Call of Duty: Black Ops - Escalation DLC Trailer

Mortal kombat 11 steam deckbest free games to play on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK we have a new DLC map pack coming out on May 3rd is called escalation it includes 4 multiplier maps Hotel convoy zoo and stockpile as well as another installation of our zombies named called the dead with every map pack that we add to the game its very important to us that we provide a lot of variety to players soo takes place in an abandoned Soviet Zoo that provides a lot of overwatch positions theres a monorail that runs throughout the entire zoo a good tip for zoo I would say wed be to get on the monorail if you can get up there you can walk around most of the level its a great advantage point Hotel was inspired by the vistas in Havana we always thought wow itd be really cool to turn it into a rooftop swanky Cuban hotel theres a lot of flanked paths and interesting places to hide and get the drop on somebody if you can control the elevators you can control the upper floors and those of course come with sniper points which gives you a great view of the pool area convoy is inspired by old-school Americana related to fears of Soviet invasion of the time we have the United States convoy that was hit by a Soviet ambush ciphers will enjoy this map but Brennan Gunners will have no problem getting around the map that would quickly throw a couple of grenades down there through the damaged floor in the bridge stockpile probably offers the most variety of across all the foreign apps we wanted to present a suburban village in Russia buaas wanted to give it a Cold War theme by having a stockpile of armaments their operational garage doors protect the middle building and the middle building is kind of the heart of the map when people are paying attention to their team theyll be able to coordinate when the doors are open and when theyre closed get in there get those doors shut and then you can pretty much lock that building down from the games launch the community was pretty vocal about their desire to have a wider range of engagement distances so Ive been very sensitive to that with first strike and now with escalation theres plenty of sniper rifle positions theres plenty of long range engagements as well as short range engagements but with the map X you can just have a lot more fun with it you why wont my steam game launch Call of Duty: Black Ops gets new content and maps in the DLC pack Escalation. The developers show you what to expect in the downloadable content for the game. IGNs YouTube is just a taste of our content. Get more: Want this weeks top videos? Sign up: jump game steam linking ea account to steam play origin games on steam deck can oculus rift play steam vr games can i download games from steam