program, well, that is, lets hide this message and the players will look for a secret meaning in it, there are generally a lot of messages of varying degrees of uninteresting inscription in the locker room Samantha Emilia and abigail 3 female names another message on the illuminati cade here the word ether is encrypted in general ether this is one of the key concepts of the zombie mode the story itself is dedicated to the classic four characters after the story of the ether will be called but this is later but for now we have the first abs block and the developers are just teasing us with mentions of the offer for now without explaining what it is supposed to designate, the posters with the inscription pygmalion depict a robot and for the silent German film of 1927 metropolis by the way, perhaps the posters with faust are also a reference to the silent film faust in 1926 finally 3 concept art cards are placed in the mailbox of vanavara bush in the computer in the main menu and in the trailer of the map, if you are very careful, you can see a frame of the loading screens of the zombie map 5 and thats probably all I can tell you about the movie map der tod its next in line map 5 and this video has come to an end and if you had interesting, be sure to look at the review of Zambia and sword broth and all sorts of others vidos on whom in duty and Ivan share was with you thank you all for watching and see you in the next videos no great games for the steam deck · Все секреты, ляпы и пасхалки карты Театр смерти (Kino der toten) из зомби-режима Call of Duty: Black Ops. 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