Call of Duty Black Ops DLC - Rezurrection - New Moon Gameplay !

How to copy games on steamhow to check for game updates on steam CALL OF DUTY®: BLACK OPS - REZURRECTION CONTENT PACK undead have staked their claim on the call of duty black ops resurrection game add-on available first on xbox live on august 23rd in the united states youll be blasting your way to necrotic bits and pieces in four classic remastered zombies maps from call of duty world of war and one brand new out of this world club get ready to stick it to the ghoulish horde in knock there on totem varuk shinanuma and darice plus the new zombie level known simply as moon the great news is that if you already own the original world of war maps and black ops courtesy of your hardened or prestige edition for call of duty black ops you can download the resurrection add-on absolutely free of course if you dont have the harden or prestige edition you can purchase the resurrection game add-on just like you would any other add-on on game marketplace now luckily inside xbox was able to speak with treyarchs undead guru jimmy zielinski to uncover how the team came up with the concept for moon the way that we came across the idea of moon um its a little bit two-fold we had uh story elements that would allow us to go there and then we have this kind of self-imposed directive to to always kind of keep going up with the next map and making sure its bigger and better having shangri-la you know with its mine carts and slides and you know geysers that shoot you up into the air kind of the next step for us was just to keep you up in the air okay put me down put me down i mean its the moon and low gravity you say that word in a room full of like scripters programmers animators and and everybody just goes why like really and so we we went with a low gravity kind of environment it was a challenge it was something that everybody was really kind of like excited to do and yet at the same time like fearful of doing and so uh to see that kind of come about and really have such a compelling gameplay aspect and as well as a visual and kind of emotional even reaction from from people playing it its its really pretty cool oh thats just warm not to give away too much but low gravity and what comes from lack of air or gravity theres theres a lot of those elements are in this map so youre going to have a lot of kind of contextual experiences that you havent had in college with you before moon marks the 10th zombies map ever created thats a whole lot of evolution for a mode originally seen as a bonus easter egg for call of duty world of war we asked jimmy what it was like to look back on zombies humble origins it was that it was there was like this kind of excitement over the fact that it was actually going to go on a disc something that everybody was working so hard kind of under the covers doing and just trying to make a game mode that was just kind of outside the box and is actually um to use the word organic it is something that everybody chips in ideas or thoughts or experiences or when they played this game they saw something that just struck their eye and that really helped shift it once it then did get out we were obviously very proud of that and then we saw the response from the community that expanded what we had to pull from for our development because it used to be us inside now we saw people with their ideas and thoughts and reactions to things and that absolutely shaped and steered you know where it went and thats actually something im very proud of furious zombie killing in the name of survival marks the gameplay side of the zombies maps but there are lurks on the periphery in the shadowy corners of every zombies level a world of story and intrigue conspiracy and mystery the zombies team works just as hard on to bring to life i would say that as much time and effort is put into kind of developing the story developing how we reveal story elements how we construct them into puzzles and ways of discovering them in the game um as the gameplay theres just a lot that goes into it because its not for us its kind of you know we say gameplay we say story or we say side quest theyre all really fairly intertwined for our kind of core unit of followers it is about surviving zombies it is about getting rounds and thats where the game is but it is also about these story elements for them as well and so you know we really kind of make sure that they are on par more and more nowadays theyre not a theyre not an afterthought theyre not a if we can get them in there theyre really part of what we do thank you so much to jimmy zielinski for bringing this rare glimpse at the latest call of duty black ops game add-on to inside xbox you can download the resurrection add-on starting august 23rd in the united states we leave you now with one more frantic glimpse at what awaits you thank you so much everyone for watching inside xbox no dice no cash no drink no women no booze nothing steaming sweet potatoes in instant pot 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